Side Hustles are “Dictated Dead.” The side-Gig economy taxation loophole hits IRS Wall.

So many people depend on tips, commissions, and side gigs that are not legally employee status to save on paying taxes. That stops ASAP, the March 11th Biden Bump!


MAR 14, 2024

How does one old man who can not pass a mental capacity test dictate the end of an iconic American second job… entrepreneurial side hustles are being outlawed without passing a law. Dictates are becoming too common and accepted, but I must protest. Who will pay to take this dictate to the test in court?

As retired people who do not have to do these many jobs, some must raise children and get educated. Are you a young parent with many kids or parents that require extra jobs? Uber, for example, is a side hustle being shut down on the level that it exists due to the many doing such jobs for tips, commissions, and soon to be taxed to oblivion.

How will big corporations that depend on subcontractors deal with the crazy list of compliance obligations required for the IRS? The intention is to penalize all parties involved to help justify the tens of thousands of employees assigned to this enforcement task. Implement the new dictates that reduce the number of future small businesses by limiting the skills and forcing some to work overtime, fully taxed rather than to have a side hustle with write-offs to help pay for car or house, to help write off expenses like big corporations.

Why is this being put into play as if it were simply a mask forced upon the face of millions? It is dictated to limit objections, as if Ivermectin is for a society in need of new ideas, businesses, and ways to thrive without Global support, in fact, without the UN, WEF, or other global corporations, not just nations. Following the dollars now means knowing where Digital Money is hidden in a Cyberworld of computers no one can see or touch. Go bang on the doors of a Bitcoin bank that only exists in cyberspace, and the internet goes dark. I will wait to see the videos until after the internet goes on and see what wii can see when the cost to see ain’t free.

For some, the chance to build tiny houses as a business will be now! Not as an employee or a fake subcontractor but a genuinely free artist. The world needs to create house art, as seen in Tiny Texas Houses. Fuel your ambitions with more than a side hustle that mimics being an employee for an enormous corporation. Find the local carpenter, an elder who knows how to put together pieces to create the finest art: a home that holds the hearts of those wii love and shelter so they can grow to be the Truth Wii needs to show there is a way to use our ingenuity instead of in fear: pause.

Gather your momentum and friends who want to grow a place to have united houses, and then sow the seeds of unity so the community can show. Did you know the end is here for side gigs that were not taxed, too?

Read the news cause it is true.

What does paradise, a place to build a fantasy up in the trees look like?

For some it is a place to rest in peace, up in the trees, by the water, with nature and birds singing in the morning at the window. For them, this can be a paradise. Want to share?


FEB 28, 2024

If I could get a few of the right people to each put houses up in the trees, this could be a great Swiss Family Robinson Tiny Treehouse condominium setting that could make a great income, give privacy with master suites, and a common house to eat at, share with others, then back to a nest in the trees of your own.

First, the land is in an incredible spot.

Then perhaps some houses like these, or these in particular, to lift up into the trees. Would that please anyone?

This is a wonderful place to put my houses, but I have this oasis with them instead. Want to have a great investment to write off and also savor when you want it?

If I do not put them in Salvage, Texas, how about on Geronimo Creek, up in the trees? I can do that I think.

Have you seen my beauties that need to be retrieved from the gas fields of West Texas?

The House of the Rising Sun is in need of some shining and then ready for another decade or ten of living in.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Please, or leave a like, though I understand it is a bunch of clicks on Substack, if they even let you see it with their clear shadowbanning and traffic throttling, failure to deliver, and other “glitches” that are growing, not getting better.

Savor the days. Enjoy the videos, and ideas, and if you need the materials, let mii know. I still have 500 tiny houses worth of windows, doors, and more ready for the coming times.

[email protected] for more information.

Brad W. Kittel

For Sale: “Paradise not Lost”! Start out with an incredible clear spring fed creek, add amazing trees, privacy, & peacefulness soon follows.

Yes, this Seguin, Texas, oasis of imagination, sounds, & waters is possibly dream come true for you. Better yet, treehouses are possible w/ materials to create them too.


