What keeps people from building Incredible Organic Cottages with Salvage? Ignorance!

That is simply not knowing there are ways to get all the materials nearly for free to build tiny organic villages from the remains of old neighborhoods that crashed.

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter for those who want to create sustainable homes.
A tiny organic cottage built from salvaged vintage materials to last a century or more. Learn how?

Given the tools, skills accumulated in the elders who were carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other such life skilled workers that are now becoming scarce… why not transfer this skillset and teach the kids that do want to learn, though few in comparison to the TV/cellphone addicted masses. Some people want to learn more, to build a tiny house, even create a career out of creating healthy organic houses for others without consuming trees, burning carbon fuels to transport, cutting down trees in forests, forming glass from sand, hardware which comes from China.

Why not help create the next generation of housing for as much of America as possible from the massive stores of inventory that are hidden in houses, barns, and buildings that look like they need to be torn down. If through no other means than to advocate for salvage mining and building, giving guidance to others who want to but do not know how, or to build with real wood, the old way instead of new. Wood on the walls instead of sheetrock which has no structural value has black mold spores dormant and waiting for water to flourish again. Latex paints give off acrylic gas as they cure and smell so fresh, yet are unhealthy for respiratory issues like COPD. Why add that to your house which is closed up most of the time?

If you would like to learn how to create such things as Art Houses from the best of our ancestors centuries past, would you? Doors for walls instead of sheetrock, trim, doors, and so much more, saving energy by not mining iron ore then casting a tub, adding porcelain, and shipping it from the Northeastern US to Texas long ago by train. Such energy saved by not forming glass, by not making hardware, that is truly the sustainable way to build without burning fossil fuels… yet few copied what I demonstrated and proved possible: 95% Pure Salvage Building should be coming into vogue finally and my prophecy is that it will become a Renaissance in thinking of sources for materials and becoming inspired to develop skills so that people who build can also have fun, be artists, and have the greatest of patrons living in your creations.

So let us salvage the treasures of wood, brick, glass, doors, windows, and more to build a new generation of housing designed for more expensive fuel to heat with, or more expensive food. Let us take the old structures down to the ground and use the parts to create the most incredible generation of rightly sized energy-efficient sustainable housing in history. Instead of everyone seeing who can build the biggest house out of trashy sheetrock and concrete, disposable homes at a half-million dollars with hollow core doors. Want to learn how to do this too?

Expensive houses that are basically created from the cheapest of woods or even glued together pieces of wood, veneers over particle board glued together and nearly all of it outgassing chemicals that are not healthy. How fast can you build? That is the question… not how well can you create a house that will be alive for a century, not dead on arrival from a carbon footprint perspective.

Given I do not wish to grow FB coffers by having a membership on their platform, please consider supporting this one library of books, articles, and the many writings of Brad Kittel and Darby Lettick on healthy living the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance way.

If you want to see this evolve into teaching those who do not buy a package of material to build with, then help by being a paid subscriber as even your $5 a month or founding member contributions go toward publishing these posts for others to see and learn how to also do this and satisfy the demand for such tiny organic cottages as this favorite of mine. Above, Carlos, my best carpenter and much like a son, studied my method and mastered this craft before returning to Mexico. Pity he is not one of those getting to come back into America as he was an incredible worker and artist with wood.

I use a view of the grave to birth a salvage cycle that can create houses that are better than any most other sustainable alternatives in the world. This is not just due to the climate change based on carbon consumption which I do not support as much as giving credit to the sun. It is for health reasons, more important is the toxic vapors outgassing for 3-5 years from vinyl, plastics, paints, rugs, and other fabricated things forced upon the public, like Electric Magnetic Frequencies that damage the body. I want to do this for all the materials that will last another century when used to create more housing for the future that allows us to change from AC electric to Off-Grid living with solar, wind, and water power.

Creating all the luxury, the lighting, and the things builders use can actually be harmful to your health in many ways. Not just the gross consumption factor, the waste of space and fuel to heat and cool it all, not to mention making glass, concrete, transporting the materials from around the world instead of staying relatively local, and by cutting new trees down, or using carpets, particleboard cabinets and other limited life parts. These things are all trash with heavy maintenance in 15 years, often greater in cost than the payments on the house. Tragically, the 25-year mark on a modern home is old age with rare neighborhoods surviving their demise due to poor maintenance by renters.

