“The Line Shack” by Tiny Texas Houses designed to show how high you can go & land to know Wii are here for You.

Long ago, a dozen years, at a hard time in my life when Adam left, I created this “Line Shack” where spirits still living could land, relax, and savor the moment on the Earth, the rise again.


The Line Shack,
Potty stop you will nearly die for in the sky, on the fly, spells relief.

Here is the the Tiny Texas Houses version of a Line Shack in Oklahoma.
What if you were flying in the sky and wanted to stop by to eat, refuel, rest, and find a potty?

Who would imagine this awaited you when you landed at a unique executive airpark? What if you needed a nice bathroom, a break, drink, fuel, and then get back into the air? This spot even has a gourmet restaurant that anyone will attest is chef excellent too.

Need any souvenirs? How about some functional accessories?

One pilot here can see around the world. Send messages to anyone in the sky or on the ground to let them know there is a place where they can stop in any case. You could have a jet retooled to be a palace. Others do, through King Aerospace, the patron who paid to create this incredible jewel. I hope you get to stop and visit, either drive or fly in for a meal and great eye candy that few will ever see I’m sure.

In the corner are the baths, for women and for men, none are designated for those confused or who pretend. hehe.

Back through the doors from a cool reprieve from the clouds, winds, and sun in your face. Flying can be fun indeed, providing you have a place to pee and get a snack at the “Line Shack” so that you can feel free to fly through the day with a classic memory.

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More to read… much more…

What have you to say if someone were to give you a chance to own this for $35,000, delivered and set up on piers?I did that once upon a time & the buyer paid for the house w/ BnB income in 3 months. 12 years later, that house has made the buyer more than a million…


MAY 31, 2022

Explore possible alternatives to Living Big by Loving a Tinier Healthy Life better, beginning Inside… then out.Tiny organic sustainable living does not mean Trailer Trash living like some seem to think but a jewelry box home that few ever see is just one proof…


OCT 30, 2022

2 yr$ later: We will not hire vaxed people! No Vaxed Need Apply: “Don’t Shed on Me” Control groups Rebel! SHEDDING LIVES!While the government is going to allow the employers to force workers to take a vax… some entrepreneurs refuse to hire the vaxed instead. DID YOU HIRE…


SEP 7, 2021

Once Upon a time there was a cottage in the woods, a peaceful place to live in that you never want to leave.Why not create a tiny organic house from the treasures of the past… nearly for free?


APR 12, 2021

The Tiny Intentional Village begins with One House, a Vision, then people to manifest their dreams.Are you researching in hopes of finding a perfect intentional community without being part of the charter members who set up the ethos of Unity?


DEC 19, 2021

More millionaires made from Salvage than all other industries in America as well as other places.without need for a college degree!


Bucky our Beaver’s Ship turned “home” sits on Walden Pond, not alone. A Tiny Houseboat Story to see.Beneath a boat, on a manmade pond, beavers & otters share fish where they roam. Birds settle in as frogs sing full out, the sunsets in Salvage, Tx are…


Bored, without a goal in life? Dedicating your life to a cause or wasting time? An epidemic of pointless unhappy lives grows.Yes, a whole series of videos and articles will be showing on this platform soon, the largest library of Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, & toxin free…


FEB 13, 2022

Tax-Time Sale to help you not fail to get your rightful write-offs by 2024 using Loopholology.

Drop appraisal on the new barn by 50% just for using Salvaged Materials to build it, for example. Write-off cost a Tiny Portable House in 10 yrs, not 30. No BnB tax if portable building in TX.


What are you looking to create for a home you can live in for a healthy life long, savoring the journey unlike the throngs of people in the cities, suburb farms?

So many could create tiny villages on land that stay in the family as a trust for those who will help care for the gardens, animals, and trees. The people who help watch when you are gone feed the critters and train the kids. Those are the people of the towns once upon a time, back when I was a kid, and perhaps you, my friends. But today’s kids know little of the villages that have gone away, lost by those who left to the big cities to find work, now wanting to go home. Where the heart is when wii get old is not the same as when wii were young. Our values run in cycles. The things wii want as kids are not the items on the list to grab and then take with us as wii downsize into smaller digs.

What will you take from the past you hold in your hands, your house, your old storage buildings, or your garage? Is it time to sell and know that if you let go, life will still be great to live, and you will have so much to give if you are not still paying for the stuff you collected, never look at anymore?

For hoarders, it’s a question, a collector you must see spent his life and passion for learning what few will see. Touch the things they gathered, they spent their money on and wondered how the Beanie Babies ever made it on the collector’s lists. Truly once wii see how our collections come to be the anchors that may hold us back from moving forward, as you know, they act as anchors with the home that holds your memories.

What happens when you pass into the realm where this is lost, left behind like dreams you had that you held on to gold or things that you did not want to leave when waking? Can you hold onto the true and final test that lets you see if you were dreaming or forming reality? What are you doing to prove you were here?

