The Tiny Texas Roadhouse Kickstarter

Greetings all!

We have just launch our very first Kickstarter project in which we’ll be taking an old American Airstream RV and giving it a Tiny Texas Makeover. We’re calling it the Tiny Texas Roadhouse. Our goal is document and film the entire constriction process so as to create a series of online tutorial videos so you to, can go out, salvage materials, buy a beat up old airstream and be armed with some knowledge to remodel it yourself! Please view our kickstarter page and help contribute to this great cause!


We hope to prove once more the many possibilities that can come from re-using salvaged materials and provide another living solution that you can take with anywhere you go! Thank you for your support! We have one month to reach our goal so spread the word to your friends and family and lets make this happen!

God Bless!


One Response to The Tiny Texas Roadhouse Kickstarter

  1. Frank Berry

    Hi Brad,….change the word constriction to construction…your webmaster can do this in 2 minutes and repost

    March 10, 2013