A chance to escape & gift a dreamy stay in a man-made paradise called Salvage, Texas.

Critters like beavers, turtles, fish, birds that fly, and rabbits you can pet. Chickens make your breakfast fresh as a bonus for our guests who support this cause in December.


DEC 21, 2023

Have you been to Salvage, Texas? Want to have a great reason to share the chance to see dreams come true and others in progress that you can be a part of? Join us if you can. Thank you for sharing.

More than one picture shows without effort that the Light shines upon her as she glides through life.

Hello out there, my friends in cyberland. Today, I offer a unique opportunity to help many dreams come true as I want to help someone I love, Trinity, whom you may know as our hostess, with the mostest love and best breakfasts that will come with this offer. I am putting out some gift certificates for stays in the Tiny Texas Houses at Salvage, Texas, that everyone can use over the next year or two. Never before have I made such an offer, but 50% goes to pay medical bills for the radiation therapy we are so happy to have been able to get access to. Next is paying for all of it.

This is to help pay for the treatment at MD Anderson, radiation treatments for the inoperable brain tumor that Trinity is having as I write this. It has turned out to cost a ton of money. There are no savings equal to it, so I am starting a drive with coupons that will allow others to come and share the wonders of Salvage, Texas, and possibly get the ideas and materials, even the plans and consultation that it will take to manifest your tiny pure Salvage Living style house that is sustainable, toxin-free, and good for a lifetime of healthy living.

Please consider our packages of materials for creating houses and tiny intentional communities where you can be free to eat, sleep, and grow a healthy lifestyle without the city saying no to veggies growing in your front yard or teaching your children without public schools.

Join in the move back to the country living that is healthier and less crowded, happily awaiting you and yours for a getaway that you will remember for life. Be part of the new age of healthy living and naturally grounded lifestyles that make aging a beautiful passage to the best years of our life after 60.

Thank you for sharing this opportunity to gift others a chance to see the world more naturally and healthily for a few days instead of city living. Help me pay for the bills to cure what comes with living unhealthy lifestyles while young and see how Trinity has reversed and cured the consequences through her efforts that show others how to recover and youth again.

Her documentary on the experience and the cure will be put together as soon as she returns from a month of radiation therapy at MD Anderson. They let her film the entire story in the machines and more for others to learn about meningiomas in the brain and what some must do to eliminate them. As a nurse, most of her life, her perspective will be great for those afraid or confused, needing help to navigate this scary episode in life. Be it cancer or a tumor that they say is benign but growing and will kill you, it must go, and how that happens is fantastic.

Please help me make it possible to fund and pay for her to get through this and help others with her story in the future. It will help remove the stress and fear from the process and even give you ways to help pay for it. She is exploring as the bills mount up. You may need to know for yourself or someone you love, so please, let’s make sure she gets this documentary about her story so Wii can help others get through this ever more common problem.

Brad W. Kittel

512-636-6756 for more questions, or feel free to call and book a house and day with Trinity when she gets back the week after Christmas, when she gets her last treatments and finishes the documentary she has been filming while at MD Anderson.

Special packages will also contribute 50% of the profit toward the medical bills until paid.

For more information, you can contact me here, message me, go to the Tiny Texas Houses website, or TinyTexasHouses.substack.com page, or see us in person.