Will you become a SuperHero when civilization calls for Truthful Leaders? Just Fantasy?

Massive wealth is changing hands to minds that may decide to plan for what can happen when Wii all Unite. Join the fight to free Mankind and leave these evil times behind.


JUN 27, 2024


You are part of the solution or a cause for what is wrong. Is the perspective that simple? How do you draw a line between truth and a lie? What is Real-I-ty for you?

Most are living in the Matrix, just watching time go by as if they can not change the story fed to them each night. The TV is the source for “Fake News” that most use as their global eyes and views. Subject to the loss of facts exchanged for a value equal to crap, the advertisers rule the ways the news is cast to form the daze. Can you escape the phases of the matrix to become an independent thinker? To resist the propaganda of the multitudes of people who love the herd mentality? What do you do with the frequent noise that creates a haze, like chemtrails hiding what is in front of your face?

Many humans are not intent on learning daily, are not willing to turn that which is wrong back to the right or are willing to fight with all their might. Fear takes over if not prepared. A fear of death or the loss of things you hold dear can keep you from defending what is right. How can so many turn to cowards in the clinch when honor and truth are most needed in a pinch when Evil fights with Goodness? It’s my Faith that is the cinch.

All you need is a patch of wet grass to stand on for 15 minutes or better to sit or lay on a cotton cloth. It is excellent and lets the sunshine on your skin. The Earth feeds you energy up your spine, and closing your eyes to absorb the sun into your mitochondria to charge your body fuels the Light within, which bounces back from where it is sent. Like a projector light at the theater, you will not see the characters until the Light hits the screen; your melanin, part of your Melatonin system, miracles for energy, moves to you through the sun and Earth. You are but a water-filled filament connecting air to earth. Use the power of a well-grounded circuit instead of having inflammation throughout due to failing ground.

Rubber shoes instead of moccasins are all it takes to separate you from the Earth’s healing energies that drop the inflammation in your joints, like in your knees. This is proven scientifically but more efficiently, in the field for nearly free, with a simple test that everyone who does it will thus instantly agree. Field test this.

Suppose you can find two 2×4 boards as short as a foot, or better 4”x4” with two 1×12 or other boards to put on top and create a step up off from the floor to stand on comfortably, without having to concern yourself with balance. Next, stand in front of the step and feel your weight with your eyes closed before stepping up on the platform that is made of wood to lift you off the concrete floor to once again close your eyes and “feel” your weight in your body, your joints, ankles, knees, hips, and even shoulders if you wait for a minute. The pull on your body can be felt once you escape the effective magnetic pull on your blood and body, which is 70% water. It is a fantastic proof of concept that will alter your behavior if you suffer from arthritis, feel drained, worn out from working, or worse, have a concrete floor in your kitchen or whole house.

Most will see with a simple test how impressive the tug on your blood can be. You can feel it and then understand how unhealthy living on concrete can be. Many will realize this within a few days and change their lifestyle to escape the damage from living on Portland cement surfaces. Before you build or buy a house, understand that if you are into staying healthy, stay off the concrete! Due to how the lime is used, concrete wants to take your water’s negative ion charge from your body if it can and thus does not give but sucks energy from you instead. If you have ever worked on concrete floors all day instead of wooden floors, you know how this drains the body of energy and makes the joints hurt until you can escape onto the Earth to “ground” or get elevated off the concrete floor more than 1 1/2 inch. It is remarkable what a change in perspective can do to alter the course of your lifetime and the quality of life while here.

So much is now known about the world, our bodies, and the Earth’s Schumann Resonance synched with all living beings, as the Sun determines nearly everything in our weather and lives. Now the public can see the links and perhaps understand that the flashes from the sun turn into rainstorms and more when they hit the Earth’s atmosphere, and eventually the globe of mass that grows at is absorbed more hydrogen ions as water, and for those not up to speed, energy turns into mass once slowed down enough to create a new reality, constantly.

Get into the flow and know changes are coming that few can imagine, but for those who do know… our time to thrive is near! But so is the time for the Zombies to appear and must be cleared to live a peaceful life. Sci-fi as surreality is just around the corner in some lands of fantasy, conspiracy, and predictions. What will actually “be” depends on you and Mii. Prepare by shaping and forming your vessel to be grounded, fit, and ready to move swiftly as the times to shine are near. If you feel trapped, get out and make your changes while you have the chance to alter your future course, to become an example of what the outliers, the seers at the Chasm on the Fringe of the herds of Sheople who are running by.

https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/hTbrL5V8oXo?rel=0&autoplay=0&showinfo=0&enablejsapi=0 Chasm at the Fringe Poem for Inspiration as you make your Leap of Faith.

Stand tall and observe, for there is little one can do but turn around and leap the Chasm at the Fringe with the faith that others can not have unless they do believe. Faith is the component that ignites the Light within and lets the few well-chosen take us into a great land where the future will be wonderful, a paradise again.

Be the example that kids will seek to follow and become the icons for future generations that Wii dream will run the world in ways that do not use wars to destroy so many in this way. Share the concept of a World United for all Beings to share and prosper with the sense of all the Beings here. Not just humans, please now behold, the disclosure will let truths unfold, and finally, man will come to know Wii are not the only ones to show and grow a society in this transforming world. Under oceans, below the lands, many others share the planet, but so few get to know. The time is near when it will be clear, and humanity will finally show that the Watchers who control the puppets are more significant than you know.

No fear, but do prepare to stay free of the vax-n-go as so many check out now with cancer and other things. They shed and grow to eliminate the weakest of humans, as we now know. Savor the dayz and eat a bunch of eggs so the “spikes” can not stick to your body.

Blessings and gratitude for becoming an example of what Wii can be, the “I”s that shine so bright that others soon will know that there is another path to take, the one our acts will show.

There is nothing to censor here, just fantasy for Darby and Rubbles to share, to see, written by Mii, the “I” that is the body, the “I” that is the Spirit that forms Mii. Cartoonery for a fantasy world, surrealistic as the matrix is, is simple. Really.

Kirsten Dirksen, my favorite producer of documentaries, has created a new story about Salvage, Texas.

It’s been many years since the “Willy Wonka of Tiny Houses” video that has had millions of views, but truly it was a pleasure to see her and update what us Oldtimers can do.


