Imagine Shifting a million bd ft of wood, 1,000s of doors, miles of hand-blown glass & miles of trim, going to where?

“Ideally this proved potential for hundreds of tiny cottages, handmade originals that last for a lifetime, can be portable to move with a trailer when needed then take the trailer away!”

Built the proof that Salvage Works to create great houses.

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

All things must end, though their time may vary, memory creates the story that will inevitably come to its natural end. Tiny Texas WareHouses amputated next as Brad is back and the business will be dismantled before he gets to leave again. Darby has Salvage, Texas going great with Trinity hosting the Fantasy adventures of our guests from around the world. More tiny organic cottages will be added to Salvage, Texas… Dragon’s Lair Canyon and the food jungle surrounding Miracle Mountain and Waldon Pond will take most of their time and many ponds, critters, and nurturing so other dreams must be put to rest

Sometimes the best things in life are born into our world to alter the course of many, not just us, for fatherhood changed me, and losing it even more 24 years later. Life is a miracle. Please help create for them. Toxin-free for Mii, please. He suffered from vaccines that damaged him in life, sugar from a mother who thought Cokes were good for infants, and other such things..
One of the last pictures with a smile as a child… anger and pain replaced the smile for decades, and decades. Adam brought my smile back, then love which was lost too. Now, what do I do to share and pass that smile to others who will need one soon? My mother always joked that if retroactive abortions were possible, I would never have reached this age. Let us save other kids from mothers of such sorts.

Hopefully a major vintage lumber player and architectural dealers will be able to parse out the millions in lumber, doors, windows, and hardware unlike any other collection in America. The locations in Gonzales and Luling may well be emptied in that case rather than seeing another entity merge with Tiny Texas Houses and the massive warehouses, but regardless, the chance to get any smaller packages of materials, a semi load or ten, for if it is up to me. Most of it will not be run by Brad in 2023, for that time is past to have employees and pay to be taken advantage of once more.

Do tell your family and friends if you are serious about getting real wood, not the big box of white speed grown woods to create beautiful quality sized healthy sustainable houses instead of toxic box to call home, village, or community one day.

I began Tiny Texas Houses to prove what is possible using 95% salvaged materials to build sustainable energy-efficient houses that could be ported to the paradise that others might be making in the world. Some went as far away as the Badlands in the north of the USA, others to Oklahoma, Ohio, and all over Texas. After more than 75 different designs, from as small as 10’x10’ to as large as 12×30 with a giant loft, they form a collection of examples of what is possible, can be beautiful, and profitable to create. The goal was to inspire millions of others to consider this alternative to the big sheetrock boxes that have become the homes of today, many with nothing more than laminated paper-thin layers of wood over particle board with glues that outgas chemicals in the house. Real wood with character or color naturally is becoming hard to find in new houses, let alone wood floors and cabinets that are not created using chemicals and processes that will take years to outgas and finally make for safe habitat.

Now, as I set about dismantling the business entity and rare assets, it is good to review the purpose and motivation behind concepts and ideas that people create, nurture, and then watch die… if they live that long.

Many people do not consider how many life hours are invested into every incredible dream that is realized through hard work and a life of dedication. What drives people to do the work, to create the solutions to problems is often the money to be made from such business endeavors but some of us do it because it needs to be done, to be demonstrated by example as possible, not just to talk about how it could be done.

Not a raven but a vulture waits upon the window of my life. Like the many houses such as a matriarch named Lilly who was born long ago, raised the kids on the ranch and went on to Heaven. Decades later the generations reclaim their heritage and memories by saving what is left to build their future for their kids from a past they are proud of, though simple hard-working folks. It is from such work and seminars, people learn how to salvage mine, then salvage build. This was the house that grandma lived in so very long ago that we salvaged for the wood to make the new Aunt Lilly to be proud and hold their family one more time, brought back to life somehow.

The people who prove it can be done are not necessarily the ones who will determine through building codes and other means, forcing the people to use the global corporation designated methods of building that force people to use their products rather than such alternatives as I have proven is possible, saving the materials of the past to create the future instead of destroying the last of the virgin forests in the world to ship to America and other richer nations for their construction projects.

Please consider the salvage mining and salvage building models I have written on, created tutorials, and videos, and hopefully gave others what they need to be inspired to save more.

Build more from the treasures that will never be replaced if thrown in the landfill or burned, left rot, or die wasted. Instead, the ancestors built without credit but instead with blood, sweat, and tears to raise big families through drought and storms. I believe there is an energy in memories, heritage, and history that should not be forgotten or thrown away. I hope the examples I created as House Art will be enough to prove that 95% salvage building is possible, beautiful, and lasts a lifetime instead of 7-10 years before obsolescence as planned by manufacturers these days.

The Writers Cottage was one of my favorites, a shower on the upper deck and commode where no one could see you but you could see the Texas Hill Country 200 feet above the waterfall in Hunt Texas.

May your days of salvaging and building our future without imports and toxins for kids to breathe in due to the modern materials and tiny toxic box on wheels fad that too so many to RV financing Hell… loans much bigger than the value of trailer houses on wheels that many will suffer health problems with and never even know the cause of respiratory, weight, migraines, and attention deficit from poor sleep and lack of fresh air. So are lessons learned hard, evidence gathered and a new way of creating housing evolves. I hope more take this path to escape homelessness or being home-bound by the cost of the house, taxes, heating, maintenance, and cooling, all costs, and a burden that forces people to keep working at jobs that are killing them with stress. The irony of the modern world grows daily. I tried many paths to teach, but few were attended well.

Blessings to your Dayz as you savor the journey knowing the future can change in a day, a 14-inch rain, thousand-year floods all over the USA in the same few months as we approach a winter that will stun and kill the optimism that still holds as the denial of bigger forces at work than man’s CO2 production, cow farts, and pollution, this is much bigger cycles that have occurred before. Prepare to change, and please, consider salvage to build with after the floods, storms, tornados, hurricanes, and landcanes (hurricane-level winds and storms in the middle of the country). It will not get better for 7 years so hold on, salvage and build with wood inside, and metal outside given the roofing metal helps stop radiation, heat, hail, and other such things, even 5G if that is a concern, consider the less expensive alternative siding, salvaged roofing at 50 cents a square foot for example.


If Wii were to create the villages some say it takes to raise great children… what will that entail?

It starts w sustainable tiny houses grouped together so there is lots of ground to grow food on, to nurture & to care, for humans & other Beings to share.

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

60 min ago


It is a pity that FB will not let all see the many ways to Be Free at last, regardless of your past, new villages, a chance to grow a fresh tribe that will let you know you have a place to call you hOMe, a place where your heart, and prayer are possible without persecution. Peace comes from the community, from having the support and love, the unity of communing with others to accomplish a greater dream than any one of us can create, manifest, and gift to the generations that follow.

It takes a village to raise a child, to have the gardeners, musicians, and more, the people who would raise the children if the parents went to war. Life is changing fast, but not as fast as in the past before when they did not know the storms were coming, did not have the satellites, but also did not have the War Machines that crank out day and night. Imagine what the world could be if somehow Wii could plant the seeds and change thee way the future goes by raising kids who will be told.

By what Lights do you shine or cast a shadow on the lands, time, and society. It is the Light from within that will leave the greatest marks, indentation, impressions that will last for lifetimes in a quantum story you can each create. Join me in the coolest of Lights.

Don’t hide for life and then disclose, like Santa you make fools of those who did believe until the end that Santa was a real person and he brought the gifts for being good, when really its the first lie that proves you a fool. Please understand the distractions from the presents and the Tree, the party, the way they are sure you don’t See.

Wibblry is for Wubbers who can see and understand, but I don’t think the fantasy will ever end. Be Free to share so Wii can grow all of the people who will want to know the truths that soon will be disclosed. Then Wii will make progress, the kind that will show. I only got to imagine how fast some things go for the people who control them have the keys don’t you know. But your body, your temple, your vessel to love, that has the motor that does the most good


I will propel you to places no bike can yet go, and give you a power than no motor can show. YOU are the great power if you use it you Know… but few have the keys to their own and it shows. It is not until fully built, over 50 years old that you can crank up the motor and idle, go slow.

