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Tiny Texas Houses now resides in...


In 2016 Tiny Texas Houses shifted our focus from just building tiny houses to also creating Salvage Texas, a visionary 43 acre venue showcasing the many uses, both practical and artistic, of salvaged and re-purposed materials.

To fund this venture, we are offering a unique investment opportunity and the chance to own our original and world famous tiny houses. To learn more about how you can own a Tiny Texas House, go here.

Salvage Texas in Luling Texas Property Map

There are now 5 different ways to experience Salvage Texas...

1. Book a Tiny House or Campsite Overnight at Salvage Texas

You can now visit Salvage Texas 7 days a week by reserving an overnight stay in either our Tiny House Village or Salvage Art Campgrounds.

Want to experience Tiny House Living at its greatest? We currently have five tiny houses to choose from in our beautiful Tiny House Village at Salvage Texas. Book Here >>>

For nature lovers, we have Salvage Art Installation Campsites available throughout our property at Salvage Texas. Book Here >>>

2. Become a Pure Salvage Living Online Member

Pure Salvage Living is the lifestyle philosophy that grew from the building concepts behind Tiny Texas Houses.

We’ve built an online video training website that teaches the concepts behind Salvage Mining and Salvage Building.

Our membership website is now bridging the gap between the digital space and the real world venue of Salvage Texas, allowing members to get full access to our online training platform and also enjoy a wide range of “members only perks” as the Salvage Texas venue grows.

3. Read Brad "Darby" Kittel's Blog

Check out Darby’s blog for all the latest musings and news about Salvage Texas, including the Pure Salvage Living Co-Op Program at Salvage Texas!


4. Take A Guided Tour

Salvage Texas is now hosting guided tours of the venue, tiny house village, and workshop every Wednesday & Saturday at 11am.

Join us for an awe inspiring look at the vision and philosophy surrounding our property and meet the visionary behind it all, Brad “Darby” Kittel.

5. Internships at Salvage Texas

We are now accepting applications for interns to work and study with our on-site carpenters and team at Salvage Texas for the 2017-2018 season.

There are a number of different projects underway at Salvage Texas that we need help building out and numerous ways to get involved.

You can learn more about our internship program and apply by going here. 

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