JUN 03, 2024

Truly, I have been honored by one of my favorite producers of stories that help us understand our potential as a species and share our responsibility for nature and the world that we love. Join me on a new adventure into the world of possibilities as the changes unfold and people begin to view the world from new perspectives now that staying healthy is becoming a fabulous thing to do.


I was given a bit of the light from her efforts and works illuminating what people have done to grow tiny houses, villages, and homesteads that offer much to learn from in a world that has forgotten how important it is to be one with nature. Grounding and growing food through aquaculture in places worldwide, Kirsten has traveled with her family and explored the most incredible feats of homesteading wonders found on Earth. From underground to treehouses, from communities to near hermits living out their dreams, she has traveled worldwide to show us what we could do.

Please explore the world through the eyes of Kirsten as she tells my story her way, as she sees it after more than five decades of transforming the trash and past treasures I have found into art houses, and pieces that I hope will inspire. What will you create to celebrate and film to show the ones who follow us what they can do? Please be strong, and if inspired, make your dream come true. If I can, I promise you, I will do what I can to help you on the journey to create solutions you can use.

Please share and show you care with a like and a comment if you will to support the work that Kirsten does around the world to let others know what the Oldtimers do.

If you have a dream and land, a group of people and a plan, let me know and see if Wii can help you create your fantasy. Truly, there will be a way if you are willing to work this way and form your dreams into a way to form the future you want someday. It has taken mii a few quick years to create the things you see here. You can do much more, and be true; I will help you if your heart is true.

So watch her work and learn so you will know what it will take to make your dreams grow. What you will need that Wii have learned to do and hopefully, wii can share it all with you. Oldtimers are the way to understanding what few know in youth, so it is a great thing to be part of what will live to bring the solutions that wii found by living life here on the ground and not just talking of what could be but showing what wii can do for you to see. Come and join us to learn and get in shape for what may come if the sun declares its time for a cycle to wash the world.

How using salvaged lumber can lead to healthier lifestyles, futures, & solutions.

Some will be stunned at the value of salvaged lumber in dollars, but its contribution to healthy living is far greater for you and the world.


MAY 25, 2024

This is a response to a conversation about using salvaged lumber to build with. It leads to other essential things most people are unaware of or consider, but it should be both. Are you keeping up with the changing times, researching about staying youthful, and living the healthiest version of yourself for your lifetime?

I have 2×8 in LLP, but it is structural grade, has no knots bigger than a thumbnail, and has 10-16 growth lines per inch. As for value, in retail, what you have is likely $5 a board foot or more if burled treasure. I can do better but Wii would need to see what you need first.

What will your door-to-opportunity look like? What is under the old paint that makes it seem worthless and undeserving of special attention makes you unique, and once the facade is removed, the beauty of your door to opportunity can be seen by others?
What will your door-to-opportunity look like? What is under the old paint that makes it seem worthless and undeserving of special attention makes you unique, and once the facade is removed, the beauty of your door to opportunity can be seen by others? Savor the day you can salvage the best hidden beneath the paint of your age, traumas, and experience. The dings & dents, the scars from how you got here, make us memorable, incredibly unique, and beautiful once fully seen and understood.

Savor the perspicuity that comes with cleaning off the debris that covers up who you are by being real, truthful, and unafraid of the light upon your skin.

Brad W. Kittel

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

Curly Pine or Burly Pine, neither species but an extremely Rare cut of Tree Flesh. See Why so Desired?

Burled pine, I have sold for as much as $42 a square foot, but that is a special buyer. Others would call that crazy, but it is $75 per sf in Florida.
The longer the length past 16 ft, the better the value as a premium, over 20′ is special but also a pain to stock and move.

I mothballed my business and warehouses 8 years ago. Time goes too fast, and I hope still that some honest younger people will show up to take on the bear I have in hibernation, about 1 million board feet of LLP and thousands of doors and windows I had hoped to see turn into houses when the need, ingenuity, and respect for salvage building comes back to our society. It requires great necessity to create unlimited demand for positive changes.

This downsizing of America will come soon, and imports will not be an option. Energy will force people to conserve and also use vintage glass, lumber, doors, windows, and more that they can not find in vinyl that destroys the endocrine systems through ingestion as it outgases to mimic estrogen in our system, a problem, like Atrazine that creates affectations in sexuality displayed by 32 species of now hermaphrodite fish.

I sometimes get distracted by my passion for building with salvage. Kudos for you doing so. I used a large stash of shorter tongue-and-groove 2×6 for walls. It will be fun to build with, too, since I used it for building loft floors and walls to save cubic space in my Tiny Texas Houses.

I do not have the 2×8 easily accessible, and it would be wise to visit to view the possibilities. Let me know when you can come. I have a BnB with houses to stay in, as the two locations have over 100,000 sf of materials under the roof plus what is outside.
Sell some and make some money on the side or barter that way for more instead if you know anyone that is building naturally instead of with shitrock and plastics, formaldehyde, and plasticizers for inhaling as additives that few consider as they age poorly instead of into our primes at 66-78.

No one ever told me when I was young and only through building tiny and natural, living it to test the effects, I can now demonstrate by exemplification the benefits such things as wood floors like you are making, wood as a cellular tissue that is charged to keep you healthy, and the many benefits of limiting the AC electricity in your sleeping spaces.

It truly is a miraculous effect more people should benefit from. Still, trying to teach that to a world that follows TV advertising and believes marketing has a link to science or facts, they are ignorant suckers who will be taken advantage of but not know it, even when the consequences show up in their lives.

Living the words, one speaks or writes to taste their true validity and prove the results, not just selling the hopium and dream sauce on the internet and TV. The test is in what the speaker is selling at the end of a video, for it seems that is the motive for most health secrets I see pop up.

You did not ask for so much, but I used it as inspiration for my daily essay on the state of the worldview. Perspicuity rules my days at this great age of 68.
I will likely post this on my TinyTexasHouse.substack.com site with some modifications.

I hope more will take your interest and action to use vintage materials to build our future once the old systems are thoroughly exposed and deservedly broken from the weight of Truth and Consequences finally becoming clear. This is apparent through the cancer and tumors that will manifest this year. The spike protein is on its way to doing the work it was created for. It opened the door to turbo cancer. Need I say more?

Natural living, grounding, and being healthy this year will become a loud call. The control groups, self-proclaimed and punished for it, hold the key to fertility, the path of longevity, and the hope for the next generations to get it right the next time.
First, Wii has to see it break down to realize the consequences are worth the effort to do the work, inside and out, to make the world healthier for our loved ones and offspring so that we can rebuild it into paradise someday. I dream of helping create.
Till Humpty Dumpty hits the ground, no solutions will be found.