By 62 you can let it go and see by 66, that the gift of life and wisdom, the time it takes to learn how to ride a bike so powerful at speed most fear, but clear… you can handle it and more for you built the vessel pure.

Please understand, the body is your best machine that you will ever have. Motor, tires, fuel, and direction, operating at speed that few can hold, I pray you do the best you can to Light the Way as no others can.

Exemplify what Wisdom is, adventures turned into the things that other kids will look and see are worth the fighting for. Live your life to defend the Truth, be the Light for all the Youth, not just the reason to be uncouth and act like idiots due to YOU… the teachers who are reaping what do by not teaching kids how to fix this mess too.

It is not the jewels or 3 piece suit, the haircut or the car. Tis not the house that makes a hOMe, it is your very heart.

Please help salvage the best from our past to create a future built from community up, small businesses create all the jobs when ingenuity sets in and this time, all get the rewards as businesses grow instead of a few at the top.

Transparency will bring great changes soon, but wars will likely happen, even if it looks like the enemy comes from the Moon, Uniting our World is what Wii must do. Prepare for disclosure and at least a war in the sky at an open theater near you thanks to drone technology and our ability to create a screen with Chemtrails that now has been proved to look like whatever the theaters have too.

Ready for the I-Maximus of the Sky-Maximus projectors? Oh boy. some will be so surprised they will think it is real. “Hallaluya” and “Horray”, spelt wrong for a reason to say… Be Aware of technologies ready to go that will change what you think is real from all that you know.

Brad and Darby sharing

Just for grins, my new post wins special attention from the FB Goons…

That look like shots across the bow, or perhaps rubber bullets shot into the sky, Why?

So what does a house package look like some ask? Could I build a whole village? Depends on drafts of dreams.

I want how many some will say but not $o much if you build it away, then $hip it to $ome other $tate! Then, ship 3 on 1 truck, could one think but build in your state?

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

2 hr ago

I am not prone to liking losing battles but
understand it must be done to win a war. Pieces in Chess get lost, I
play chess well by the way if any of you like the game.

Time is the thing that separates the past opportunities and the present situation that offers you more if ready. If not, things do not line up, those who say they will be there may not as you try to put together your community or cause. Please keep pushing and letting those who think like you join with you instead of giving up or depending on those who may never come through,

Here is a scenario of what can happen in the communication if your dreams are not clear, so you can see the opportunity when it appears:

See the whole version of the Vesper Casa on film, rare footage of a great house. How much for what kind of house package?

I realize real estate agents, lawyers, and family become part of any equation that influences what you pick for land to plan to grow, and that all being tied up
stopped it cold in the water. As for the rest of the things outlined
above, nothing, not a note, proposal, or draft was sent to Someone Else to be
able to pass along apparently, no fault of hers, and it is not fair to
express my disappointment in that after being given the impressions
the proposals with land, this way or that, and what can be done in the
meantime to make the sales and buy the note out, regardless of
discount, and I do not care about the money you can make, a half a
million just on that proposition, a couple would have netted you $3
mill, without the land or bank being an issue because I paid all that
off with the deposits on orders I have gone out to hunt instead as
none came from any of your team to Someone Else to pass along.

What is a house materials package to you?
How big is your dream? Does it include more than you?
How many, what size, and what will each do?

Let us say one guy who wants 30 or whatever 60 houses only had to say they
would be Vicky Two or Blue Moon sized average windows and doors,
style, etc as packages that could be used to create 6 Retreat or Big
Brother-sized examples I spent a decade creating for you to use for
examples of what a house package can be. It is never the exact same
parts, windows, doors, etc. Maybe for 15 houses created out of common-looking single pane double hung sashes.

So if that is not enough, I told you I have plans like the Cowboy
Cabin sent plans, and sent shots of the actual building plans for
three sizes which would be three house packages used to create a big,
medium and tiny house at 12×12 being the smallest with kitchen and
bath. Will you build it on-site or try to ship it to you from a site in Gonzales where that is what you could do?

Included is an example as spelled out in articles and propositions,
three houses packaged configured to create different instead of three
all same size 12 x 20. 12+20+26 =58 linear feet of houses with lofts
to stand and sleep in… for your example uses the extra two feet for
more features or aspects of spice and flavor. All for $15,000 as it
takes three packages without the framing lumber included that.
YOU can not sell that? Wow! To ship them costs more than the labor to build them. Better build closer you learn as you go. This is 28; long at most, 14’6” tall but has it all. This can be done with two of the packages combined into one, with porches and all of the posts, ain’t that fun?

NO imports, toxins, or trees cut for this to become a piece of art that people can live in for lifetimes to share what Wii could thus start. Will they listen? Will they See? That was the greatest question for Darby. Perhaps not it turns out that after 75 examples of what could be done are wrought. This is Big Brother
This is his Little Sister and they share it with the Blue Gambrel, all could be created on Three House packages but the trick is only if you buy them by the 10.

Alone these packages will run $15,000 to $25,000 when they start selling with plans again, if the people who can run the next generation of Outposts so as to build them locally, where you need them now… and not spend $10,000 shipping down the road.

So if I give a package of ten, you make 9, three sets of these, or the
Kidd, Gingered Swann, Vicky One, Vicky Too, Blue Moon, Ark, and Red
Mascot with the Bathhouse too. NOT good enough a deal for any of
you… What else am I to do?… build it for you too? Do that to make
these examples, not words, to show your builders from anywhere in the
world on a laptop or phone. NO takers. Well, I understand, and thank you
for your great efforts and intentions.

Inside with the wood, not Shitrock, particle board, nor imports too.

As for results over the months of working with Princes, Kings, or greater clans, and others you know not off with similar action after great words and promise, lost
in time somewhere behind me. As I look forward to the week ahead, as
if in the end, I was dead, I still must get the tasks attended to which
I thought at one point your group would help me do but the clock ticks
fast, I do so as I do believe holy in what I do.

Sorry to share that I do care and will be there when you all get to
the point you know what you want to do but until then, I am leaving
that broken chain of nothing accomplished thus nothing said
relationship knowing it is not a place with people I will not visit or
do business with, but who I will not expect to receive a single word
back from unless something happens, they can report on.
In the meantime, I will quit trying to keep you informed of the
propositions that I am making and some are taking to help do what I
can do before you all are able to decide what you will do soon, one
day, tomorrow, and such because for now, you are all busier than
anyone can be and give 100% to any one thing.

Focus is hard and takes great sacrifice to accomplish incredible things fast. I will survive and thrive as I attempt one more time to inspire others to respect the
Spirits coming and doing what needs to be done now, not someday. They are
on their way only months from arrival, a Legion of Light No One
understands I came, with others, to unlock and insure their success as
the leaders of the future, trained as warriors with the heart, the
Sword of Love, the willingness to sacrifice all for the betterment of
those who will follow.

Life is but an ongoing fantasy Wii create by what wii the people tolerate… mass media and dictates are for fools, and many now awaking, who are wondering and shaking at the things that those with Bibbson seem so determined now to do. Blessings to your struggles with the issues yet ahead and in your head. Things like the Schumann and other invisible forces instead.

My job is just beginning though it took a life
of preparation and trust me, I am very close to a Jesus, with a
personality and laugh, with a wicked sense of humor, and more who are
here for the work our Father sent us to do willingly.
If it were up to me, the cleansing will be thorough, and the results
lasting for a millennium full of knowing the cycle of the Yugos and other
clockwork of God is simply cycling upon which Wii build again and again
throughout the cosmos and eternity. Your view is different, you
memory and perspective perhaps more limited by the hours with eyes
open that are not spent viewed at the speeds I do.
I appreciate that humans for the most part are thus inclined to
distraction instead of genius and hope to change that in the coming
dawn of the Age of Aquarius now full-on, the transition is the time of
Shiva the Destroyer before the Angels take on rebuilding what is best
to become better every time. All things decay due to the Golden Rules of
Powers that Corrupt absolutely then societies and empires fall to the One to form again with those who survive.

