Up the stairs of your imagination to the passions you hold dear, let your heart tell your brain to get on the train and make your dreams come true. This new month of September may be bringing solutions to you with an opportunity to change your world in ways you may not dream possible. Why not?

Time to make some moves… take action, and create the future you want to manifest instead of leaving it up to guys who think they are the president of the country if he can figure out which one. How can you not take control of your future when you consider the government that others are depending upon to save them from society? They are forming a fearful society without purpose and turn into a massive herd of sheeple that will soon be lost as the severe shortages grow and very hard winter sets in.

Houses created out of the salvage of the past, the Ship of Salvaged Dreams upon the top of Miracle Mountain as seen from the Kidd.
The failure to prepare for what is coming will be the hardest thing for our society to deal with as the masses will demand someone save them but no one will be there.

Please plan now, downsize your needs and improve your health, your immune system, and prepare for growing your food, sharing your world of knowledge, wisdom, and community with truthful people and create the family you will want to live with as the next phase of our planet becomes apparent to more people.
Please take your valuable time and Learn your life skills, practice some planning, take action, and create a path that your and your loved ones can work together on as we transition to a much different society in our world due to the massive changes in the weather patterns as our planet and solar system continue on this cyclical transformation. It will be more dramatic than anything you can imagine.

We extending the fall gigantic sale and emptying out one of the biggest warehouses in Gonzales, moving it here to Salvage, Tx. So your opportunity to get the materials to build for 1/3 the price is here. What will you do with such an opportunity? Most will miss it, looking back later to wish they had taken action. Please consider getting your family and friends into conversations about how you will work to help each other if the weather turns severely cold in the coming winter in some areas. We are hoping for a milder period of rains and things to grow in a permaculture paradise to be an example of the future we could manifest if one decides to leave the city life and go down that less trodden trails.

Darby Lettick

When you look into the mirror to see what you might find, is the person you want looking back agreeing with a smile. If not spend just a moment and make friends if yet you can, tell them that you love them and perhaps the smile will bend from a frown to what you want to see… a happy person looking back at mii.


Curator and Steward for the treasures of Salvage, Texas.

Tiny Texas Houses is no longer open for the business of building and selling houses that would be shipped away from us to you.   Thus the giant sale of materials and the hope that others will be carrying on the legacy of building with salvage in the areas you live in too.  Making that more feasible is what this and the coming sales will be focused on.  Why not get into the Tiny Organic Cottage industry for the many homesteaders that are moving out of the city and seeking a simpler organic path to family living and survival with different gauges of success than many who follow mass media are seeking.  Happiness can be from living instead of having many things.  Try it out?

Tiny Texas Houses still builds organic sustainable cottages and House Art at Salvage, Texas for the BnB and those few who get to live in Paradise.  Wii want to inspire, support, even micro-loan finance those who do want to build our version of tiny import free and toxin-free houses  This way Wii can have guests come stay for overnight visits, play in the ponds, walk the trails, and dream of the places they will build after sleeping in organic import-free houses.  Not a place to sell you a house, but to visit and feel what such spaces would be like as your master suite, main living area, or writer’s retreat. 

Where would you put your tiny organic cottage if you had the chance to create a community like Salvage, Texas? Tell us how, where, the people you would do it with, and how… then Wii just might give you the materials to create your dream come true over time, your labor, your love and passion manifesting a future for you, your community, and those you love most.

Please consider a visit by appointment for a paid tour of the houses, warehouses with limited access to buy incredible parts and pieces as well as have help designing if you get an entire house worth of goodies and parts to build it with from us.  Nothing better with this site invitation or direct reservations with us for groups, or appointments that include the massive warehouses in Gonzales where some big sales are happening on many items as Wii move them out.

The Bridge Over Untroubled Waters to the Ship of Salvaged Dreams atop of Miracle Mountain. Rare sight

We are back on Air BnB for now with the Luling, Tiny Texas Houses search finding us easily… though the google GPS will steer you to Buccees if you do not pay attention.  Contact us for more questions… 210-342-0052 for Trinity to book groups or special events.