Create your Matrix floating in your head as a dream wii were sent to help manifest instead of all the distractions that can take your life and home. It is the power in your heart, the power in your head, the ability to feel with instinct, the Love and Truth instead of the takers and the cheaters, the liar’s words. Time to sell some of the past to pay the taxes for the future you dreamed of to materialize now. Do not wait for the proverbial tomorrow that never comes.

NOW I take some of my advice. SALE TIME TO PAY FOR THE TAXES ON THE LANDS AND LIFE. See anything you like? Contact Darby for an appointment to come pick out all you need for any size project, not just tiny.

Please consider as the world changes in such ways that each of us can lend a hand, clear another’s way, and give a chance to learn again, reestablish honor, and prove to those who wish to share, that there is a good and right path there. I will help fund you as wii all work together to put greater value in the things that wii have collected by turning them into functional artistic parts of our future. Preserve the evidence of our skills that our ancestors proved possible once wii focus our imagination and human energy. Set yourself free and help others see the benefits of salvaging a home, a life, a future out of what appears to be spent resources, humans who have no value because they look like broken houses, barns, and stores closed due to conditions beyond their control.

Let us “Save Our Salvage”, and create a respectful example of a future that honors past work and achievements that wii can not match. See the beauty and preserve it so that our grandchildren can see what can be rather than the cheap Walmart stuff that “is cool” instead. Honor the handmade of past and present that hold a sense of pride and human energy within their construct that no robotics can duplicate. At least not for now.

Thank you for considering contacting us for parts and pieces to create your tax haven, your dream paid for with a write-off for you or those you love who need them and want to support your growing your business. HOW about building organic cottages that are import and toxin-free? If you can get the backing and the chance to turn taxes into income for you and the family, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to see how Wii can help.

Subscribe to support us and get your plans, answers, advice, consulting, and even someone to direct your crew from afar or bring them here to learn in a seminar if you get a package of parts and a custom-made SpaceMagic plan to take away and create your fantasy land like Salvage, Texas. Make a plan, check with Trinity, and come to take away a dream or two. See below the pay line for getting in touch and getting started now.

[email protected] to learn about getting a Pure Salvage Outpost Co-op near you for your tribe to thrive too. 830-675-2500 to leave a message or perhaps talk to a human.

Warning!: Life-Threatening Danger for Tiny House on Wheels HAIL-Married April/May 2023! RV, Motor/Mobile Homes included:

If you don’t own a helmet, buy 1 now for Hail’s Sake! Yes! Protect yourself because your roof will not & there is no hiding spot but many do not understand this danger is real.


APR 27, 2023 (Remains True so please share)

This is not to scare you without cause or make you fear without reason. It is simply a warning to prepare if you care for the ones you love and your brains. These are not marbles or goofballs. These are moving at 100 miles an hour and will go through a typical Tiny House on Wheels, RV, Mobile home, Manufactured home, track home, and frankly, unless you have metal, with solid lumber or 3/4” thick plywood, perhaps baked tile roof, they will hammer it to shreds or go right through and likely injure anyone below them within 8 feet. They are like small rocks until they reach 4 inches, which is lethal to all they collide with: pets, people, livestock, and even horses.

For those few people who may think that an RV or THOW is safe from this size of a projectile moving at 100 mph like the rock dropped on the car that just killed a 20-year-old driver as it went through the windshield, it will kill you. Sadly, that rock was dropped by three stupid kids, and it is horrible, but an example of what one hailstone this size will do to a human, especially a small child.

This roof was made out of recycled rubber that looks like slate tile and would likely take some serious hail without showing any damage. Wii have ways to protect tiny houses if you build them right to start with.

This warning is because the last two hailstorms have been producing monsters but this next round of storms will become a record-maker and I am concerned due to the massive numbers of people now living in the sadly over-rated THOWs that have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars that have no structural integrity to protect anyone inside from anything like the pictures on the left above, or the top picture, as well as the winds that will go with this potential straight line of storms that will reach from Texas to Michigan over flooded tornado ridden territory as it goes.

These are not just Texas phenomena. Please take precautions if you live in a tiny house, especially one that does not have any real thick wood above your head with tile, thick metal, 3/4” plywood under it with substantial quality wood 2.4s, 2×6, or better a second-floor or thick real wood loft to slow the projectiles that will penetrate the first layer if you sleep in one of those coffin lofts. GET below the lofts and hopefully have one good safe closet made with more than a thin layer of outer metal siding, 2×2, and the other inferior materials used to keep the weight light and travel on wheels, as is the case with nearly all RVs, Motor Homes, THOWs, and other such fantasy craft for land touring at the expense of your health and longevity, your youth.

I will leave it at that for now. My many essays on healthy living, youthful longevity, and tiny organic grounded life espouse with exemplification what works to live a long time and love every minute of it. Please take precautions during these intense storms, and trust me, you will have more opportunities to wear and take care in the future. This is the beginning of more significant storms than any you have seen, no matter how old you are.