Let me know when you can visit.

What happens when genes get flipped on or off due to energies beyond human control?

Radioactive means to radiate or be activated by radiated energy from a source near or afar, but few understand how microwaves, 5G, and the sun emit radiation, yes, radiating us all.


MAY 12, 2024

On the other hand, Wii, the Beings that understand how to use our energy, radiate to others the electromagnetic forces that wii creates through our thoughts and acts. Love or hate are different degrees of quality and emission characteristics that people have defined. It is easy to understand sharing love as a positive energy through touch, a look, words, music, and art in many forms. Likewise, hateful, hurtful, intentionally demeaning, or debilitating tones and language reflect hate or vile intent that can cause harm to another human with or without human contact. Evidence of the positive or negative impacts of attitude on others, from teachers of children to the world’s leaders, their state of mind and heart, and their inner peace will ultimately impact all the other people they will associate with in a lifetime.

In 1977, a nightmare inspired Darby to begin writing again, vivid and vivid like so many times before, and then gone again. Would the dreams ever end? What would they lead to in a lifetime he would spend preparing to do what he said he would? Was it a dream?

Earth is presently being blasted with pure energy and frequencies, radiating at intense speeds of more than two million miles an hour that will impact our atmosphere, penetrate our shields from the radiation of the sun under normal conditions, and allow massive amounts of ions charged with energy, but also in a form that will bond and alter the other ions, molecules full of components that will reform into many additional particles, eventually become mass in forms that few understand manifest.

Yes, energy coming from the sun has a form and quality definable scientifically and mathematically; thus, analysis results in observable facts. Love and hate, acidity or alkalinity of all things, the charges of molecules being positive or negative is what makes all things work… biological or mechanical, technological or not. The world works on energy in the air, the earth, the water, fire, winds, and ultimately, the play of humans is insignificant compared to volcanoes and earthquakes. Want more examples of humanity being an excludable element in calculating what the weather will do or the movements of the lands? Soon, the energy transfer of the sun in 48 hours will dwarf all mankind has done in the last 1,000 years. Coastlines will be reformed, valleys wiped clean of civilization, and entire cities wiped out by tsunamis that return cyclically, centuries apart, even millennia, but always sure to return.

The Song of Salvage is a poem written and turned into a song to imagine a future when sustainable living becomes popular. Wii wondered if such a day would come and prepared for it. Adam had to leave this life early but left a song for you.

Here is the link to Adam Kittel’s version of a Song of Salvage, his only recorded song in his lifetime, a forever gift for Mii. As his father, I hope you listen and share how he put my poem and life’s work to music for me, solo and through amateur, one of the most valuable things I have.


The mud floods of the past are sure to recur, but most have no clue what I write about and think there must be a disconnect between them and Mii. I am the product of what I have learned and lived through experience most never earn. Is wisdom found through pain, loss, and experience in a life lived while staying free? Were you free to learn through trying many things, to see all one could be? What is the secret to a life where happiness is found and shared with others who know they came here to join? Some knew these times were coming when the signs would make it clear; some had chosen to be part of this very special time on Earth. If you believe in reincarnation, the Spirit lives through the hole between the matrix Wii see and the body that Wii hold. Our avatars are vessels for our lifetime here to form the future that can still become a Millennia of joy. A paradise is possible, but miracles are necessary for the changes many will soon see.

Your DNA is a great antenna tuned to hear and see the miracles of energy that create reality. What you are genetically is a matter for the mind to see and alter like a computer game to express the same energy. Will it be a positive, a contributor that has good to give? Or, a villain role that you may choose? In which case friend, will surely lose? I believe that the Truth wins out with a faith that sets Mii free from worrying or fretting about what will come to be. The coming changes bring so much that you can not see with the eyes or even cameras that show auroras, which will soon be the evidence for those who doubt the force of what will “Be.”

Please understand that the solar flares you finally see are merely babies compared to what is still in store for you. The sky will light, both day and night, with storms and more to see that will horrify as many die from the hail and worse to be the evidence of energy radiating from the sun, and the consequences of the education will be anything but fun. Prepared to face the torrents of both floods and fires alike? I pray you are for the worst by far; it is still months out of sight.

Blessings to your dreams and visions that cause you now to act and create safe communities where you can love and plan for attacks on your world of expectations for the future you once had. This will not get better in the years that are ahead as the catastrophic consequences of distraction will be fed, and the exploitation of the masses will happen to the end. Please unite and do not fight, as the path ahead is challenging, and unity is all that will keep us alive. Join and help each other as the storms and problems grow with the faith that some are meant to stay and some are meant to go. This is the cycle and the way that changes come so fast that the people who remember and survive have passed the test. That does not mean that good times as most consider them, are coming soon thanks to some great goons being taken down my friends, for the truth is most will suffer, by no exception, the elite, will also find they have been blind most of the coming events.

Was this a nightmare or a premonition Darby had when he started writing of these days and planning with what he had, a mind and body broken but determined to do what he promised Rubbles on that trip when he returned with Wibblry? How could a Book of Wibblry and Wub assist the world in the future when the simple rhymes would be spread worldwide with cartoons and the cute little Earth Worm that takes the message around and shares it with the people once the need for Unity is found? A World Union of Beings that shares the planet and the means to rebuild as so many who survive will learn, Wii can live in peace again and create a paradise that will cycle down and be wiped out again. Cycles last for ages, but all good things must end so that God can thus create anew and give us a place to spend these lives that are so magical, so challenging to spend incarnate where Wii fascinates us, time and time again.

Here is the link to Adam Kittel’s version of a Song of Salvage, his only recorded song in his lifetime, a forever gift for Mii. As his father, I hope you listen and share how he put my poem and life’s work to music for me, solo, and though amatueur, one of the most valuable things I have. https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/KbxfMai42SY?rel=0&autoplay=0&showinfo=0&enablejsapi=0

Thank you for participating in this holodeck where the matrix seems so real that you will think this is just in my head, but it is also now in you. The words, the thoughts, the images, each transfer like a seed to grow, and if I am successful, help us all to see that the future is in our hands and heads if you will Be the best human that possible as Wii makes history. Join as examples of what positive can do to help form a reality once this one is trashed for you. It must be broken to create what will come next, so celebrate. You are here to be the Light and guide the others to do right. I pray you make it to the day when the sun returns once the world is razed.

