Salvage Weddings create Organic Love Cottages

Most young couples dream of a starter home they could live in, take with them one day if they should move, or leave beside the bigger house if adding on will not fill their needs if the family were to grow.

Organic toxin-free houses with lots of healthy air to breath, wood, outdoors in the country if you can, for many want to but the plan requires a tiny house to start, if you have a Salvaged Wedding, well that may be pretty smart.

Imagine all the windows, the doors as you explore on a BnB Hunt weekend in warehouses great and small. Treasure you could rent to have in a Wedding built on dreams with intentions more than photos on a Honeymoon at sea.

The wisdom of the family, the tools and gifts of hands that in just a few days could assemble a dream that few could find in their travels around the world to celebrate the love inside. Once you have that, please be sure, the home is next to best ensure that if you should desire much more, you have the Heart that built the home, your friends and family, not alone, and thus your heirloom is your home, your proof of what is yet to come.

The greatest gift is the vessel you are living in, then Love, and how you shelter those vessels that miracle come through an offer to help from my heart is so true that if I can help this happen, let me do it for you.

We can set up a number of possible ways to see if you can get into the wedding embellishment business with architectural antiques and oddities, the things you might build your cottages with, and the path to making dreams become hope and a way for your family to grow and be paid in a new form of Wedding, Salvage Living my way.

Darby Lettick

conservator for Tiny Texas Houses

Dreams lead to the magic of manifestation… imagination, synchronicity, perspicuity required.

If you want to create an organic tiny house or cottage, here is a magical path to that end with hardly any cash.

For the next 6 weeks, Tiny Texas Houses will be emptying much of the warehouses full of the parts and pieces it takes to create such beautiful stuff. Brad Kittel, the creator and designer of the Tiny Texas House Space Magic Design methods that make for energy-efficient, spacious feeling, full of storage tiny houses will design with the parts you pick if you wish for help. From air flow to how to position the house on the property, much can be had from years of doing just those things you want to do. Why not barter for the parts or just buy them if you wish, many ways to make that happen and be on your way to the dream cottage in the woods. Why not?

When you look into the mirror to see what you might find, is the person you want looking back agreeing with a smile. If not spend just a moment and make friends if yet you can, tell them that you love them and perhaps the smile will bend from a frown to what you want to see… a happy person looking back at mii.

Visit Salvage, Texas to spend a night in a house or three days while you pick and choose, drop off your trade, and load a trailer with the parts you will need to build a dream in the form of House Art you can live in for the rest of your life.

Contact [email protected] for more information about your plans and how to manifest them with the help of Tiny Texas Houses plans, parts, past successes that will enable you to do the things you did not think possible.

Is it magic to turn a 1 ton pickup truck into all the materials one might need to build an organic sustainable house? No, its a barter.

What if you had an old 2005 Chevy one ton dually and wanted all the parts to build your mom or family home from the best vintage wood, great doors and windows, flooring, siding, roofing, and more… bartered rather than paid for in cash or credit, just an old running truck in decent shape that dad left behind to trade one day for all the parts you need?

What about the 4 wheeler, golf cart, tractor, or other things that you don’t need that could become the parts that seed the kids to help you build that tiny organic cottage in the woods that will not take your money for taxes like the big house, or the utilities, or the other costs that should not last until our end, but they seem too?

Why not do your living on a smaller scale, and spend that money on better food, more experience, or more time with family and friends?

The Bartherthon at our warehouses during August, perhaps even September, as we empty some of the massive inventories, you could get all the parts without cash.

Truly this is a rare chance to fill a trailer up with things you do not need, want, or care to go through selling to get the cash to convert to things you want. Why not trade and cut out all those steps?

Know anyone who needs the parts to build and has so many things they could trade if only they knew?

Please share… let others know and perhaps they may give you a chance to build that house, paying you with other bartered goods or with the money that was not needed to buy the materials that were untouchable before the chance to barter.

Think about it, who do you know, and what you might do to get that tiny house, that new path to take to a happier, healthier, and tinier existence.

contact [email protected]

When you look into the mirror to see what you might find, is the person you want looking back agreeing with a smile. If not spend just a moment and make friends if yet you can, tell them that you love them and perhaps the smile will bend from a frown to what you want to see… a happy person looking back at mii.

First with your list of what you want to trade,

Create a list of what you want in return,

and perhaps you have a path to get all you need to build that house,

start a business building tiny houses for others,

or more, a career in bartering

and/or selling salvage for commissions… a free agent or broker…

but not broke but making money from the salvage industry.

The more imagination and work you want to do, the more trading you can help happen, you will be rewarded in so many ways you can not imagine.

More millionaires are made from the salvage industry than any other in America.

and then you can have your dream come true like this one is… one day at a time.

This was a dream that took two months of extreme focus and dedication to create, solo, for one man in his mid-sixties to create so you would have a place to swim after gathering all your stuff to take home on a hot day. Play, dream sustainably, like the Ship of Salvaged Dreams, you can save the best of your past to create an incredible future. Get going now.
The Bridge Over Untroubled Waters to the Ship of Salvaged Dreams atop of Miracle Mountain. Rare sight

Why not get a piece of it through trade, bartering time, or stuff to open a door to the dreams you wish to see before you move on to another life?


