Download this handy map of the tiny Texas house layout for helpful map while your staying here!

Download this handy map of the tiny house layout for helpful map while your staying here!

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Essay House Contest Winner to be announced December 9th, 2011

Our Tiny Texas Houses Essay contest ended December 3rd, 2011 at midnight.

UPDATE! Amelia Lankford is our lucky winner!

Check out this post to read her winning entry.

We ended up with over 600 entries though we have yet to qualify and make sure they are paid up and included.  All of their contact info at the end will be reconnected to the numbered essay and we will make the final announcement.  We are reading and judging them as fast as we can but it will take until Friday December 9th when we announce the winner.  This is hard enough for one judge, but then we have to agree on the winner between us.  We added over 100 in the last week.  Please understand and allow us the time to get this right.

There are so many great essays that deserve to be published because they are so good and so much energy went into crafting them.  I realize how much of a challenge it has been for everyone wordy like myself, to hone a creation down to so few words.  I would like to post these on the Pure Salvage Living site to give them such recognition and will contact everyone to find out if they want their identity kept private or made public, and by what name if they are selected to be published.  I hope you will be open to sharing the inspirational works that we have read on during this experiment in everyone sharing a little bit so that someone can fulfill a dream.  Writing down our dreams helps them to materialize, to manifest because we are forced to stop, think, and look rather than stay caught up in the matrix of our normal lives. Your essays have shown that now.  Certain streams of consciousness are thriving in our societal conscience on a global level and coming into play as we make the decisions by the millions to change.  For many it means going back to what we once believed was the right way to live before we were sold a consumer’s perspective that backfired.

We got a big bump from Yahoo Sunday — Thanks to cyberspace and its ability to disseminate so much information to so many so quickly!

Wow, the response and quality of the essays has been incredible.  The hours spent by many are obvious, and the heart, soul, and energy fills the papers making them hard to put down without thought and consideration.  Thank you for the inspiration you all have given myself and the staff at Tiny Texas Houses!

~ Brad