Only One Tour Day at Tiny Texas Houses on August 20th, for the whole month.

Yes it is true, I get to take a rest from listening to myself give the lecture and tour twice a week. I get to not clean my house for each tour day. I get to relax and enjoy our best summer month playing in my oasis.
So if you do decide you want to see and stay in a Tiny Texas House at Salvage, Texas you might consider staying at the bed and breakfast for a get away. You might also pay for a private tour for two at a $100 but you will still need to make an appointment and schedule, especially if it is to be with Darby or Brad. SEE MORE ….

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Miss Lilly comes to life inside with Walnut Oil and Love

You can see the difference easily and could not do without, for the Walnut oil brings to life the grain you can not see.

Holy Miss Lilly,
what a difference Walnut oil makes.
Its like she came alive today,
at least that is half way,
for you see the difference oil can make
in just a single day.

It lets the light
pass deep within
the pores and cells God grew.
Then with that bit of helping hand
the beauty does shine through.

In fact I dare say none can beat
the grains Sweet God did grow,
when he brought that tree to life
that lived for centuries you know.

The lines of growth that give it strength
are dark and tightly spaced.
The give it more than modern wood
Could muster any day.

In fact there’s no comparison
for strength, for looks, for life,
than Long Leaf Pine from Virgin woods
that give us this delight.

So please remember when you build
that salvage wood is best.
Please help to save the planet
with the wood that’s passed the test.

It has survived for centuries,
not simply 30 years
that it takes to grow a new tree
after older growth was cleared.

Preserve, protect, and pass along,
a world made for kids
to inherit with enough still left,
to have a home like this.


The cabinets came to life today as oil soaked right in and let the light and life show through where it can now be seen.
The bedroom wall is sumptuous to look as as you slip into dreams of what the world could be if we don’t waste these things.
The kitchen and the bathroom with the peephole to the light that comes through stained glass in the shower and the other side.
Looking to the bedroom wall you also see the Oil as we close in on the center and bring life to all inside.
The inside of the master bedroom is relatively plain, just the wood and windows to enjoy before you sleep the night away.

Temple Tantras Cabinets and a host of inside pics

From the trash and Treasures comes this Tiny Middle Path to the Blessings I am thankful for in the tiniest of space.
The steps lead up to heaven, or at least the best I know that I think I can find on this world that I have found and grown.
Here is the kitchen from one view, the cabinets and the desk. The cabinet is of Rosewood and the desk is made of Pine.

A Temple Tantra Cabinet shot

The Temple Tantra kitchen
with the cabinets closed for view, 
This is just a tiny kitchen
but it has a lot to do.

It has a space to write to friend, 
to eat, to cook to live.
It has a bed and bathroom,
and an office with a desk.

It has a porch like few you’ll see,
with a shower and much more, 
just like the upstairs bedroom
with bed floating off the floor.

It’s full of lovely pieces 
I collected for so long,
and put together just for me
to live my whole life long.

It’s just a tiny space I know, 
but little more I need, 
than to visit with the others
at the big house where we eat.

So if you look and wonder
How i can be satisfied
with the space the size of closets
in McMansions I have spied.

Please understand I don’t need much
for happiness within.
I do not need a big house
or the trappings to pretend. 

I am just me
and simply said,
creative I must be
and thus I have created
this sweet home I let you see.


Here you see the desk to sit at while you think away, but if theres more than this will do, the bid desk is upstairs.
Lots of storage for a single guy to get along. It could contain enough to have a slim girl live here too. But this is not a kitchen for the gourmet who loves food, they’ll have to use the big one in the main house by the pool.
Here is the other side but not completed yet you see, the farm sink is still waiting and the backsplash, shelves, and me.
The path to the kitchen is a short one yes indeed for the downstairs is but 10’x 12′ but with porches don’t you see, thus with the upstairs bedroom and the office you should know, it has a 230 square foot footprint and thats all I need to grow.

Miss Lilly is aglow with life and Tung Oil

Miss Lilly has a Glow a going now that she’s fully oiled.

There Miss Lilly sits now fully oiled. She is looking great and feeling like she is nearly a full house. Soon my dear, soon.

Miss Lilly has a glow about her
with her Oil on.
She has the wood and features
that will call to you at night.

She’ll haunt your dreams
with images of peaceful life there in,
and give you inspiration to
downsize and let things thin.

She’ll call to you to simplify
and join her in the woods.
She’ll whisper out your path to you
and lead you if she could.

For she is but a vision,
made up of Love and Trash,
to guide you to a thinking
of a home instead of cash.

A future where you can relax,
a place to settle down,
and live in for the rest of time
that you will be around.