Here is a great link to a demonstration by three women over 49, a few kids, and myself taking down a giant house in 7 days and how it pays, all to a Johnny Cash tune with the words of my Song of Salvage poem laid over and many sound effects from the job too.

A link to the story of how Wibblry and Wub came to be through creating Tiny Texas Houses, and Salvage, Texas as an embassy for the story of Wibblry and Wub. https://www.youtube- nocookie.com/embed/hTbrL5V8oXo?start=47s&rel=0&autoplay=0&showinfo=0&enablejsapi=0 and the challenge ahead to

Leap the Chasm at the Fringe of society, where imagination and actions free you to miracles. Be phenomenal, lead the way into a wonderful day.

Savor the dayz of opportunity and joy, for the greatest chance to start again is likely coming soon, so your preparation in your heart and head is genuinely due. Are you ready to make choices as so few may want to do that determine what comes next if the Truths I speak of come to you? If not, consider learning more about the sun and determine what is ahead. Be positive and true to the God that loves, not one that hates and feeds on evil as some choose to do. This is just for the satisfaction that our platform seeks. You pay to read.

Envision an economy of trades to salvage what will be left after Black Swans fly. Hacked times?

If AI wipes out industries as quickly as possible, lawyers, real estate sales, architects, designers, and writers will all be underemployed & replaced.


MAR 27, 2024

As the surprises of proportions that few can think were planned, the surreal world of 2024 unfolds, and the full moon eclipse promises much more. What comes with the Solar Eclipse so near and on a path that some will say defies all odds that any could forecast. Yet it is what it is. Savor the dayz Wii are beholding float by like clouds in the sky. What do you see?

What will you learn to allow you to thrive in a world where retail stores no longer need clerks, checkout people, or brick-and-mortar buildings to sell you what they have? So many jobs are swiftly being replaced, and the average person who worked mindless jobs will be left without jobs. No longer will people be going to jobs they hate to work for rent, car payments, taxes, and utilities needed to live in cold climates, insurance, or worse, medical bills for taking jabs or doing drugs, alcohol, or smoking, vaping, escaping the stress in many ways. These are things one thought were okay, but they have unforeseen consequences later, and the medical bills take the family finances down. The longer it takes to expose and flop, the worse the consequences, but the shoe will drop, and the chance to fix it will be past if there is no way to stop.

Who is wondering as they watch the systems that collapse with little hope that this will be a better place as more brands fall? Look into the cities, once a tourist mecca, now a homeless epidemic with drugs and coming plagues. What will Wii, the people do, the “I”s that see but don’t get to choose? Will the leaders come together and abandon their puppeteers, or are Wii the people cursed to watch the fools who will abide with the leaders of the world gone crazy, making wars and starting fires? Where do people run to, as the peace is lost and the hungry masses demand that leaders choose a path that feeds their families, or will governments lose?

Their need for preserving “Continuity of Government,” the controls they have to use, and the weapons they created to put down anyone they choose leads them to attack their own if they are threats to what is known, the enemies that control the drones. Who are they killing now? The question is no longer “Can they or wonder how?” but why they do, and if it’s you, how did you get in their sights? Do you protest too loudly, or are you censored out of sight?

Why are so many questions in the face of so much doom being prepped for all the cleared lands, as if making room for the subsequent division of the assets to a few victors and close friends? That’s not mii, but is it you or a small elite who have us at their feet begging for food or land to live on. Because the treasure to be lost is a future for the youth, I stand for stopping the race to war by the leaders who are bought and sold. I want to pause and reconsider that retired generals and politicians consider the public too stupid even to have a chance to consider what is going on in the Shadows where they lurk.

The people who control the strings, the dollars, and the big weapons are snubbing all the laws by moving where they can’t be found. From there, they tap intelligence, alter votes, and more by controlling the internet and its access. Those who think that General Jones and all the other war machine clones are not working against the populace, I wish you well when at God’s Gates, their leaders, Soros celebrates, as Klaus and friends at the WEF agree to what the UN declare using WHO and other acronyms Wii know are intended for them to win. Who will share the gold it takes to help shackle the ones who stay if they succeed and depopulate the world as their computers say they can? AI leads them to believe what I think is a LIE. They are hallucinating a grand success that wipes out the ones who cry and want the leaders to save them from the things they hide with lies. Will you wake up just in time to see the flash and then be blind? One wonders from the fantasy that watches this reality and wonders if the two will share the future that some of us Dare Believe

The plan in motion has no room for the average radical thinker who suggests that freedoms such as speech are required for them to pretend to be a democracy instead of hate-filled leaders who want no part of a fate that exposes them at any date. Tribunals for the ones who have harmed mankind and the planet will soon come for them, but they still hope to win, to wipe out our chance before tribunals can begin. Nope! Their scorched Earth policy is not one I would defend. I pray that soon the Light Brigade will flare up and Wii win in a war for the minds and the hearts of men around the world for once, a World Union of Beings that want the best for all who are the vested stakeholders in time when Wii can Unite to be Free finally. Is it just a fantasy? It’s a quantum story of what will happen if the world’s people unite like a virus, Wii, and spread it so that all can see that communication is the key to the world being FREE!

Snopes and Soros fact checkers now take to online intent to kill free speech, real proof, the past, and still as if a sport, they are at it still. Eliminating threats they see, like blogging, writing, and videos that actively expose what they are up to for you and Mii to see. Watch their focus on the ones that question nearly any revelations and whistleblower events that they roll out in this extraordinary year, for 2024 is clearly where much of the future will be decided out of fear.

Do not take the bait and think that all is lost when in the dark, for the Light within and the thoughts you hold are what will win the wars that unfold. It is the game since time began, you must win over the minds of men, and the hearts of the women and the sweet children if ever peace is to be found.

Some choose a war where all lose, but the financiers and weapons makers stay out of harm’s way and profit from the madness with the scorecards kept for fun. Who will be the leaders when this round of Hell is past? Will it be the same families that ran the wars in the past? Or will the war of “World Unions of Beings” be the final round that ends these centuries of being controlled by the few who think they are the Gods? Stop the madness in a fantasy World of WUB if you can. It’s a fantasy where Wibblry is unpacked so that all can see.

