Temple Tantras Cabinets and a host of inside pics

From the trash and Treasures comes this Tiny Middle Path to the Blessings I am thankful for in the tiniest of space.
The steps lead up to heaven, or at least the best I know that I think I can find on this world that I have found and grown.
Here is the kitchen from one view, the cabinets and the desk. The cabinet is of Rosewood and the desk is made of Pine.

A Temple Tantra Cabinet shot

The Temple Tantra kitchen
with the cabinets closed for view, 
This is just a tiny kitchen
but it has a lot to do.

It has a space to write to friend, 
to eat, to cook to live.
It has a bed and bathroom,
and an office with a desk.

It has a porch like few you’ll see,
with a shower and much more, 
just like the upstairs bedroom
with bed floating off the floor.

It’s full of lovely pieces 
I collected for so long,
and put together just for me
to live my whole life long.

It’s just a tiny space I know, 
but little more I need, 
than to visit with the others
at the big house where we eat.

So if you look and wonder
How i can be satisfied
with the space the size of closets
in McMansions I have spied.

Please understand I don’t need much
for happiness within.
I do not need a big house
or the trappings to pretend. 

I am just me
and simply said,
creative I must be
and thus I have created
this sweet home I let you see.


Here you see the desk to sit at while you think away, but if theres more than this will do, the bid desk is upstairs.
Lots of storage for a single guy to get along. It could contain enough to have a slim girl live here too. But this is not a kitchen for the gourmet who loves food, they’ll have to use the big one in the main house by the pool.
Here is the other side but not completed yet you see, the farm sink is still waiting and the backsplash, shelves, and me.
The path to the kitchen is a short one yes indeed for the downstairs is but 10’x 12′ but with porches don’t you see, thus with the upstairs bedroom and the office you should know, it has a 230 square foot footprint and thats all I need to grow.