Tiny Texas Houses Presents: The call to Action (A Word from Brad Kittel) – Video

Greetings TTH fans! We have a new video release with some words from Brad Kittel about upcoming projects! Check it out!

Stay tuned for our first tutorial video release this monday April 29th, 2013. Woohoo!

3 Responses to Tiny Texas Houses Presents: The call to Action (A Word from Brad Kittel) – Video

  1. Steve Becker

    Brad – Glad you see have continued your salvage ideas after all these years. I appraised some of the houses that you renovated in Austin and other places during the 1980’s. Your salvage ideas are even more forward thinking today as they were when you started. Rising costs of new materials and the common sense approach of using less of what we already have to preserve and conserve our environment on a daily basis for the future is definitely a lifestyle objective. I’m located in Brenham at this time but will stop in to see your operation the next time I am near Luling. Best to you in your endeavors – S.B.

    April 28, 2013
  2. Nicky Walton

    I am interested in tiny houses on wheels so I can move it where I want to be, and see different places and how people live in their part of the world. Also I can visit my children and grandchildren and not be a burden to them.

    April 28, 2013
  3. Thank you, for teaching…and for giving your time to spread these truths. You’re amazing. Ive sort of lived this way my whole life..and one of the greatest things I can teach my son, is to live with less, independently…he grew up, made his way into a job making beautiful furniture out of salvaged wood…I recently got an acre and half in Asheville NC. ive saved things for so long, old tub, sink, windows doors..its hard trying to build something without borrowing money, but that is what i am doing…I would just buy one of your tiny texas houses, but id have to have a mortgage..but Im tempted…

    August 2, 2013