The Most recognized Tiny Texas House in the World: For Sale… to stay in Salvage, Tx.

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Lloyd Kahn wrote this book in his 70’s & inspired me to aim for much more as I aged. I hope to share this platform to share the solutions millions can grow careers, hOMes, and a future from a past our ancestors treasured for the sake of the families they loved.
  • We have had this house in our BnB selection for several years, but out on the highway. Time to move her back into the woods, perhaps in the shadow of Miracle Mountain.

This is a decorated interior version, as each person puts a personality to a house to make it a home. So many things to see, to feel, to touch and take away. Dreams manifest easier once you see it can be done and how your success will feel when you manifest your version of a Salvaged Icon you can live in for the rest of your life too.

It is not just the investment in a Tiny Texas Art House Icon, for the value is in being able to come play, to be a part of the manifestation of many more houses for those who want to take them away, to display their talent, have a getaway, or just a place to stay. Many reasons to be a part of a permaculture manifestation created out of pure salvage… on or off the grid a great way to live. NO new construction outgassing but the goal is to show what we can do with our imagination and the past in the form of what think is trash. Fewer imports, more sustainable and energy-efficient than any other way to build from scratch using mostly human energy, not fossil fuels to ship, stock, or support global corporations… just local benefits, and the world.

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Built without a nail, using an impact driver inserting screws, a circular saw, imagination, trash, and human energy. No level, plan, from the first 6 holes with post put in and concreted, Organic sustainable Artforms from the highest point in Texas to the Gulf of Mexico 140 miles away. Who says one old guy can’t change the world, haha, at least a tiny little piece of it for a while, and would you believe it has withstood a tornado less than a mile away, other storms that did not blow it away, and every day a proof of miracles you can meditate upon with an endless view all around as far as you can see… like the birds of prey, no one will stay, for the visions you have will last for the rest of your life.

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For more information about how to invest in the Red Mascot or other aspects of Salvage, Texas… contact [email protected]
Likewise, millions in dollars of inventory hidden away in massive warehouses… to be invested in large chunks or take away… to build houses, communities, and other dreams best-assembled where they’ll stay.