2 Responses to Canyon Lake House Interior Bath

  1. Jennifer King

    Good morning. I am so very excited about these homes and have several questions. First, where did you get this tub? I love it! Next, is there anyone in the TN or surrounding states area who creates homes like these? We have recently purchased land on an ARM loan and will be refinancing to a set rate in 2 years if it we haven’t paid it off by then. If we put a home on it, we can get a much lower rate and I would greatly prefer a gorgeous home like these over a trailor. If there is not anyone in our neck of the woods, would you anticipate a handy-man type guy to be able to build one of these from the plans you’re making available in the future? My husband has done concrete pouring, floor tiling/hard wood, framing, dry walling, basic plumbing and electric, brick and stone work and roofing with his father and grandfather. Would one of these be a realistic project for someone like him?

    December 27, 2012
  2. Sherry Henshaw

    I’m working on gathering plans to build my own. I love several of the features you used.

    January 19, 2013

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