Let us form a great new beginning. Doubt this is the ending and you
simply can not see the near future well.

Savor your days.
much love.

Darby Lettick

Chapter 8 of 30 in August of 2022

Who gets to pick first for the best? Who might get the rest? What does a Dream House Package cost in pieces?

I have made several proposals, all time sensitive & not finding the people to do some of the things needed. So, I created proposals that will work for those far away too. You?

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

  • What does it mean when someone asks what a generic house package cost? It means we need to define just what that includes to some degree, the Volkswagon, Cadallac, or Mercedes versions as they once used to say or Bronze, Silver, or Gold package and what size if I might ask. Thus how can I begin to answer the proverbial question what is included in a materials package and how much is it? But without the required clarity, I ask for… but get crickets: no answer is possible? Please don’t get mad if I can not get the information from the way you ask your question to give a simple answer that can not be formed on those desires to know a price, nothing more.

Update for those who were considering the proposals and packages that
have been part of my Re-gifting of Adam’s Birthday Present. I have not
found the people who want to take on my gigantic bigger offer but many
from other places who want 10 house material packages. Due to the
demand, I am letting others know how the selection and process will
work and that all proposals were time sensitive, if not a deposit
is done, then gone and on to the next month.

Commodities like wood and windows are changing prices fast, few
getting cheaper as the dollar loses value against all the important
things like food and building materials that are no longer being
imported, nor materials to make them with here and demand is
skyrocketing for great architectural salvage and lumber. Like food, these things change price from week to week and seldom downward. So don’t think an offer is good for more than a week as they are all subject to change overnight.

Good times for those who have a big stash and I had hoped to share
with more but I think there will be fewer bigger buyers than smaller
and hope they will share rather than use it all to replace a giant
houses burned or flooded rather than more numbers of tinier houses for
more people.

That is how homelessness is overcome.

I really do want a community or two dedicated to the kids to be born
from abortions that did not happen and could be adopted without great
embarrassment for family or help women to live there while feeding the
child, staying off drugs and alcohol through the process of pregnancy,
get help, then if they must leave for any reason I will not judge,
others can love and raise the children for them.

This is truly what the next rounds of sales will be for and I will
likely qualify them so as to get the discounts where they need to be.
Blessings to your day. I do not want conflict in the picking of the
pieces to create with as so many are unique and limited in quantity.
3,000 feet of weathered matched tongue and grooves siding 16′ long in
a batch that can not be replaced is special, like the set of 11
matched Victorian Cypress turned posts with Gothic Gingerbread for a
giant porch or gazebo. These are the things that some want, not Tiny
House oriented but big houses to be replaced, with insurance.

Sadly many do not have insurance or the means to recover in that fashion.

Hope you are finding ways to make your dreams come true too.

With Gratitude and best wishes,
Brad W. Kittel address to reach me below paywall. here.

[email protected] for more information and call if serious only to


What Do You Do if You can not Read? How does one Say this so, you understand few human beings could keep up, you’re not slow.

Knowledge is power. It buys our chance at opportunity. Thrive when others look on fearful, lost, w/o a way or cause. Life skills have value, just like reading, Wii will see, can you see now?

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

2 min ago

What image still impresses? Do Ads somehow gain credence for some words, that are so hypnotizing some believe all that is heard? Welcome to Surreal Salvage News for you.

I realize few writers understand how hard it is for the readers to keep up with them, their fingers on the whiz. They do not understand the speeds that words flow through the keys and the ways that you can use them to craft messages that please. In a world where reading speeds have generally slowed to under a hundred words a minute with working vocabularies of only 800 out of thousands of words possible in the English/American version of our most common language. How are we to share complex ideas if the visualization capacity within the reader is destroyed by the lack of reference material, prior knowledge stored for analog thinking, with logic at the fore? The philosophy that leaves the key to finding Truth is lost and intentionally skipped in school those years it could help most. How is it that the system forgot teaching as a host that offers a great platform that will let the genius launch? Instead, they breed the best of drones, but now week, their sick like sloths and the injections are not helping, more like weaning out the flocks

Some write for the glory, some to say their piece, and others go to jail for the right to still Speak Free. What did that mean so long ago, how did they do it, make a Ghost of those who tried to tell the tale, who often got instead the nails. Sharp side pointing through the hand, not good for writing or the man that brought a tale of hope and joy, but found the world not prepped for Joy. How about the next time that the message comes our way, will humans take the path of Piece, or distract their life away?


But likewise, like the swords they are, cutting as they go, through the bullshit and the lies that so many seem to throw. Indeed one day not long ago a word could mean so much we know but now they make recession seem as if it is some new ICE CREAM. Have a lick and pick your flavor. Tell your friends, like Cool-aid, savor… till you see what they want you to say and follow directions to the jab-room each day. Boost your intelligence not our right arms to reach some intelligence above that on the farm.

Sheople many have now proved it’s true, the run is a short one from there to become Zombies too. How can you tell, can you save them from herds where they cling to the group like their feet were impaired?

The truth does not matter, a cognitive tale of the dissonance felt in the hopeless do wail.

If I offer a path and the many that see jump up and take action or opportunity… then miracles happen when hearts open up, Truth leads to trust and a membership group that can share the great passions, the wisdom procured by doing their jobs for decades, not years. Learn from the elders. Preserve the best books for when they go and the internet all will be gone but what’s written on paper for the readers is still strong.

The truth is for wordsmiths like me who have grown wanting to write when so few can read on, for videos, audios, dyslexia too, have ruined the reading rates of all humans who… well they just like the Cool-Aid, not much Wii can do.

Have a great day kids. Ice Cream anyone?

Darby Lettick

Salvage Texas News

Reporting Head in Charge

If you are not a speed reader knocking out a few hundred words a minute, it might be hard to keep up with the output as I prep to share some things.

Suppose you do, I have no clue, but will do the numbers just for fun, how many words a day to read, and what rate to get it done?

At a hundred words, not sure what grade, or college level speed? I suspect it will take just a bit to keep up for you see… I think the word count from last week was 181,000 words written and put out, with pictures of the things I’ve done to create the examples to be found. The Proof of Concept, the bad examples of the crap the markets samples and then offers loans to those who live in RVs they call THOWs. That rhymes, I know.

So just because it is not fun enough to cruise along at a couple of hundred words a minute on the old keyboard… so do it in a rhyme helps keep Mii from Being Bored. I ran the numbers in my head while typing this to you and it does appear you’d have to take so just 3 hours and you through unless the words I picked are not the ones you thought you knew. Perhaps a bit of those who read can get past 750 words… you see, the buffers that most humans have leaves little room for such grand plans as I spell out, in sentences that seem to last from dusk till dawn. Who is still reading… You are still young in mind and brain, in what you sustain and how you will grow more… Indeed if you have read this much, you are a learning star.

Please, take with you this word of thanks… so few have seen the ends of the treatises and the thesis that float around the Web. Perhaps someday, that day so soon, I hope to write some books that will get the plan for all who can to take control again. The World Union is made of Beings who all Light up at once, help to create transparency, and clean the world of stuff that has plagued us for millennia, yes many battles fought, but the next round has been triggered and the Winners must come now!

Light up my Fellow Legionnaires, the Lightning comes to play as we tap the energies God brings to give us the power to say: Stop the Madness, Stop the Pain, Give us back our Truth Again! Let us join not just here, but all of us that form Wii, clear. All the “I”s and Beings here deserve the chance to thrive its clear. Still, forces who think their stakeholdings mean they get to herd the masses into places none should go so they can keep the best and know… “Wii Dead!”