Much love to all of those who get to read, and as you can see, I like this guy “POW Weather”, his translation of the date and he will protect and follow you through the storms, all day or night, telling you what is going on, sadly at the expense of his voice often.

He is a dedicated front-line protector and he is warning you of the hail. I am warning you not to think you are any kind of safe in that THOW, RV, Motorhome, or tent kids. GET IT?

Brad w. Kittel

I do know what I am talking about, and this is as big of a warning as I can print and ask all of you in the industry to share as these storms will take the lives of some, no matter how much preparation they make, but for the kids and elders, please take care.

For more information [email protected] as to how to better prepare your tiny houses for the storms yet ahead and ask questions in the comments below. I answer all subscribers and publish specific articles to answer your needs.

If you are not subscribed, better yet, a paid subscriber, you may not get to see the best of the past 20 years pioneering how to build sustainably. What about supporting us by getting discounts, plans, and the chance to come to seminars to learn too.

“Which came first, the dream or the drawings, the house or the man? It was the dream that never ends!” Darby Lettick

“Be Your Dreamweaver both day and night, for it takes both to get it right!” Darby Lettick living a life to Exemplify what is possible by Being Phenomenal.


MAY 1, 2023

First, there was the word, the frequency of vibration that forms the membrane that makes life possible for the avatar that will live there. Does a word need a voice? Will a thought not do to create a sound too? It just depends upon the medium of ether you choose. Life is a beautiful miracle of rivers running through membranes some think of as brains that are anything more than a Spirit in a bag. 

A thought needs no matter, nor a source you can see, for thought is a form of complex frequency. When you know what the truth is, neither chicken nor egg matters much anymore, but the source of them both is the fuel for my joy. 

Thanks for the spur of inspiration.

Looking through the window in the Matrices Wii share
as the world watches Facebook and Youtube control the air
that they have on every screen you see
with their logos sure to show.

Watch the people finally stand for what is right,
not what is planned.

See them finally take control
and cancel out the plans to crash the world.

Happy days ahead,
but there will be some dead before it’s through.

I pray it is not you who would do what it takes.

To get this straight the next time too.

Some of us will do.

Others talk and screw you.

Be part of the Wii who do believe in Truth and Transparency,

the right to Be Me

and you Be You,

but not to kill ff too.

Let us find that window in the matrix others seek to control

and let the fresh air into our minds.

Let us see the truth to know.

Do not control the screens wii see but let us speak

and feel free to praise our Lord on one knee,

quite naturally, not poked and poisoned,

on one knee for all the wrong reasons instead.

Please stop the madness when you see the crazy people on their knees

Pretending that it will change the past instead of doing what will last.

Help make solutions come to be,

not burn the best of those that Wii

still need to run small businesses

instead of big box stores w “deadheads.”

Please consider this as you plan to thrive

not just stay alive,

by saving treasured lands and ways

To live organically so that our children can live free.

Blessings to your journey and the treasures you may find,

but also for perspicuity

so as to know which choice is wrong.

Savor the moments,

Cherish the chance

to be the great Light

that leads others from the Dark.

Darby Lettick

Ghostwriter, Earth Sculptor, & SpaceMagic Designer

Preview of a book that leads to creating salvage organic cottages & communities to thrive in after 2023.

I believe that locality, the talent to build skills, artistic ingenuity, & things other than the UN should determine how most of US live. Sharing, preserving, honoring, & respecting community.

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

I have been working on the edits for what I hope will be the beginning of a series of books on How to become a Salvage Miner, Builder, Hunter, or community. The Pure Salvage Living Rennaissance is about to take off as imports and toxins that are part of the past 50 years of construction standards are proving to be out of touch with the reality of the generations needing housing, the ability to grow food in the community, to have codes that do not violate nature and village for the sake of corporate profit from afar. Big Box stores do not create benefits for the people but instead addict them to the cheap, disposable everything mentality that is trashing the world. The people who use all the products with plastic are killing nature.

So what do Wii do? Change the way wii lives each day. Our village or community is supposed to work together, but some are violators, and thus there is conflict. How the people deal with the coming social collapse of technology, economy, weather, and money will be historic. Some will thrive, and others wish they were not alive, but the world will continue. Mankind, that is up to us, all the “I”s of the planet that can form a plan, a future after the governments transform as they will soon do, the digital currency being a Red Line, will separate the society in many ways. Some will go underground entirely, others willingly tracked through digital privilege and granted access to funds based on social scores or more. It amounts to the ultimate control, like Nigeria is learning, or use FB for examples.

Excerpt: “Some of the best solutions are the simplest ones. I want to share realizations and lessons learned while pioneering a proven ideology for building tiny organic houses. The research and 75+ examples of what could be done with 95% Pure Salvage materials using Space-Magic designs focused on transforming what the public sees as trash into sustainable Art Housing. This genre of Salvage Built Tiny Texas Houses has 100% American-grown, harvested, and processed trees for the lumber. Most of the trees were cut down and sliced up for use decades ago, in many cases, over a century.”

