Salvaging Old Houses to Save our Society, Homes, & Humanity

By Brad Kittel

In case you have not gotten the message yet…We are taking orders for 4 tiny homes that will leave Texas Salvage in 2016! All others homes built will stay on the property. http://puresalvageliving.com/last-call-for-tiny-texas-houses/ ) That aside, here is the principle on which I have built the company and houses.

I have been in the Salvage Mining and Building business for more than 30 years now and believe that the time has come for us to open our eyes to the vast treasure loads of natural resources already formed into the finest building materials in the world sitting around us ignored in America.  Best of all, most of it is already at our fingertips for free, waiting to be picked up, cleaned up, and re-used.  We have more than any other nation in the world waiting to be saved from landfills that are now comprised of 51% building materials.  These tested and still valuable products were extracted from our country over the last 300 years and refined, whether trees or minerals, to create our incredible legacy and carry it to its zenith.  Now, if you look at what we are doing, we throw it away without regard on any given day and think nothing of importing new materials that are inferior to any we can find in the USA that can be had nearly free at this point.  This is lumber from trees that were hundreds of years old when first cut a few centuries ago.  The houses, buildings, and barns built from them are being crushed, burned, and thrown into the dump to rot.  Hardware, windows, flooring, doors, in fact, everything we need to build a new generation of housing is waiting to be harvested and reused.  This could create jobs for millions as well as housing sized appropriately for a retiring generation.  This is also the future for a younger generation that may not want big houses or the destruction of our planet as their legacy, and do not want to import the materials they will need to build their Earth friendly sustainable homes one day.

I have spent the last 9 years pioneering and developing ways of building houses that are 95% Pure Salvage, 100% American grown and mined materials, refined and manufactured into building materials inside the USA, and our houses are built entirely in the USA.  Best of all they are healthy houses.  This process is proven now beyond anyone’s sane assessment and can create solutions for numerous bottlenecks in our countries transition from the economics of the last few generations to the next.  I believe we have the power to create solutions to our global problems by the simplest of choices that we make each day.  How we choose to live, and the carbon footprint we make to do it, even if we do not go to extremes, will help save the planet.

My Mission

I am demonstrating the merits of Pure Salvage Building by creating real life habitats that prove these designs, construction techniques, and principles can be applied throughout the country.  We have now created numerous houses to prove without doubt:

  • That we can build healthy houses
  • Out of 99% Pure Salvage
  • with a 0 Carbon Footprint, usually far less
  • Energy Efficient for life
  • We can build them to last for more than a century
  • Build to naturally ventilate for cooling
  • Build to stay warm with minimal heating
  • No formaldehyde
  • Minimal plastics, (electrical, wiring, plumbing)
  • Minimal vinyl or PVC
  • No sheetrock,
  • No VOC paints,
  • No Latex Paint
  • No carpet,
  • No toxic glues inside
  • Off Grid capable
  • build portable houses that can move with the owner
  • 95% American harvested resources (trees, metal ores, etc)
  • 95% American made parts (hardware, sinks, doors, etc)
  • No intentional built in obsolescence
  • Minimal maintenance over a century plus projected lifetime
  • prove that 100% Built in America
  • 95% Local:  Materials, Labor, and End User Benefit

More timely and important, we can create real work and affordable long term housing that simultaneously generates income for millions of people, not billions for a few.  There is a way for society to re-grow its roots, help each other out, downsize, and unite to reclaim what our forefathers already sacrificed their lives for, both in life hours to extract and create, but also the cost to our environment to create our nation and fuel the wars of what has become an empire that may now crumble under the debt of perpetual excess.  They worked for our freedom, not our indebtedness to foreign powers and big banks or corporations.

It is our forefathers self reliance and ingenuity that needs to be revitalized,  recharged, nurtured, mentored and grown into a new way of thinking about the utilization of valuable preformed high quality resources that we will never see again.  We already recycle many things, but why not just take structures apart and reuse the pieces rather than make or import replacements.  A brick is a brick, a board is a board, a door a door, or many more good things, like a bed, wainscot, or headboard.  None of it is trash and should not be thrown away with a few hundred years of useable life left in it.  It is the image of what we can do instead that will make this concept of Pure Salvage Building succeed.  I have built enough houses to plant those images deeply into the minds of men, women, and children such that they are inspired to do the same.  It is that belief that nearly anyone can be part of it that will make it possible for this grand solution to succeed.