I disagree and have stepped up, Darby Lettick to the top of the Prophetic Ones to help one day, Unite the Lights that will Light the Way for the real True Hero to Arrive, the One who need not be Alive to lead and share the thoughts of Love, the Peace on Earth, the great White Dove. Not a person but a force you see. One you feel, One you breathe, One for life will show through a veil thinned, the power of our Light Within.

Please, once realized, use your powers well. Oh yea, heard about the chance to get 10 houses for the price of one so that you can build communities to escape the madness if it comes. [email protected]

Pray for the best, aim for the stars, be the great Light that others follow, and do more. Leap the great Chasms with Faith you’ll succeed and I will be proud to help all who will see.

Time for the next generations to join in the show. For Sale, Owner Financed to a Start-Up you may be part of.

What if you could be part of a new form of corporation that lets you invest, work, grow, cash out for double your investment in inventory anytime to open your Outpost at home near you?

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter on too.

Time for the next generations to join in the show. For Sale, Owner Financed to a Start-Up you may be part of. Where do you put all the new babies to be born with the changes in Roe, the hope of new life, solutions no one would have thought of but the kids we save, create intentional communities for, preserve their fertility, healthy bodies, healthy minds. Will you be part of the next generation of Starseeds God sends to save the world in the future? Let us prepare for the new life these changes will bring, stop fighting, and pray.

What if you could be part of a new form of corporation that lets you invest, work, grow, and cash out for double your investment in inventory anytime to open your Outpost at home near you?

Imagine what the next generations could do if the kids in the middle, the 50s like I was when I started TTH. The kids in the 40’s that need to be in the game for their kids are bearing the new generation that needs their fertility preserved, their health, and their hope. Please consider an organic import free, totally free if possible future, and teach it to the newest babies now being saved by the changes in abortion laws. Create the places that want them, to raise them right, and to give them all this age has to offer. I believe in these spirits bringing the answers no one can imagine now. Please help create places other than the 1800’s orphanages to grow them in.

I checked… oh yes, it was true, 777 for my first glance at what the hour had brought with 95% opening the door to opportunity and reading the post. Substack is banned from a referral in my posts or I lose all traffic, what drippings they give me. Please share.

If you got this twice, they would not let me edit and publish this version. see how this goes instead.

Amazing cutting edge business building organic Tiny Houses, import-free, unlimited potential. For Sale… Owner financing for a startup team. Reasonable investments for key players to join, invest, grow with and prosper as the dream using quantum stories as platforms to launch others into thriving, from their perspective, their actions, their faith, and results. Community support from one community to another locally, to build a new global network, a World of United Beings perhaps, at last.

Start by creating solutions with your life hours here and grow the best you find into the future your generation will need. My part at this is over and the business of it is now up to your generations behind me. Can you unite to form the Startup this will require to shake the world by the ears and say hear us, see us, and know Wii, all of us “I”s working together will get transparency and truth, make peace, and leave to you a paradise?

Imagine a group of people being able to join together to create a startup company using 10 million in materials, land, & a global reputation to build upon.

15 years since I looked out the Mascot loft, the first Tiny Texas House that is still on the land today, IH 10, on the cover of Lloyd Kahn’s great “Tiny Houses Simple Living” book, & in the minds of millions who have seen our work.

Owner financed, reputation known, and loved around the world, Tiny Texas Houses is about to transform. A Startup is composed of many people who want to share in a common manifestation of intentional communities worldwide. share, please. I want the right people to see and get a chance to be part of this. The Lights I seek are there, can we join together now?

Invest in this and then decide to cash out, double to triple your dollars in materials to build a house or a community. You invest in Salvage, Texas LLC to be an Air Certificate holder, even more, then want to cash out with the help, knowledge, and property found to build, you get the parts, the help, support, and the chance to open a Pure Salvage Outpost to help teach others how, to sell the parts, the pieces without these giant warehouses that became membership parts, to build a community of salvage communities that stretch across the world as a control group perhaps.

What can we do organically, naturally, sustainably, and live healthy till the day wii, all of us “I”s that care this way together? Be part of the solutions by acting as an example, creating them, day after day. Time to shine, time to Thrive, but not based on the old axioms but new paradigms based on the best wii know now. After more than a decade of Research and Development of toxin-free, import-free, and even nearly all of the material for free principles I think the time to share has come and you are the people Wii all need as heroes, you Elders near and far. Time to show how valuable these life skills are to the kids that can barely open a jar.

Help establish the Pure Salvage Outposts where so many have lost big houses and tiny houses would do until they can build big again. Please consider the salvage mining not filling landfills for $. Imagine the great places we could create instead of cutting down trees, filling dumps, and creating ever more pollution to make and transport stuff we do not need if you tap the treasure loads of salvage in America.

Share please as there are barriers, like on FaceBook that see my traffic kick up like it has and puts the brakes on letting others know as I still refuse to pay them a penny and they have never paid me one cent, refused to monetize my site, let it stay hacked, and stolen for months without a response, and left me hanging when the first time I went to let ads on, I got hacked off my site for a few months until a follower who’s son graciously helped me get back on. Please make up for the 72,000 followers FB is finally upped from 197 for weeks to hurt my stats or just a glitch, like not letting me post unless I tolerate stopping, starting, freezing, getting erased, or just having 18 people see a post out of tens of thousands.

Yes, I am selling and hoping the next generation, under a new moniker, can beat the shadow-banning, the censoring to the point of pissing them off with my humor but not enough to shut me down. Eating trolls and pointing them out boldly stopped the 40,000 hits on-site because my followers kicked the troll’s asses too. This group that is close knows I have taken very little away from what I have to say about some very important things, freedoms. I am not expecting to worry about the platform, but my following I can never reach or advise where to go, and my substack writing links nearly shut down when I post them with only 100 people or so getting to see them. Rant complete.

Please consider sharing with others who think the issues, not just the pretty picture of tiny Tiny Texas Houses, is indeed the ethos to build with the best of the past, no imports, (guess why Shina doesn’t like my pitch), no toxins (guess why THOW industry and RV guys hate me), and made to last a lifetime. Locally, not globally, and with the intention of making them last by Americans who will live in them, Free to teach their children good health, not fear, and dependency on government to survive. I pray my message is now in print with millions of words, pictures, and examples across the world. Free it has been and for the most part, because all those stairwells are not patented, the houses, and pictures, my gift to you all has been fully manifested for that phase of my life.

In the next phase, who picks up the baton in a new form of corporation, incentivized and with an ethos to do these things first… Wii, all of us “I”s of God can work together with our hands to rebuild a world where nothing matters but your Being a great person and helping others instead of killing, stealing, lying, and other such popular things these days. Times will change fast! God works fastest through us. Time to Light up the World from Within where the action started

It’s been a while since 53 but I still feel like that once was me. Now 67 and ready to play, writing to share this with all of you free. Some invest and grow it, but the past is there to share.

Below the pay line is an email for paid subscribers.

[email protected] for more information. Time is truly of the essence and those who arrive first, get the best choice of the stocks if they simply wish to buy in and take out materials, write off a loss on taxes if suitable through Loopholology and Wii will see you soon.

In 2013 I wrote this Epitaph-Epic for Tiny Texas Houses. Wii, all the I’s in Mii, put her down in 2016. Start-Up … Still alive!

Massive Mothballed inventories awaiting a great day when our world would see the need perhaps, to build w things this way. Salvaged for 1,000 tiny organic cottages to form 1 day. Ready?

Resurrectionof a dream in Limbo, prepared and awaiting rebirth into the transforming society that will appreciate healthy Earth friendly sustainable solutions to housing, communities that nurture, and grow the ideal child, efficiency and freedom of the mind to focus on solutions in the future Wii, all of the “I”s on our planet will need as fertility has declined precipitously recently. Wonder why? Doesn’t matter, treasure every life Wii , have and next let us create a way home… a solution from imagination. Creativity is God’s gift to you and ingenuity is generally inspired by great need. Guess what? Many are finally inspired to look somewhere other than Wally Marts and Homey Depots for parts to form a better life with when they wake up to what was. It will finally be reality checks instead of government checks as floods, epidemics from weakened bodies, immune systems compromised by floodwaters, parasites, heat stroke, and stress.