As people abandon apartments, condos, and giant subdivisions they will have to go somewhere to escape renting for life. I suggest more subdivisions catering to tinier cottages and houses will evolve at what seems like flash speed but they have been in the process of watching for a few years, getting through the code limits demanding more than 750 square feet to build in the cities or towns for example. Space-age (Icynene) insulation lets 2 inches plug the gap ( stops 94% of heat/cold) and allows window-weighted mechanisms to have their hidden cast iron accomplices in the wall behind the trim shown below.

Many of the codes are designed to force corporate profits by making the public use things instead of salvaged woods, glass, electrical wiring, and lighting. We can change the rules to fit the needs when the only loss is to the global corporations, not to the locals who need the benefit of flexible building codes that allow for tiny houses built from salvage locally or in America.

Please share and promote by letting others know this newsletter will give you all you need to become a millionaire if you wish, from the salvage industry. Truly you can find a career, a niche market growing fast, and even help develop those intentional communities everyone is now talking about. Join me in providing solutions and getting a Pure Salvage Living Outpost cranked up to near you, the Co-op of the future.

Imagine a series of houses together that help form a family gathering of master suites, a study room, kitchen, and eating house to gather and share cooking or games, an office for working with the internet, or a chapel perhaps. These are the tiny parts of an intentional community or village, a compound, or a family farm. Why not consider creating them from salvaging the best of what was used to do the same the last time people decided to live a simpler life in the country rather than in the hustle, bustle, and crime of the city?

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Creating Organic Tiny Cottages toxin & Import-Free, beautifully to grow healthy free living in a permaculture paradise.

Barter harder to succeed instead of finding the cash to seed your dreams so they can grow like weeds.

Yes, golf carts, tools, cars and trucks… trade things for your house parts plus, seminars to learn how to create the perfect house for you.

Tiny Texas Houses
From windows created long ago by people I would love to know, as well as how to create this glass.

Breaking out of the Matrix is not as hard as you have been told by those afraid of breaking out, changing the way they live, where they live, or what they do for an almost living wage. What of those who get paid so much that saying no takes much more guts because you know that if you do the house of cards, your debt is due. Yikes… with a credit score no more… when only cash will do, trade away the other things that no longer work for you. Kayaks, canoes, and 4-wheelers, tractors, tools, and other things that if you could but sell them now you could have cash or move somehow on making what you want to come true.

Why not barter to transmute what you have sitting here and hiding there, perhaps in storage where you pay for its care? Think about the things you have that fit such things as I expressed and if you find you want to trade, don’t let that thought just age and fade, write or call, let us know, then get that hubby up and go. Gather goods, like guns and things that he has too much of, don’t complain, boxes of lead formed semi-round are the sorts of things that can be found to trade for windows, doors, and floors, in fact nearly all you need to score to create your Dream Homes one by one to Loophole round the taxing fun and find a path to then grow more, a village next, Wii offer more.

Perhaps you have some things about, an old car hidden in the garage or out in the barn where the owls have shat to make it ugly where it sat. Let us know and we just might find a way to turn it into two kinds of things that you can then transform into a house or even store. Would you like a Pure Salvage Outpost or more to create tiny cottages where you live for more of the many people who wish they could find someone who wants to build with wood. Please share the thought with those you know, the elders with tools and the knowledge that shows we can join in Co-ops where the fun can grow as the houses are created with the help of those who know how to build something well, the American way, before it was cheapened and the quality destroyed.

Bring back pride in American Made and the best way to do it is to respect those days when the ancestors created with the best of the wood and with the intention of it lasting for a lifetime if they could. Respect, and even more, salvage the best and then restore the lifeskills and the craftsmanship, the pride and work they did, by rebuilding in the kids today the will to be that way.

How do Wii teach around the world to all of those who feel hurled by all the things beyond their control that suddenly have taken hold? Weather that no one can stop, volcanos flowing from the top, icy weather that’s rarely seen in places that are mostly green, or Deserts, rains that flood the towns, and Earthquakes that keep coming round, getting stronger, no mercy mean, as if we’re building to extremes.

Thus the beginning comes if that is so and this for sure I truly know… there are millions ready for the end of this show and a new beginning where the Free can go. Let the ones who love to be controlled remain in the grasp of the rich and old, the despots and the lunatics that run the world of Politics are doomed to fall, transparently, to thus be judged for the world to see.

Punished such that none repeat the dastardly deeds of the heartless greed that brought on all the plagues and fear, with a bad intention now so clear that the world will strike the vipers down, take the heads but keep the crowns of Royals and of Rich who played the world as suckers, may they soon parade. Down the streets into the holes, cast from anywhere they go, homeless, friendless, soon to know the pain and suffering they imposed. Can Wii, Will Wii, all the “I”s, see with more than just the eyes, know from facts and proof at last, and with that judge the very fast.

