Tiny Texas Houses Presents: The FLASH Salvage Bootcamp in Concrete Texas (March 23rd-25th, 2013)

FLASH ANNOUNCEMENT FOR SALVAGE BOOTCAMP this weekend! (March 23rd-25th) 2013 in Concrete Texas!

We know its short notice but we’ve been gifted this beautiful structure and must salvage it this weekend.

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Here are the details:

We will be tearing down a 16×30 foot circa 1900’s two story house outside Concrete, Texas.


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Most of the work is already done so this will be a quick and simple deconstruction job. Beautiful long leaf pine materials to work with though. This house is another classic example of structures like this located all over the country that can be salvaged and re-purposed.

We will begin the seminar on the morning of Saturday the 23rd. Based upon turnout and participation we may be able to get the entire structure down by Sunday evening. If not, we will continue the bootcamp into Monday, Tuesday, and possibly even Wednesday. Your one-time payment is valid for the length of this seminar, regardless of how long it runs. The exact event location will be released to participants on Friday Night. You may meet us at our Tiny Texas Houses facility on Saturday morning and follow us there, or arrive on your own.

This is a great chance to learn:

• How to Survey and appraise a site upon arrival
• The Art of Cherrypicking (what to look for and remove first)
• Identifying wood types, grains, and material value
• Leveraging and De-nailing techniques
• Proper Disposal options for trash and waste
• How to safely load a trailer for transportation
• And much much more!

Cost for attendance: Online Special $175.00

Pay-in person (cash only) – $200.00

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The tentative schedule for each day will be as follows (subject to change):
10am – Seminar Begins/Overview of site (including material identification, appraisal value, safety course, and initial cherrypicking)
12:30pm – Lunch Break (bring your own lunch or visit a local restaurant though options are limited by location)
2:00pm – Seminar continues moving into Salvage Mining Phase lessons and hands-on deconstruction
7:00pm or dusk – Seminar ends for the day. Review of days events and Q&A session with Brad and Team.

You will be able to camp on site with a tent, sleeping bag, or the like. We can host a select number of RV’s or motorhomes but there will not be water or electric hookups. You may remain on site for the length of the event both day and night and are free to come and go as you please. There will be a fire pit and grill for cooking and campfires.The closest hotels are in Gonzales, Texas (a 20 minute drive from Concrete). You must make your own arrangements and plans if you intend on sleeping off site.

Because of its close proximity to Gonzales, Texas, home of out “Pure Life Living Retreat” participants will also have the option of staying there free of charge. Gonzales is about a 20 minute drive from Concrete, Texas. The Pure Life Living Retreat is a large house with full amenities. You will have to bring your own sleeping arrangements as we do not have beds there.

Food and Drinks:
We will be providing some small snacks and water but we ask everyone to bring their own food, drinks, and ice chests for the length of the event. We will not be providing full meals.

What to Bring:
Each Participant is asked to bring the following
1. Safety Work Gloves
2. Boots or Steel Toed shoes (No sandals allowed!)
3. Pants and at least one long sleeve shirt
4. Dust Mask
4. Safety Goggles
All tools for the salvage bootcamp will be provided but feel free to bring your own if you would like exclusive use of your own tools (like a hammer with claws, crowbar, flathead and philips screwdrivers, measuring tape, etc).

Please note:
Like our many other salvage mining bootcamps, this will be a ruffian kind of scenario. You will be working around old, dusty materials, the site will have minimal amenities, and we’ll be out in the elements for the bulk of the experience. Please be aware of the inherit risks and liabilities you are taking upon yourself by attending this event. Everyone will sign a liability waiver before the seminar begins.

***Auditors (those who just watch the days events but don’t work or assist in any hands-on way) are welcome to attend the seminar but will still pay full price***

There will be 5 positions available for volunteer status. As a volunteer you are expected to help out with daily chores and assistance to the group and work team. After completing your daily chores you may assist the group in tearing down the structure or audit the event. To request to be a volunteer please email:


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Thank you for the support!