Wii are the “I”s that will determine what comes from the acts of vermin who need extermination instead of the controls that they are seeking to master soon, their planned and well-timed goals prophesized, soon realized, were it not for the Ones who chose to come into this game of life and change the game and close the cycle of insanity that the evil leaders chose.

Communication beyond just nations, worldwide Wii go, Wibbling the thoughts to bring our Union into One, a force that has our consciousness United for a cause. Tribunals to clean up the world and start a new trust when Wii turn the liars and the evil ones into the lesson books. Wii Won! Webbling, yes, communicating on the nets to grow Unity will quickly be a virus that enthralls the world in truths that inspire the youth with the elders who will call for the end of those who have done this to eliminate us all. Wii are the force that will win out, but there must be a global network of Whistleblowers and ways to bring the ones who must be placed into a tribunal for the punishment phase. Their wealth and power are stripped, and once gone, the benefits of crimes are then used to mend the wounds they caused through the use of corporate personas. They bankrupt at your loss, then run to countries where they can not be extradited. Global participation is needed to wipe out these threats to man, and I think the time is coming when that will become the plan.

See the magic, how wealth disappears from the working masses to the few who are so weird that they would not survive for a day if homeless and afraid. No punishment could do more for the world to see and learn than to take the like of Gates and let him live on the streets to hear. There, he could not play the game of choosing who would live or die from shots intended to control populations. Fauci camped beside him in a tent with open doors could tell of how this would be a safe and truly effective cure from the man made threats on the streets that get into the labs, he heard. I think the filming of each day, every minute of their world, would let the public see that justice could be hurled upon the ones who have truly done so much to hurt the world.

Do you think Francis Scott Keyes bridge has hidden meaning? The Stars & Stripes crashing down? Surreal?

If you do not feel the pressure of the world activating the inner calling for those who see, feel, & understand the Light is about to flare in all of us. Use it Well, for Good, No Fear! Just fantasy?


MAR 26, 2024

If you have not seen these times coming, expect to be part of the solution, and are not a victim of the storms, you may be in trouble. For others, those of us who see this as a logical and foreseen future that Wii, the Ones who are Lighting Up to Be, yes to Become the Light Brigade that came to do battles that are fought in the heart and head, with instincts and a fire of faith from within that can not be extinguished.

Please open your hearts and minds to the times before us, my friends. Be the true you who came to give a life for a cause, to support the right way to lead the world from the chasms of chaos and evil that are attempting to shroud it. You, the authentic person who is expressed by your Spirit in a body on a planet for a lifetime planned before Wii manifested. Fate is real, a plan by a Oneness so great that as part of it, Wii can only see what is to come from why Wii came, why Wii are here for these amazing times.

Rise up, those outcasts, fringe dwellers, and Black Sheep who are social distancing to grow our power while others sleep. Wii grow in our authenticity, the love from within for a purpose worth living through Hell to reach for a victory no one thought possible. Wii, the “I”s that have seen through the veils of materialism and developed powers of thought, of heart-felt sincere love, not a poser who pretends to understand only to seek a chance to take advantage of what evil sees as weakness. Love is not a weakness but a power of character, Spirit, and Truth. With that Wii, those with the eyes to see the false stories and narratives put out to the world to distract the average human, the ordinary Sheople that is trained to follow, fear to lead.

Wii, the “I”s of the world that most people have pointed to as conspiracy theorists, of believers in a “Woo Woo Magic” that reaches into the science of our day that has proven telepathy, crystal powers, frequency that can help or kill, the magic of the invisible powers that exist outside our physical perception, and instruments now prove that what some thought was magic, is just energy transformable by the human mind, heart, and gut, once synchronized and prepared to operate at the highest level humanly possible.

Each day, the visions get clearer, the gratitude greater, and the joy of seeing these once dreams, visions, a future that seemed impossible, is now coming to be true. The future is today, and you and I made it to the last, in time for the party that no one thought would happen. Wii, all the “I”s that form the World Union of Beings that will alter the course of humanity and all the Sentient Beings who share this incredible planet with Mii, the many “I”s that I have been in order to become the Mii I am today. Thank you for the inspiration, as Wii all get ready to play.

For the Spirits that are communicating with these vessels here below, the avatars that let us play here on the holographic plane that some may call reality, but the truth is it’s just a game. Wii are the winners, but the other guys still don’t get it. Wii pulled off a way to overcome their ways of cheating us out of the chance to play by tempting us with all the things they send our way to destroy our character and our will to win this game. Forward to Victory, the game is about to play out, all will see through tribunals by a world that will finally be set free from the clutches of the evil forces that think they’ve planned a way to stop us from entrapping them and then putting them away.

Savor the Wibblry, the WUB, and the way that a tiny little Earthworm named Rubbles saves the day. How could a simple language, only 21 words display the means of joining all the world to fight back in these crazy days. Darby wondered as he woke, what year is this I’m in? Have I transported to the place I’ve been in dreams so long ago? How did this happen? It must be planned for how else could Wii see this end from where Wii started, way back when, the Shadow Forces took over our nation for this end. Stop the madness now that Wii, the ones who came to Light the world so they can see, communicate from sea to sea in all the languages that could be! Never before could a virus grow around the world before the bad guys know that the net has been cast and they all will go. Truth is the product of a well planned goal by a God much greater than a name can show.

Join in the laughter as the joy begins for the great monster falleth and the new dawn brings in a chance for the world to be free again. Share in the Wibblry, the minds and hearts of men set free, sharing WUB and what it brings, a bonding of the people freed.

If you do not know the words of Wibblry, then rest assured, they unpack into any language to become a form of tangling all that happen in the world, communicated, the veils are furled, the Wizards of Oz exposed and thus, lose their rule. Take back the paradise and with tribunals seal the fates of the people who were on the Earth to do harm to our race. These are not the humans that the future can now bear if a paradise is to be formed, it will be without them there. Will you help them or become the Whistleblowers who will find that Wii can join and take apart the plans of those, who from the start, intend to wipe out most of us. Don’t believe it? Worry not, this is just a story with a very thin plot. Good versus Evil, but Wii Win this Round.




If you knew the end were coming soon, what is most important to you? Show your love w/ time eyes on.

So many people are distracted by their phones and screens today that they may be missing on that special moment, the memory of what you see and share with those you love.