What a rabbit hole that was, the path to barter through the curtain that blinds the many to what they know, to buy with dollars, that is all. No big box stores to barter at… well not for you if subscribed to this for a paid subscription lets you do the barter that will get you through the hard times when no cash is near but you got things that we hold dear.

Please let us know, so goes the rhyme, and hopefully, while there is time to build your tiny cottage still before the next winter gets colder still. Blessings to your days and nights, to get your tiny house created just right, and to dream with visions that you set out to make and the parts Wii have waiting for you to come take. Savor the day, the opportunity of the moment, and the path along the way to your visions coming true. May Truth be with you. For the paid subscribers who get to read this far, to find out they have just gotten a giant discount for the parts… 30% off of any purchase large or small if you mention that you are a paid subscriber and you saw this offered here, perhaps you’d like some bead board like you see used in my home, Temple Tanrta has a ceiling like few others I have known… a variety of beaded wood more than a century old with colors of the time gone by still warm pastels of many grains and shadows to entertain the mind.

Please let us know, support our work, subscribe if you can, wii will give you a start. Inspirations are hard to find in a world that seems to bump and grind most to a pulp with such distractions that we seldom get to actions it will take to reach the place, to live free in a happy space. What are you dreaming of one day? A giant house with great taxes to pay or a simple little cottage in the woods so far away from the world of things that stress so many, kill them in the end with the fears of loss and anger, of the debt that never ends so that those you like to hang with will consider you still friends. If that is what it takes to be a friend to those you like to see then blessings to your life and thee… I do choose different, with thanks, I’m Free!

Winter’s that transform summers, extremes like 1815 rule the year. For those prepared, our view is clear: Run from the RESET!

Winter transforms to summer, extremes like 1815 rule in the years ahead. For those prepared, our view is clear: Run from the RESET! Not in Fear, winter is clipping us at Salvage, Texas Brrr. Prepare for more North to Southeast… No end is near? No RESET!

So I did a bit more than letting the pipe drip just for the icy sculpture. This is not a regular event in Salvage, Texas… though not immune from freezes, it is not an annual affair historically. I suspect with all the volcanic ash in the stratosphere, that will change over the next few years, but still far better than the year without a summer ahead.

Please, Prepare for a very different year my friends as the sun tell the Earth what to do instead of Man. Got our plans ready. How about you? Fun times for those that came to Earth to have an exciting life filled with great challenges, successes, and the springboard to even greater times ahead, millennium after millennium.

Let’s make Mother Earth worth coming back to once again and leaving it as peaceful as we can for the children who survive the societies we once knew coming to an end.

Amazing resources from our past could not be tapped for a cost comparable to inferior cheap imports that are no longer available, toxic concoctions of vinyl, glued woods, and other outgassing things are more costly. Thus does the public finally consider the value of salvaging the worlds greatest treasure hidden in what appears to be trash.

This is a new world and the Reset is underway, regardless of what you think, feel, or if you even understand what all that entails. You are in the flow of those who know controlling how the distribution of nearly all things will go.

This is how they will know before you what is coming and thus take full advantage of you in the competitive games of the material world… the Matrix. How will you fit in, if at all, in the plan that some have for how the world will run?

The Winter is upon us, people of the world, and the jabbing, stabbing, deadly pains you may be feeling are the “Growing Pains” caused by the wrong ideology expanding into our reality, not imaginary anymore, the Reset is in motion.

Soon the realization of what has been done to set this up, to wipe out millions upon millions of pests, species, societies that interfere with a plan that is quite clear, just more exclusive than inclusive.


Which side of the benefits package being offered to conformity are you on? Giant houses, fancy cars, jewelry, and all the trappings of success? A jet setter fully jabbed and flying high up in the sky, absorbing RADs and none too shy to take the reigns and aim for the sun? Does one upon the Chariot understand the consequences of such flights of fancy without knowing that the Chariot is built of hard Wax but it will melt! Your carriage gone, the greedy fall into the Sun, and thus the new world forms with those who stay well-grounded and prepared. The world seems so surreal these days. As if in a dream where so many things are going on around the world that no one can really know what will come. Volcanos, earthquakes, droughts then flooding, storms, unlike any modern man has experienced and governments in the crosshairs of their unhappy populace that is nearing civil war in many countries or has already moved to that phase of dismantling the systems that have clearly failed.

