Write your way to Wining a Tiny House!!!

Write and win a tiny house package

Write and win a tiny house package

“How you are forming your dream to build an Organic Cottage of any size with the parts that you win from your words.

Imagine only 300-500 words could get you all the windows, doors, siding, sinks, flooring, roofing, and more if you could string them together into the winning essay. That means that once you are a member you would have 12 months in a row that you could win a package of house parts like few will ever get the chance to assemble. Truly the game will get harder as more find out, join, and enter each month, but for the first few months, your odds should be incredible. Hope you join us and share your dreams for an Organic Sustainable Cottage.

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Anyone like to guess as to what this is? Ask your friends!

Anyone with ideas as to what this is?
#Farm implement?
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Taking offers!

Sign-up early for Saturday tour at Tiny Texas Houses !!!

Please join us on “Somebody’s Got To Do It” Nov. 19, 9pm on CNN

In case you have not heard yet, Mike Rowe came to visit and we are about to be on TV.

In case you have not heard yet, Mike Rowe came to visit and we are about to be on TV.

Yes it is true, we are going to be on TV and on a great new show by Mike Rowe. Hopefully about a half a million people will view What we do and perhaps be inspired to build their dream house with salvage in mind.

It will be on CNN with the promos already in progress.  I think we are ready for the little blast of publicity but as we are not trying to sell houses to ship all over the country, we are expecting to disappoint a few people who see the show and want one of our houses.

We sat and talked for a while in my den above the porch, with the sound man, cameraman, producer, Mike and I all up there for the shoot.  Lots of extra room still.

We sat and talked for a while in my den above the porch, with the sound man, cameraman, producer, Mike and I all up there for the shoot. Lots of extra room still.

There should be lots of shots of the other houses, some past houses we have built, and a bit of stuff few have ever seen or heard.  Hope you can tune into the show and let us know what you think afterwards.

Please share and tell your friends because the results could help us get our own show on the tube that will be about Salvage, Texas and how to do it all yourself.

Remember, November 19, 9pm, on CNN     Somebody’s Got To Do It…….   what ever it is.



For Sale: The Tiny Texas Farmhouse Gambrel Cottage

UPDATE: October 11th, 2013: The Farmhouse Gambrel is for Sale!

This friendly little gambrel-roofed farmhouse is just the ticket if you need a backyard office, guest room, exercise room, yoga studio, or artist’s retreat. She’d make an adorable little country store at your campground or resort retreat! She would also make the perfect little starter cottage for that piece of empty country land you’ve been itchin’ to buy!

The Farmhouse Gambrel is 200 s.f., as one large open room plus loft. She has a kitchenette and bathette.

She is 11 ft. wide by 18 ft. long and approximately 13’6″ ft. high at roof peak.

She is small enough to be easily transported by truck to your location. She’s under 200 s.f., so she should qualify as a garden or yard shed in most urban areas and not require a permit (please check with your local authorities). She is best suited for warm climates – she’s a southern farmgirl at heart.


Tiny Texas Farmhouse Gambrel Cottage - interior

Tiny Texas Farmhouse Gambrel Cottage – interior

The door is all salvaged, vintage Pine paneled wood, circa 1850.

She has 6 windows, single hung, made of Vintage Pine.

Her interior walls are Knotty Pine wainscot with shiplap upper walls.

The interior ceiling is also vintage Long Leaf Pine.

Her flooring is antique tongue and groove 3 1/4″ Long Leaf Pine from Texas circa 1920’s, lovingly hand restored and hand laid. The subflooring and framing are all made of salvaged, vintage long leaf pine.

Tiny Texas Farmhouse Gambrel Cottage - living area

Tiny Texas Farmhouse Gambrel Cottage – living area

Her loft is 8 ft. x 11 ft. and fits a double standard mattress. The ceiling/head height in the loft is 5′ ft. She comes complete with a custom made loft ladder.

She is plumbed for water lines for Toilet, bathroom sink, and has a new Tiny Texas styled stand up shower! Septic/waste lines are not included, as that installation depends on your final location and attachment to septic or sewer.