By thinking of the world of Salvage not as trash but as Treasure, now is the time to bring the community around the knowledge of the elders left who can teach and the strong young family leaders, parents, and older kids who can rebuild without the government help. They will not be there with Bidon or any other at the helm, especially if war breaks out over stupid people tricks. What sort of world are Wii in and Where are They? Who? And Why are they starting new wars? Instead, crazy, but prepare! As Adam Brad Kittel, my only son and child sang my “Song of Salvage” poem, an epic, long ago… 2011. RIP 2 years before this.

How many hats wii wear that form the Mii I seem to be to all of those who see mii in the role or hat I choose. In time we leave them all behind, a newer, fresher hat we find, and take on what it brings, new life. I put 50 hats down to pick One up!

This is no easy read, but unedited, it was my view then… 2013. Now what do wii see?

Here goes the Original 2013 Epitaph of Tiny Texas Houses that predicted and anticipated this, published without fanfare back in that year no less. Then soon after, that being the second year after Adam passed on, with no heirs, I shuttered down, and waited. Now perhaps, the investors who will take on portions, buy in with time, money, energy, and use the millions in resources to take this to the next level it could not go until the people saw what the Toxic Box on Wheels trend would lead. How much down and how much a month was the real name of that game and many lost the proverbial arm and leg to charlatans who took advantage of the trusting. The $ driven world became one of NO obligation felt for due diligence by seller or buyer has led to massive debt on things not worth the loans within a year of driving them off the lot.

So sad but now… a start-up based on Truth, our Heritage and treasure, the principal that made in America means made to last a lifetime if possible without imported parts throughout or foreign labor so cheap you can ship products around the world at a profit… using prisoners seems okay for some, corps, countries, and buyers.


It is true, you are reading the Epitaph-Epic for Tiny Texas Houses in advance of its planned funeral and wake.  Twas a fine idea expressed in the most exotic of ways at a time when the world was not quite ready for what these were meant to portend.  The future could be built with the parts and pieces that we have, and the children would have all they need, grow up in toxin-free houses, and pass along the home to the next generation rather than throw it in the trash when you are through with it.

Life would be boring to repeat one thing a hundred times. That is for those that want to copy, not create. I think they call them subdivision developers, builders, and other such gentrified names. I am just an artist creating functional House Art and trying to offer what I feel are valid solutions to the society I live in that seems to feel that what we are doing to our children’s future and this country is Okay.

My simplest houses did not seem to get the attention around the globe quite as well as the exotic houses and the point is to get everyone to understand the value. When trying to get that across to a materialistic society, one must prove they are valuable in the currency of the day to seem to get it to register that they are valuable enough to go out and gather the materials to build them rather than try to come up with the money to buy one.If everyone wants one, more people will start building Tiny Houses.  If there is enough profit to make a living from it, more will do it and more will buy. If there is a demand for the materials, more houses, buildings, and barns will be torn down to supply that ergo more work for the public to do instead of gripe or stand in unemployment lines where no opportunity exists, just handouts that make one weaker for lack of using their own skills to thrive.

This collection I have successfully created thus far is unique in every way possible and designed to catch the eye of people around the world who like many different styles.  What is appealing to one is not to another so I am crossing all lanes on the highway and getting targeted by many who do not like my path.  This series of over 70 houses thus far is supposed to be a set of Lifeware Skills inspiring examples for you and others to be able to use to dream with and thus take action to make this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance part of your life.

YOU can join with others to make this possible in your community and build the exact house you like based on those I have created to inspire you with and spur you into action. Now you know you can get others with trucks, trailers, young backs, power tools, skills but retired, young and willing but no skills. YOU can make this happen with YOUR friends and relatives. No matter where You are, YOU will be the one to make a difference if it going to happen because the government and the global corporations will not help you become independent and free, self-sufficient, and capable of living without either of them in your local towns.

There you go, another long response to a simple statement. Thank you for helping me clarify some things.  I am getting disheartened by the lack of response given there are 250,000,000 people in this country alone, and then a few billion on the sidelines watching what we will do to save or destroy the world from our all too powerful position.  As the next month unrolls, we will see what comes of the seeds already planted.  If this has not been enough to get the concept rolling and more to come on board, then the door to much of what could happen will close.

We have announced what I want to do, how I plan to do it, what I have to do it with, and that no other chance for anything like this has ever been done before and put on the table to give this society a chance to help themselves crawl out of a hole we created for the rest of the world.  As it stands, our offspring to pay for when we are gone, though the debt is greater than they have any hope to pay,

Since that is not possible, we need alternatives for the kids of tomorrow.  I had hoped to see everyone adopt a new set of principles to build on and dispose of the past without filling up our landfills and throwing away our heritage.   I imagined people would jump on the opportunity to build houses practically for free.  I may have been ahead of my time again, a problem with past business ventures once or twice, but it took 30 years to open this door to creating the Territories and Villages but it will take more than what I have available to prove we can do this.  I obviously opened the door too early because I cannot afford to keep it open any longer.

 I am initiating liquidating the buildings and land that have been assembled for the Tiny Texas Houses Gonzales operations and will begin selling off the buildings and land in Gonzales that still house the inventory saved for the 250 houses that were intended to be built in the villages.   So there will be a big sale coming in June.  This will be a great opportunity for those who are looking to build regular-sized houses as I have lots of giant doors, windows, and much more that will get liquidated at 30=50% discounts starting in March as I clear out 80,000 sf of warehouse space in Gonzales and sell off the buildings that housed that portion.  See Buildings for Sale in Gonzales for more information if you are interested in some great real estate in a town that is booming due to the Fracing Methane boom going on from there to the Coast.   I will post a page to follow in the next day or two with a video too most likely.

Finally, I am going to migrate back to writing and drawing, finishing some books, and working with Mackey and others to create the books and programs to teach this concept if I can fund it.  If we can hold out and stabilize my financials,  Hopefully, I will still be able to effectively create the website to share the information, but also the hard copy books to take with you in the field.  The videos would be nice too but the funding and time may not be there due to the lack of support financially throughout this social experiment.  I plan on simply enjoying writing the final chapters of this fictional novel existence that I have been so blessed to live.  Regardless of the outcome of the business ventures that I have spent the last 30 years going through to get here, I have learned so much and I am thankful to have the opportunity to make the mistakes I get to make today, and the lessons I still learn from breaking new ground and failing to meet the goals I had set for myself.

We have house orders in place to work on through early summer, and I will take orders that will fill out the rest of the year but unless the houses are going into the villages, I will be done at that point with building for other people or clients.  I will simply be using up and selling the inventory I had on hand for this vision to manifest.  While I have the most incredible hope and desire, the passion to have given all I can seem to muster, I do not desire to be a businessman and build a thousand houses for people.  I am 57 years old and can live as comfortably as I need by myself in my Tiny Texas Temple and find peace while enjoying creating houses on my little patch of Earth for as long as I can.

I have heard the talk but seen that the action gets left out, and the efforts and calls seem to fall on deaf ears for the most part it appears.  I am thankful for those who are open to the ideas I have proposed.  I have no desire to push this on people and cannot afford to create the villages and Territories by myself so it appears like they will not happen as soon as I desired, if at all.  Most of the people who said they might like to change have chained themselves to their circumstances and things, to homes, families, and careers such that we can barely break away to make a sacrifice without jeopardizing the reserves that we believe will give us comfort and security.  There is nothing right or wrong with that, it is what it is, for each of us must go through, whatever stage we must to get to our own place in the end.  While I have judged many in my life for not choosing to help save the world or their children’s world, I do not now, but I will not ignore our problems and remain silent so I shall choose a different venue to speak out about my perception of what is going on as a fiction instead.

