Tiny Texas Houses Presents: The Houston Salvage Mining Certification Course (July 27th-28th & August 3rd-4th, 2013)

Attention Houston Texas!
Calling all Salvage Miners!

Tiny Texas Houses is hosting our first official Salvage Mining Certification Course this weekend (July 27th and 28th, 2013) and next weekend (August 3rd-4th, 2013) in Houston, Texas.

UPDATES: One of our fellow Salvage Miners is offering space on her property near Houston Texas for participants to camp and stay during the seminar. Go to her website here for more information!

Would you like to be educated in the art and skills of “salvage mining?”

We are looking for folks that have some previous building or D.I.Y. experience, want to expand their salvage mining skills and become certified as an official “Salvage Miner” through our Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Program.

Tiny Texas Houses has been given the opportunity to salvage and save a crown jewel located in the downtown Memorial area of Houston Texas. The structure we’ll be tearing down is a circa 1970’s contemporary home around 4000 sq. feet. This house was built with quality materials and is still in pristine condition to this day.
This salvage mining course is perfect for those interested in learning how more modern architecture has been designed and how to effectively tear them apart and remove the valuable pieces to re-purpose.

This is your chance to become certified through Tiny Texas Houses as one of our vetted salvage miners. Our vision is to offer certified individuals updates and access to the many tear down opportunities Tiny Texas Houses is offered weekly, but lack the man power to save and re-use.
We hope to empower and educate individuals to have enough confidence to tear down structures safely and efficiently on their own and with their own crew. Whether you want to be part of a team, lead a team, or make this your business, our salvage mining certification courses teach you the dynamics and necessary skills to be a salvage miner.

Once individuals become certified through Tiny Texas Houses you’ll receive email updates to our “Salvage Mining classified listings” and the opportunity to salvage the structures yourself! By attending these courses you can become certified as a “Salvage Miner” and help us make a larger impact in this country by saving old structures and re-purposing them on a wide scale.
As a certified member you will also become part of the growing Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and have exclusive access to our listings, SalvageFaire Market, and future salvage opportunities as they arise.

Participants at this event also have first access to purchase the many high grade materials and appliances salvaged from this structure such as:

– Redwood posts valued at $12 a linear foot.
– Redwood siding at $4.50 square foot.
– Large modern plate glass windows at $800-$1200 each.
– Handmade artistic wrought iron starting at $20 a linear foot.
– Custom kitchen island with Jenn-Air stove and granite top at $4000
– Small items like fixtures, fittings and accessories from $5-500

Participants can attend either weekend of the event, though we encourage attendance at both to get a complete education of the salvage mining process. Classes run from 10am to 5pm each day with an hour long lunch break. Details are listed below.

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Ticket prices are $200.00 per weekend or $300.00 for both.

Early bird ticket prices are on sale now for $150.00 per weekend or $250.00 for both. The early bird ticket sale runs from Tuesday July 23rd to Friday July 26th.

So please, join us this weekend in Houston, Texas as we begin deconstruction of this fabulous home and host our first official Salvage Mining Certification Course!

We encourage participants to watch our full length “Salvage Mining Tutorial Series” online to learn more about the salvage mining process.

Click here to purchase a ticket and sign up!

Read more details below…

By attending this course you get hands on experience and the chance to learn salvage mining skills such as:

  • How to Survey a site upon arrival and appraise the value The Art of “Cherrypicking” (what to look for and remove first)
Identifying wood types, grains, and material value
  • Practical Safety Guidelines when Salvage Mining
  • The tools and gadgets needed to complete an entire salvage mining job
The phases of tearing down a structure safely and efficiently
  • Leveraging and De-nailing techniques
Floor, Trim, Interior/Exterior Skin Removal
  • Hardware identification and removal
  • Window removal
  • Disposal options with trash and waste
  • How to safely load a trailer for transportation
  • How to turn salvaged materials into healthy new homes!

The tentative schedule for each day is as follows (subject to change):

10am – Course begins/Overview of site (including material identification, appraisal value, safety course, and initial cherrypicking)
12:30pm – Lunch Break (bring your own lunch. LUNCH WILL NOT BE PROVIDED)
2:00pm – Attendees are divided into teams and Salvage Mining Phase and hands-on deconstruction begins.
4:30pm – Site and tool cleanup
5:00pm – Course closes with a review of days events and Q&A session with the Tiny Texas Team


Camping on site will NOT BE AVAILABLE for this course. Attendees must make there own sleeping arrangements or return home each evening. The location of the event is in the Memorial district of downtown Houston so please make arrangements accordingly.

UPDATES: One of our fellow Salvage Miners is offering space on her property near Houston Texas for participants to camp and stay during the seminar. Go to her website here for more information!

Food and Drinks:

We will be providing some small snacks and water but we ask everyone to bring their own food, drinks, and ice chests for the length of the event. We WILL NOT be providing full meals. We ask that attendees bring their own sack lunch so everyone can remain on-site during lunchtime and we can resume deconstruction promptly.

What to Bring (Each Participant must bring the following items):

1. Safety Work Gloves
2. Boots or Steel Toed shoes (No sandals allowed!)
3. Dust Mask
4. Safety Goggles
5. Lots of water and your own sack lunch (we will be working in the summer heat!)
All tools for this salvage mining course will be provided but feel free to bring your own if you would like exclusive use of your own tools (like a hammer with claws, crowbar, flathead and philips screwdrivers, measuring tape, etc).


Special Notes:

Like many of our salvage mining courses, this will be a ruffian kind of scenario. You will be working around old materials and the site has no working amenities. Please be aware of the inherit risks and liabilities you are taking upon yourself by attending this event. Everyone will sign a liability waiver before the seminar begins.

This structure has no running water or electricity but there will be bathroom facilities available during the event.
Attendees may arrive in there own vehicle. There will be parking on site. We will announce the exact location of the event the day prior via email or phone call.
Auditors (those who just watch the days events but don’t work or assist in any hands-on way) are welcome to attend the seminar but will still pay full price.

This event is NOT wheelchair accessible.


Liability, and Terms of Agreement and Refunds:

By attending this Salvage Mining Certification Course you take full responsibility for your safety and health. We are not responsible for any accidents on the property and during the length of this course. We ask all attendees to be friendly and courteous to fellow salvage miners. We will not tolerate unacceptable behavior or unsafe actions. That said, we strive to provide a safe and fun environment to work in and do our best to educate you before you make any dangerous of harmful mistakes. This is a high risk work environment and by signing up and attending the event you are taking full responsibility for your safety and health.
Attendees are allowed to come and go from the work site as they please but we prefer everyone stay on site during the length of the course. By attending this course you ARE NOT expected to do any physical labor or put yourself in dangerous situations, though we encourage participants to get as much “hands on” experience as they feel comfortable with.
No animals, alcohol, drugs, or firearms are permitted at the event.
This event will be held rain or shine (we will be working mostly inside the structure for the length of the event). Refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled entirely.


Click here to purchase a ticket and sign up!

Not interested in attending the event? You can still learn all about salvage mining through our online “Salvage Mining Tutorial Series.” Go here to watch them now!