MAR 25, 2024

Spring is showing its flower-filled eye candy in wildflower magnificence. It’s time to break out of the city for a bit of greenery, beauty, exercise, and play. I wanted to propose a reason to take a day break with the ones you love to visit Salvage, Texas, for a break and see what it feels like to live a simpler, natural, fulfilling life. Goats, chickens, rabbits, beavers, otters, and fish are all in store to show a child what the world can be outside of the smog-filled city.

Just a day’s drive and a fantastic night living in a fantasy where animals delight in living without the danger of mankind.

Savor the peaceful days while they last, as the world’s chaos this year is growing far too fast to expect it to calm down before we see some more enormous blasts.
Watch the sun and moon as they get eclipsed by solar flares, sending out more energy than most know or care about. Understand that with these omens, greater things will change the world, such as flags unfurling when declaring a world war.

What can Wii do, the masses who watch and wonder why the leaders take us into war when no one wants to die? How will Wii create peace and places safe for those wii love if the leaders keep on sending money to kill and cause more harm? As peaceful as my paradise may seem at any time, I realize the times are changing and preparing for the Surprise.

When will it happen? The switch gets thrown that leads to headlines and the War. Is France going to trigger what NATO wants or more? The changes are now happening as if there were some signs, like eclipses in patterns that suggest they are divine. Meaning is found in names of towns, paths, eclipses take this round, and prophesy that has been found suggesting Wii are here at a time when major changes will be planned better than this rhyme by someone who could do anything they chose as if a God genuinely divine. Perhaps there is a story that few may believe or know, a tale of how the world starts and changes as planned shows.

If that is true, you should do the things you deem most dear, like sharing loving moments with those for whom you care. Play with the kids, laugh a bit, run and jump, swim, and play, and give them just a bit of “all of you” instead of the cell phone-distracted version that most now do.

A Frisbee Golf course very close by, a river to canoe in, or places to hide, the time to share and have some fun, to make memories with pride with the kids and loved ones near to you. Take them away for some time outside.

Do not miss the days to play with the little boys and girls in your life. Your children, friends, nephews, nieces, the ones you love the most. Spend some time really being with them, all without the phones.

Please consider these days your chance to live a life full of love and hugs, blessings for the people you hold dear, and a quick review of what you would do if you knew the end was near.

Adam has been gone for 13 years this month. I regret not having created more memories with him instead of creating a legacy for him to one day inherit. Live your life with your children now, for the future does not allow for playtime when they are gone. Swim, kayak, run and play today.

Just a thought exercise, perhaps a few actions that symbolize those you love and would not want to leave here without a lasting memory to show them how you love them until our destined end.
If all goes well and the Gates of Hell are sealed shut soon to free, the ones who get to stay will form a new Garden for us all.

Savor the Dayz, my friends. Just in case the story ends too soon, take a moment and give thanks for all.

Brad W. Kittel

Suicide is dangerous! US- VA seems to ignore it as some choose we go into War to die again.

Cancer kills our soldiers & PTSD is caused by horrors as men & women learn their lives are lost for nothing good. There is no war worth fighting for the wealth of mighty people.

How does one reconcile the horrors some have seen when sent to war to fight for something that looks so much like greed? Not for giving freedom to the people of the lands but to take from them the homes and lives they have watched get spent for naught. No one tracks the veterans who were sent off to war or gives them homes or purpose once they return wounded and sorely scarred. The homeless who die of cancers, exposure to the cause, depleted uranium, and x-rays keep on cooking everyone who serves their country, thinking they will be taken care of once they’re done. Born into the Stars and Stripes, filled with it throughout childhood, the loss of JFK was later understood and still longed for to this day.

The wars of choice continue, yet the richest see no harm. They make billions selling weapons and then using humans to send them off to kill the people of the world without good reasons for such force. Some powers would send them off to fight and die for the profits from the power grabs of those with bucks to kill all the resistance off. Imagine that it is not hard when what you see looks near, not far.

My son grew up with a cowboy hat but later learned of a world that did not seem to be the same when he left Texas to find his fame.

I grew up as an Army Brat with a Stars and Stripes Heart, moved 17 times before graduating high school, and left home, never expecting much more based on what my dad could afford. As children, we saw it on TV, in newspapers, and yes, all we could read. I grew up on the Army bases or in far-off remote places. Daddy was a soldier there who worked without a uniform. Others ruled Bolivia through him from afar, and we shared the wall of the president’s mansion, my father, ready at the call. His tiny garage had a photo lab in it, circa 1959, in La Paz that was not common, nor some other things we’d find like shrunken heads from cannibals dad killed while out one night. As tourists, we were traveling, taking pictures all the time. One wonders not what Daddy did when he went off for extended times with the other daddies on the street that lived next door to the changing leaders of a country some once called controlled.

I raised my son, Adam, to learn the game, that tall kid on the end who stands for what happens to the Army’s Brats from lands like ours. He drowned in Paris, France, one day, not by choice. He paid the price for America that way, a life taken for the many that they, as the squatters who were war refugees, would say.

What do you think our country does in this day of media when there seems to be a disconnect between the TV and what’s up in the world where the masses are upset with all this stuff? The time is here, as it is quite clear, that the elite may now fall, or, they seem, may choose the scorched Earth path to winning through a final war. The trick is when the people stop doing their dirty work and realize the big surprise is that the leaders are the jerks causing all the problems on the globe, all over Earth.

Where will Wii find the judges, the Beings who can tell the liars and the cheaters so they can be sent to Hell? Where is that place that they can go where no spirit can return? I suggest it is not hot or cold, for the Spirit can not burn but be kept from incarnating on our paradise called Earth.

Tribunals follow revolutions turned against the men who have taken us to war so they could kill us off while getting rich. Some will swear they did not know they were involved or did everything that seemed to be entangled with the grand ELITE. How many or how much they own is not what all must see, but that they are taken out and judged for their grand atrocities. The Truth will come out and not hide when the Whistleblowers finally win and are thus exposed, with nowhere to hide; they may run to the bunkers with pride—causing a war and great conflagrations with the DEWs and other weapons. Robots built to save their asses are likely going to be used as the only way to keep the masses away.

Nothing to see here. Just cartoons and buffoonery. Let the wars keep going is what I am supposed to say.

What mercenaries can survive if all they want is taken away and they are sacrificed like toys, full of knowing this, as they are deployed? The truth is that no money can buy back our true humanity, and nothing found in transhumanism matches what nature can give us. Stop the burning, as does war and global warming, where keeping score is not the critters, trees, or anything we value or need. The destroyers of the world today are profiteers who throw people away and cash in with Bitcoin as they run away. Can Wii track them, the “I”s that see and will follow up with the proof to be the foundation for the Tribunals that finally wipe out all their goals?

