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I have spent the last 9 years now promoting the merits of Pure Salvage Building techniques by creating real life habitats that prove these designs, construction techniques, and principles can be applied throughout the country.  My intent was to create housing examples to demonstrate without doubt, What could be done by building out of 955 Salvage materials. Now we are moving on to the next step after building the houses to sell. Next you will be able to come and feel what the difference is and why we should be integrating this knowledge into our building materials in this day and age.


  • That we can build healthy houses
  • Out of 99% Pure Salvage
  • with a 0 Carbon Footprint or less
  • Energy Efficient for life
  • We can build them to last for more than a century
  • Build to naturally ventilate for cooling
  • Build to stay warm with minimal heating
  • No formaldehyde
  • Minimal plastics, (electrical, wiring, plumbing)
  • Minimal vinyl or PVC
  • No sheetrock,
  • No VOC paints,
  • No Latex Paint
  • No carpet,
  • No toxic glues inside
  • Off Grid capable
  • build portable houses that can move with the owner
  • 99% American harvested resources (trees, metal ores, etc)
  • 99% American made parts (hardware, sinks, doors, etc)
  • No intentional built in obsolescence
  • Minimal maintenance over a century plus projected lifetime
  • prove that 100% Built in America is possible


We have succeeded and proven it can be done, and done well.  My next task is to get the word out so that others may choose this path to housing and join in making a difference by making the choice to become part of the Pure Salvage Living dialogue and join those who chose to make a difference instead of just talk about it.


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