We, as a generation, have condoned the worst death and destruction in the history of the world for sake of our greed and desire to have it all.  I am not proud of that as an American and had hoped that others would choose a different path from those that follow during my lifetime.  We are at the worst point of chaos and war in history as our weapons are the biggest threat to the world.  We Americans have been the cause of most of it.  This is my tiny part of the answer if there is one to be composed by the masses if they care to act soon enough.  I can only ask…. what are you doing to this world?  I know there are others who are helping to change this, but it will take many more so please don’t think that your participation does not count.  It does, now more than ever, but no one will really be sure until it is too late to have acted and stopped the results of neglecting responsibility for the survival of our planet and species as a whole.  I do not believe that the elite will survive the hell they are creating with their greed and gluttony, their desire for power and control.

Let us please wake up, join together on some common ground, and implement the simple solutions at our fingertips that we personally can take action to make happen.  This is our reality don’t give it away to the government or bigger forces to control.  Self-sufficiency means thinking for yourself.  Try it if you have not.  It is an amazing feeling to know that you can break free and be who you want to be instead of what you hate turning into every morning as you go to work in order to survive.

This life for me has been an incredible experience and exercise in manifesting an image, a story, a concept, and a love out of what others considered dead houses, trash, and war zone neighborhoods.  I have compassion and sympathy for the kids who see nothing to hope for and remember the times in my life, my attempts to leave life as a teenager who saw no future for me in this angry threatening world I grew up in.  While I admit I have never fit into society well for my lack of common sense and social indoctrination, I have shared a long and fruitful relationship with our species as a whole in my 45+ moves around the world before reaching this place where I dropped the roots of my Tiny Texas Houses and Territories.  I have more things to be thankful for, both the traumas and the triumphs, than most ever get to dream of, and adventures that few ever dare to believe they could go on, let alone survive.  Now I watch the end of the last phase of my life as I seal it off from my future due to the forces at work and the decisions I have made to move forward,  I can finally understand so much that made less sense when viewed at an Ego based level.  Decades later, looking back at the same words 40 years later, the spiritual meaning is clear, the meaning is deeper, and the answers irrefutable.  A time for everything, and everything in its time, for me, this season is changing once more.

I had hoped we would see many people join us to create the SalvageFaire and villages around the core that will feed it with barter, trade, and income opportunity.  Not?  After several weeks of waiting to see people sign up we know that will not happen and we recognize what the response means.  No one really wants to participate in the next steps.  So far, since we announced what we would like to do, there was not enough of a splash to know we even posted a video so it may be an indication that we have about as much fizz as the Kickstarter program.

So, we will revamp again and keep on cooking with a new plan to survive and evolve so as to move forward with completing the orders in place, the books, the design program, and perhaps some design seminars.  We will definitely be selling tons and tons of windows, sashes, doors, flooring, metal roofing, and parts and pieces beyond your wildest dreams.  I am selling all of the inventory I have saved for a day when the people who would come could create a fantasy land for creative minds to bloom in, for flowers of God’s creative power to ignite and release fireballs of energy into our society to ignite the people’s inner passion to survive instead of sink into drone hood without resistance.

Thank you for following these posts and being a part of the dialogue about saving our planet and species through respecting our ancestor’s work, their creations, and their house, and using the parts to rebuild this broken world into a place you can be proud to leave behind.  I still have faith that the people can pull this out of the hat and save this planet from ourselves but as we give in further to the darker sides of our greed, fear, anger, and hate, rather than the love that it will take to fix this planet, I wonder at the darkness as I call out into it attempting to get this message heard.  Instead of the success, I dreamed of, I finally have to face the fact that I may not have a bright enough candle to light the vast room of darkness that we have all crowded into at this point of our species’ evolution on this planet.

I see people awaken every day and believe we have a chance, then watch as talk leads to action for some and gain great strength from that, but it will take more to have an impact and that appears to be more than I can do.  I may be at the end of my role in this movement, if it ever becomes that, though I had intended for this to be more successful in generating a change in perspectives.  I will be focusing more time on this website and my book on Wibblry and Wub.  The Facebook site will suffer and decline as I move the 3400 pictures off there over the next couple of months.  The manipulations of the traffic flow by Facebook, censoring, and cutting off people’s service over what they post is evidence of foul play and the move toward monetizing it to get the word out to people with status updates and such is continuing to reduce the number of people they issue posts to without charging to promote them.  So I refuse to be played much more.  Everyone that follows on Facebook can come to the other site with the click of a button as well so it should not hinder anyone from getting updated pictures if they are allowed on the site.  I have come to like the “Ban” option on the Facebook site and I AM SURE it will still be possible on the site as we grow into members only. (That got obliterated byt hackers in a night)

Share, if you will, again my gratitude for reading these long installments.   The 100 House cap on orders is now in place and there are less than 20 slots left.  Since announcing I have had commitments for 3 more and their deposits to lock those slots in will be in this week.  Once the deposits are in for the remaining orders we will stop taking new orders and cease marketing as we will have no more need to sell houses.  If you are interested in reserving one of the last slots, please email or get in touch.  For those of you who thought they were expensive before, you have not seen anything yet.  As I get near the last orders, the price is going up and will blow some people’s minds when I finish with the last ones.  While someone else may come along to build houses from Salvage when I am done, it will surely take them a few years to reach proficiency with building with salvage and designing for Tiny Houses will develop and others will be created to match my series.  I hope to see some incredible tiny houses be created from Salvage by others as time goes by, but after 8 years of waiting for others to jump on board, there is no apparent rush to do so and thus I am rather convinced that people just don’t want to do the real hard work or pay for it to be done.  It is clear that the bulk of America has sold out to the built-in obsolescence concept and buying cheap rather than the quality we were once known for as a nation.

Enter another campier version that will also take you to the tutorials, seminars of the past, and a house coming down to a Johnny Cash rhythm but Song of Salvage words as a tribute to a hero gone long ago, still heard. John Wayne, Johnny Cash, and other heroes of out past… TV was a wonderful way to create decent morals, no longer that way. Below is the Johnny B and the Apostles of Salvage singing.

Thank you for following Tiny Texas Houses as we have grown and hopefully through to the end when I will complete this collection of 100 Tiny Texas Houses that I hope will act as beacons and seeds to let the rest of the world know what is possible if they want to give it a chance.

With the best of dreams still ahead, I need someone to take this bear after it hibernates and train it then instead, with thousands who will profit by the show it comes to be.

If you want to become a Salvage, Tx supporter, to help grow this ideal, please contact me at.

[email protected]

“The Shadow knows!” Did you get the message of the storms in 2022? Remember the darkness is part of the light.

After years of warning of these times, of downsizing and getting healthy, physically, mentally, & spiritually, did you listen and get ready? Bang! SHTF is near.

“The Shadow knows” it is the energy hidden in that which absorbs the Light and transmutes it into reality… instead of just a negative image on a canyon wall. Make the Canyon your shadow will be cast upon and thank the Son or Sun for the energy to do it all. At 64 there seemed to be a great reason to build out the western wall of Fort Salvage, a defendable perimeter in a fantasy world of Salvage, Texas where the past makes an amazing future possible, knowledge, experience, and salvaged materials that make nearly anything possible without going to China to get parts.

If you could invest in a dream, make an incredible return on your money but also your dreams… would you?

Imagine that, an example of All American made houses, art, and solutions for others to use freely now that the times will call out to others to salvage their future from the treasures of the past. Indeed they are but a dream and a bit of action away.

Can you dig the point of the example of what can be done with your imagination? Somehow the idea of this was to create an example of what is possible for those who may take a different path as the world goes through massive transformations, storms I predicted and warned of, prayed others would listen to, and downsize in anticipation of them coming. They are at your doorstep. See them through the peephole yet?