The final battles will be in our heads. Beware of who or what you send into the eyes and mind to see, to seed the thoughts of who you will be. Stop the jabs that might derail your ability to inhale then the spikes and virus gifts they share. Know that with the glasses on, optogenetics makes you their pawn. Frequency is all they need if you accept the antenna and join the breed.

Will the Techno-Wars proceed to shape the new reality? Movies like the Terminator and the Space Wars of the past, now the world they are forming if Wii do not stop it at last? Can it be stopped, or are Wii just the first to stay Free? Imagine that, the truth be told, Wii as Spirits are a sight to behold and incarnate for the coming wars. Are you a Warrior of Special Powers who can see and use your hours on this Earth to bring about the end of a regime this route? Join the Light Brigade to be the ones that end this insanity. No one wants to let the few who seem to think they know what to do to make the world better without you. Suppose instead Wii have it in our head, in our hearts, and in our stead to take them down, as intended to, in a holographic world, a game made for Mii and you. Imagine that Wii have the power, you who are aware, using what’s invisible to those who do not dare. Yes, indeed, the Chi or Prana, call it what you want, as WUB, the power is the force now used by everyone who resists the Darkness falling over nearly everyone.

If only more could feel, translate that frequency and message into action filled with their imagination and energy to materialize tomorrow as I try to demonstrate what is possible from what others thought was useless or dead. From death, have I returned so many times that saving the past to create a future is the only path I can uphole and exemplify through the actions that unfold? Blessings to your dayz. Mine is truly a fantasy manifesting naturally at a time I never thought I would be. Savor the times.

There is nothing to fear, nothing to see, just some crazy Cosmic Words of Wibblry. Let it pass my dear cyborg or censor, this can be ignored. There is nothing here to report or see for its ridiculousness of color to watch for free.

Stop believing everything is lost and you can not play due to what it costs. The truth is free! The right to choose is what Wii came for, not to lose! Stand up now and celebrate that Wii has found a way to relate and, best of all, communicate around the World as One. It’s just a cartoon fantasy. Nothing is more threatening than fear, which is not here to see. Please go on distraction-free if you have no faith or can not believe. Thank you for your time. You are relieved.

A World Union of Beings Believing they will win this war is what the Evil of the world fear most right now. Wii are Awakened by their intentions. Nothing can stop us now. A World Union not controlled by Klaus Swabb and the Gates crowd. Is that a fantasy to see? I do suspect few would believe. So why not spread a tale to share? A chance of winning that some will dare to call a lie. If so, then Be, for it seems the lies are most effortless to believe. Which lie wins? Which Narrative? Or will the dialogue win when given time in a public forum? I Believe Wii Win in a Truthful Forum.

Once upon a time I built a Tiny House to be an example of what “Could Be a Dream Come True”. “Art Houses for Truths.”

Salvage Ship Upon Miracle Mountain, how did you come to Be? Another Art Form is displayed up there for the world to see. What will they do to help inspire others to live Free: Sustainably.


MAR 19, 2024

The Bear House comes back online to life, to be lived in again.

Tiny Texas Houses is a brand I made to see if I could capture the imagination and create what I wanted it to be. Homes created out of the trash that others thought would never last have held up well, though most neglected to test the thought.

I have learned much from the testing and seen how things can rot and move. I have watched TV wonders on trailers that are long lost in waste. Many fads have come and gone now. RV living still goes on, but mold and other issues have come up to change the way it goes. Tents and campers, sheds turned homes, Yurts to lack the flow of air, molds that few thought might grow there. Antifungals, plasticizers, vinyl giving off EDCs, formaldehyde, and paints that are bad for the lungs, yet all breathe in… the proof of what can be has been, and now the lessons have come in. Think about the air you breathe and the spaces you perceive as healthy for the lives of those you love and would not want to lose.

Respiratory problems are now common due to molds and other things that come with the housing being built today. Like the food that has toxins and air that’s filled with smog, that’s bad for all the people who don’t know it and will wonder what went bad. Why the sickness from the issues that affect all living things when exposed in abundance, mold, and toxins kill adults and kids? Some will call the symptoms migraines or coughs and think it is a cold, while others are left lethargic and think it is stress or food. The truth is that the air we breathe determines how we sleep and if we wake with lots of power, energy to thrive, and more, to live a healthy life fulfilled instead of one in debt and ill.

I built some tiny houses from the best of Earth once found by our ancestors who used the trees and sand to form their homes. The glass they made is still so fine with waves that make it look divine. The doors and floors, the beaded ceilings, all the trees they felled to make them, still await our due respect and to be used to form new steads where homes will grow and community-based on the best, our unity. Peace be with you as you ponder how to create a world where under you and all those who may choose to live a simpler life and lose the city or technology that takes away from living free. Grow the gardens and raise fresh eggs. Fish the ponds that flourish fed. Share the land with trees instead of concrete, lawns, and streets all dead.

Raise the bar and go for healthy children who are smart and fit. Stop the killing of the people in the world with the taxes that are taken from the work hours that you give by switching to a life that gives you more to celebrate. Love your family, life, and body, knowing you have much to give to help create a place where others will share the values, not just take, but “Give” back to others to yet live. Let’s pay forward without actions and not break up to fight in factions. Help create solutions now instead of fighting when there are none around.

To do this, I am going to offer packages with little down. Financing to last a lifetime if that is what it takes to give more the chance to finally live in a tiny house that gives them a graceful chance to live well again. Will some take this chance or, better, help others get a start in life by providing space for them to build on and to start for just a while? A village setting for them to set up… a place to share the building costs. A Pure Salvage Outpost where the elders co-op with the ones who want to help. In this way, we can join together locally, where you can do the things that must be done to take part in forming a home for yourself. If more people try to do this in smaller towns, people will need to have tiny houses and share their community. Kitchens with a dining hall where those who love to cook for all gather what it takes to have the best for all who join their hands to create a village made of friends.

Can Wii do this, all the “I”s that call ourselves to at least try? Can wii find a way to be the best of our society or will the worst of those who try to destroy the culture and American Pride? What will come of the times ahead when the simple cabin represents the past when life was simple, and the bond with nature could be had? Will this be lost so Klaus and Gates will win their cyber-games and dance? Will WEF rule the day to say none of us can live this way? I wonder out loud and in this way hope I cause some to pause and say: “Stop!”