Much gratitude and Love to all of you for your patronage and support but random timed visits and regular hours for just browsing without supervision is no longer possible.  We do offer some great tours of the houses and property so do inquire if curious.  Salvagetx.com is our other site for more answers.  Facebook also has sites for these spaces.

So much to do in my imagination… so much done with human action, yet time goes by and you can hardly spy that a lone man carved this in a couple of months.

From our view, it will be okay everyone. True, it will be a bit of a struggle, but there is a cure for CoronaV and a path to getting back on a better track after the wake-up call is passed. Wii (both groups of I’s that form the We’s of dualism) can do better than just “we” did as a duality-based society that excludes others in its attempt to save itself. Unity in times of strife and struggle is the only way for society to survive and thrive after the challenges ease back. Wii will be facing a world that Wii can salvage to manifest new dreams, just like the “Ship of Salvaged Dreams” that sits atop Miracle Mountain. Eventually, it will fall in a storm, but until that day, it is the mascot that represents what we can to do rise above all adversity, to create a life where once a dismal wasteland with no water stood. Truly it is our passion, hope, and willingness to work that will create the future Wii want to leave for the children being born today.

The Resident Ghost Writer with writer’s block but typewriter ready and a snack.

What tale will Wii write for future generations to read? To Live?  To possibly pay for with their lives?


Please help me share the hope that others will adopt the sustainable building solutions with salvage that can make such hOMes, gardens, and communities that will unite when times are tough, care for the kids some may leave behind if they pass on, and the elders who will need aid when a crisis hits. Community requires Unity, communication, and a desire to have peace amongst us.
Darby Lettick

Salvage, Texas has evolved, and the gates are NO LONGER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC without an appointment except by going through Air BnB & Trinity for an overnight stay!  Please make an appointment to come to see and buy things from the warehouses here or in Gonzale… please for many reasons.  512-636-6756 Darby will arrange.

  People have come from around the world to stay in those iconic sustainable organic salvage-built houses.  While still available on a vary limited basis for groups and approved parties.  Now that the concerns for the Corona V bringing people to a new level of awareness about their health and alternatives to staying in the city when the lights go out.  Salvage, Texas is intended to provide a rare and unique experience to feel, walk through the beginnings of a paradise in the making from the salvaging of the parts, wisdom, and actions of the past generations that deserve to be exemplified in form.  Thus my art form as an Earth Sculptor, a writer who has taken the book to the next levels beyond even the video, but into the reality that you can stay in the houses, walk the gardens, swim the ponds, bath in the healing clay and PH naturally alkaline waters that help you feel better. 

Salvage, Tx. was never intended to be a place to come party and drink, destroy the vessel most forget has to last them for a lifetime.  The desire is to inspire people to be healthier, more respectful of the miracle of life, new to the world, and their own.  The story manifests as a place where the main character Darby lands on Earth to create the first Embassy of WUB, a World of United Beings who believe it is possible to thrive in Peace rather than War and know that belonging to the Cosmic Society means ending that paradigm of biggest bully wins.  The goal is to set an example to see where Decades of research and development resulted in the successful creation of salvage built housing in a permaculture paradise created out of a desolate piece of wasteland fill to demonstrate how a Salvage built village could look like when done in an Artistic fashion.  It is the path that works great to create an Organic hOMe, compound, permaculture village, or more. 

111 Salvage Way is the new office address for the headquarters of Salvage, Texas.  Its main building, “Salvagefaire” is only accessible by appointment or reservation now… as is Salvage, Texas. 

Access is now Extremely LIMITED> to wit also… no more unscreened interns, open invitations to join us living here (you must prove your self healthy, able to help create a community, and not looking for a last-ditch landing!).

Material sales, consulting, tours are available but only by appointment ONLY.