Onward through the fog on a sunny day. Mists of Avalon that are supposed to burn off somehow stay. The final battle will be in the minds of men blinded by the fog of war that takes over their heads. Prepare for March surprises, weather like none you have ever known, for it is not just human forces changing patterns, as will show. Disclosure and transparency are the chance for those who want to see and thus prepare for the change to stay free. Education is key to see what is possible nearly for free. Here is another page from what could be a book. Interested in getting a copy to share with those interested too?

What are you seeing in the year ahead? Hopefully, opportunity instead of dread. I pray you know that wherever you go, your skills will help you when you need a home and see parts to grow so that you can build what it takes to thrive, even if alone. Better a community, unity in common, communication based on honor, and families who want to live organically, not in the city.

Our Mission”

We are promoting the merits of Pure Salvage Building techniques by creating real-life habitats that prove these designs, construction techniques, and principles can be applied throughout the country. We intend to make Tiny Houses that demonstrate without doubt:

 That we can build healthy houses
 Out of 95% Pure Salvage
 with a negative Carbon Footprint, well below 0
 Energy Efficient for life
 We can build them to last for more than a century
 Build to naturally ventilate for cooling
 Build to stay warm with minimal heating
 No formaldehyde
 Minimal plastics (electrical, wiring, plumbing)
 Minimal vinyl or PVC
 No sheetrock,
 No VOC paints,
 No Latex Paint
 No carpet,
 No toxic glues inside
 Off-Grid capable
 Built to be permanently portable
 99% American harvested resources (trees, metal ores, etc)  99% American-made parts (hardware, sinks, doors, etc)
 No intentional built-in obsolescence
 Minimal maintenance over a century-plus projected lifetime proves that 100% Built-in America is possible or in the country or origin when available.

Sharing salvaged materials for disaster zones is the next demonstration needed to prove this concept works and morphs as needed.

We have succeeded and proven it can be done and done well.

Quoted from book by:

Brad W. Kittel

Homestead away, kids. Dreams foster searching for the means prepared by intention and ready when you take action. Human energy and intensity alter the future of our world. Be a part of manifesting destiny. Wii can all share the Dream of creating in Union, communicating in so many ways around the world instantly, if free to do so. That is indeed the condition necessary for prosperity. Stay Free thinking, doing what few thought of before you arrived to figure out the solutions where you are now. Savor the Days or Daze if you prefer, but do the most positive things you can while you are here.

Read a draft, help craft the Quantum Story of the Pure Salvage Living Rennaissance with Mii. Please share this gift of ideas and skills with others who might be happy to see. The best gift for your lowest price for your support and subscription is knowing Wii can help each other be prepared to create with treasures at our fingertips. Perspicuity is the Key.

Brad W. Kittel
[email protected] for real people, not spam

Salvage, Texas still holds the prototypes, the materials to create hundreds more in warehouses, and hopefully, sent out across the planet to create more Pure Salvage Living Rennaissance-based communities soon. Thank you for being so supportive over the last 20 years of pioneering tiny organic, sustainable cottage and hOMe building.

How many tiny houses can you fit into a 40′ long semi-truck trailer or container? 1-10 Dream Oms?

What size houses? How many windows, doors, or decors for yours? At least 4 but easily more w/ SpaceMagic design, the right intentions for community, miracles combined: Dreams come true.

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

51 min ago


Pick a design, the parts, and then send it off to you so that you can create a tiny house organic and sustainable too. The community this is intended to free is from imagination and dreams by you. Help me to make them reality through what our Unity can do.

Miracles in a box that I will send around the world to bring new life to a vision for many communities that can come to be with the right windows, floors, and more practically free. Yes, doors of opportunity that will bring much joy, but also seeds of what Wii can do if wii just Unite Beings One and All. First, to share the treasures of the past that are abundant here and show how this can create a clear and easy path for all. In the processing of the past into a future wii can show what can be created from the salvage of what our ancestors did grow. This is to prove that wii waste too much; the best of treasures go unseen or touched into a dumpster, landfill, or much worse, burnt down to ashes for some new construction, road, or parking lot, for a highrise being all wii got with the best stuff thrown away.

If I can help a thousand people start the villages to keep this thought that wii can save the world’s past to put into new forms that honor it instead of killing the lifetimes of work that are instilled in statues, art forms throughout houses, buildings, barns, and thus give us a chance to create from the past a future with parts that will last. NO outgassing chemicals or killing new trees, or the pollution that goes with making new parts to create our homes; use the great parts more than once. This was the way it once was done, to take the parts of what was to form the future so the kids would know through stories that would always go with them. A corbel from a mansion, a railing from a train, a ladder from a firetruck all combined to soon create an amazing house for a master suite, created from all salvage sweet. Stained glass windows, Indian Teak cabinets, and so much more can be combined, so all adore the structure; though it is Art, is more, its a home you can life in for a lifetime in store, in fact, many more.