Breathe deep the Spring air, absorb the sun upon your skin, and let the dreams fulfilled begin.

Brad W. Kittel

Why not grow tiny enclaves instead of giant houses?

Gardens, not grass or poisons in yards, codes that won’t allow the tiny houses to be set up w a great plan to rebuild families.


FEB 1, 2024

If my days could all be full of joy, the thoughts of creating great things that employ the families and children, generations all involved in solving the problems of housing that can fall into the local hands of those Wii Love. Wii is all the “I”s that see and do what they can to relieve most problems for a home so they can rest, not homeless roam. So much can be done with the parts of the houses and the barns—homes for many that are fine, full of artful craftsmanship.

Why not create new villages with the intention of letting the mother, dad, and kids live together on some land with tiny houses for each one?

I foresee communities of many tiny master suites. Bedrooms with the cozy spaces where wii rest and share private moments. The standard kitchen, chores to share instead of big kitchens everywhere, with all the things most want in life and not the noise and great distractions from four generations living under one roof as times get harder still. Homelessness means having places for the kids and the loved ones’ graces, sharing gardens, chores, and more, and helping raise the grandkids who need them more. Stop the madness of giant houses when most want a space to rest but not the giant debt and repeating losses of caring for more than wii needed. Share the treasures of the past that were so well made they will last another century or two before the houses are due to be replaced once more.

Poverty is what you see the world to be from where you are, not where most others are. It is not seen by most who do not venture there to know that the houses many live in need to be torn down, it shows. Wii the people can create a pattern all can celebrate where Wii join to take apart the worst of houses to restart the path to freedom of the lower classes by showing how to help the masses if you join to learn and do the things that others can do too, learn and teach as you share the benefits with all. Salvage can make many dreams materialize with nothing, it seems. Imagination without limitations will allow us to see what can be instead of the limits placed on you and mii. I, the one you see, and the parts of my past that you can not see, the experiences that make mii now have the eyes to live free finally.

I want to share and thus inspire those who take action now for the Light that Wii can shine upon the chance not to live blind but to see the path where all can thrive. Stop the battles over skin color or any other things that need not divide us now but give us ways to overcome. Wii can thrive together if Wii join to help each other by teaching how to create homes and villages and roam out into the world in need of sharing by building more homes where they need. If you can join us at the start, and I will fuel with all the parts, then you can help carry on the ethos of the coming dawn. Salvage the best of our past and learn how to better turn our local economies into engines that can grow the veggies and create the homes.

This is just a peek into the dreams I came to share as my life climaxes, and I view the last with care. What can I do that will help you take the message of what I see as a path for most who wonder if a war may soon be seen? Prepare to recreate the society you knew, but in a way, kids will love it when they grow up with you. Do not leave and wander for a job you do not love as much as the great families that are now joining back up. Together, there is power and security for all, but the cities seem to be where many seem to fall. Beware of leaving those you love; if you can rebuild the tiny towns where love is found, it will seem like a different world. Take care of nature and your lands; your bodies are your life, and the animals are all beings who share the Earth while in this strife. Once through, I hope to see then you visit other towns that flourished through the downturns of the cities that seem doomed by the drugs and other things destroying millions by the dose.

Share your love and skills, but take back the treasures where you find the doors and windows to create a new home where someone can raise children safely and teach them right from wrong. Life is what Wii make it, the World Union of Beings not WHO, or the UNITED Nations run by patients from the mental ward. Take the world into your hands and treat it well, my friends, by creating places where the seeds of sanity can stay safe from all the crazy people poisoning such things. The sanctity of life should be respected, not with wars over shipping lanes that killed no one, but the response with bombs sure did. Stop the madness of the wars that feed on those who get richer. Pray for those who suffer now and know that if not stopped somehow, the plan is to spread like fire to countries world wide.

Make a difference locally by building pride and skills to see if this can make a difference that will be a joy for one and all. Help mii start the pilot program in a place at hand where I happen to have readied all it takes to make this plan turn into all I described above: villages all full of love, and solutions for those who want them above the alternatives of war.

Here is the interaction that inspired that little article today.


Rosy Rojas

Ey Brad! Good morning. I went with Bruce to your building for 10 pieces of corrugated metal and 14 pieces of 1×6 wood; it has been a great help; how much do I owe you? I’ll leave the money with Bruce

11:07 AM

You sent

Any idea how long they were approx. 8-10′? Does $200 sound fair?

You sent

If not, whatever you have budgeted will be fine.

You sent

Would your family build tiny houses on that site for the possible project with the city, teaching others how to build and creating a tiny community on half that property to get people started in houses that can be moved to properties prepared for them instead of the slum houses scattered about that side of town now? I am thinking of grouping houses so they have a common main kitchen and then master suites for kids, parents, etc, to have privacy. Common laundry instead of a set for each family or most chained to laundry mats for clean clothes. This is the path out of poverty, learned skills, and the ability to build houses from salvage. People in this country do not understand or teach this to families so they can be in business together and pay for their descendants with a legacy, not a Welfare check.


They were 8′., Yes, that’s okay with me. It has helped us a lot. I will leave the money to Bruce, thank you, Brad,


That is an excellent idea; my father knows how to build and is very skilled, as do my brothers. I think they would be interested in helping, in the same way I can help you with the design of the house, it is crucial to take advantage of the space and create comfort for people even if the space is small.

You sent

I call that SpaceMagic Design. You did not get to tour the inside of the houses on the last visit, did you? Please come back out with the family to see and then know what can be done. The potential is endless. Mayor Steve will be able to help push this giant plan I had but put away a decade and a half ago when I left Gonzales. I could transform the town and finally give the people of color and pride in craftsmanship a chance to shine and, in return, prosper. The kids need skills, then the contracts to build and be paid not by the hour, but by the production of houses, chicken coops, and dog houses, and then to go off and build on site where people need help, return, and make money as a team that can be trusted around the family and children of those who buy packages of materials. Plans, and need the framing done to dry in the roof and outer walls, then perhaps to let families who want to finish the more accessible part they can learn and complete fast after the team leaves. If not, like for elders, the team can premake walls and significant parts, then assemble on site after flat-packing the loads instead of paying big bucks to haul hollow boxes down the highway. That is my plan, and prototypes are here.