“The Zebu Sisters and the Tantra Temple” poem by Darby Lettick


The Zebu Sisters are at the Tantra Temple learning what their lives will bring and what they have to give back to the world from whence they came.  I pray they will be treated better this time through, with respect and love that never has quite sunk into this world of Man.

The Love I poured into them,
like Giuseppe with Pinocchio,
has brought new life into these wooden fibers
that can serve Mankind for centuries
as God would have them do,
Selflessly and without pause
or complaint like me or you.

This is what the Temple has
to teach and pass along
to its followers, the 100 strong
Tiny Houses that will carry on,
these thousand words on images
they’ll manifest the tales ahead
for centuries they will be told,
the marveling at how they’ll look
one day when we we are very old.

Indeed, what you see now
is what could be in every town
there are solutions to our life we seek,
just nestled all around.

It is the broken house you think
should be torn down and trashed.
It is the dream your parents had
that made your lives so vast.

You see the future as could be,
not as it is today,
for now it seems you only want,
to throw it all away.

From Darby 2013