Why not consider becoming a daydreamer and forming the future today? Take what you envision and write down everything you need to create a good start. Shall wii create one or three examples to be what you need to get it off the ground? Can you find the good friends and the people this depends on to be the successes I choose? If you can, just send me the ideas so I can see if Wii could unite in the end to get this to you through the loopholes that rule what can ship and get past all the hoops. The cost of the shipping, the loading, and giving $1,000 to pay for the last that it takes to get this sent from my warehouses to you is the thing that must be figured out to be sure that you can do the part that you need. Just to get it to there with a plan you can share and the proof you are truthful, thus freed. Please let me know soon if this is a plan you can use for the people you have close to you who are dreaming and willing to do the work, giving money and support to help you to do what will benefit all. Help mii send out the seed for many gardens of dreams where the future can thrive with the housing for the life that you envision and soon not just dream, but build and fulfill the calling if you will, and thus help mii get these gifts to those I find.

This is what I offer to some dreamers far and wide. These metal boxes will contain the parts it takes to start again, salvaged from the dreams of men who lived a hundred years in them. Windows that have seen a few lifetimes of people who looked out through sand melted to glass by kids who dug the coal from mines and melted it to form the finds that wii will send to you, the windows to the world that keep the weather out it’s true, are still good for a few hundred years if you can, to be the homes for many to begin, to build from trees cut way-back-when, a future for the dreams they have and work on actively to form the future for the kids who will be born while this gift is crossing the seas. I pray the message reaches those from whom I hear the pleas; this is the best empowerment I can offer that they need the means to create houses, and chapels where the people meet to build a future salvaged from the past with their human energy. Please share, get involved, and find the places to create so that one day this quantum story will be shared far and wide as fate would have us do this soon or I fear it is too late to reverse the trends of technology and wasting the best to date.

Thank you for your time and help, you sharing could be quite great for a writer who will celebrate a story that won’t be erased by anyone who knows that it is the product of our thoughts that lives and always grows. Dialogue and helping others see where they are blind give them the resources that they may not easily find and empower them to create the solutions anyone may need to find happiness through the unity that communication brings. Let us share with open hearts and honor truth above all things so that wii, the “I”s that make up the world, can finally agree. Wii, as One great World of Beings who care for the best for all, will find a balance in which Wii can share the middle road. Simpler living with respect for all who share the Earth will get us more by far than any war and finally set us free to find peace on a planet that has been cursed due to hate and greed. Can that be put to bed at last, I suspect Wii soon will See.

Wii, Trinity and Mii, hope to hear from you and perhaps even see you on our world tour to help design, build, and create from seeds a quantum story that includes you too. Thanks for your help, reading these long posts, and helping us by getting a subscription for a little bit to thus create the solutions for us all. Please contact us at [email protected] to get more information or make a contribution through such paths as wii may have for friends who wish to show support but also get some benefits. Lots of plans and house parts to at discounts that help us and you to do the thing each has to do to help make all our dreams come true.

Next step as a steward of trash that can be treasure when assembled by creative minds. Ship around the world.

Materials as salvage, packed into containers for free from American fit into many loopholes that could work out advantageously, carbon-friendly to the end Wii plan to start a global trend. Freedom?

Is there a way or reasoning that makes sense to move many containers with materials that would slip through the system as simply nearly worthless salvaged materials on the now cheaper containers to Mexico or the coastal areas where it could be used to create some sort of tiny resort village or community for healthy living? If I could send it for them, then have that pay for me to come down, help create and assemble some cool stuff, and stay there as I plan some traveling in the next dozen years. I am liquidating the holdings for the most part to do this. I think for tax purposes, shipping worthless trash for free out of the country and then following it to make an income while abroad doing seminars, lectures, and cashing out on some of the free stockpiles, I might be able to slip through the loopholes on both ends. Legal Loopholes that are here for us to use so wii can steer the future to be good for all instead of just the rich, thus all can benefit in ways that leads our world to better days.

No tariffs on trash, and with the right people to design, cheap labor, great hand-blown glass, ancient tree lumber over 1,000 years old cut 200 years ago, and doors handmade, hardware so that no one needs to mine the ore, much more. I suspect wii, all the “I”s of the world could create Pure Salvage Outposts as co-ops that would share the cost of tools and what it takes the most, someone to coax them on. Be the elders, be the leaders, and answer to the call for coming up with some way to fill and ship some parts.

I am searching around the world for places I can go and help, by sending parts, if Wii can, send Trinity & Mii to help you do what it will take to set the standard for a future that is sustainable for you, locally. You, the rest of the population of creative people that are the “I”s of the world I want to help. Those of you who want to take a different path than the highly concentrated citified view of the future WEF and others have planned. Being the example makes you a Light for others to gain hope and faith in real solutions to feed upon. Freedom means, dialogues, not narratives, so there will still be a choice, and I call out for both to stay, as Truth can not exist without dialogue and examples along the way.

