Once upon a time I built a Tiny House to be an example of what “Could Be a Dream Come True”. “Art Houses for Truths.”

Salvage Ship Upon Miracle Mountain, how did you come to Be? Another Art Form is displayed up there for the world to see. What will they do to help inspire others to live Free: Sustainably.


MAR 19, 2024

The Bear House comes back online to life, to be lived in again.

Tiny Texas Houses is a brand I made to see if I could capture the imagination and create what I wanted it to be. Homes created out of the trash that others thought would never last have held up well, though most neglected to test the thought.

I have learned much from the testing and seen how things can rot and move. I have watched TV wonders on trailers that are long lost in waste. Many fads have come and gone now. RV living still goes on, but mold and other issues have come up to change the way it goes. Tents and campers, sheds turned homes, Yurts to lack the flow of air, molds that few thought might grow there. Antifungals, plasticizers, vinyl giving off EDCs, formaldehyde, and paints that are bad for the lungs, yet all breathe in… the proof of what can be has been, and now the lessons have come in. Think about the air you breathe and the spaces you perceive as healthy for the lives of those you love and would not want to lose.

Respiratory problems are now common due to molds and other things that come with the housing being built today. Like the food that has toxins and air that’s filled with smog, that’s bad for all the people who don’t know it and will wonder what went bad. Why the sickness from the issues that affect all living things when exposed in abundance, mold, and toxins kill adults and kids? Some will call the symptoms migraines or coughs and think it is a cold, while others are left lethargic and think it is stress or food. The truth is that the air we breathe determines how we sleep and if we wake with lots of power, energy to thrive, and more, to live a healthy life fulfilled instead of one in debt and ill.

I built some tiny houses from the best of Earth once found by our ancestors who used the trees and sand to form their homes. The glass they made is still so fine with waves that make it look divine. The doors and floors, the beaded ceilings, all the trees they felled to make them, still await our due respect and to be used to form new steads where homes will grow and community-based on the best, our unity. Peace be with you as you ponder how to create a world where under you and all those who may choose to live a simpler life and lose the city or technology that takes away from living free. Grow the gardens and raise fresh eggs. Fish the ponds that flourish fed. Share the land with trees instead of concrete, lawns, and streets all dead.

Raise the bar and go for healthy children who are smart and fit. Stop the killing of the people in the world with the taxes that are taken from the work hours that you give by switching to a life that gives you more to celebrate. Love your family, life, and body, knowing you have much to give to help create a place where others will share the values, not just take, but “Give” back to others to yet live. Let’s pay forward without actions and not break up to fight in factions. Help create solutions now instead of fighting when there are none around.

To do this, I am going to offer packages with little down. Financing to last a lifetime if that is what it takes to give more the chance to finally live in a tiny house that gives them a graceful chance to live well again. Will some take this chance or, better, help others get a start in life by providing space for them to build on and to start for just a while? A village setting for them to set up… a place to share the building costs. A Pure Salvage Outpost where the elders co-op with the ones who want to help. In this way, we can join together locally, where you can do the things that must be done to take part in forming a home for yourself. If more people try to do this in smaller towns, people will need to have tiny houses and share their community. Kitchens with a dining hall where those who love to cook for all gather what it takes to have the best for all who join their hands to create a village made of friends.

Can Wii do this, all the “I”s that call ourselves to at least try? Can wii find a way to be the best of our society or will the worst of those who try to destroy the culture and American Pride? What will come of the times ahead when the simple cabin represents the past when life was simple, and the bond with nature could be had? Will this be lost so Klaus and Gates will win their cyber-games and dance? Will WEF rule the day to say none of us can live this way? I wonder out loud and in this way hope I cause some to pause and say: “Stop!”

Breathe deep the Spring air, absorb the sun upon your skin, and let the dreams fulfilled begin.

Brad W. Kittel