Will you become a SuperHero when civilization calls for Truthful Leaders? Just Fantasy?

Massive wealth is changing hands to minds that may decide to plan for what can happen when Wii all Unite. Join the fight to free Mankind and leave these evil times behind.


JUN 27, 2024


You are part of the solution or a cause for what is wrong. Is the perspective that simple? How do you draw a line between truth and a lie? What is Real-I-ty for you?

Most are living in the Matrix, just watching time go by as if they can not change the story fed to them each night. The TV is the source for “Fake News” that most use as their global eyes and views. Subject to the loss of facts exchanged for a value equal to crap, the advertisers rule the ways the news is cast to form the daze. Can you escape the phases of the matrix to become an independent thinker? To resist the propaganda of the multitudes of people who love the herd mentality? What do you do with the frequent noise that creates a haze, like chemtrails hiding what is in front of your face?

Many humans are not intent on learning daily, are not willing to turn that which is wrong back to the right or are willing to fight with all their might. Fear takes over if not prepared. A fear of death or the loss of things you hold dear can keep you from defending what is right. How can so many turn to cowards in the clinch when honor and truth are most needed in a pinch when Evil fights with Goodness? It’s my Faith that is the cinch.

All you need is a patch of wet grass to stand on for 15 minutes or better to sit or lay on a cotton cloth. It is excellent and lets the sunshine on your skin. The Earth feeds you energy up your spine, and closing your eyes to absorb the sun into your mitochondria to charge your body fuels the Light within, which bounces back from where it is sent. Like a projector light at the theater, you will not see the characters until the Light hits the screen; your melanin, part of your Melatonin system, miracles for energy, moves to you through the sun and Earth. You are but a water-filled filament connecting air to earth. Use the power of a well-grounded circuit instead of having inflammation throughout due to failing ground.

Rubber shoes instead of moccasins are all it takes to separate you from the Earth’s healing energies that drop the inflammation in your joints, like in your knees. This is proven scientifically but more efficiently, in the field for nearly free, with a simple test that everyone who does it will thus instantly agree. Field test this.

Suppose you can find two 2×4 boards as short as a foot, or better 4”x4” with two 1×12 or other boards to put on top and create a step up off from the floor to stand on comfortably, without having to concern yourself with balance. Next, stand in front of the step and feel your weight with your eyes closed before stepping up on the platform that is made of wood to lift you off the concrete floor to once again close your eyes and “feel” your weight in your body, your joints, ankles, knees, hips, and even shoulders if you wait for a minute. The pull on your body can be felt once you escape the effective magnetic pull on your blood and body, which is 70% water. It is a fantastic proof of concept that will alter your behavior if you suffer from arthritis, feel drained, worn out from working, or worse, have a concrete floor in your kitchen or whole house.

Most will see with a simple test how impressive the tug on your blood can be. You can feel it and then understand how unhealthy living on concrete can be. Many will realize this within a few days and change their lifestyle to escape the damage from living on Portland cement surfaces. Before you build or buy a house, understand that if you are into staying healthy, stay off the concrete! Due to how the lime is used, concrete wants to take your water’s negative ion charge from your body if it can and thus does not give but sucks energy from you instead. If you have ever worked on concrete floors all day instead of wooden floors, you know how this drains the body of energy and makes the joints hurt until you can escape onto the Earth to “ground” or get elevated off the concrete floor more than 1 1/2 inch. It is remarkable what a change in perspective can do to alter the course of your lifetime and the quality of life while here.

So much is now known about the world, our bodies, and the Earth’s Schumann Resonance synched with all living beings, as the Sun determines nearly everything in our weather and lives. Now the public can see the links and perhaps understand that the flashes from the sun turn into rainstorms and more when they hit the Earth’s atmosphere, and eventually the globe of mass that grows at is absorbed more hydrogen ions as water, and for those not up to speed, energy turns into mass once slowed down enough to create a new reality, constantly.