While this the headquarters, offices, studio, common kitchen, and Idea House for what will come, few will get to enter the gates to see what is going on until further notice. appointment and reservations for buying or staying as a guest.

Imagination manifested from a vision of a few big rocks, a prayers, and answers I can only be thankful for seeing is believing.

In Salvage, Texas, a sustainable organic form of a building known as Organic Art Cottages will remain for special events, larger groups, visiting people from other countries, and a limited number of guests will be able to experience the permaculture gardens to come as we go to work, at last, to complete creating a fantasy paradise unlike any in Texas. 

Unfortunately, people spoil such places as tourists, so as we are closing the gates to further visitors at random, parties without passion or interest, heart or energy for the manifestation of the out of the box solutions Wii will be working on within the walls of the Salvage Fortress known as Salvage, Texas.

Thank you for following the many twists and turns that were part of the now bending trail of Tiny Texas Houses.  Truly the path is greater ahead than behind, and not in need of others approval to proceed, for into the world of the miracles and magic of imagination goes the neverending story of Darby Lettick as he completes the epic quantum story known as the book of Wibbry and Wub.

For those lucky enough to get through the filters, the shadow banning, and the many ways that mass media and the internet had managed to hide the tale of triumph and tragedy, stay tuned for the next chapters and the path to find them, starting in 2020, the next Chasm at the Fringe will be lept, and the ropes are thrown back to bridge once more the gap between reality and surreality in Salvage, Texas.  Hope you will be able to catch up and join us as we move on to the higher plateaus and explore what the 5th dimension will bring into our lives, as above, so below.  If you know what Darby is doing next, then you will know what that could mean, if not, you will be lost like most of the others in the herds.

With Darby and Trinity left in charge to steward Salvage, Texas through its next chapter, I bid the business world goodbye and thusly shut the businesses down to the general public.  Invitation only now.

Perhaps you may still visit, even be part of Salvage, Texas and will Thrive in good hands, safe from the public and progress, technology and the poisons of society as it slides into deep decay… the Salvage Fortress will be there to defend the night time pollinators, the bees, Earthworms, plants, and more, an example of what could be in store instead of LED lit parking lots radiating 5-G for all to see and be blinded by as the last of the bugs die under the night lights as people wonder where they went. If interested in such a visit contact us by email or phone.

LIke the disappearing pollinators of our world, I am Off and away, without a phone for months, not days, finally on my Sabbatical from Business... to India perhaps, to write at last the final chapters that will manifest from the Book of Wibblry and Wub.

With great gratitude & Love,

Brad W. Kittel

Aiming for new levels of imagination, of materialization, of our amazing ability to manifest from our instincts and with the minimum of tools, working with trash up on a fabricated mountain. What is possible and why do we do the things Wii do?


Imagination, visions that lead us with dreams of what might be hidden in front of our eyes… this is my life.


A one piece Rock of Ages roof that will hold three floors of hOMe space underneath. Lifetime guarantee on the stone roof.


45 days of digging through my visions, of finding rocks to hide under along the way… where are we going in the search for sustainable salvage building?

Much more to come soon.

  The time has come to share, teach others how to gather the incredible resources for no more than human energy, to add ingenuity, imagination, and soon create a home that will last a lifetime or two. 

Please consider picking up the baton to carry on… building houses with 95% Pure Salvage to creating an example of how entire communities could be built with this Ethos that respects our ancestors, our planet.

The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is intended to show in the form of a book, a model of a village created from pure salvage from wasted land, and provides solutions for millions who face housing needs now as well as in the long term future.   While more people become millionaires from the Salvage Industry than any other, you need only find the materials and construct 10 tiny houses to have a great income and community to share life with for the rest of the century… on or off-grid.

The first Tiny Texas House created also was the front page classic that has been seen around the world. Own the Iconic piece of Sustainable House Art, the first of a very limited series of less than 80 before Tiny Texas Houses stopped making houses to sell and ship away.