If you ever thought of moving to central Texas to build a retreat in a city safe yet still have the beauty of mother nature at your back doorstep. This is the dream I had, but others who came after that have enthralled and captured me, so I will not be able to build my Swiss Family Robinson getaway on this land now. How many people would love to have a tiny cottage complex up in the tops of trees, above a gurgling creek year-round full of water from spring that comes out of the ground less than 20 miles from here without anything to pollute it along the way to the Guadalupe River?

This is truly a spiritual resting place to savor, to meditate in the cave under the giant Live Oak Trees next to the creek.

My alternative to Geronimo Creek Oasis is an opportunity to be part of Salvage Tx.

If not here, then for a week or two consider Salvage, Texas, not far away. A chance to be part of a food jungle and so many creative things not found in the cities. For a minimal time, you may have missed it. That link provides the details.

Imagine having a few tiny organic cottages hidden up in the trees above the highest waterlines of past floods or concerns. Indeed, you could have that Swiss Family Robinson complex in a city, yet feel like you are all alone in the backyard.

In fact, if you wanted to drop in your kayaks at the backyard line, you could ride the creek through the thick woods down to the Guadalupe River and then take a trip and get picked up after a good bit of exercise, or try to paddle back up the creek. I have not tried that yet.

Imagine if you could get owner financing on this until you are able to get the loan to build the houses next. Imagine I could provide you with nearly all the vintage lumber, windows, doors, and more to create a unique toxin and import-free healthy house with master suites you could let out on Air BnB and make enough of a living to survive and thrive from up in the treetops, and not have to pay a BnB tax because the tiny house would fit in a nice loophole saving 15% BnB tax. Does any of that ring a bell in your future home dreams?

This is the dam above the lot that starts the long swimming and fishing hole, hundreds of yards long, deep, and clean. Swim, kayak, or fish you days away if you like that sort of play… and make a living off from visitors who come to share, to stay, then go away but leave you money for their time in paradise.

Why not build a tiny main house with master suites up in the trees and walkways to join them rather than build one big house that you don’t want to give up your privacy in, therefore do not make an income from your extra spaces. Just a thought in case you are caught up in the idea of freedom of living and thought.

Hermitage and Monticello is an excellent address with total privacy and minimal building restrictions in a neighborhood with tennis courts, pools, big luxurious houses, and a great location. Why not imagine yourself living there one day?

A tree awaits stairs to go up to the house above.

See how clear the water is, and the trees that live along the shore are fun and shaped by the beautiful shore.

My other projects take up my time and focus now… the love story I bought the lot for is long gone. I hope someone else can fulfill my dream of this land, and I will help them all I can. Many wood, doors, and vintage windows are on hand to help with your plan, including Spacemagic designs, and help create your dream. Is it all that it seems? Yes, and more. I might owner finance to the right people for a bit to get them set to go to a bank when they are ready to build or pay me off and get the wood, windows, doors, floors, all vintage wood, and more owner-financed to make your dreams come true. Credit with the banks is not the only way to make your dreams come true. Let us see what we can do so I can focus on Salvage, Texas, creating more tiny houses for here, and helping you, too.

Brad Kittel, call 512-636-6756 for serious inquiries about what you might do on this great lot. [email protected] for more information or to make an offer.

Savor your days.

Mastering the universe you live in thru quantum-leaps in imagination to Manifest your dreams.

Can you envision what you want to become or have? When will you take action to manifest the dreams you hold in your heart? That is the first step… Take action.


FEB 25, 2024

Are you doing what it will take to have the strength to make the leap of faith required to leave the past behind so that you are finally free to manifest your dreams? Will you build a cool “Bridge over the Untroubled Waters” that flows into Waldon Pond?