Some could create some interesting architecture while others are entire communities once the ethos of organic living, communication of Truth, and honesty as foundations for the community. When leaders leave the people behind and sell out to the foreign kind of corporate greed that wii have seen, I expect big changes in the coming scene. I am looking at Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, and Africa anyone? So many places wii could ship to help others and to get more information about the world that I have yet to see and learn. This is my chance to learn languages, cultures, and building methods of the ages and offer parts and pieces to integrate into the visions people have around the world for intentional communities that can use this sort of gift.

Many places where I have followings for the concepts of sustainable and toxin-free housing using SpaceMagic designs should have groups that can come together, even send people to help load, learn, and return with plans and treasures that will work where you are. Solutions can come in parts from anywhere, so why not here? My last dozen years of potential can be traveling again, learning more languages, and perhaps finally freed from the last series of anchors that were the “I”s of a past that I no longer wish to give life hours to… business with employees is a bit of an unpleasant future for another decade given today’s environment to select from for help. 

My goal is to get down south to as far as Argentina, where Texas shipped part of the 1.2 billion board feet to in the early 1900 period of Germans moving from Europe, where I hear there is much Victorian period and other such classic architecture.  a short leap to Antarctica while there would be a target of my run. Thus I could ship down to Uraguay, Paraguay, Brazil, and islands more where these parts are not available, especially so good. While one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, only is if used well in the end. Let us use it well, like gold, human energy, tree energy stored in a form that makes creating housing easier no matter where you are.

My youth in Bolivia calls for my return so I can fully appreciate Tiauanaco or Lake Titicaca after more than a half-century since my last visit as a child. La Paz, if I could drive to see the house I lived in at 4, or where it was as the Presidential Palace’s outside wall has likely changed much since then to eliminate the houses Americans occupied without uniform to “help” them keep power. My dad told me much later in life why he could not go back when I asked of the chance and why not. He said they have long memories, and he was in LaPaz taking those tourist pictures with us and developing them in the garage for more reasons than I understood as a child. Life is fascinating, and I hope to now go explore it with a mature and creative mind unless it all goes to hell in a handbasket, which it may well, and I am trying to figure out how to play in both worlds. 

Trinity’s dad is off to Istambul at 86 and then South America, learning new languages for his travels, but on a walker. I do not want to wait for the walker as the heights I still would like to climb won’t allow for it. Thailand and so many places may be beyond reach but, depending on the outcome of 2023, many incredible and seemingly impossible things could yet be. I realize this is far to much to read but if you can share with one who can interpret letters on a page into the visions, I can only communicate through this method which for now is Webbling. 

Oddly, if dyslexic, “WUB”, the energy of Spirit taking form as a “WIB” Wub In Body that Wii give a name to and form… Brad or Darby, the many “I”s that wii become in a lifetime on this planet, or others some are from. This is turning into a fascinating adventure, Wibblry, the language of communication through other means than words written on a page, in fact, there are only a few words to Wibblry, like an alphabet that open concepts and dreams instead of just words. They unfold like a virus as a Wubber appears from the dialogue and wisdom each of us procures. Now is the time to shine, to join to create solutions once the fights, lies, and bad guys are cleaned up, if such is possible, transparency and whistleblowers will win the day. 

A fantasy story about all the taboos in communicating through touch, talk, what wii create by transforming the world and synthesizing a reality no one else can imagine or form without YOU. Darby, the main character of a Quantum Story being written into reality, is on his way around the world to put this into play. The purpose of my life is about to finally happen and I must say I’m excited, and at last I am full certain. Time to make the leap across the greatest “Chasm at the Fringe” is about to finally be funded to share the story of what can be salvaged from a life that many kids would give up, and commit suicide in the face of what seems like living in Hell. Here is a story, a path, a solution for those starting out on the bottom that can take them where most of us never dream wii can go when young. It is time to finish and share some books on how to Salvage your Dreams, your life, and your body and thrive in the times ahead. Please consider joining me on the next dozen years of adventure as Darby travels the world to share the riches and the ways that others can use these examples to take action, knowing there are examples of what can be done in life. I fret for now, Tibet will not be a good place to go, but on my list of destinations if wii can find peace amongst all nations. Hope to see you soon.

I am against taking $ in during this year that will go to pay for the war through taxes it would create, but if not sold just given, that can not end that way. I do not want to support fools at the helm versus cashing out and distributing a future around the lands, a path to spend the next decades by helping teach and guide others and learn much more myself by interacting once again. Still, on a different level after nearly two decades out of the citified society, I have little use for but must help attend to in these times. 

Yes, before I can not climb the mountains, traverse the ice of Antarctica, visit island afar, see Argentina, and New Zealand, and more, the time has come to write books, lecture, help others build, to travel, share, and Be all that I can be to help others to live free with Trinity by my side.

Please let me know if you have the connections to put together a network where you have influence and want to help do good things for the babies and kids coming to take on what wii can create for them as examples of their potential. No one ever gave me that when I was young in a form I knew to be great but the traveling I did as a child gave me more than I ever imagined as an adult. 

