Time to Share the benefits of Pure Salvage Living w/ You.

Our new look at Salvage, Texas with the new Mascot atop Miracle Mountain, the Ship of Salvaged Dreams flies amidst the storms with hope for all who view it.
In 2007 I created a card for Tiny Texas Houses as I embarked on a mission to show what could be build in a new genre of tiny organic cottages built sustainably, without toxins found in new materials, and without imports. The objective was to create an energy efficient alternative to the big box house/store/subdivision mentality. Along the way I found the mobile home industry moved in and took over the narrative to create Tiny Houses On Wheels (THOWS) which were sold successfully to the public as a form of downsizing. I beg to disagree and have for a decade but do not build any more houses for the public for other reasons than their dominance due to financing and willingness to compromise the health of the endusers of the homes they build solely for profit.

Its been a bit since I have blogged and much has happened to change the scope of Salvage, Tx. The public is no longer able to come to visit freely, stay in the houses, or do internships, seminars, or tours. Thank you for your support and best wishes until we come back online, if we do, in time.

Soon to be part of a new chapel for ceremonies and weddings… which you could help fund and thus get your weddings in too. The Wood Nymphs Chapel is the next one I will create. Want to help?

Salvage, Texas is near Luling, Texas on the side of Interstate 10 where 43 acres have been nurtures in an attempt to create a utopian example of what could be created if we salvaged land, buildings, barns, homes, and other treasures from the past to fix and make the world a better place for all who follow us in the future.

No water stood in Salvage, Texas just ten years ago. Now the waterways have over two miles of shoreline, have 30′ deep ponds, fish, turtles, frogs, and birds… all flourishing. Water and clay make life in a very different way in Salvage, Texas. Join us to help create the permaculture food paradise that it can now become.

We have succeeded in so many ways to take a barren wasteland and turn it into a paradise where fish and fowl flourish, where frogs and birds sing endlessly now, and where people can come to escape, heal, and create the future they want to live, starting with the day they leave here imbued with inspiration to take action, make changes, and live a longer stronger life once the key to reaching your goals is clear. Hope lies in both the chance and the ability, the passion helps to create the dreams we hold and make them real, especially once we see what could be done.

I am getting back into the reason I came to Texas, to make great amounts of money to fund writing and publishing my writing one day when I grew up. Well, seeing as how I may not grow up, I have been advised to get started publishing all the stuff I have written while waiting to get old… which I thought meant “Growing Up” when actually I am getting shorter it seems. hehe.

So onward with the blogs on this site instead of the Pure Salvage Living .com site that got obliterated for some reason… after 13 years of feeding it. So it goes, and a new chapter begins for Darby, Ghostwriter for BWK who has gone away on a sabbatical from business that may take a few decades to return from… so Wii will be running things until he returns.

Trinity is the one to see about coming to visit, to stay, or to tour. Wii are a growing group of artists with a bent toward making the world a better place with all Wii create. Thank you for sharing the launch of our new blogs and websites where we hope to add to the dialogue on how Wii find a way to maximize the treasure of the past by empowering the masses to use imagination to give them all they need without sacrifice or greed.

Darby Lettick

For only a deserving few, Wii will be Offering materials packages to build sustainable organic cottages to qualified people who want to become Salvage Builders where you live, not here. Check with [email protected] for more information and an application for materials micro-loans to get started creating sustainable Organic Cottages where you live today.