A World Union of Beings may be possible in this modern age of technology but the forces that do not want the people to all wake-up and question the way the world is run are hard at work to keep the populace asleep. Is such Union even possible with so many different views and moral systems, so many religions that seem to think they are the only ones with a right to rule the world? How do Wii, all the “I”s of the world work our way through the challenges now facing us to clean up the governments, the topsy turvy rich versus poor battle of divisiveness that will cause many to kill each other for all the wrong reasons? This is the big question but all most of us can do is deal with the local issues, the home, food, and security for our family, loved ones, and community. Bravo for the leaders who set the example of what great people can be instead of lying, stealing, and taking advantage of their positions for personal gain and power.

Please join us in delineating between the people who are purely evil in their intent and weed them out of positions of control, influence, and power. Take the bad leaders out, the liars, the killers, the verifiably evil humans who are indeed planning the RESET that they will control, as they say, themselves, regulate the world with global leaders not elected but selected by those with the power, the money, the controls in their hands.

If one person can create this landscape solo, in two months with caves, 30′ deep waters, and naturally filled, would you believe it was possible? Would you believe if you did not see it yourself? How does one know truth except by facts… when they seem so easy to hide these days?

Corporations without people to punish for the bad acts should not exist or be given a Corporate Board Lobotomy and then put to rest with the body left over being fed back into the system so that the smaller fish can feed on the Sharkmeat that should be accumulating soon. Yes, Shark Hunting will become a sport in the public eye once the exposure, yes, the full disclosure of the facts and people who have caused the world such pain as you are seeing from distribution systems on down, in order to implement this RESET they have planned.

Blessings for your ride today into the world you create to stay long after Wii are gone. Tiny organic toxin and import-free building that sets us back on course to self sufficiency, growing life skills while young again, and teaching that health, not materials wealth is what is most important to live a phenomenal life without big Pharma, giant Jabberwocky conspiracies, and others such things from the world of fantasy. Join me as many think that is where I be, and I agree, for Salvage, Texas is indeed such fantasy but turned into reality as proof of what one broken poor kid can do instead of suicide when times are hardest, you are young, beaten down, and wondering why go on. Truly, if you study the success of those before you, know there is a way, please take it and run, run, run to as far away as you can get from the RESET.

Train your Placebo Power to defeat sickness. Why ignore Superpowers science admits exists?

This has been Proven around the world: healthy living is not just diet & exercise, it is attitude, ability to handle stress, to heal fast, have an amazing immune system.

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Are you ready to become a Superhero?

No medicine or injection can be justified as being a medicine unless it meets a standard through testing new medicinal chemical compounds on humans so as to see if those who do not get it will heal better using the Placebo Effect. That is when the person thinks the sugar pill they are taking will cure them, simply by being told it could, and they are then healed, even though they were not given any medicine whatsoever. Their belief that they would heal is all it took to make it happen in 33% of the people tested with no training on how to amplify the Placebo Effect which is known to be up to 66% effective in curing colds, flu, and even cancer. What if you were to hone and improve your ability to heal yourself using that amazing phenomenon that all medicines must surpass in testing results to go on the market and be sold to you?

Our belief systems determine our physical condition, as is proven by a hypochondriac who is often sick by believing they will become so, also called the “Nocebo Effect”, again a proven factor in how people are affected by the fear of getting sick bringing the symptoms into the people, even when they do not have a cause, the effect will show on their body. Hypnosis is often used as an example of how people will show a physical reaction to what they believe to be going on, hot outside makes them sweat, cold being suggested to them and they are then shivering, and even able to not feel pain when stuck with a pin if told they will not feel it.

With all this proof that the body can be altered by no more than the expectation or belief system, physiology can be altered. The Ice Man, Wim Hoff, is a classic exemplification of someone who has mastered his body to take the ice, poison injected into him, and other tests to show the body is amazingly invulnerable if you switch on the systems that can override nearly all threats. He has even gone to the point of injecting infections that should have killed any normal man and survived, then trained others to be able to do the same. We play roles in life, be a warrior, not helpless victims!

With such evidence at hand, why do so many choose to be the victim instead of turn on their superpowers that allow us to cure ourselves 66% of the time with little more than our mind, our breathing, our urine, our grounding, clay that absorbs the heavy metals, toxins, and to be aware of the community of gut biome, how we feed them with the foods we eat as well as not destroying them with broad-spectrum antibiotics that have been so commonly given in America. Too many people run to the doctor to fix what they could take care of or prevent from ever getting bad if they just educate themselves. The trick is how, and who to trust.