What comes between today and tomorrow except the decision to take action? Will you act? The Ship of Salvaged Dreams Awaits. Most people do not believe in their potential to achieve the goals they have in their hearts as a child, a young person who travels the world or generates ideas and inventions that one day alter the world. The future is thus created by the dreams Wii, all the “I”s once united, seek to achieve. How does that happen? If Wii act together, much can be accomplished with less effort by learning the methods that amplify the effects of your actions on the events of the next day. What you go to sleep in your heart and mind, planned to become a reality, will if you believe and dedicate the time and energy it will take to cause your dreams to materialize through the events and people you will meet the next day that will make what seemed impossible happen.

There is no coincidence in our lives, but there are many doors to opportunity that are passed by in a rush that keeps us passing the people wii meet without taking a moment to connect, open our minds to the possibilities rather than run off without looking behind the doors of opportunity that every person brings with them as wii meet each other daily. Trinity, who you see helping build the home she will live in one day, was once diagnosed with things that Drs. said would put her in a wheelchair or ruin her ability to love the life she was living. Many changes later in her physiology and psychology grounding, getting out of the city EMFs, and off medications for symptoms from the impacts of stress, bad food, and city living around radio towers, smog, and much more. Why not reverse aging and disease and get more youthful so as to enjoy and love life again, thanks to being able to do cool things you always dreamed of? That makes life more worth living and worth wanting to wake up to each day. If not, change your ways soon, or they might kill you.

There is an interesting phenomenon that comes from listening to your heart, your instincts, and your brain, suggesting that you follow your faith that you are here for a purpose bigger than you realize while growing up in childhood. Your preparations for adulthood, for challenges that make you stronger, teach you lessons to prepare you for these coming times when willpower and taking action with intention will allow some to thrive while others give up and want just to die. What is the difference? Perspective. How do you see the challenges and your chance of success? If you listen to the naysayers, you will never get started. Try a second time after getting hurt, losing, or having others challenge your belief in your ability. Never let their weakness, lack of confidence, or understanding of how strong you will grow up to be one day, perhaps far away compared to our youthful first failures and successes.

Never give up on your chance to learn how to build a house, grow a garden, or get a strong body, even though your present one may be weak or broken. You are what you believe you can be, then take action to become. I truly know as one who had to do it that way without the help or support of others who were around during the hardest of times. No one was there to believe in me at times, and thus, I learned to believe in that voice in me that said I could, not the ones in my heart who laughed at my dreams to write and publish one day. Life allows us some success and then seems to hold the deepest dreams we may hold as the carrot that takes us a lifetime to achieve. Never give up on your childhood dreams. Just get back in shape to genuinely enjoy your second childhood properly. Get and stay fit mentally and physically as part of your positive-minded plan for a great life instead of justifying trashing the body cause you are going to die young, as most people prefer to think. That way, there are not so many consequences that unhealthy people often live miserably through to a painful end.

You have choices, and the bad ones cost you happiness later in life if you lose teeth, limbs, organs, mobility, or intelligence due to stupid drugs, behavior, or addictions to sugars, sex, or other things that feel nice. Self-destruction is the biggest fear most people should have, for that seems to be what kills most, through suicide or long-term alcohol, cigarettes, and other fine addictions of the modern world. For most, success is the biggest threat to their health, for then they can have all the things they want that are not healthy for them and yet not have the will to resist the temptation that destroys their body early, about when they are the most successful.

Share the potential and power of believing in your dreams, having a purpose, and being worth the hours of your life that others spend on TV, sports games, parties, and other distractions that do not lead to fulfilling your dreams for personal success. What are your passions and desires for the life hours you want to free up one day?

Networks are going down, systems at risk, are you ready to rumble?

Phones, internet, then power goes down… a scenario played out on computers by WEF and UN may turn out to be our future, just like after the covid computer simulations. Coincidence?


FEB 22, 2024

Are you paying attention yet? What shared 3rd party services can be taken down that will impact most of the phone carriers in the USA? How easy is hacking the internet and taking down such services nationally? I think you are about to learn how bad it can get if the system goes down partially, let alone entirely.