Get into the flow and know changes are coming that few can imagine, but for those who do know… our time to thrive is near! But so is the time for the Zombies to appear and must be cleared to live a peaceful life. Sci-fi as surreality is just around the corner in some lands of fantasy, conspiracy, and predictions. What will actually “be” depends on you and Mii. Prepare by shaping and forming your vessel to be grounded, fit, and ready to move swiftly as the times to shine are near. If you feel trapped, get out and make your changes while you have the chance to alter your future course, to become an example of what the outliers, the seers at the Chasm on the Fringe of the herds of Sheople who are running by.

https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/hTbrL5V8oXo?rel=0&autoplay=0&showinfo=0&enablejsapi=0 Chasm at the Fringe Poem for Inspiration as you make your Leap of Faith.

Stand tall and observe, for there is little one can do but turn around and leap the Chasm at the Fringe with the faith that others can not have unless they do believe. Faith is the component that ignites the Light within and lets the few well-chosen take us into a great land where the future will be wonderful, a paradise again.

Be the example that kids will seek to follow and become the icons for future generations that Wii dream will run the world in ways that do not use wars to destroy so many in this way. Share the concept of a World United for all Beings to share and prosper with the sense of all the Beings here. Not just humans, please now behold, the disclosure will let truths unfold, and finally, man will come to know Wii are not the only ones to show and grow a society in this transforming world. Under oceans, below the lands, many others share the planet, but so few get to know. The time is near when it will be clear, and humanity will finally show that the Watchers who control the puppets are more significant than you know.

No fear, but do prepare to stay free of the vax-n-go as so many check out now with cancer and other things. They shed and grow to eliminate the weakest of humans, as we now know. Savor the dayz and eat a bunch of eggs so the “spikes” can not stick to your body.

Blessings and gratitude for becoming an example of what Wii can be, the “I”s that shine so bright that others soon will know that there is another path to take, the one our acts will show.

There is nothing to censor here, just fantasy for Darby and Rubbles to share, to see, written by Mii, the “I” that is the body, the “I” that is the Spirit that forms Mii. Cartoonery for a fantasy world, surrealistic as the matrix is, is simple. Really.

Kirsten Dirksen, my favorite producer of documentaries, has created a new story about Salvage, Texas.

It’s been many years since the “Willy Wonka of Tiny Houses” video that has had millions of views, but truly it was a pleasure to see her and update what us Oldtimers can do.


JUN 03, 2024

Truly, I have been honored by one of my favorite producers of stories that help us understand our potential as a species and share our responsibility for nature and the world that we love. Join me on a new adventure into the world of possibilities as the changes unfold and people begin to view the world from new perspectives now that staying healthy is becoming a fabulous thing to do.


I was given a bit of the light from her efforts and works illuminating what people have done to grow tiny houses, villages, and homesteads that offer much to learn from in a world that has forgotten how important it is to be one with nature. Grounding and growing food through aquaculture in places worldwide, Kirsten has traveled with her family and explored the most incredible feats of homesteading wonders found on Earth. From underground to treehouses, from communities to near hermits living out their dreams, she has traveled worldwide to show us what we could do.

Please explore the world through the eyes of Kirsten as she tells my story her way, as she sees it after more than five decades of transforming the trash and past treasures I have found into art houses, and pieces that I hope will inspire. What will you create to celebrate and film to show the ones who follow us what they can do? Please be strong, and if inspired, make your dream come true. If I can, I promise you, I will do what I can to help you on the journey to create solutions you can use.

Please share and show you care with a like and a comment if you will to support the work that Kirsten does around the world to let others know what the Oldtimers do.

If you have a dream and land, a group of people and a plan, let me know and see if Wii can help you create your fantasy. Truly, there will be a way if you are willing to work this way and form your dreams into a way to form the future you want someday. It has taken mii a few quick years to create the things you see here. You can do much more, and be true; I will help you if your heart is true.

So watch her work and learn so you will know what it will take to make your dreams grow. What you will need that Wii have learned to do and hopefully, wii can share it all with you. Oldtimers are the way to understanding what few know in youth, so it is a great thing to be part of what will live to bring the solutions that wii found by living life here on the ground and not just talking of what could be but showing what wii can do for you to see. Come and join us to learn and get in shape for what may come if the sun declares its time for a cycle to wash the world.