Finding guides on the road to good health is riddled with the snake-oil salesman, pills that make you a stud or drop 150 pounds off from your body. How do you know you are on the right track and not just following a carrot that you will never reach like a donkey? If they are selling you the answers for big bucks and you can not learn without paying for the super-supplements, secret knowledge, or 3-week magical muscleman workouts and results. Suckers look for the super easy but the fact is it just takes doing the work, the simple workouts that teach balance, stretching, and build strength, coordination, and thus maintain the machine, the body that your spirit occupies for this entire lifetime.

Why would you not change the oil, keep the tires good, not trash the car if you knew it was what would take you to the store, carry your family to a happy life, or give you all you can imagine in a Heaven on Earth life if you care for it with the respect for your God that granted you this chance. What are you doing with this gift of body and life? Don’t tell me you are just treating it like a trash can or toilet you can flush garbage through. That is absurd!

Once this is understood, the skills to master the body are learned, many of the ordinary things like colds and flu, using simple natural methods like urine therapy, grounding, eating bentonite clay, and other methods that have been around and used for many millennia to cure people. That was prior to the version of medicine that is PHARMA dependency oriented rather than curative, primarily promoted by the American Medical Association due to the profits, the desire to grow them, and the lack of any incentive to cure people rather than feed off their addictions and dependency on the drugs manufactured to hide symptoms instead of rid the person of their ailments. I do not believe that the industry of medicine is going to change the people and get them to take care of themselves instead of nurturing dependency on the doctors, thus riches for those who serve the people who are destroying their bodies in ignorance.

If you want to learn how to be healthy, to take the steps of willpower that stop the sugar, refined flours, artificial sweeteners, too much protein in the wrong forms, failure to care for the sleep, exercise, and other necessary measures it takes to stay fit until you are in our 70-90’s as has been historically possible, far more in fact is possible if we do not destroy our bodies with self-abuse. Please learn that if you take control, your ability to jack up the power of curing your body, mind, and with the Spirit engaged, Truth guiding you and not distractions oriented around self-destruction. Your fire in the belly is what heats the world around, warms others and creates with your love and passion. Don’t limit your potential by never lighting up your passions and letting them fuel your life. The middle path and not the extremes will lead to a wonderful life… and you do not have to believe in fire for it to exist, but knowing how to create it inside the body, the heater, is what makes life great inside when its cold out in the real world. How do you fuel your fires?

You are the driver, the filament in the gelatinous shell that orchestrates the biome you call your body. You determine the population of your intestines that create the cures from the samples taken by the sinus passages through the nose, diagnostic centers that transmit the needed cures to the intestinal tract where it produces them and inserts them into you and your urine… known as the “Water of Life”.

There are many ways to stay healthy, using supplements if you get the right ones, but more you can do so many simple things that will help you attain a highly efficient, extremely powerful human being. Please consider that only you can determine the body, the mind, the power you choose to claim and utilize to manifest an incredible world and destiny. What you do with that will determine the future, the next millennium that will follow these many challenges ahead? Your works may be what makes the world a better place for many who follow, even if it is only to savor the beautiful things you might create that are useful too, like Art Houses you can live in for a great life.

Please, do not think that your thoughts do not make a difference in the world, your local world is the most important for you to have an impact on. Your vessel is essential for the challenges ahead. Bring it up to a higher functioning powerhouse of self-healing, regenerative youthful living that is possible with a simple life instead of a stressful toxic version of living in the city. It is a choice each of us can make. If in the city, EMF and so much more are added to the challenging list of things that will impact your health, it is possible once you learn how to protect yourself.

Best wishes to your best version of yourself that you can create as you replace every cell in your body over the next 7 years, as we all do. Build the best new body you can as others beg for big PHARMA to save them when all it can possibly do is imitate the amazing powers that we have to cure ourselves, to become amazingly healthy, and to create an incredible life outside the Sheople world of distraction, TV marketing, and living in a Mass Media dreamland that has little to do with reality. V is for victory!

It is the World Union of Beings that decide to fix the problems by providing solutions everyone can benefit from, leaders who do not seek war and power, but peace and prosperity which is part of our next Millenium if Wii, all the “I”s of the world unite by communicating. Stop censorship, open the doors to all countries and people to share, and let us reach homeostasis that allows us to live together peacefully one day. In the meantime, people are going crazy, crime is rampant, suicide is epidemic, so the time has run out to take action and bring on this change.