Blessings to your project, and it moving along fast as I am planning on cashing out at several levels in 2023, including directing the high-end materials income to help pay for this and other plans ahead; the real estate to the right people would not necessitate a massive sell-off but if others want it and will pay the price, the building goes and both are too much to move and keep, too much. So rather than take profits on it all, I will be sending valuable packages worldwide under the guise of the trash instead.

Having fun yet? Got plans done? 

Long pieces are being targeted to sell as part of the initial round I started putting out this week on my blog.. Tinytexashouses.substack.com  I know you may not see it, but it often has good pictures of what is about to unfold quickly now I hope.

Please let me know your thoughts or other great places to move, sell, and perhaps follow materials. I am looking at filling them for the cost of labor and shipping to all points possible while the shipping rates have rock-bottomed out. Even losing 10=15% on the seas is affordable versus the taxes to sell it all off in a year or two and not ever see it go to the places I want it to… and I want to go. Got a following so I should find people who can help guide mii as I reach their territory so as not to just be an American Tourist… ugh. sadly reduced bad behavior from what it once was as a meme.


If I offered you the plans to build the Writers Cottage, a package of wood to grow it with:

Windows, doors, siding, & roofs the means to start dream villages all out of wood from trees that were cut 200 years ago to add imagination, and action, to create your dreams come true. Up to you.

This is the Writer’s Cottage, a tiny house on a cliff in Hunt, Texas, where it views the hill country from a stand 200’ above a waterfall that is great to see. You, too, could have a tiny house with the building plans to do nearly just the same in your homestead, and I am offering it to you. A package of materials that lets you create, and reach your goal of having houses before it is too late to form your village where you want it to be, and create your homestead if that’s what you want to see.

Pick a door of this caliber, a window that may have stained glass, but like this one, some are too rare to expect to get the same ones as you see on others here.

Wood for cabinets, sinks, and more, a bit of decorative tin or a cute bathroom door, even the tremendous beaded wood to make the cheery walls, as well as floors to give it the warmest of our feelings.

Shelves and windows, trim and hinges, what more would you need? Why the desire to have fire in your belly with a desire to create a house such as this and the means to achieve if you really do believe that this life could be best for you. So join me on your journey with a $5,000 package and the building plans, the consultation from a distance with the smartphones that will let us send the pictures and guide you to the end when you finally get to move on in.

While this is more of the master suite where you write your book, up above you sleep. The loft and the top porch with the shower will allow you to spend so many hours writing, drawing, and playing music that you may just change your tunes and skip the city trips till noon.

This building plan for a 10’x12’ is a good plan to quickly realize the benefits of building tiny is that taxes kiss your hiney and you get to live so cheaply that you can travel, without stress, sleep, and know it will last your whole life, what a leap!

So get your plans for $100 with the chance to get all the parts and a subscription paid on here for life if you get the package too. Furthermore, you get custom designs to fit the parts you pick to create your suite, so it will be sweet to look at and sleep in well. If you don’t have it all, some could be carried on with no interest with half down, but the people must be true, honest, and promise to complete this if they pay to start. For what is most important to mii is the help to set you free, so you can build some more houses and provide for the need of the clients who will see that you can build a house that is an art and you will finish what you promise when you start.

Ready to get your backers, people you can assemble packages for, and make more than triple over cost for what I send as there are so few around, you can make an honest buck and know there will be more waiting at your door until you can’t keep up and must pass along the business or expand before you know so that you can fill the demand that will just grow. Made in the USA with all American products, sustainable, energy-efficient, healthy, and once completed off-grid, let you live for nearly free.

Why not see what could be in your future in 2023? One to build and sell, one to build and live very well, with enough to build a 3rd as well, in case you have some family or start one once doing well.

Interested in knowing more or getting a package to start your score? Contact mii at [email protected]

So just how special would the Monte Grand Victorian be for a house made out of 95% Salvaged things? Plans 4 You too?

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

Ring a ding, a package of things that can make a dream come true. Is it just a dream or can you get most things and the plans with the instructor too? Yes, it may even be one who can come: Like Me. Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

How long has it been since you started looking in on the paths that you might take when the day comes that you realize downsizing is inevitable if rising to the changes in housing needs? For those who choose to keep big houses, heat them up, maintain the taxes, lawn, roof, and swimming pools too, not to mention homeowner fees or the insurance. I understand that some may think it’s only money, no big stink… but most of us just begin to feel the pinch of dollars shrinking till our privates are near being, but before wii realize it hurts.

So if this year is one to choose the path out before all you lose is the house called your savings that seems to cruise down in value by the day. What do you say as the winds blow to say that the cold is expensive too, as the gas goes up and the food does too, the people who work need more $ than you could ever have imagined in an hour would be paid, but the SS and retirement can’t keep up to the pace? So what to do if you rent or do not need the extra house? Plan a way out now by joining with those who are finding they face this too; it’s the only way you can do what you need without ending up in an old folk feed farm staring at the walls.

