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The bigger picture and opportunities:

If you have a passion for the dream of Pure Salvage Living and you’re willing to work to make that dream manifest, we have opportunities for you. These opportunities are for those who want to be part of the movement, not for those merely looking to profit from it; corporate mercenaries need not apply. If you are prepared to put in long, hard hours without much initial monetary reward, If you want to be part of something bigger than money can buy, If you are driven to help touch communities across the entire country and provide work and housing for millions that might never find solutions to those needs otherwise, please read on or stop by to see how you might fit in.

Here are the biggest jobs:

CFO Chief Financial Officer. Someone who can find friendly financing for the next round of growth and launch the many income streams we have available but need capital and manpower to put into place. We are looking for someone with proven connections and history with positive endeavors that is not focused on profit margins at any cost. We’re looking for someone who can develop and bring together the formal business plans needed to attract investors and the public support it will take to crank this movement into a dynamo. The scope of growth includes developing Pure Salvage Living villages to provide a place for people to test-drive our houses, prove the concept is sound, and instill memories that will never fade.

Educational Program Development from a print to video, seminar to online webinar spectrum, including hands on seminars, books, programs for certification, and possibly the development of a standard for Pure Salvage Building and Mining that can be applied for quality control to preserve the integrity of the salvage industry as it re-develops.

Tiny Self Sustaining Village Developer. Our intent is to create tiny villages with ideas in hand, 40 acres to work with, and city water and city waste lines without being subject to city code or development standards as we will not subdivide. We have a vast reserve of incredible materials to build pavilions, hundreds of houses, and most of the ingredients to create a community no one who visits will ever forget. The village, viewable from the highway, will show how 1 acre plots can support ten people or more without costing a fortune and inspire others to repeat our success again and again. Our long-term goal is the formation of self-sustaining communities that share interests, but also fulfill the needs of an aging society that must downsize and figure out how to take care of itself without government assistance. The young and old are looking for the benefits small like-minded communities that can be grown from Pure Salvage Living principles that will last for centuries. From agrarian needs to shops and businesses that can be associated with salvage, the villages will provide fuel for the movement to spread across the country.

Other Opportunities:

For several years I kept a list of opportunities but rarely did anyone apply. So they don’t exist anymore. Unfortunate, but the story is not over, just changed its course. http://puresalvageliving.com/last-call-for-tiny-texas-houses/

~ Brad Kittel
Managing Partner
Tiny Texas Houses, LLC