I hope you are prepared. You are a miracle walking, talking, and ready to alter the course of the future by creating it. Ready? The Ship of Salvaged Dreams takes off at night and picks up the dreamers for a voyage to Salvage, Texas for the night. Then in the morning bright and new, it takes them back to their bed, like you, and sets them on a course to change their lives. Blessings to your voyage on this night.

Start by rethinking your priorities and see if you can downsize the drama, the stress, the doing what you hate to do times in life. Only you can take the steps to change your life.

Plans, organic sustainable materials, a seminar to learn the basics to assemble a tiny organic cottage… then what?

The “If you could would you?” question looms tall in 2022. Sustainable communities of grand proportions could be created from salvaged treasure.

Things that are old, created by our ancestors, and passed down to us to touch and view with awe at the amazing resourcefulness they exhibited given the primitive tools, lack of electricity, and other tales we have been told of the past. The truth is, upon close scrutiny, there is no way modern humans in this day and age are capable of creating the great art treasures, architectural wonders of the past world. It is not just a single example in one place but many such as the amazing Star Forts and evidence of incredible builders that caved through the Earth and built on mountaintops in ways we have yet to explain.

Sculptures, and furniture, jewelry, and hardware, how did they do it all without electricity? Certainly, the key, if one can be found for such beauty to be created by mankind was that the imagination and passions must be fueled by the highest of energies to accomplish such wonders of the world.

For the most part, average people have few life skills to build their own big house, apartment building, or car they drive each day. They are not likely to learn how in a lifetime but they could learn how to build a tiny house, then if done several times, and with help, a tiny community of people who share building bigger structures for kitchens or common areas than you need to sleep in or have privacy at night… such as a detached bedroom or master suite cottage. That is after all a special place, not needing to be an entire house around each but sharing some common areas, turf, studios, libraries, or other such rooms. Please consider the possibilities of the exquisite bathhouse, the more compact showers, and kitchenettes in tiny master suites compared to other designs in housing groups of people who like each other.

That is the big trick in the end, not the building of the houses but where you put them and who else shares that community with you. People that contribute are great while others that just take away, distract, talk too much while doing too little are not always an asset nor desired if there is a population cap on a community. Otherwise, millions will flood a great place and destroy it, even if being no more than tourists, the masses are destructive just by the volume of excrement, trash, and urine they leave behind after their visits. Others have to pick up the litter, dispose of the waste, and somehow preserve nature with such numbers of people tromping around? How do you keep near do wells, addicts, thieves, and those who suck off the energies and innocence of trusting good people? There are ways and each community will take its own approach, including building walls like Texas on the border to stop drugs, criminals, and trafficking of all sorts since the feds abandoned their posts at the top. I pray for all who seek a peaceful community that they find and can keep it so in the future.

Can an exemplary community avoid the impact of the many that come to learn, share, and then live there? Some to, but the intention, ability to house the guests, and the path to a common goal, communication between all who live there, a unity of purpose to hold them together during hard times. This is what we need to think of as anyone tries to grow a community. There are a few great examples of communities that are well organized, peaceful, offering abundant education and support for others, as in central Texas, Waco Heritage Homestead for example, but overall the great proof of concept, are few and far between. As others begin, there are seminars, books, and even experts of various sorts on permaculture, construction, planning at several levels for government, and more. I applaud your efforts in advance and hope Wii of Tiny Texas Houses and Salvage, Tx. can be of help on your path ahead.

Will this be your year to start building your tiny organic and sustainable lifestyle? Are you looking to downsize, get out of the city and become a nature buff, off-grid if the time came… prepared. Once it was a way to make fun of people by calling them preppers… but now people are told to prepare by the government, weather channels, and news. Does that mean it is okay to be preparing now for the things that are already upon everyone but it was not before the time to already be ready comes? Is that not confusing but add to that, it may just be intended that way so that you will pay much more not than when only crazy people bought up stuff… downsized, got healthier in case of pandemics, and other such imaginary things? Join us in the fantasy world of what if you could live a dream life simply put. Consider the rewards and hopefully, you too will come to share the benefits of our Pure Salvage Living Renaissance too.

For more time in the dream, as if in a hologram perhaps, a paradise for sure, and see how to manifest yours in the place you want, perhaps even building it yourself. Consider joining us by supporting our efforts with your subscription on Substack and thus learn of many benefits others will not get to enjoy. Visit us in Salvage, Tx. where ingenuity and imagination meet with salvage to create dreams come true for you soon, through a visit I know comes with a special view. May your perspicuity be divinely guided in the year ahead.