For Sale: Essay Contest House – SOLD

SOLD! March 31, 2013.

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“Tiny Texas Worker House” is a 10’ x 12’ house with sleeping loft, shower, bath, kitchenette, and front porch. This house was built by Tiny Texas Houses from 99% Pure Salvage materials and well insulated to create a cozy hideaway or home for the winner.

This contemporary design plays with some new angles and space to create a cozy tiny guesthouse or get away space in a 10’ x 12’ footprint and a 6’ x 11’ front porch. It has all the elements needed for living in if one wanted to make a home out of our Tiny Texas House as well. The front porch supports are 125 year old Cedar posts that were once used for a pole barn on a 100 years old cotton gin in Shiner, Texas. They have some great hieroglyphic bug runs on the surface but the core is solid and bug free. The exterior siding is made from 2×8 slices of Long Leaf Pine that are nearly knot free and dating back to the 1800’s when the 200-year-old trees were cut down. It was cut from 2”x8” boards that were split with the thicker half used to make flooring and the thinner half to make the siding that is on this house. It has a mini corrugated metal on he lower half that dates to the early 1900’s and weighted sash windows from the same period.

The entire house is built with antique Pines. The tightly grained Long Leaf Pine 4×4 beams came from a Texas 1880’s farmhouse in Yorktown to carry the loft. The house has a full shower, toilet and sink in the bath. The small kitchenette has a sink, under counter fridge, and space for a cook top. It is great for short visits but could be lived in full-time as well. The interior walls are milled from 2’8’s and then the back was exposed to show off the grooves as a decorative element.

The ceilings in the loft are also made from a tongue and groove antique Pine that was milled from 2×6’s that dated back to the early 1900’s too. The corrugated roofing comes from a warehouse in Hallettesville, Texas. It is the heavy 1 ½” corrugation in a very thick metal that has plenty of protective rust and strength to last for many more years. The downstairs area will be suited to having a sectional that could be used to sleep on along with the upstairs that will hold two twin beds or up to a queen. It has room for a small desk and closet area as well. The house is designed to ventilate the heat out the top in the summer and provide the warmest place in bed during the winters. It has a nice big window for a great view and breeze upstairs as well as a wall a/c unit to help take out the humidity.

The windows have all been weatherized with silicone tubing and glazed with an age-old formula for Organic Linseed Oil glazing compound that is superior to what is normally used today. The shower is full-sized and has a river rock floor. The shower walls in the bath will be covered with 100-year-old antique galvanized interlocking roof shingles that should last for another century or two and take any scrubbing you want to put it through. This batch came from a house in Eagle Pass, Texas that dated from the 1890’s. There is a wall air conditioner hole in the loft wall if one should want it and the heater would only need to be a simple 110 volt portable unit. This is intended to keep the repair and replacement costs to a minimum.

The entire house is insulated with Icynene on all sides, top, and bottom so that there is very little heat gain or loss, nor bugs, rodents, or a danger of mold developing from moisture in the walls. With screens, it will be possible to get by much of the year without AC or heat. If living up north, it might be good to have a set of storm windows for the winter too, as we do not approve of insulated glass due to its limited longevity.

Congratulations to our Texas Tiny Houses Essay Contest winner, Amelia Lankford. Read her winning entry, and find out more about Tiny Texas houses.

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8 Responses to For Sale: Essay Contest House – SOLD

  1. Georgette Sano

    What is her asking price for the house? Also, how far is it possible to move he house? Outside of Texas?

    September 4, 2012
    • Tiny Texas Houses

      Please email Amelia for more information if you are interested in purchasing this tiny house from her. The buyer is responsible for moving the house – yes, there are house moving companies that will move it outside Texas.

      September 5, 2012
  2. Cheryl


    I’m wondering if this tiny house is still for sale and if it can be moved to another Texas location.

    October 15, 2012
  3. gary myrick

    price on the essay house?thanks gary

    October 27, 2012
  4. Michaela Meche

    Is this house still for sale, and if so, what is the price? Shipping would be to Cuero, TX.
    Thank you.

    November 18, 2012
  5. Serenity Hicks

    I have no home of my own. I stay with friends and family up north. I also have family in Texas and Louisiana, I would love to have a home there. I love Tiny Texas Houses, less is more! How much do the TTV houses start at? And how much do you have to have down?

    November 19, 2012
  6. Mimi Almeida

    i am interested in this tiny house but live in Northern Cal. Is there a reason why this house could not be transported to California? Would like to make a bid if it is still available.

    January 13, 2013
  7. tory miller

    Hi. I would love to own this home, but would need financing to do it. I would also need it to be moved to northern california. I have friends who have land, but I do not own land myself. I will contact Amelia, and I also want to say that someone who wishes to have this house may find that it is untenable to actually own it. People can wax quite poetic about these little gems. I understand that. I saw this on tiny house listings, and I will contact her through that listing. I may ask my family for a loan, and then treat that as the mortgage. someone should be living in and loving this beauty!

    February 8, 2013