Answers to your most asked questions about our Tiny Texas Houses!

Do you build on site?

No, we build at our facility and then ship.  We should only be on your site for 1-2 days to unload your house, level on your piers, and assemble any porches.

How much do the houses weigh?

Typically a 12’x20’ should be about 12,000 pounds and a 12’ x 28’ at about 20,000 lbs.

How tall are the houses so the can still be moved?

We build with a 14’6″ top to bottom height but have compressed the construction through a few different techniques which allow us to maintain structural integrity with an 7″ solid wood platform that we build on to start with. We also ship on lowboy/dropped floor flatbed trailers, to give us a bit more height room.

How far do you ship?

We can ship nearly anywhere that has the clearance to get our houses to where someone wants them to go. We travel between 15’8” – 15’10” tall and about 13’ wide on the trailer.

How much is shipping to my location? How much does it cost to move a house?

A very rough estimate in Texas and adjacent states is $10 per mile with a min. of $2,000 likely in Texas. Shipping rates vary based on the size and weight of the house, the distance and the state, and the current cost of diesel fuel. We have shipped as far away as North Dakota and the eastern seaboard states, but be aware that as distance increases, so does the price exponentially. We don’t ship to California as CA regulations/paperwork required make it cost-prohibitive. Some states, like Alabama, have onerous zoning requirements and variances which make shipping in a completed house built with salvage prohibitive.

Do you ship to Canada or Mexico?

We do not, and have no plans to do so, due to tarriffs and general bureaucracy involved.

Is Financing Available for your Tiny Houses?

At this time we do not have any financing plans available. If you are using one of our Tiny Houses as a business building – like for a spa or retail store, you might investigate business commercial equipment lenders who do financing for barns and storage sheds.

Do you build Tiny Houses on trailers so we can move it ourselves?

No we do not, for a variety of reasons including road safety issues and house toxicity. For a more detailed explanation, please see this post – http://tinytexashouses.com/why-we-dont-build-our-houses-to-be-house-trailers/.

Do you have Builders in my Area? Can you come to my location and build me a Tiny House?

Not yet – the goal of Pure Salvage Living is to create Pure Salvage Outposts in towns across the country, each with certified Salvage Miners, Salvage Brokers and Appraisers (to locate the salvage building materials) and then certified, trained Salvage Builders to craft homes for the local area. If you are interested in becoming a PSL Outpost business, contact us for more information.

Are Floor Plans available for the sold houses on your website?

Not at this time, but we hope to have some available in the near future.

Do you have any Free Tiny House Plans available?

Yes, we do. Simply sign up for the free TinyTexasHouses newsletter, and you can get access to our Bride & Groom’s House plan, and our Tiny Texas Chapel plans all for free!

Do you have any printed brochures you can send me with your models and floor plans?

Sorry we do not have a brochure or models as I custom create each piece of Functional House Art to be a one of a kind.

Are plumbing and electrical wiring included? Do you do this? How is this priced?

My houses are plumbed by licensed plumbers, wired by licensed electricians, design around the size and needs of each house and client, and generally exceeds any normal requirements. No one can anticipate the quirks of every bureaucracy so it is up to the client to find out what issues will arise locally and have someone local hook up the self sufficient house once it gets there. We wire our ahead of delivery since it is all part of the house, as it is mostly in the walls. We also do the plumbing as needed but can do most of that through the floor, though having it in the insulation is what we prefer and we like to blow Icynene under the floor as well prior to shipping.
You connect up the breaker box, water supply, and wastewater as you like, black water or grey water but that happens after we get there. It is stubbed through the floor and has the vent in the wall, even has the trunk for under the house ready to glue on when it gets there.

Are kitchen appliances and fixtures included?

The Sink, sink faucet and under sink custom cabinetry, are typically included BUT, since our houses are custom made to order, you can opt to have only the water and drain lines “stubbed in” and add all that in yourself at the home’s destination location. We do not provide refrigerators, stoves or microwaves due to weight/shipping issues – although we can design the room and create custom cabinetry to fit your appliances as long as we have exact measurements during our construction process.

Are bath fixtures and appliances included?

We generally just “stub in” the water and waste drain pipes for the toilet, bathroom sink and shower or tub. This can be done in the floor or the walls – and left uninsulated if you require inspections at your home’s final destination site. Since our houses are custom made to order, you can opt to have us craft a custom standing shower, add a vintage clawfoot tub, and put in a vintage porcelain bathroom sink and toilet if desired. Or you can purchase your own fixtures and have the fixtures put in by your local plumber once the house is on your property.

Do the houses have Air Conditioning units? Are they included in the price?

An area for a window/wall AC unit can be designed into your TinyHouse. They are efficiently cooled with just one good quality small window unit. The actual AC unit is not included in the price nor do we furnish it. We recommend the ductless split systems for the larger houses. Here is some info on the Mitsubishi ductless split AC – we don’t recommend getting the heat pumps/heater split as it’s cheaper to just get a small electric floor heater. Goodman is another brand we reccommend.

How are the Tiny Houses heated?

A small electric space heater or two for larger models is more than enough to heat Tiny Houses under most conditions. Areas with extreme cold or where winter power outages are a problem, may want to use a more efficient small propane heater.

Can I add a Fireplace or a WoodStove to my Tiny Texas House?

For houses under 250 s.f. a fireplace or woodstove is pretty much overkill – it would make the house so hot as to be unliveable. You might want to consider adding on an outdoor fireplace or firepit or outdoor bread oven once the house is installed on your property. For larger houses (12 x 18 and up) in cold climates, a good quality woodstove or Vermont Bun Baker type stove would be an excellent choice.