May your perspicuity lead you to understand the synchronicity and not miss the door to opportunity on which you have a chance to enter. What will you do?

Barterthons should be more common! You have treasure to trade for your dreams to come true.

So let’s have a bonfire of an event to get that idea off the ground… like a smoke signal… Salvage, Texas Lights UP!

The Bridge Over Untroubled Waters to the Ship of Salvaged Dreams atop of Miracle Mountain. Rare sight

Imagine getting the materials to build your dreams out of your imagination and action, siding, doors, windows, flooring, ceilings, walls of beauty, and forming the organic home you might live in for life. Barter is a another way to Trade away the things you might not need, from tools or equipment left behind in estates, lawnmowers, and tractors, 4 wheelers, golf carts, guns, ammo, or other things you have more of than the need for materials to build your home, village, or gathering place!

What does the door to opportunity and your future look like?
Why not build a house or two that is not big but sure could do all that you need for it to be the paradise you create near free? Imagine a barter or two, depending on what you have on hand to exchange, throw away to get this sort of materials to create this sort of home? hmmmm. If generations work together, trading off for things they need, using all the wisdom to do what human action will unleash. Create a home, perhaps a village, never spend on parts you need that could be traded for the things that do not serve to set you Free without turning into money first. The swindles and the chicanery on Marketplace, Craigs List, and fees from Ebay and the other platforms, why not barter and take action? Skip the cranks and scams that grow or meeting to be robbed as shown by those who wish to get ahead and get in trouble, ripped off instead.
hidden here and there are treasures waiting for the house to live in till the owner leaves them one day and they care for others then. Build a house that is unique, a place to love, a place to seek.

Instead of selling at the pawnshops or at a sale, some things are worth trading up and skipping out on the taxes of income, or other things that come with a sale instead of a trade. 1 great Old Chevy 1 ton dually, 2005 for example, could get you all the materials for a small set of houses, yes a tiny village. There are ways to get to the place you want to be, from wood to windows, doors, or more, the path could be bartering as your very best store.

Ready for your own community center called a Pure Salvage Outpost so that you too can grow a community outside the city? Yes… dreams can come true!

A time to ebb & a time to flow… a time to retreat, yes a time to go.

When do you pull back, call the omens out, see the fate of fighting them to thus retreat?

What next in your life of cycles and phases, of unexpected turns, even landslides of uncontrollable elements messing up your plan? What happens when you learn that all things will not be what you want them to be went the fog clears from the last two years of rampant economic terrorism that has struck the small businesses of America?

Many are trying to salvage a future from the disasters, fires, floods, riots, and economic upheaval of all sorts not expected just two years ago. What do you do next? Where do you go? Is there a place to escape to that the trouble will not come?

What are you imagining, creating as you go, to make the world more beautiful any way you know?

It took years to create the following on FB and Youtube, while I have posted on Telegram, used a number of platforms, I am not inspired any longer to go to the race for viewers, the following that needs nurturing to develop is no longer reachable for the most part… too many mediums have diluted the reach of anyone.

Why get old if you do not have to… old in the sense that you can not function like a 30 year old or better. No need but it takes a little effort. It is worth it.

I have never made my internet an income source, so it is no more than an expense of time, which at 66, I value for other things more now and have found myself giving up hope for the masses awakening to the really important things… but that is less likely by the day as they run in fear, depending on the government to save them, and bath in cognitive dissonance to the point that my words infuriate them instead of inspiring them if they contain hope, solutions, or paths that might save them from ugly futures in store. At some point there comes a time to savor the moments and not worry about saving the world. I think I have found that point.

At 64 I decided to create a mark in the Earth that would be incredible one day.

All I can do now is exemplify as best I can the possibilities and hope the wind blows it the right direction so that others one day read the Quantum Story I create and imbue into the place I call Salvage, Texas. Paradise manifested from thought to form, from clay, water, and the organisms that make life possible, miracles happen daily without having to do anything once the environment is created.

The thought turned into a reality in a few months time, and so much life has come from it that one could not count the creatures that now live off the pond, the birds, frogs, fish, and other things. Water and clay, just like you and me, with the frequency of God flowing through and through in the forms of life you will see all about.

Miles of shoreline where no water stood for more than a day ten years ago. Food, flora, fauna in a paradise of thoughts that most would have said would never be possible, never exist upon this baren, abandoned industrial waste dump, this piece of land now sculpted to be a showplace one day, a place where God has been able to do his best works after guiding me to create the place for them to live on, prosper, and tell a story that could not be told any other way.

How big of a kitchen do you need to cook up a meal for kings and queens? Indeed no more than what is here, 19 doors and drawers for things, a kitchen tiny, made for kings.