I am talking about empowerment, not employment.  I am talking about meaningful education and jobs that address the needs of people who want to house and feed their families, and have the time to see them instead of working day and night to pay for it all.  Tiny Texas Houses showed what could be done by building houses that can be lived in comfortably, affordably, and for the rest of your life if you want, by being able to take them with you when you move from one place to the next.

This addresses the need to go back to creating quality products out of the resources we have left at our fingertips that will last for centuries instead of being thrown  away in 15 to twenty years.  It means once again leaving a legacy that will last and the resources for our children to live a healthy and fruitful life that can be passed along to their children too.

I create Tiny Texas Houses as a means of proving to everyone that they too can go out and find all of the materials they need to build a home for the cost of the human energy it takes to deconstruct it from the tens of thousands of houses that will be thrown away this year, next, and for years to come.  We have all of the bricks, wood, windows, doors, and lumber to build houses for several generations if we just think about using our vast warehouses and factories that sit empty for storing a century of materials we have accumulated for the next century.  They are resources lost in the past, and we can turn them back into valuable resources as centers for this Pure Salvage Building concept to grow across the country, where ever houses and empowerment are needed most.

I have followed a vision that holds a way for people to reform small villages and communities that are healthy and may allow us to live out our lives in our homes with friends close by, taking nothing from the planet to build and passing what we have along for others to use for many decades to come.  I feel we are ready to make this solution available for the 95% who can go out there and make a difference in the future of their lives and this country if they want to make that choice.  There is a place in the big picture for everyone, from the Salvage Hunters, Salvage Miners, and Salvage Builders.  We as individuals, can make the choice to aim for 95% Pure Salvage as a standard in order to save our country from this economic hopelessness that is taking us over.

We need solutions that can be implemented relatively fast, on an individual and community level, rather than a government, giant corporate, or big banker level.  This needs to be the people rising up to be empowered by the free options at hand that are normally locked out of our reach by regulation and greed.  This concept offerers long term solutions that will empower the people first because they can do the work that needs to be done best, quickly, and en masse, make miracles happen before the big guys know what has happened.  This is a game changer on a national scale.  Best of all, it could be paid for with what it considered to be trash now.

My next consideration is what formats will spread the word the fastest.  Besides the E book, putting out building plans, inspiring through the internet, and seminars, we need to get on TV and produce some documentaries on what can be done and the results that can be found from the human energy and positive spirit that these simple solutions can generate.  It will unite rather that divide to people who come together to make it all happen, and benefit all involved.  I want the boost that will make a difference in reaching the millions it can benefit because they are the ones that will make it happen, not me.  I cannot nor do I desire to do this myself or see big money control how it evolves.

I want this to provide a relatively open information resource for sustainability through salvage that will contribute to the survival of our society in a new world.  It means switching to organic homegrown housing without imports, thus creating employment skills for a new generation that has been nearly lost in just a couple of generations.  If we don’t do it now, that last generation of craftsmen will take their knowledge with them.  We have an opportunity to get the old working with the young, people volunteering, and donating old houses and barns to create better homes for the children we leave the planet too when we are gone.  This is a form of hope that everyone can participate in and see the results of on a personally rewarding level that will take many forms.  Our fore fathers and mothers could not have been more proud than to see us respect their hard work and savings that went into creating the America they dreamed of for us to inherit one day.  It is an insult to just throw it all in the dump and start over entirely again, especially when there are so many people and reasons to move on this opportunity as quickly as possible.  Everyone is open to solutions that will effect their worlds today if possible.  This can start today, and will not end for decades to come, making many a dream come true before it reaches fruition.

I am hoping you will consider being a part of this vision I have worked on for years to manifest.  We have the resources and ability to do a phenomenal job of enlightening, empowering, and educating people quickly so as to have a nearly instant impact.  I believe that it is time to share this opportunity with the people it can empower the most and have the greatest beneficial effect on while it comes into fruition.  I would be greatly honored and thankful if you would consider what I have to offer.

Thank for visiting Tiny Texas Houses and hopefully joining the dialogue about Pure Salvage Living as a solution to sustainable housing.

As of April 15th, we stopped taking orders for public sale and changed to only building houses and focusing on developing Salvage, Texas. Thank you for your patronage and hopefully you will join the Pure Salvage Living membership and help grow this concept into a renaissance in thinking that will truly make a difference, not just tiny houses. http://puresalvageliving.com/last-call-for-tiny-texas-houses/

Brad Kittel


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