The weather changes, like the tides unstoppable, the Babyboomers are about to bail on the American Dream, the new generation picks a different set of values, less income and job security, more mobility, to judge their success by techno-consumerism without regard for their bodies.  Who will take care of the many who chose big PHARMA over taking care of their body with diet, exercise, and breathing techniques known to aid in health and youthfulness through the centuries?  Its the body, the vessel we occupy to call by name, the house we keep it in, and how we take care of others that determines the quality of our life.  What is your focus?  If it is just on tiny living… are you missing the real boat?

Get out of the box, from behind the bars that form the Matrix in our heads. See what you can do creatively to create any size hOMe out of Pure Salvage.

Visit Salvage Texas 7 days a week by reserving an overnight retreat in our Tiny House Village or Salvage Art Campgrounds.

The Red Mascot was our first Mascot but not our last. Meet the Ship of Salvaged Dreams high upon Miracle Mountain… our new mascot.

No tan line areas,

mud cave,

nature walks,

The most important element of this page is the blogs that keep you up to date on what is going on at Salvage, Texas.  Picture galleries like none to be found showing all the houses and things that come from imagination and salvage combined with human energy.  Please join me in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance, the foundation for the creation of Tiny Texas Houses and the Organic Cottage Line that will follow as we focus on developing out Salvage, Texas as a model that will attract millions seeking answers, knowledge, life skills, and examples of what we can do with our imagination and the resources gifted to us by our elders created when they were kids.

Please join me in my Poetry, my rants on toxic houses, and the path to bring Awakening to the gifts we have on hand and what we can do to harvest, share, and create the solutions that will change the world. This is about Paradigm shifting at a level that the masses can benefit from greatly, in a short amount of time if we can just share, communicate, educate, and then celebrate the prosperity it can unleash upon the millions of small businesses that could be successfully operated in this sustainable home building industry.

The demand for Tiny Organic Cottages has never been seen before, but the demand is growing incredibly fast in a time when we have the means to make it possible without importing much, cutting down trees, or creating massive building waste from toxic new products.

Take care of the vessel, at nearly 64 you must have it to do more. Then respect the past and know it is here for your future to be better, not to trash and leave behind.

Historically, more millionaires are made out of the salvage businesses from scratch than any other in our country.  If you want success and the path that does good for others to find it, please join me as I attempt to lead others to the Salvation I have found through Salvage and the path it can give you to your dreams coming true too.

If you just take the materials that are freely offered and turn them into tiny organic cottages, few would have a need in your Loved-Ones-Circle. Most could live off-grid, and if you choose to build a few extras, you will always have an income, a free gardener off for taking some houses and using the part to create your future out of. Why not?

Start thinking in a new enlightened salvage sort of way.  See the opportunities waiting for your freedom, see what you could do, then go do it where you want it to happen at and not wait for me to come to save the day.  To busy here at Salvage!  Haha.

In the meantime read the blogs, follow the Youtube channels,  help create a market to show and sell others on the benefits of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance… creating House Art.  The time has come for others to take over the Treasures of the past, using ingenuity and your imagination fueled by Human Energy, the Pre-Fossil Favorite for manifesting what we want to see become reality.

It is not just the look, it’s the touch, feelings, and the proof that your imagination can unleash incredible results if you will believe and work to manifest what you envision, no matter how crazy others think you are for doing it.

From houses to nearly all things you may need, the salvage of the treasures from our ancestors is the path to solutions we can all benefit from as time goes on.  Have a future planned with your passion and your dreams in the lead?  If not full of passion, hope, and dreams you are called to manifest… then I pray you will be soon so you can feel the joy, satisfaction, and gratitude that can come with the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Ethos in your life.

We no longer take any but the most exceptional candidates to empower with a short stint here at creating some things in Salvage, Texas… the last few episodes have made the future of such endeavors extremely limited.




Join us in Spirit.

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