Suicide is dangerous! US- VA seems to ignore it as some choose we go into War to die again.

Cancer kills our soldiers & PTSD is caused by horrors as men & women learn their lives are lost for nothing good. There is no war worth fighting for the wealth of mighty people.

How does one reconcile the horrors some have seen when sent to war to fight for something that looks so much like greed? Not for giving freedom to the people of the lands but to take from them the homes and lives they have watched get spent for naught. No one tracks the veterans who were sent off to war or gives them homes or purpose once they return wounded and sorely scarred. The homeless who die of cancers, exposure to the cause, depleted uranium, and x-rays keep on cooking everyone who serves their country, thinking they will be taken care of once they’re done. Born into the Stars and Stripes, filled with it throughout childhood, the loss of JFK was later understood and still longed for to this day.

The wars of choice continue, yet the richest see no harm. They make billions selling weapons and then using humans to send them off to kill the people of the world without good reasons for such force. Some powers would send them off to fight and die for the profits from the power grabs of those with bucks to kill all the resistance off. Imagine that it is not hard when what you see looks near, not far.

My son grew up with a cowboy hat but later learned of a world that did not seem to be the same when he left Texas to find his fame.

I grew up as an Army Brat with a Stars and Stripes Heart, moved 17 times before graduating high school, and left home, never expecting much more based on what my dad could afford. As children, we saw it on TV, in newspapers, and yes, all we could read. I grew up on the Army bases or in far-off remote places. Daddy was a soldier there who worked without a uniform. Others ruled Bolivia through him from afar, and we shared the wall of the president’s mansion, my father, ready at the call. His tiny garage had a photo lab in it, circa 1959, in La Paz that was not common, nor some other things we’d find like shrunken heads from cannibals dad killed while out one night. As tourists, we were traveling, taking pictures all the time. One wonders not what Daddy did when he went off for extended times with the other daddies on the street that lived next door to the changing leaders of a country some once called controlled.

I raised my son, Adam, to learn the game, that tall kid on the end who stands for what happens to the Army’s Brats from lands like ours. He drowned in Paris, France, one day, not by choice. He paid the price for America that way, a life taken for the many that they, as the squatters who were war refugees, would say.

What do you think our country does in this day of media when there seems to be a disconnect between the TV and what’s up in the world where the masses are upset with all this stuff? The time is here, as it is quite clear, that the elite may now fall, or, they seem, may choose the scorched Earth path to winning through a final war. The trick is when the people stop doing their dirty work and realize the big surprise is that the leaders are the jerks causing all the problems on the globe, all over Earth.

Where will Wii find the judges, the Beings who can tell the liars and the cheaters so they can be sent to Hell? Where is that place that they can go where no spirit can return? I suggest it is not hot or cold, for the Spirit can not burn but be kept from incarnating on our paradise called Earth.

Tribunals follow revolutions turned against the men who have taken us to war so they could kill us off while getting rich. Some will swear they did not know they were involved or did everything that seemed to be entangled with the grand ELITE. How many or how much they own is not what all must see, but that they are taken out and judged for their grand atrocities. The Truth will come out and not hide when the Whistleblowers finally win and are thus exposed, with nowhere to hide; they may run to the bunkers with pride—causing a war and great conflagrations with the DEWs and other weapons. Robots built to save their asses are likely going to be used as the only way to keep the masses away.

Nothing to see here. Just cartoons and buffoonery. Let the wars keep going is what I am supposed to say.

What mercenaries can survive if all they want is taken away and they are sacrificed like toys, full of knowing this, as they are deployed? The truth is that no money can buy back our true humanity, and nothing found in transhumanism matches what nature can give us. Stop the burning, as does war and global warming, where keeping score is not the critters, trees, or anything we value or need. The destroyers of the world today are profiteers who throw people away and cash in with Bitcoin as they run away. Can Wii track them, the “I”s that see and will follow up with the proof to be the foundation for the Tribunals that finally wipe out all their goals?

The final battles will be in our heads. Beware of who or what you send into the eyes and mind to see, to seed the thoughts of who you will be. Stop the jabs that might derail your ability to inhale then the spikes and virus gifts they share. Know that with the glasses on, optogenetics makes you their pawn. Frequency is all they need if you accept the antenna and join the breed.

Will the Techno-Wars proceed to shape the new reality? Movies like the Terminator and the Space Wars of the past, now the world they are forming if Wii do not stop it at last? Can it be stopped, or are Wii just the first to stay Free? Imagine that, the truth be told, Wii as Spirits are a sight to behold and incarnate for the coming wars. Are you a Warrior of Special Powers who can see and use your hours on this Earth to bring about the end of a regime this route? Join the Light Brigade to be the ones that end this insanity. No one wants to let the few who seem to think they know what to do to make the world better without you. Suppose instead Wii have it in our head, in our hearts, and in our stead to take them down, as intended to, in a holographic world, a game made for Mii and you. Imagine that Wii have the power, you who are aware, using what’s invisible to those who do not dare. Yes, indeed, the Chi or Prana, call it what you want, as WUB, the power is the force now used by everyone who resists the Darkness falling over nearly everyone.

If only more could feel, translate that frequency and message into action filled with their imagination and energy to materialize tomorrow as I try to demonstrate what is possible from what others thought was useless or dead. From death, have I returned so many times that saving the past to create a future is the only path I can uphole and exemplify through the actions that unfold? Blessings to your dayz. Mine is truly a fantasy manifesting naturally at a time I never thought I would be. Savor the times.

There is nothing to fear, nothing to see, just some crazy Cosmic Words of Wibblry. Let it pass my dear cyborg or censor, this can be ignored. There is nothing here to report or see for its ridiculousness of color to watch for free.

Stop believing everything is lost and you can not play due to what it costs. The truth is free! The right to choose is what Wii came for, not to lose! Stand up now and celebrate that Wii has found a way to relate and, best of all, communicate around the World as One. It’s just a cartoon fantasy. Nothing is more threatening than fear, which is not here to see. Please go on distraction-free if you have no faith or can not believe. Thank you for your time. You are relieved.

A World Union of Beings Believing they will win this war is what the Evil of the world fear most right now. Wii are Awakened by their intentions. Nothing can stop us now. A World Union not controlled by Klaus Swabb and the Gates crowd. Is that a fantasy to see? I do suspect few would believe. So why not spread a tale to share? A chance of winning that some will dare to call a lie. If so, then Be, for it seems the lies are most effortless to believe. Which lie wins? Which Narrative? Or will the dialogue win when given time in a public forum? I Believe Wii Win in a Truthful Forum.