Stand Up Shower in the Tiny Texas Blue Gambrel

Complete with one of our custom made Tiny Texas Showers

-She has a kitchenette area which has a built in gas cooktop (small RV propane bottle) with a mini fridge below. (included)
-She is wired for standard residential electric, with 8 double outlets.
-She also has 1 ceiling light/fan wiring and 1 front porch lights.
-The ceiling light is new and the porch light is vintage stock.



The Farmhouse’s exterior is clad in vintage Pine Clapboard wide wood plank siding. Her upper roof is corrugated metal.

Her paint is in fine condition; she is currently in a seafoam/blue green with pink trim and yellow window casings; her earlier color was baby blue with white trim. You can see how a change in paint color totally alters the look of this farmhouse! Be creative and paint her in your own style!

Her roof is vintage tin metal panels in a corrugated style from Texas origins.

She comes with a wide covered front porch, 5′ x 10′ with a covered top that does not hinge, created from 5″ wide floorboards, which has 2 vintage porch posts.


• Matching Stair steps up to porch with handrail can be crafted, for an additional fee.

• She can be repainted – body, trims or both – for an additional fee, with our special milkpaints or organic paints with no VOCs.



Asking Price: $45,000 OBO

Can be transported by trailer truck? Yes

Shipping Cost to your Location: Not included; we can arrange shipping for an additional fee at time of purchase

Financing available? No, not at this time, sorry.

Dimensions: (l X w) 11′ x 18′ excluding porch overhang

NOTE: Under 200 s.f., so this house may qualify as a garden shed or small outbuilding in most urban areas and not require a special permit.

Overall height: 13’6″ ft exterior

Interior ceiling height:

Rooms: 1 plus Loft

Porch: yes, 1

Room Size(s): 11′ x 18′ and Loft sized: 8′ x 11′

Wired for electric? Yes, 8 double outlets; 1 ceiling lights and 1 porch light

Plumbing: Yes, water lines for Kitchenette Sink; Toilet, bathroom sink, and can have a tub or shower.

Heating system: None (easily heated with small electric room space heater!)

A/C: None

Suitable for hard winter climates (temps below 20 degrees/snow): No
If you are interested in buying the Farmhouse Gambrel Cottage, please contact us here.


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Thanksgiving Weekend Salvage Bootcamp 2012

Flash Announcement for limited sign up!

“Westoff Texas Salvage Bootcamp” and weekend seminar

Arrival on Friday afternoon through evening with tour time at 4:45 at the Luling TTH facility, evening seminar, and planning session. 1212 Ih10, Luling, Texas also known as exit 628 on IH10, the south side service road going East is my driveway for the last half mile after the entry ramp for Houston on IH10. (Don’t get on that ramp unless you want to go to Buccees 4 miles up the road and turn around).

Options for Housing or camping for sleep-over on site, in Gonzales, and Luling, Texas.

Limited menu food options provided and a full kitchen to cook at in Gonzales as well as some preparation space in Luling will allow for gatherings, eating together, and commiserating over the sore muscles, pains, and great fun everyone will have on the outing to a great ranch in the middle of nowhere called Westoff, Texas. The Guadalupe river runs along the property and you will have the chance to go see, touch, taste, swim in, fish in, and wade in if you please…… brrrrr. but you will need to assume all liability for yourself, as always, for that and all things that happen while you are on one of our projects.

Pricing will vary depending on the accommodations and food, but the intent is to simply cover some of the administrative costs of running this and hopefully getting some of it filmed in order to teach others how to do it too.

Over night stay at the Wallace St. Pure Living Retreat which will be in minimal roughing it conditions like inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags or brought along comforters and feather blankets. We have one shower but two baths, one is under reconstruction and could be night time seminar to get it done if enough people are interested. It would be just like the ones we put in the Tiny Texas Houses, likely Granite.

