Barter With TTH

We here at Tiny Texas are always looking for new gadgets and toys to expand our business and pursue new and exciting projects…
Recently we asked ourselves, “Why in the heck are we buying anything new!?”

We are all about living a life of salvage and bartering for transactions….so we’ve decided that is exactly what we are going to do. We are opening our doors to the public to except barter trades from our “Wishlist”. In return, we will offer up materials from our 25,000 sq ft warehouse!

We have everything from antique doors and hardware to windows and jambs to any kind of wood type and species you could imagine…

Just ask us, and we’ll see if we have it in stock. For all inquiries please email Title your email “Barter Offering”
We’ll be sure to get back to you.

This is our list wishlist, which will be constantly getting updated. Do check back periodically. You never know what we might ask for that you may have. In return, you could get some beautiful materials for all sorts of projects! Thank you for your support!

WISHLIST 2012-2013

From the film department –

We need all sorts of film equipment so we can continue making professional styled tutorial videos and documenting all of our projects. We are also in the works of building a professional recording studio, so any equipment would be nice to stock up on. Right now, we are in need of things like:

  • Lighting rigs (we do not own any right now)
  • Go Pro cameras
  • More professional line cameras (we are currently using a panasonic hvx-200a. It would be nice to have a second camera from that same line, but we will consider any high end film or photo cameras).
  • Microphones, cables. (Condenser microphone, shotgun mics, etc).
  • Field Audio Recorders/ recording interfaces
  • Professional Recording Equipment (Channel Mixers,  cables, instruments, Auralex, etc)
  • Microphone stands and booms (a lapel mic would be nice too)
  • P2 cards for our panasonic camera
  • Professional Tripods
  • Dollies and camera support gear
  • High end camera cases
  • Hard drives for backing up footage
  • A large high resolution mac monitor screen or comparable for editing
  • High end headphones
  • LED Camera lights (compatible with panasonic hvx-200a)

From the Architecture and Design department –

  • Licensed Sketch Up software version 8
  • A high resolution external monitor


From Brad Kittel –

  • Large band saw (industrial size)
  • Large circular table saws
  • Macbook pro laptop
  • Large Format Scanners and Printers
  • A large high resolution external computer monitor
  • Professional high end nail guns, cordless drills, saw-zaws
  • Wood working tools (chisel,etc)
  • Large wood working lathe
  • Hellical wood plainer
  • Woodmizer or Timber King (saw mill) (electric motor 3 phrase preferred)
  • Bulldozer
  • Backhoe
  • Ditch Digger
  •  Billboard Vinyls
  • Four wheelers, mules, golf carts, adult tricycles, adult quadra-cycles
  • 1995-2001 Ford F-350 7.3 Liter Diesel Turbo. Body condition not relevant. Mechanical condition needs to be good
  • Airstream, Avion, Spartan or general classic RV shells
  • School Bus shells (66+ passenger or bigger preferred/Diesel/Bluebird Cab)
  • 6in sewer Pipe (1,000+ ft)
  • 2in schedule 40 PVC (1,000+ ft)
  • PVC associated fittings
  • 300 gallon liquid tanks with cages
  • 30/55 gallon plastic drums
  • Clean fill (uncontaminated dirt) (We have easy access off of IH 10 east!)
  • Road Grader
  • Electrical Supplies (Romex 12-3, 10-3/Breaker Boxes w/breakers)
  • Forklifts
  • Vintage Motorhomes (1950, 60, 70s)


Miscellaneous Needs/Services requested (barter for compesnsation)  –

  • Cast iron stove repair (it has cracks in it)
  • Mechanical work for our industrial trucks, trailers, forklifts
  • Asphalt work done to our drive-way


4 Responses to Barter With TTH

  1. Karon Czekala

    If you ever consider doing anything at all in the North of Atlanta, GA area, we would looooove to hear from you and help in anywayossible. I mean in most ANY way!
    My estranged Jerry Springer show dad has been given a year to live and ta-da, has decided to act as Grandpa suddenly. We’ve moved him into our home which is difficult, what with the Cat’s in the Cradle running through my brain all day… Anyway, we really want a TTH in our pasture but with a yr. to live, shouldn’t spend the $$$. So we thought, MAKE IT A PROMO THING, donate it to another family as a nursing home in your own backyard type of thing, but pay it forward. I’d love to use it awhile and bless another family with it. It must have wide aisles, all one story and ramp exit.
    We have a 2 horse, steel frame bumper pull horse trailer, lots of rock, 6 acres, some salvaged materials, (dumpster diving. Is my idea of a good time! ) wood, tin, windows, doors, paint, and 3 cats to use/barter. ALSO, we have a kid who models, Juliana Czekala, friend her on Facebook and see hear cool shots in a wedding gown in our pasture. She works for free, if I need her to! Our horses and cats model, too. I can paint??? And burning stuff is my son’s specialty. OH, and we have a wedding venue, or I should say, our backyard is our wedding venue. Free, if any of you need it, which is a $2500 value!!!!!
    Wouldn’t donating/reusing/paying it forward make for great publicity? Wouldn’t it be a cool thing to start, since baby boomers are dealing with aged parents nowadays? Pleeeeease let us know if any of this appeals to you, ASAP. Time is of the essence. Sweet tea and cupcakes, all day long!! Thas for reading this crazy-long email. Karon Czekala. 770.777-6753.

    February 13, 2013
  2. Greg LeMaster

    My company can help you acquire some of the “Wish List ” equipment needed, please contact me at 714-922-7115. Thanks

    February 26, 2013
  3. Greg Lambert

    I’m impressed and glad there’s somebody out there doing what you’re doing. Thanks.

    October 6, 2013
  4. Elaine Smith

    I have a house that was built in 1890. It is in bad shape and in need of repairs that I cannot afford to fix up due to a divorce about 2 years ago now. I am considering tearing it down and either building or possibly just moving in a trailer until I saw your ads. I would like to see if you would consider possible trade credit towards one of your buildings for the lumber you can use from the house (to be torn down). I don’t know how much you charge for one of these houses, but I would be interested in one.

    January 6, 2014

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