Are termites a problem with a tiny house built of so much wood?

You have several types of termites to contend with (especially in Florida) and I am going to say that the subterrainian are easy to deal with as you will see their tunnels going up the sides of your piers and can poisen accordingly. Luckily, most bugs, including termites, do not like Cypress and Long Leaf Pine, and therefore it is much less of a problem then with other woods and especially newer pines which are all wood candy to termites with their extreme high proportions of soft cellulose tissue to eat. Not so with old wood.

Is it possible to build two sections for shipping designed so that one fits on top of the other to give a two story house of about 600 sq ft?

I already have two floors in the newer designs so stacking is not needed. We have a design with that much square footage but the lofts generally do not count for tax purposes. Alternatively, you can make a “Texas dog trot” or roof and deck between two tiny houses, thus creating a central shared outdoor living space/walkway connection between the two. This is often best for folks who do not want to or cannot use the loft ladders.

Our HOA says houses must be at least 1000 sq feet. Do you build houses as big as this?

First we do not build any house that big — instead we recommend several houses joined together to make such a compound as you have the kitchen and eating area as a main house, then the master suite, the guest bedrooms, and office or family room. They can be joined together by decks and porches, making a nice family compound. Then all houses can be picked up and shipped later if you decide to move.

As for your HOA, you will need to check to see if your code may prevent you from building with salvaged lumber, multiple building unit modules, using storm windows instead of double paned glass, or other concerns that would have to be addressed, let alone if they would let us build the tiny house here and bring it to you and assemble it on site under such a controlled environment.

What’s the general cost for the smallest tiny house you build?

As of September, 2012, $45,000 which at the most that would be a 10′ x 12′ with a sleeping loft, bath, and kitchenette. That will likely go up in 2013. They are portable, should last for a century or more, and are toxin free. Prices go up to over $100,000 for a larger 28′ house with porches and spruced up with extras and more valuable woods, doors, windows and hardware.

I don’t want a loft area because I cannot climb the loft ladder. Is that ok?

Of course! That is why we build Murphy Beds for downstairs! These are custom houses and we build to your desired features. However, you might consider still having the loft for long term storage or a sleeping place for visiting grandchildren who will happily climb up the ladder!

Can these houses be fitted for tankless water heaters?

Yes, and one tankless heater sized properly can also run laundry machines as well as bath/kitchen hot water.

Is there room for laundry facilities?

Stacked laundry machines can be fitted into your tiny house design within the main house or as a porch or add-on closet area, and run off of a properly sized tankless water heater.

Can you create built-ins for kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets, beds and storage?

Yes! We can create twin, bunk, full, queen or king-sized murphy beds, hidden cabinets and storage areas in walls, fold-down desks or benches, and even retractable walls from pocket doors. Just let us know what you need when you commission your custom tiny house.

Can I order the loft ladder you create in your houses custom built for my tiny house?

Yes. Please see our website for ordering information. Pricing starts at $500, and shipping is via Craters & Freighters or you can pick up at our Luling, TX location.

Can I just order plans for the loft ladder?

These should be available for order on our website very soon.

What is the time frame from the deposit to house completion?

Right now it can take from 3-4 months but it can take as long as 6 months if there is a backlog.  We do not take orders if we are more than 6 months behind.

What is the process to get one built?

First you put up a 25% deposit to hold a place in line.  Then we set about picking the parts and pieces that will be used to build the house.  I design the house around the parts and pieces and then we set about building it.  The draws are due in 4 stages:  Framing, exterior skins, interior skins, and cosmetics, cabinets, and porches.

How are they priced?

Since each house is different they are priced accordingly. There is no set price as the size of the porches, types of windows, size of lofts, and many other variables come into play when determining price. When the lofts are factored in, and porches, it is less than $150 per square foot, but that is a poor way of simplifying the cost. Our houses start at about $45,000 for the Essay Contest House which is 10’ x 12’ with a fairly large loft. The larger sizes, such as the 12’ x 28’ can easily hit $75,000 to $100,000 or more with various upgrades like screened in porches.

Do you recommend a pier & beam kind of foundation or a slab or ?

Always a pier and beam.  One reason is that you can get under it to plumb, wire, or to pick it up and move it again.  Keep in mind it is an appreciating portable asset and you may want to leave it to the kids to take away someday.  Pier and beam is much cheaper too.

Can you explain or point me to a web page as to what the process is – how do we proceed to nailing down a workable plan, what % is required up front, the length of the build process, and how we go about prepping the foundation?

We work up a ballpark figure of what it should cost, then get a 25% deposit.  We go shopping at our warehouse and pick out all of the materials, from windows, doors, flooring, siding, etc.  Then we set about designing the house around the parts you picked.  If there are any variables based on over runs when you have picked everything you will know at that point and can make changes to keep it in the same ballpark or add a few extras.  Once we have the plans figured out we proceed to build it with 4 draws that are due upon:

  1. the finish of the framing
  2. the finish of the exterior skin
  3. the finish of the interior skin
  4. the finish of the cosmetics, cabinets, and porches

Once the house is finished we ship to your location and are typically onsite setting up your house for no more than two days.

Can we hire you to present a seminar, lecture or workshop on Tiny House Building or building with salvaged materials?

Yes, if the location is in Austin or San Antonio area. The standard speaking fee is $5,000 per engagement. At this time, Brad is too busy to be travelling further than that to lecture. This may change in the future. Workshops by necessity are held at our Luling or Gonzales facilities where all our tools, materials and employees are at hand to assist.

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