What preparations have you taken to cover the loss of your cell phone and internet? Does your business depend on the internet to function? Many of the retailers and companies will not be able to operate without phones and internet. If so, the outages affect 911, police, and fire department communications systems, too. What will you do if the criminals figure out the phones are down and they are free to steal, rob, and create havoc without a communications system to call the police to help? Moreso, soon, the impact on hospitals, emergency systems, and many operating systems for banks, businesses, and even many homes that are dependent on networks that are linked up to the internet all the time. Sadly, if the internet goes down, the cell phones stop working, and suddenly, a massively destructive event for the public will lead to chaos and delayed response times, possibly leading to mass casualties due to the system’s failure to coordinate responses. With that in mind, is the present massive loss of service on phones, networks, and businesses going to lead to worse things, or is this simply a fair warning of what may yet come?

If you are not prepared for this sort of interruption in services that might interfere with your business or life, perhaps you should consider preparing rather than just thinking nothing could ever go wrong. It can, will, and would likely leave many in a panic, for they are totally dependent on their phones, networks, internet, and potentially much more. What will you do if you lose your phone, computer, and job?

Time to think about it. Downsizing and forming intentional communities that can survive with the assets on hand, the unity of the people that allows them to work together rather than go crazy out of panic for food, water, or fuel. Do you have any reserves ready in case the power goes down, too? How much water do you have on hand if the networks take down the electrical grid, water goes down too, not to mention heat, and the stores all being unable to sell due to their cash registers being shut down? Once upon a time, just a few years ago, no one would have considered these issues in their planning for the following year. Now, the government recommends having some reserve food, water, and fuel, so there must be some merit to their suggestions. Do you think they tell you to prepare just to scare the public? No, there is a growing risk, and today, you got to see a taste of what could follow on a much bigger scale. Will it?

How many people will await the events, the final proof that they should have prepared, and then panic instead as they become one of the thousands in lines to get food, water, or survive when the “Shit Hits the Fan” day comes. Once, just a few years back, this would have been the words of conspiracy nuts, catastrophists, and the fringe of society. Now, it is becoming a way of thinking, prepping for at least a few weeks of services being lost and people having to fend for themselves without meds, food, or fuel from normal places. Are you ready yet?

It’s not a joke anymore to laugh at those who believe there is a chance of world war, of catastrophic system breakdowns due to hacking, cyberwars already in progress, and threats from dishonest scammers who are mastering hacking computers at all levels, home, business, government, and apparently to do great harm to many. Are you a target for hacking, identity theft, people stealing your bank savings, or even taking title to your home with loan hacks now being used in combination with identity theft? it is up to the victim to figure out how to recover as the system is broken now. Hackers generally do not get caught as many are not even based in the USA but instead in Nigeria, Russia, China, and places they will never be tracked down to, caught in, or punished. In some cases they are actually working for the governments, corporations, and entities like the Russian mafia that have no mercy or chance of being shut down. Start practicing better computer and phone security, but understand that viruses and hacks are growing in number and sophistication, and their success rate is exceeding the rate of stopping them.

So take a step back today and see how you would get by if the internet went down. Do you have cash at home so that when the banks shut down due to no internet, you have some money on hand? Have some spare food on hand stashed in 5-gallon bucket to break out when you need it, like water; if you do not have a plan before bad things happen; you won’t come up with a great one when the stress and darkness hinder your ability to survive. Wake up, kids. This is 2024 and you will see changes that will never be reversed, a society evolve based on being able and ready or panicking and lost when the time comes that you should have been prepared. No excuses, and honestly, should anyone help those who made fun of us who prepared, readied for the hard times? Why should others help those who were in denial, making fun of the ants preparing, the grasshoppers of the world will starve, deservedly so in some cases, for having neglected to respond to the obvious decay of societies globally and an apparent attempt by those in power to secure their position at all costs to the public. We are in a time when those in power will do all they can to hold on to it while those who suffer will attempt to right the system to be fair to the masses instead of the elite few who consume ten times as much energy, food, and luxury as the masses they control. The time will come soon when revolutions will change out the leaders, and sadly, many will die as the system is reformed, altered to become a global society that is destroyed by war, technology, and a failure to communicate peacefully. Please don’t think this is happening naturally, for it is planned by the few who hope to rule when the chaos of the Sun and Earth in the coming solar cycle and transformation of the weather and lands of Earth for the next decade.