Time for project could be through Monday depending on how many people show up but not all are required to be there the whole time. Certification Credits for Experience Training on this style of single wall construction farmhouse will be given to all who participate in getting it to the ground on Saturday and Sunday. Monday will likely be outbuildings where the participants could get some of the materials as a bonus.

Pricing for participation $25 per day is for the seminar and $25 per day for the limited luxury but spacious, with kitchen, gathering, and bath accommodations (roughing it but indoors). Some Camping spots for tents will be available at the Wallace St. Retreat in Gonzales at $5 charge per night to help defray utility/overhead costs and clean up at the house as well as for some basic comforts that will come with being able to be inside for meals and comrade before crashing for the night. RV’s could stay in Gonzales, Luling, or out on the Ranch in Westoff next to the house so as to report on if there are any Ghosts checking things out at night while we are home. LOL.

Camping and RV’s can also be out at the Tiny Texas Territories with 40 acres to choose from and a big shower/bath to share, possibly a nice bonfire and some music at night along with some interior space on the floor for air mattresses and sleeping bags if we need to have more protection from the weather. This will be available in the building that is now the SalvageFaire headquarters where we will soon be building the audio and video recording studios along with the stages for live performances that can be recorded from the same studio control room.

Presently our RV spaces will have somewhat limited amperage but for sure basic power, a water supply but not necessarily access to a blackwater waste connection except for a dump station. Services available will depend on the number of people who come and need them. 6 or more possible. $15-$20 per night depending on utilities and temperature so as to figure cost to heat and access to proper amperage.

Camping spaces may also be available at the nearby RV parks in Luling and at Ottine’s Palmetto Park.

Total cost for stay will also hinge on participation in shared or payed for meals. Great breakfast tacos are available from nearby restaurants in both towns and a kitchen in both places for really early risers to prep coffee, cook breakfast like scrambled eggs, potatoes, and toast. Lunches will be out on the site and will be $10 each if we have it catered in, most likely a macrobiotic dish of a delicious and memorable sort. Other options are invited including carnivores who wish to barbeque or cook other group dishes that will alleviate any cost if everyone throws in and helps clean it up afterwards.

Seminars in the form of short presentations on various subjects are part of what the $25 per day covers, along with the chance to learn, get certified to be considered for future Bootcamps that will pay bonuses in the form of parts and pieces to star participants and those who go the extra mile for some bartered pay.

Friday through Monday will be $100 for participation in the Salvage Bootcamp
Daily accommodations as needed as per various options available and changeable if weather dictates.


Email workshop@puresalvageliving.com with your name and phone number(s) to reach you at, for more information and to sign up.

What to bring:

Hard soled shoes, gloves, safety goggles, ear plugs or head gear to protect ears, face masks or respirators if you have allergies or immune system sensitivity. Long pants, preferably jeans or several layers of controlled garb below the waist line so as not to have it get snagged and cause harm to people, building materials, or clothes. I recommend long sleeve shirts and jackets that will not snag easily and rip as there are plenty of snags to grab you on a salvage job. Don’t come wearing anything you value as tearing pants and shirts is commonplace on the jobs.

Email workshop@puresalvageliving.com with your name and phone number(s) to reach you at, for more information and to sign up.

Tiny Texas Houses: Buy and Sell Your Vintage Architectural Pieces – [Video]

Tiny Texas Houses, in conjunction with the Pure Salvage Living Movement, is now offering to buy, sell, and barter or trade vintage architectural items.

Visit our website at puresalvageliving.com for more information or to get involved!

Tiny Texas Houses: Now Offering Deconstruction Services – [Video]

If you haven’t heard already, Tiny Texas Houses is now accepting building demolition and deconstruction jobs from the public. If you have an old structure that needs to be removed from your property and it contains salvageable materials, feel free to let us know! Check out this video and visit our website puresalvageliving.com for more information!

Note: Each house is reviewed on a case by case basis based on quality and condition of materials, distance, and price. Because of this, not all demolition jobs will be accepted. Please fill out our questionnaire at puresalvageliving.com to have your structure reviewed.