1870s New / Old stock “Masonry Mount Shutter Hardware”

For when the best thing you can use is what they likely used too, 150 years ago.

The last was repackaged in 1942, as shown on the package I cut the string on. A different maker makes the cast galvanized sets than the package in the brown wrapping paper. Both are in perfect condition.

In this series, you can see how the lock for the shutter to the other shutter to keep them closed is accomplished, and it would be hard to pick from the outside, impossible for the wind to shake open. Exciting, unique, and functional designs. 1890s.

I found a half dozen or more sets of these rare beasts of the past. One client asked for them, inspiring me to find and assemble the parts to see how they work. I will assemble them on the back of some great-condition shutters of this genre to show the whole thing and put them on the market for sale.

If you do restoration or know someone who does, this is candy to show and tease them with, especially if they have not wasted good money buying newer copies that won’t last like these will. Help conserve energy by not wasting it, creating trash, and using the best of the past created by our great grandfathers instead. This is my best advice.

Please let me know if you are interested in this and other extraordinary stashes I have for the best from the past.

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