Few will even know I was here one day to shape or form the future in this way. Not just words of an imaginary tale, but the tale manifested so that others can do more than reading, see it on TV, or the internet… They can bathe in the waters that pour from the Earth, sky, and wells to fill the cavernous imagination that action brought to life. Spending time on those many platforms at this age and time is less desirable by the day when I have so much to do instead that, unlike this post, will stay alive for far longer than these words.

Endless bounty just awaiting purpose and a bill of lading.

It is an honor to be a steward of such treasures and delights, but the time will come to find the ones who will carry on the Light, to create a future with the past great treasure to delight the children of the future who will dream of this at night. What will you do to help make the world a better place this year?

Vintage Lumber that would cover miles of land, as houses created by the hand of man.

I hope to add more life, more dreams fulfilled, more hope and inspiration that we get better with age, wiser if we make the effort, stronger by the day. Please join me in exemplifying what is possible by the elders so the kids will have other choices in view than the ones at the old folk’s home who regret never doing so many things during life.

Please make your dreams real and understand as I fade from view on these censored platforms with little residue. Perhaps we will get some kids to do this job of getting the word of what is possible out there through the paths on the internet that will give this concept time.

Why not build a house or two that is not big but sure could do all that you need for it to be the paradise you create near free?

Ideologies manifested to the point that you can swim, play, hike, eat, taste, feel, and sleep in them… stories that come to life so much that you can share the dream, the hallucination created for a moment in time, so real you can be part of the moment.

When you look into the mirror to see what you might find, is the person you want looking back agreeing with a smile. If not spend just a moment and make friends if yet you can, tell them that you love them and perhaps the smile will bend from a frown to what you want to see… a happy person looking back at mii.
From Trinity and Darby in Salvage, Texas… Savor your days… make your dreams come true, take action and with gratitude, create your life anew.

Savor the moments… they are the memories that action will come from later… the foundation for hope, proof that others could do it, thus giving confidence that you can too. That is what this is for, no more.

Have a great day building what will be a great body and life.

Darby Lettick

Some have a dream, have money, land, but no sustainable tiny cottage retreat to get away to… yet.

Are you dreaming of a getaway, a place to play, a place to live a simple life one day? Materials available now.

Not a Tiny House on Wheels but one that went on wheels to here and there. Leave the trailer where it does not need to be seen… where it can still have value not trapped under a house.
doors and windows that make the house so fine, lead you into dreams you’ll have that make you feel alive.
Up the stairs of your imagination to the passions you hold dear, let your heart tell your brain to get on the train and make your dreams come true.

Why not? Waiting for the world to get better so you can start? Why not make your world better by starting now?

A simple shower made from roofing shingles, broken pieces of granite, and Love.

Please let us know if we can help supply the parts and pieces needed to manifest your dream home.


What would you do if you had the material to create tiny organic cottages from vintage wood?

No imported fresh-cut forests, plastics, vinyl, and glues, not even paint need be used… it’s TRUE!

Salvage, Texas is the manifestation of examples of what can be done with the past pieces and today’s ingenuity… imagination you can feel, sleep, swim, even explore with endless questions as you turn every corner. What will light your passion and ignite your desire to save the beauty of the past ancestors who created with their sweat a beautiful thing that still pleases me to see and share to this day, 160 years later. Please never forget the past for many great things came from it that deserve being appreciated for the great skill, knowledge, and work it took to create them.

A little wood here and a few doors there, add a couple of windows and you got a tiny lair. Dress it up and give it life by living in it too, and you might just find happiness that no one else can do. Yes, the simple life in an organic tiny house that is designed to give you air, not toxins to breath, to stay cool or warm as the need may be, to keep the storms from atop your head, and the floods away with thunder and lightning being kept at bay. Thus is all we need at night, in the daytime we have chores, the common spaces for our friends, our family, and our toys.

What are the odds that the sheeple will awaken to become the Rams, the Leaders that let the others know the cliffs are just ahead if there is no change in flow so if you can not get out in time… its over the edge you go.

Create something beautiful with your life force that will give joy and happiness to others for a million different great reasons, none better than it just feels so great to imbue yourself into a dream and have it continue on long after you might go to sleep one day… and not wake up. Leave a beautiful mark if you can!
Imagination manifested from a vision of a few big rocks, prayers, and answers I can only be thankful for seeing is believing.

Visions and imagination, God manifests through us the things that might look best upon the Earth if we were to fulfill our dreams.

If you have a grand dream to create your village, your family retreat, and create a family to go with it, now may finally be the time to manifest that vision. Opportunity lies in this series of pictures, the possibilities when seen through the right eyes, leading to the spiritually driven action it takes to manifest miracles in your life. YOU Can Do It! But you have to believe in yourself… maybe even do most of the work yourself. In the end you will learn much more about yourself, and perhaps find a family and friends to share the new you with. Become the amazing you that dreams and visions call you to become by taking action… Be!

Not a Tiny House on Wheels but one that went on wheels to here and there. Leave the trailer where it does not need to be seen… where it can still have value not trapped under a house.

Make your dream your legacy. Let your imagination go wild and not be limited by your past.

Blessings to your day. Savor it and create your dreams while you have time.

Darby Lettick