Be part of an example of Freedom Villages w/ Tiny House Tax Write-offs & AirSpace!

Portable tiny cottages spread around the country to visit, service, & expense all food, fuel, & what you buy to decorate, to live in simple comfort doing work & having fun.

Tiny Texas Houses
If you had a Tiny Texas House, would you put it in a nature paradise to live your life away?

Great to hear from you folks interested in helping prove the AirSpace Certificate Funding Model for Salvage, Tx. and other villages of the future outside the city limits and mandates. This is the LGBrandon Tax Loopholology Plan which I am about to launch in order the help fund future opportunities for Pure Salvage Outposts and villages around America and perhaps the world. I have spent a few decades developing this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Ideology that will let others fuel their passion and their dream of a community where Unity is the key to their success.

It is for that cause, that dream to empower others to find what I have, great health at an elder’s age that is proof simpler is better, stress-free is life-lengthening if you love instead of living in fear and anger.

Now that I have the proof of the Salvage Built Art Houses that form the BnB business being able to support the investors support the landowners, and pay for the villages to grow while some can not yet live there full time but hope they can when they retire or need to leave the city. This can help fulfill the desire to escape during the year or be with family in a private getaway that is full of things to do when you have the time. For the best of all reasons, I believe the success of this model for funding other PSl Outposts will create a viable off-Wall Street path for financing other villages on a local and like-minded vehicle. Trusts & leases for the ground that do not tie up the land for people with ranches, estates, or family issues but allow for the opportunity to put houses above the land, even allow leases of a sort on the land they sit on with a means of controlling what grows there and who. 

I have found that community requires a certain unity and communing, which can be thwarted by only a few bad players in the group.  This would allow for letting people to move into a community, even get a loan from the community bank, build tiny organic portable homes and the means to move them to other communities, or sell them if they wish, use them as a BnB business and income which means depreciation and tax benefits.

Some will only want to keep the subscription that will give them an inch a month for a year commitment which in turn leads to materials & discounts on many things I can offer now that I could not before.  Seminars will hopefully follow if I can get better teachers than me.  My goal is to get to the next generation coming out of the womb and under 7 to grow up with this Pure Salvage Living ethos in hopes that we can create a simpler, healthier lifestyle than I did for my son long ago when he was young and I did not know what I do now. 

If he had left me with grandkids before going, I would be raising them much differently than I did, spending more time, teaching more early on, and loving every minute of it. Still, instead, I hope to be helping those of his generation raise their kids more naturally, organic, and healthily than what I am seeing coming out of high schools at 18 years old now. So, this is a chance coming to support the work, the development of Salvage, Texas, but also to create a model where many can contribute to a cause and get rewarded with goods, services, teaching, and empowerment that they, in turn, will pass on. Benefits are for all who get involved. 

Once others see that 16 tiny houses produce $200,000+ a year and are worth $400,000 on completion at the cost of perhaps just over $200,000, the numbers speak for themselves.  The income for investors who get the tax benefits of depreciation and income, a timeshare that is actually true ownership, a place for the SHTF getaway, and if you spread them out to other villages created with this method of funding, you could go to you Michigan house in summer (all 4 weeks of it) then to the NE, off to Colorado, down to NM desert, back through Texas and then to Florida as you circuit to write off each year. Share the work with gardeners who will guard the homestead while you are gone. Guards named Ner are good!

A business that pays for the food, fuel, and travel to the people or places you like most to service your BnB business that is spread out like the Hiltons, or Holiday Inn.  Oh yes, no BnB tax in Texas for portable buildings that depreciate in ten years and can be gifted to loved ones as stacked trash already depreciated to $0.  Oh yes, still producing income, yard ready when you get there, things to do, people you know, and a safe place to rest when on the road of life. That is what I am up to… with much more detail depending on the depth you wish to explore. 

I want others out there spreading the idea of Pure Salvage Outposts as co-ops for the elders to mentor, to donate their tools to when leaving, to help grow the tinier houses from the obsolete large ones that will be torn down in time, but if we can, reused to create sustainable tiny organic cottages for both elders and youth as they grow new communities based on the treasures of our past.  Wisdom, resources, ingenuity, and pride in craftsmanship built this country to be great long ago, and it can again with such fuel and hope at a grassroots level as I think this can do.  What about you?  

What are you guys waiting for in Michigan… Love Booster #9 to get the boot out of the state? Sorry, but the other states may not be letting shedders in unless they can prove they did not take the wrong jab. A dark humor joke out on the dark internet… but maybe not such a joke if Australia is any indices.

This does not take you to a link, but once did… the next post will have a link and pricing with more details, but those who want to get more involved can email and get info early. Thanks for sharing and supporting us as Wii, all of us “I”s finally join together to create our embassies for the future Wii can be proud to create.

Investing in Texas AirSpace, where there is no income tax if you are a resident traveling around the country to service your rentable portable buildings that appear as tiny sustainable organic cottages, tax write-offs, playhouses, Sugar Shacks, Man Caves, or BnB investments if you wish to use that Loopholology #777 or #888 to expense the rest of your life away without making great profits that demand taxes.

What do you think of my plan for Pure Salvage Living AirSpace Certificate programs to fund your local Outpost, village, and homes that all of you and your friends have dreamt of for a lifetime before this retirement became real… my elevator version?

Funding the fun for fellow patriots who want villages outside the city… Maybe my AirSpace Certificates for Pure Salvage Outposts with Loopholology methods will work to help innoculate against the LGBrandon Taxes that some actually want to see come into play. Let’s plan for a better day instead.

Ultimately, this opportunity hinges on what you are looking for.  The right people will have some incredible options because of what they are looking for, the value being perception.  From coming to visit or learning more about how to do it from afar and getting parts and pieces or simply books, plans, and consulting, the benefits are varied.  If you get a significant amount of Airspace, a thousand inches, now you are talking the materials to build a cute tiny playhouse or writers cottage, $5,000 and up also getting income opportunities, a space to build a tiny organic cottage that is paid out over time with the income it can produce to help.

There are many other potential futures that one could create, but only the right people will fit into the bigger plan where Truth is the foundation and freedom to speak, create, and grow.  Teaching others what is possible, traveling to help others start villages, building houses on-site rather than paying the labor cost to build it to ship a giant box of air down the road a state away.  My goal is to show a financing mechanism is possible for villages to grow houses with community income from a Pure Salvage Outpost. Still, first, we must finish proving it with the food jungle and places all tuned up for exemplification. 

Your help would be through both the subscription to the Substack column, books, and posts which in turn would help accumulate more benefits and possibly stay here or become part of what I hope the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance can grow into one day.

What is your objective on this life adventure? Are you already in our great Texas portion of the world?