We currently offer the following services:

Please read the announcement in the photoblog. We no longer build for public sale as of April 15th, 2015.

Custom Tiny House Building

Tiny Texas Houses are each built to be one of a kind creations, thus there are no set models, floorplans or prices. We build to create the Tiny House, Cabin, Retreat or Getaway Cottage you desire! Our goal is to build a house just like our ancestors did – a house that will last for a hundred yeas and more! We use the best of old world building techniques combined with the best that new technology has to offer for insulation and energy savings.

Sizes and Pricing
Our size ranges from 10′ x 12′ to 12′ x 32′ to accommodate easy transport to your location. For larger sizes, we can build them to be joined together on your site if needed.

Pricing is based on size, style and the various amenities you choose. Our houses start at about $35,000 for a building like the 10’x12’ Essay Contest House which is 10’ x 12’ with a fairly large loft. The larger cabins and cottages, such as the 12’ x 32’ can easily hit $75,000 to $90,000 or more with various upgrades like screened in porches.

Shipping and Delivery Area
We ship our houses to your location with an insured mover. We currently build and ship PRIMARILY within the state of Texas and adjoining states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Shipping costs and regulations become burdensome outside that area, although shipping to other states is possible. This is why we are working on building a network of outposts with custom salvage builders in each state, to help you realize your dream of building your own 99% Pure Salvage tiny house!

Ordering Information
For more details on the Design Options and our Ordering process, please see our Custom Tiny House Design and Building page.

If you would like to have us build you a custom tiny house, please contact Brad at bwk (at) or use our handy contact form for faster service.

Salvage Mining Services

Salvage Mining of Your Old House Property

If you have an old home, barn or outbuilding that needs to be torn down, we can handle the salvage of the materials as well as the demolition and site cleanup. We call this “Salvage Mining”. We can do the salvage work for you in exchange for the materials in the old structure, thus saving you thousands of dollars of waste removal and disposal fees. We carefully disassemble the structure, saving for re-use everything with the exception of nails and broken glass and toxic items (plastics, asbestos shingling, etc). If you prefer, we can do the work for a fee, and you can keep the salvaged materials for use in your own 99% pure salvage building. Each project is handled on a case by case basis.

Contact Us here with your specific project and we’ll get back to you with more details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently our ability to mine your property is restricted geographically. However, this year we are launching our Pure Salvage Living “Salvage Mining Training and Certificaton”, where we will be training interested persons in the correct, safe and environmentally sound methods of salvage mining old buildings. Please visit our website for more details on our training, and how you can become involved with as a Salvage Miner or Salvage Builder or Pure Salvage Living Outpost. Please be sure you are signed up for our Pure Salvage Living newsletter so that we can keep you updated when full details of our Salvage training, building and Outpost Village programs are available!

On-Site Salvage Mining Evaluation and Salvage Consultation

We give you our expert advice on what can and can’t be salvaged from your old buildings and what kind of new buildings you might be able to build from that material.

By the hour, in the state of Texas only. Minimum of 3 hours at $135/hour plus travel time and mileage. Worth it for what you will save in dumpster and labor fees alone!

Contact Us here with your specific site location and we’ll get back to you with more details.

Online Salvage Mining Evaluation

A more cost efficient variation of our on-site service. In the Online version, you photograph and video your buildings from all angles, inside and out; and send the images to us. We evaluate those photos and videos, and then discuss your building salvage options with you on a one hour phone call. The potential value of the materials, the deconstruction, the storage, identification, and suggestions for best use for new construction is all included in the evaluation, and the discussion time can be extended beyond the initial consultation on an hourly basis as needed.

Available for any site evaluation in the USA for $270/minimum flat fee and $50 for each half hour of additional phone time discussion.

Contact Us here with your specific site evaluation needs and we’ll get back to you with more details and schedule your consultation.

Tiny House Building – Salvage Training and Workshops

Workshops: Hands-On Education

Workshops are currently closed for 2014.

Online Education

Tiny Texas Houses has created an online membership platform that teaches you how to salvage materials and build tiny houses out of salvage. This membership platform is located on our sister website, Pure Salvage Living. Go here to learn more!

Last Updated: July 30th, 2014