Create community through the unity of the others who know, too, that if you Unite, you can take your flight to a family farm where you and the others can do what it takes to make a great life for all of you. Sometimes it takes a village to survive and thrive when times are hard, and most won’t survive without the help of one sort or another so why not form a group of those that you can trust and make a home? Though tiny, so much space to roam and share the kitchen, friends, and chores with people there to care for those kittens and dogs when you have to go.

Yes, this is the life many want to know, where the garden to share lets the members grow all it takes to live well, chickens and eggs, and to sow the community with unity and love that only grows. Please prepare to share, be together for each other, and give so that all can thrive instead of just a few who do but ignore all others’ plight.

Offers for Paid subscribers only.

Brad W. Kittel

For more information, a package custom for your needs, and how to make that happen contact [email protected] if you please.

Join me as an Earth Warrior on the way to battling building unsustainably amidst so much that is for Free. Code be Damned, I Call for Victory.

Imagine shipping this in a container around the world and assembling it in New Zealand, Costa Rica, or Argentina when it lands as the seeds to create houses where so few can match this Grand… Monte Grand Victorian, that is.



My Zebu Sisters may be moving, a chance to own House Art Masterpieces unlike any other…

It has been a decade since they were born, and they are truly some of the best examples of 95% Pure Salvage Building in the world, offering dreams for millions to share, perhaps duplicate? By You?

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

Would you believe that some of these houses were rarely lived in full time for the last 10 years? Now some of the best pieces of House Art ever created by Tiny Texas Houses will possibly be sold again soon, adopted, and moved to other places, hopefully as a beautiful set? These sisters are known as the Zebu sisters; their owner raised organic Zebu cattle for their passion. The houses went out to a ranch in West Texas but not long after that, the owners moved from that family ranch to another so they have sat somewhat neglected over the years. Now, this rare set of houses is possibly going to be resold and transported to another ranch so as to give them a new life again, this time more occupied and appreciated.

Such creations are intended to be shared, loved, and honored for the trees that were a thousand years old and the glass that was handblown over a hundred years ago. Truly an example of what Wii can create from the past. This is the way to stretch the longevity of our resources or our heritage. Salvage Building is a path to respecting our past, honoring our future generation that will be able to appreciate and know what the world was once like when there was more than the populations of humans could ever imagine using up and running out of, but it is now happening.

No more virgin forests in most of the world, sadly being cut and harvested or just burned to create pastures for cattle or other means of producing food for a man that wipes out the food for wildlife. Will people learn to live with nature again instead of destroying it to create cities, industrial resource extractions, and other ways humans are cannibalizing the most beautiful places on Earth? Perhaps Wii will get to the next level soon, one where humans honor the other Beings in our world who are sentient but simply do not speak Human. Somehow Wii, all the humans of the world who are cognizant, are able to understand that the other Beings have rights too… but it is up to us to decide and do what must be done, not just bitch about all things.

Please consider creating a future that respects the past instead of dispelling it and wasting the wisdom and proof of what is possible without technology and electricity, truly with imagination and human energy. That is the secret of our successful future… respect for and learn from past experiences… not ignoring them. Memories can hold great meaning and be kept alive with pictures of the past few will ever see otherwise. Welcome to one of my memory lanes from houses I built a decade ago. I wish more kids had come to learn how and carry on so this House Art out of Salvaged Treasures catches on to be the fuel for houses to be built that will last a lifetime too. Presently, new construction and building materials ignore classic style, respect for great wood grain, shapes intermingles, and the variety that gives spice to life and homes. I hope you enjoy my memories of what could be done a million times over in the decade ahead as more people realize what is lost and later priceless, not to be found at any cost. Savor the days or if you choose, a daze that helps the world become a better place.

Raze houses with the intention of raising new houses and perhaps the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance will help save much of the past in ways that our children will cherish for life. Blessings to your dreams, day and night.

Brad w. Kittel

[email protected] for more information about materials such as was used to create such houses, all in stock, by appt. only, consultation, and SpaceMagic Design services available.

Side note:

Its amazing how cheap I sold these houses for before the fads of tiny houses on wheels for $300,000 were possible, these were selling for less than $125,000 for the big one and $70,000 for the little Zebu. No one can afford the labor to do that today, let alone the team to get the parts and design it yet the demand is still great for quality instead of mass-produced in a factory box of toxins on wheels portending to be healthy housing. So sad that the media and marketing are allowed to neglect healthy living in the obligations to disclose part of their sales pitches.
When no one understands the damage being done by the toxins outgassed and the bad air due to the lack of air exchangers, few understand how it hurts them until long after the damage is not repairable, like having sleep apnea and not understanding the lack of oxygen at night will contribute to Alzheimers and other mental or physical disorders over time due to hypoxia. Please learn more before living in tiny spaces, whether cars, vans, or tiny houses, oxygen and fresh air are vital to good sleep and great health.