Capture a color in the glass, a texture, a shape not flat, and do it without electricity to help, indeed a path that few could take to find their path to wealth.

Imagine a fantasy land where frogs, turtles, beaver, otters, birds, skunks, and much more roamed the land where little lived a dozen years before. A green place full of life, water, food, and a plan on how to live a simpler healthier life. Wi, all the “I”s who get to see or Be here. Salvage, Texas where you see the example of what can be when you are Free. You can come, dream, wander, plan, and even order the windows and doors to your future tiny organic cottage in the woods… where ever your paradise will grow.

What are you doing as the fireworks start? Where does your wheel take you when you turn it away from the desk in the office and set off into the world of passion and imagination? What happens when you just want to give up, no idea of why you should go on? YOU are a Part of the Play… be a critical Part! Dreams of Wibblry and Wub from a story of a boy who left and returned once he understood there would one day be a reward worth living for… a purpose. Find yours now!

What are you going to do once the chance to prepare is over and the time to practice the things you learned comes? Will you have the courage to leap the Chasm at the Fringe where others you know fear to go, the chance to leap unto a higher realm of consciousness and health? Do it. Travel into the future of your life by creating one you want to achieve.

2 months of 60-hour weeks in a cab, Darby goes In-Sany

Help those who can not think or see while there is time to get them awakened before fear takes over. Share your wisdom to empower, not enable… and teach others how to be strong.

Good luck kids.

Brad W. Kittel

Oh yes, pay attention:

After a week of great pulses from the Schuman resonance monitors showing that last night some people may have gotten agitated and lost it, as the world turns, some claim it is lightning, some claim other things cause it but what it causes, well that turns out to be physiological and psychological in consequences as this is relatively a new phenomena, not seen prior to 2017 and growing both in intensity and frequency as time goes by… quickly I should add.

The consequences to society as people pop like popcorn and take out their anger and frustration on others, random acts of madness as well as those planned and programmed into weak minds. Time to be strong… take a deep breath, decide on a path you can imagine, regardless of what others think, take action soon… positive action so as to thrive as the waves of energy hit instead of having them drive you crazy.

May be an image of text
If you do not know what this graph shows, be autodidactic and learn about the Schuman Resonance. Important stuff.

With that, Wii closed the purple-painted posted gates to Fort Salvage, Texas. I wish you all well in the coming weeks of confusion and utter fear and chaos, desperation expressed with a bang, anger, and fear. Stay clear in these trying times.

Darby Lettick

Time to think about who your friends are, if you want someone at your back with a gun, or at your side, but for sure, who is in front and armed in these times. Open your eyes and pay attention. Courage, not fear is the only way to be on my team… for cowards are the most dangerous liars and thieves in the world for they are liars in the end, not having the will to die for what they believe in and who they love, who they have sworn to protect. Texas is a good place to find good friends. Peace be with you.


To Learn by doing, create from imagination, manifest dreams instead of “wishy words”… Act Now!

Too many people never take action to reach their goals or dreams. Targets that they aim at in their dreaming for happiness few actually pursue. Creation takes action, not just “wishy words”!

Storage space one could also call a bedroom but not have it taxed like a regular house, a savings that lasts for a lifetime of great dreaming.

Most people are not about to tackle building a big modern 2,500 square foot subdivision house by themselves. Contrarily, many are able to build a tiny organic cottage for themselves with no prior experience and simple directions through a seminar or two. It may take a few months of after work and weekends, but you could create your first tiny home yourself. Most say no way, for they have no skill or background, but that does not take into account… you can still learn. Why not? Does everyone under forty have to be Lifeskill handicapped to fit into their peer groups these days? Seems like the kids under 40 do not know how to do anything in construction, let alone build a house for themselves, yet a tiny house is not that hard to create and you do not need a college degree to do it.

If you want to learn how to create a home out of the salvage you might find or buy instead of all the common and often toxic big box store inventory imported from around the world, here is your chance. Stop building with generic-looking and commonplace imports, ugly building materials that outgas formaldehyde, plasticizers, vinyl outgassing endocrine disruptive compounds, and other things you should not breathe that come for free in the modern building materials. If you have a giant house you may have more air to dilute the chemicals in before breathing them, ingesting them to make a body out of, including possible cancers due to the carcinogenic nature of most outgassing chemicals. We are going to offer weekly short seminars for those who wish to take part of a day or two a week to learn how… hands-on… and then have the chance to buy the materials, get help and guidance on their build at their location to save the $15,000 it took to deliver the houses I built at Salvage, Texas.

Are you just wishing your life away and not taking action to transform your future into what you want it to be rather than what comes your way randomly? Do you dream of learning how to build a tiny house, a dog house, a chicken coop, or other things that your hands and mind are able to create? Why are you not pursuing that dream by taking classes or learning and then doing what you dream of rather than sitting idly by wishing for it to appear? I can reasonably assure you that wishing will seldom do the job that action is required for but if you can prove that to be untrue, please call me, show me, and teach me how to alter your future for the better without your participation.

While I can nearly guarantee you also that if you do nothing to better your life each day, chances are it will get worse over time, less fun for most, I can offer you an alternative that could even lead you to a new career if you wanted it. I do not think you can reach your best state of being without making an effort to stay in your best healthy physical condition through exercise, diet, breathing, and learning how to deflect or utilize stress beneficially instead of letting it hold you back and make you ill.

Why not shoot for the stars and become a star in the world of tiny houses by creating them for the many who want them? Start by building a tiny getaway for yourself then if you want to rent it out on BnB for an income on your land you are trying to put together while still working in the city. Learn by doing instead of later paying 5 times the cost to do what you would likely get great satisfaction out of by creating your first tiny master suite, Man Shack, or meditation zone.

We will be offering up classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays to teach those who wish to learn, limited to 6 people per class which will last for 4-5 hours each day. For some they can stay at the BnB in the back and try out houses for size to see which will fit them best and if they decide to buy materials at the special rate that goes with the classes, you could have the help to design, and instruction as needed with the phones to show, film, and share in order to help at a distance as if I was on site beside you when questions arise.

Yes, consultation, direction, hands-on experience learning how to put up the decorative tin, siding, wainscot, and the many aspects of building tiny houses and cottages from salvage instead of toxic box products that are imported from China. You can take a class on Wednesdays and Thursdays, stay in the BnB at a 50% discount and have time to ask questions, pick out some windows and doors or other things for your projects, and to learn how to build it yourself once you get some tools. We will also teach you which tools are most important to get, how to use them, and hopefully, how to create your dream home one day yourself too.

If you could do it and liked creating tiny houses, I have plenty of people around the USA that want them and we would refer them business, supply the materials, and you assemble them close to or where they are intended to end up when finished. I would love to see many small businesses creating Tiny organic cottages and houses, not own a giant corporation that does it. If I can get you and hundreds of others started and building locally, we can defeat many of the transport problems arising as fuel costs skyrocket and global shipping craters too. These are the times to plan for how you will thrive in the coming days.

One way is to make millions from the salvage at our fingertips, either salvaging the material, building with it, or finding and brokering it to the people who can take it down and use it. Finally, the value of wood is becoming obvious to the masse and especially the quality of older woods from trees a thousand years old when cut 200 years or more ago. NO need to let the giant corps control what we use to build with so they profit while so many treasures and woods from the past constructs get thrown into the landfills which we are running out of as well.

Stop the madness by becoming one of the walking talking, solution building answers that the world needs now. Become a salvage builder and create incredible House Art that will make you a good living and a reputation for helping others through the coming times by sharing your skills, your knowledge, and becoming an example of just how incredible women can be in the building industry, as well as kids getting out of foster care, high school, or in need of an occupation that will keep them in the money for a lifetime if their skills are good. Retail jobs are a thing of the past, much like restaurant jobs, unskilled jobs that robots can take away easily. Prepare yourself by making your knowledge and skill base more valuable.

