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Take a tour see these amazing homes built from 95% salvage materials. At Tiny Texas Houses

Take a tour see these amazing homes built from 95% salvage materials. At Tiny Texas Houses


Join us for a tour of Salvage Texas, a fictional town that is manifesting sustainably out of 95% Pure Salvaged materials, to become an Island of Free Thought that will form into a municipality and event center for 3 of the biggest cities in Texas,…. Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. The Organic Cottages of Tiny Texas Houses are shown along with some of the grounds that will form the town of Salvage, Texas as it takes shape out of the imagination of SalvageGuru. The materials for 200+ houses and vendor spaces are all ready in stock to build with, stored in the massive warehouses here and in Gonzales, Texas. The unique kitchen for a concessions restaurant along with the recording studios above are nearly finished, and soon the Sound and Film stage that will go on the back of the SalvageFaire building. It will be the Home for the vendor Market for all things organic, crafted from pieces of the past, made in America if new, sort of market. I can see it materializing so that soon we will be able to create the Event Center in the Heart of Texas to open for the perpetuation of Free Thought, Alternative medicine, Organic living, and the discussion of peaceful directions to move our society and planet.
Check out the Air B&B options or the HipCamp options if you want to get out of the city into an Oasis in the midst of Texas.
Better yet, if you want to get involved, be a part of the manifestation we can manifest, steward, and pass along to the coming generations so as to preserve some of this valuable knowledge and skills from our past. Please consider being a part of SalvageFaire and creating a studio, tiny living space above it, and a path to selling your crafts, teaching others the arts, and living a simpler life in the process of sharing the wisdom and knowledge of your years and experience.


So if you do decide you want to see and stay in a Tiny Texas House at Salvage, Texas you might consider staying at the bed and breakfast for a get away. You might also pay for a private tour for two at a $100 but you will still need to make an appointment and schedule, especially if it is to be with Darby or Brad. Read More….


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