Imagine that you can create a hOMe in a hole in my space.

Could not resist a late nite, or given the start was after midnight, thanks to cooling waters below, grounding and breathing, time passed without notice… until I went above to sleep. I love the chance to dig about, to shovel the fine clays, sands, and layers of history that I cut away, amazed at how much is not there as I go. Where are the rocks? How did the mud grow so thick, in layers of red clay, bentonite, grey clay and sands… over how long a time? So much of what we do not know, think we can not affect or change, and what we can learn from what appears like nothing but solid, heavy, yet shapable. Indeed, I find myself watching it take shape, feeling the reality form under my hands as I move them without pause.

Thankful for the incredible opportunity to be a part, to create a part in the transformation of the world into what is possible, using more than just words to carve a memory into a reality. Once the idea is manifested, the implementation of the form requires human action, energy manifested once more from the unknown spaces in the brain. Fueled by the passion and love for Mother Earth and the opportunity to share this incarnation with some really great Beings, people who are real… honest… and guided by the positive impact we can have on the world.

Our vessel is our gift, our life here the adventure, the results to be the evidence of our existence once we are gone. Nothing lasts forever they say, but I must contradict that absolutely, for the memory my Spirit takes away, the time I get to come to learn, to feel, to understand and play… will live with me forever which can not be counted by the days. I occupy the body, and the life I live is not ending with this visit, so the things that I get to create are for me, my memory, my pleasure and sometimes, for the pleasure of others.

Why does one human write or share such things as this… simple carvings in the land, holes being the absence of matter in space, the absence of Earth. Can the words and works of one man inspire millions? Can each of us potentially be the candle that lights the many without even touching them physically… phenomena explained through understanding Bahktinian Dialogism.

15′ below the surface perhaps more as we go, where people used to live by the millions very long ago. Why?

How do the utterances of one Being alter or ignite the passion and hope of others, be the inspirational cue that launches Awakening Beings to fulfil their deepest dreams that drive them forward thereafter? Indeed, when found, purpose, connection with the community that is positive which creates change that will expand organically, through the actions, the results, the benefits that come with understanding what our potential is, then tapping it.

You simply have to make a decision to open your mind, eyes, and life to so much new proof that we are incredible walking, talking communities of gut flora, bacteria, microbes, and so much that we can now use to alter our existence, the quality of it once we understand how easy it is to be happy with our vessel by appreciating what a miracle the biocomputer you have given a name and identity to while you occupy, or use this incredible bio-machine, full of bioelectrical environment that can be miraculous, thus able to do what most consider impossible, including living healthy until we decide to move on and leave this body behind.

Live healthy, creatively, and become what you can by doing what you love daily. Stretch your Cortex and live like you are a kid until you chose to leave the community inside the gelatinous shell you know as “YOU”. Have a great day kids… I think I am digging mine away again. hehe

See & Learn Fabulous Pure Salvage Space Magic Design Tricks

30 houses gave their best parts for this Stairwell to Heaven.

After decades in Pure Salvage Living Designs for houses, offices, and Tiny Texas Houses, I have taken to writing and hoping others will be inspired by what can be done without imports, toxic manufacturing of new materials to build with, as well as conserving space, energy, and yet having our personal spaces seem luxurious. I suppose the idea is to go with the Dollhouse, Jewelry Box Cottage plans that captured the world’s eyes.

Tiny Texas Houses was a research and development cycle of intent to prove out the concept of building with 95% Pure Salvage, no imports, toxins, or built-in-obsolescence that would be energy efficient too. The houses were eventually designed to allow airflow to reduce the heat using the Venturi Principle, the lofts that have lots of headroom but are considered storage for property tax purposes. Space is a perception of ours that is influenced by lines, colors, and details. At some point the view alters the reality and the feeling becomes more important than the actual sizing.

You don’t have to be trapped into the bigger is better or newer is nicer traps.

This unique ethos in construction that gives extra value to the many items created long ago by our ancestors at a time when they were off-grid all the time… as in no electricity. The resources like trees were virgin and of incredible quality not to be found in newer building supply stores.

SalvageFaire is the land of imagination in a box, created from the parts and pieces of a past few know existed when 12 year olds pulled coal from the mines to run the forges, sharpened the blades of giant saws, and all for tokens, never cash or real money. Once upon a time in the not so rosy past, a story that could have been lost, but now perhaps could last. 30 houses gave their parts to build this stair so fine, yet it would not pass code today so it is Art Devine, a standing installation like few others of its kind.

This is the tribute to M. C. Escher who drew the many stairwells that led to where they started from but always appearing to never end… like my imagination as it rises up and bends.

Thanks for joining me in this Sunday message to share the great wonders of Salvage, Texas manifesting day by day now that I have again, found my way.

These guys scared us by disappearing for a day or three, then with great glee, returned one after the other, great friends reunited.

Darby Lettick

Ghostwriter and Chick Magnet

OH YES… and occasional promotional guy…. Check this OUT!!!!!

HOLY Cow, 18′ long slabs of Virgin Long Leaf Pine knot-free, hole-free, 500 year-old when cut , very Rare offering of a few of these incredible 18″x18′ long slabs, only a few for sale. [email protected]

The Most recognized Tiny Texas House in the World: For Sale… to stay in Salvage, Tx.

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Lloyd Kahn wrote this book in his 70’s & inspired me to aim for much more as I aged. I hope to share this platform to share the solutions millions can grow careers, hOMes, and a future from a past our ancestors treasured for the sake of the families they loved.
  • We have had this house in our BnB selection for several years, but out on the highway. Time to move her back into the woods, perhaps in the shadow of Miracle Mountain.

This is a decorated interior version, as each person puts a personality to a house to make it a home. So many things to see, to feel, to touch and take away. Dreams manifest easier once you see it can be done and how your success will feel when you manifest your version of a Salvaged Icon you can live in for the rest of your life too.

It is not just the investment in a Tiny Texas Art House Icon, for the value is in being able to come play, to be a part of the manifestation of many more houses for those who want to take them away, to display their talent, have a getaway, or just a place to stay. Many reasons to be a part of a permaculture manifestation created out of pure salvage… on or off the grid a great way to live. NO new construction outgassing but the goal is to show what we can do with our imagination and the past in the form of what think is trash. Fewer imports, more sustainable and energy-efficient than any other way to build from scratch using mostly human energy, not fossil fuels to ship, stock, or support global corporations… just local benefits, and the world.

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Built without a nail, using an impact driver inserting screws, a circular saw, imagination, trash, and human energy. No level, plan, from the first 6 holes with post put in and concreted, Organic sustainable Artforms from the highest point in Texas to the Gulf of Mexico 140 miles away. Who says one old guy can’t change the world, haha, at least a tiny little piece of it for a while, and would you believe it has withstood a tornado less than a mile away, other storms that did not blow it away, and every day a proof of miracles you can meditate upon with an endless view all around as far as you can see… like the birds of prey, no one will stay, for the visions you have will last for the rest of your life.

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For more information about how to invest in the Red Mascot or other aspects of Salvage, Texas… contact [email protected]
Likewise, millions in dollars of inventory hidden away in massive warehouses… to be invested in large chunks or take away… to build houses, communities, and other dreams best-assembled where they’ll stay.