What can you create on your own, as part of a team with tools, even supplied with the parts to build and sell, pay for parts and get more to do it again? Have you considered being anything but a wage slave for life by possibly starting a side gig building deluxe dog houses, chicken coops, or tiny playhouses, cottages, and even compounds of several houses that form a community? The demand for such talent far exceeds the supply of kids who are able or willing these days. Can you get into the entrepreneurial game by building tiny houses, creations out of salvaged woods that will help the world stretch its resources instead of waste the last of them without understanding what we are losing when the virgin forests are all cut down?

Become a part of the solutions we need worldwide by transforming what others think of as trash and waste into products for our future to be better for, richer for what it earns you, but also what it contributes to the betterment of the world’s Beings, two-legged, four-legged, finned, and winged, all need to be considered in the future of our plan for the planet. Please consider taking some of the courses we will be offering on Wednesday and Thursdays, and possibly on Sundays at Salvage Texas. They will run about $100 each and will include lectures, hands-on work time, and a chance to ask questions with a limited audience so you can learn what you need while here. 5 hours of the day and if you like, a big discount to stay in the Tiny Texas Houses on site so as to get a feel, sleep, dream, and know what you may want for your tiny future houses too.

For more information and getting a limited space slot, only 6 per seminar, contact [email protected] They will begin on June 5th & 6th and last until the end of summer if we have the attendance to support them. The Sunday class option may be available too if the people are there to sign up as we will not do it unless at least three people sign up and no more than 6 per class so as to be able to get stuff done. If you choose to stay in the houses, the cost is radically reduced such that it is nearly free to come to the class.

We will do seminars on how to create showers with the metal roofing shingles, putting up wainscot on walls, decorative tin preparation and installation, ceiling installation, trim, doors, windows, glazing windows, and much more as the interest of the attendees becomes more clear, we will focus classes on the steps for building your tiny houses without hiring any other contractors, whether you want to build off or on grid, you will get the chance to learn how to do it. If you have more questions, please be sure to let us know. If this works, many may get to come one day, but for now, I hope to see a few who want to build tiny houses and cottages for others as I have to keep turning customers away and have no real healthy builders to send them too.

Most builders are out to build faster, cheaper, and buyer-beware of the product once you own it cause they are not liable or likely to cure your cancer or other health issues that can come from living in a toxic box on wheels as many have and are learning. The cost to the health of kids in tiny toxic houses will show up in a few years, already respiratory issues are rampant but hidden by the covid and other things people in tiny houses will not understand are potentially worse when living in tiny houses on wheels that do not have enough air inside for four people to breath if the windows are closed to heat or cool the space as there are seldom air exchangers to pump in the fresh air. Sad so many suffer and do not know where the migraines, stomach aches, and respiratory issues arise from, let alone the resulting ADHD from poor sleep, and like sleep apnea causing mental clarity issues, hypoxia is a poorly understood problem for that style of living, mostly ignored by doctors when trying to diagnose the causes.

So, become a tiny house pioneer by learning how to build one for yourself first, then if you like it, for others with our blessings and help. Let us know if you are interested and then if it is possible for you to become your own tiny houses builder, hero, and success.

Join me on the adventure that this life should be, full of fun, and passion-filled days as the world goes crazy outside of our own little bubbles of optimism and happiness that we create.

Healthy sustainable houses that are designed to last a lifetime, to grow old in happily, to be a hOMe or you.

Why not design the houses from the best parts we can retrieve from our past construction in America? The process was once to tear down one house, save the parts, and use them all to build the next house. Then the wood suppliers came up with a building code that required all new lumber to build new houses. Since then the quality and longevity of all homes have declined considerably and good wood is seldom found anymore exposed. Sheetrock, plastic, vinyl, and other materials that outgas, make for an unhealthy house, yet people have become so sickly and weak compared to the last generations that they do not see how it is killing them slowly.

Life is too short to not be healthy and live for creating incredible things that we can look upon and be proud of when we are done. Today, houses are all alike, with no real charm or style, just production for the cheapest price possible and the most profit. Buyer beware is the name of the game. Think about your health first, then a house must conform to your need to stay healthy, not to look rich or like you are living well because you have the massive square footage to live in, though unhealthy, to look good.

So sad but the truth is, tiny houses make you look better because you tend to think of taking care of yourself instead of your house, cars, and debts that keep you stressed out and worrying about keeping your treasures. Some escape and find that happiness can be found with less to work your life away to buy and then just want more if you keep watching TV and be trained to want all things you do not need.

Consumerism has taken over many lives and they do not know they are slaves to the advertisers. So sad, but the times are changing.’What are you planning as America is forced to downsize, conserve, and move to tinier houses as the economy shrink, imports decline, and the cost of living skyrocket. Housing in America will transition from giant houses to healthy houses and when it does, a housing collapse will follow for the giant houses that will be too expensive to heat, cool, and maintain. May you also find a path to tinier living in a high-quality way.

Building a Tiny Texas House was sometimes the easy part, putting it in its final resting place, is another story. This was an excellent delivery that required lifting the house 3 times with the trailer attached before actually lifting the house to set it into the trees next to the pool. Incredible setting when done. How many people get a tiny house delivered with such highs? A few easier versions are shown in this gallery shown that required less craning to deliver.No one seemed to want to create tiny houses like these, 95% Pure Salvage and designed to last a century or more. Instead, the trend turned into mobile homes you could pull with a pickup truck instead, focusing on speed building cheap, sickly houses that make people sick if they breathe the formaldehyde, vinyl outgassing chemicals that mimic estrogen, plasticizers, and a lack of fresh air that is rampant in the industry. Faster, cheaper, no concern for longevity, just profits, a perspective that has become the American business ethos now… buyer beware.

Will the country move to salvage now that wood is so expensive, now that the reality of outgassing and oxygen to breathe instead is coming into view with populations of people downsizing to living in cars, storage units, and even dumpsters to survive the decline of our economy and lifestyles? Times are changing and I believe this path to creating healthy housing should be taking hold as the needs arise for materials and quality tiny housing that people can heat, cool, and afford. Why not get a Pure Salvage Outpost growing in your area and help teach others how to build houses from the best of the past rather than destroying the last of the forests, the last of the wildlands, the destruction of the world to create toxic building materials like sheetrock, plastics, vinyl, and other things that make people sick inside the houses they are building.

EMF from wires in the wall that generate electrical fields that we can now measure and realize it sears the brain at night and causes inflammation in the brains of those who sleep with their head against the wall in that electrical field, invisible, but effective. It will cause the pineal gland to not emit Melatonin at night to sleep deep, heal well, and wake up with the ability to concentrate. So many things about modern housing are making people sick and as we shrink the spaces down, deprive people of fresh air by sealing it up without air exchangers built-in, and thus making the people, the kids who live in them sickly without knowing why.

Please get smarter before you shrink your living spaces into toxic boxes that will destroy your health, the most valuable thing you have. The brain produces serotonin to awaken you when you see sunlight and keep you going once the light hits the eyes but if you put the pineal gland into an electrical field it acts like there is daylight on the eyes thus stopping the production of melatonin which is necessary to flush the brain into the lymphatic system at night, dream deep, and rest so as to concentrate and function well the next day.

Please downsize sensibly, not out of desperation that costs you your health or worse, the health of your children who will suffer more as they are developing a body that will be damaged for life if they are hypoxic, sucking in chemicals, and not sleeping well due to being crammed into an unhealthy living space out of desperation. Think ahead and help start getting tiny organic house building sites growing, Pure Salvage Outposts where the elders and the kids can get together to teach these lessons before the health of America is lost.

It’s bad enough that most are obese, but the home you sleep in will ultimately determine how your days will go, just like what you eat, stressing out the body will only shorten your lifespan and make the experience miserable, possibly a Hell on Earth instead of the Heaven it can be while incarnate.Blessings to your day, your home, your family, and your future as we navigate through the collapse of what was and the creation of what will be once Humpty Dumpty hits the floor.