With 3 drawers, a few doors, and some shelves, we have a kitchen, but not just any kitchen. This one is solid Long Leaf Pine with a countertop made from a single piece of wood that was 24 inches wide.
The big view of the living, kitchen, dining, and bath areas. All natural, toxin free, and waiting for the big move to begin being a special place for everyone who comes to visit.
From the kitchen looking back to the bedroom and door to the back porch.
This is a big house by our standards.
This will be the front side when were finished with her porches. Full width open on the front and 3/4 closed in and insulated on the back porch.

Already Remodeled the Kitchen in the Comfort Cabin

Here is the before pictures, though not so bad, not great. Below you will see what we did instead.
Comfort Cabin gets a redo already on the kitchen.
Just did not like the look enough under the shelves and so….
once more we took it apart and built it again with a new perspective.
This is more fitting of the linear elements
but adds just a touch of the curvilinear aspects
to soften it without too much frilly distraction.
Guys just can’t be too curvy or people start talking.
The railing will emulate the high shelves and
hopefully add more space to vision
that you see when you walk in
the French Doors at the end.
Just a simple change in shelving and the look is all anew, we just didn’t like the lines and so we changed it all for you.
A better view with the loft above, the railing will be special to accent the part with shelves.

A double set of french doors to the end of Comfort Cabin let you see into the living room and kitchen there behind.

Miss Lilly gets her Kitchen On, come see her drawers exposed : 0

Miss Lilly keeps the boys pinned down, she may not let them go.
they were sure to see more than they thought,
when there under they did go.
Miss Lilly gets here cabinets for her kitchen all in wood, Long Leap Pine to be specific, and still building more to come.

Miss Lilly grows a kitchen

Miss Lilly gets here kitchen on,
with her drawers all open wide,
but this shot is of her calmer moment,
with her drawers and doors her pride.

Her stained glass shines like make up
on a shy girl from the ranch,
Not much but just enough to make
Her feel she’s sweetly graced.

Still left without a countertop,
nor Oil or shelves to come,
perhaps a door below so cute,
special parts to make it fun.

Then fully grown and decorated,
ready for the show,
She leave like all the others houses,
Hence to be a Loving Home.


Stained Glass in the bathroom through the window in the house.
Miss Lilly’s giant Peephole

The bathroom inside windows 
seem to be the way to go.
They let the breeze blow through the house, 
and let the stained glass show

It gives the bath a sexy look
to tempt you to see more,
perhaps a body in the shower,
but not one on the floor.

It is too high to see someone,
parked briefly on the throne.
It creates a sexy feeling
in a quiet space alone.

This window trim sings out its song,
to frame with lines of growth,
that dance about the sides and top
and never time can slow.

Together stained glass and the frame,
will hold one’s eye and more,
it will add to how this house feels,
and the way the air will flow.

It will be a conversation piece,
that never will run dry,
when every one who enters 
will be thrilled by what they spy.


Here she is with her drawers out. Can you see what is inside?
Not bad for just a guesthouse. I could live here all the time. Its a spacious 12′ x 32′, the biggest you will find, for a Tiny Texas House must be thus as it’s defined.

The Temple Tantra Kitchen is like none I’ve ever known

The Tantra Kitchen windows with the flash to show them off, but its is just for the colors before sunlight show you more.

The Temple Tantra Kitchen is like none I’ve ever known,

and yet it feels as if I’ve always known this to be home.

Sunlight inside Tantra Temple kitchen as the light provides the show.
Teak and Rosewood Kitchen cabinets from India made hundreds of years ago will stay with this house for centuries more to prove what the energy of soul can manifest as, tree or house.

Teak and Rosewood Kitchen cabinets from India

made hundreds of years ago will stay with this house

for centuries more

to prove what the energy of soul

can manifest as,

tree or house.



The fold up table serves it’s purpose well, except it is too high for now but no one else can tell.

Tantra’s Kitchen Counter

Tantra’s Kitchenette gets a Cypress counter 
from two centuries ago,
a single piece of wood cut from a tree 
that once did grow.

Not just a tree but one for me
that grew 1,000 years
before someone did cut it down
and never shed a tear.

These ancient trees grew tall and true
for centuries we know
but barely one is standing 
and so few we plant to show

The children in 200 years
When these trees just mature
may finally see the value
of the forests that once were.

I hope to see these houses
built from salvage we now trash
be standing beside trees that will 
be treasured like the past.


a Place to rest ones mind in thoughts and letters or write to those far away.
Here is the view to the front of the room, well, actually the house too. It is a 10’x12′ main interior floor and a total length of only 23′ including the front and back porches.