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Tiny Texas Houses 2014 Summer Workshops & Bootcamps

We here at Tiny Texas Houses have the pleasure of meeting new faces and personalities almost everyday. Without fail…curious passerby’s stop to see what “this place is all about.” We show folks around our property and imaginations are instantly sparked!   What Tiny Texas Houses has done with salvaged materials is no magical feat or ...

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Tiny Texas Houses Presents: August 2013 House Spotlights – Video

In this video Brad Kittel, owner of Tiny Texas Houses, leads us through the tiny houses currently under development and also performs a magic trick! Thanks for watching. We will be posting all 3 videos of the entire walkthrough on this page! Sign up to our youtube channel for all the latest and greatest videos! ...

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Tiny Texas Houses Needs your Help! Watch our Fan Club Questionaire Video!

Tiny Texas Houses is beginning production on a full length series of tutorial videos covering everything from salvage mining to salvage building. We want to know what YOU would like to learn from us! Please comment on our facebook page and provide us with and all feedback. Thanks to all our fans and we look ...

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