Welcome to the beginning of tomorrow, a day few understand is forming to become our future, with very little input from the masses as to how this global transformation of power will occur. Does God have control or is it up to the people to fix this deteriorating situation between nations, sects of cults known as the Masons, Illuminati, and organizations such as WEF and the UN that feel they are in charge of the people of the world and somehow, Wii must pay homage to them, let them control our destiny, and trust that they have humanities best interests in mind. Why do I find it so hard to trust the 1% in power? I think it is due to their long history of lies, cheating, and stealing elections, the rights of the people, and using all forms of trickery, chicanery, and technology to rule the world. Time for change. Let us create a better world after the cup of progress and status quo is emptied, banged till free of the gunk grown in the swampy parts of our government, and then refill it with fresh hope, promise, and TRUTHs this time.

Send the liars, the megalomaniacs to the gallows, the guillotines, and the Phantom Zone where they can not return to reincarnate and cause more havoc. Blessings to the new days ahead when the masses are thinned in numbers, enlightened by seeing the fruition of the plans of the elite come to light only to be decimated by an awakened society. We must figure out how to do the lobotomies on the global corporations that are ruling the world like sociopaths, unhampered by any conscience or desire to do the right thing for our planet and humanity instead of try to take control of the future on our planet and make slaves of the masses for their personal benefit so they can live like Gods, the rest of us as servants, and peace through a control that prevents insurrection for eternity. Seems clear to me. You?

Will You become an entrepreneur? Best time to start is now!


When I came to Texas living in a School bus w/ $640 to my name, no job, friends, or family, I dreamt of making million$ so I could write books to publish one day. That was 1984.


FEB 19, 2024

When I was young, 1984 was a date on the cover of a book by George Orwell that had shaped my view of the future and caused me to believe in a dystopia that seems to have finally arrived. The fictional future in the book is now possible, a future reality some people have in mind, a real-life hunger game with the potential that technology has unleashed at last, capable of tracking people to the level once predicted long ago. Who will the beneficiaries be as opposed to the outcasts, the peons in the games of survival of the fittest for the elite? Is such a world really possible?

Alternatives are developing to the narratives put out by the UN, WEF, and other government organizations, or private endeavors, corporate efforts, and the combined efforts of those who control the fiat currencies of the world. The average person has no idea, nor do Wii, the masses of “I”s who are affected by the new laws, treaties, and wars that are run by people few of us ever actually see. The rulers of the world make decisions, and the bulk of the people have no choice or desire to do more than comply and live a comfortable life. When that is not possible, the masses suffer greatly, and then rebellions, wars, and battles over limited resources erupt. This can be instigated intentionally with modern media and propaganda tools, activating the anger and causing discontent, frustration, and fear to overwhelm the people and cause them to move into a mob mentality that ultimately causes the demise of societies and reformations that are often orchestrated. Who does that orchestration?

Small businesses are started when the big corporations fall or get too massive to move quickly to fill the needs that develop at local levels where the people nearest to the problem can profit from fixing it first. These people are more familiar with the issues that need to be solved and able to move swiftly to fix them locally rather than wait for a behemoth network to respond and send out their people to fix something that could be fixed locally before a response is sent from a central dispatcher. Such giant corporations and servicing behemoths that reach around the world will charge much more to do the same deed than a local person who does not have to support such a big command post. Some corporate buildings cost more than the entire value of a small town’s real estate, including all the houses, for example, in Luling, Texas, the town closest to Salvage, TX.

Thus, if you start up a business to create chicken coops and help people start producing a half dozen eggs a day to feed their family off from the grass, some feed, and also build them to sell, you may create an income for the family as well as food and feathered friends that will help you grow a healthier future too.

While you may not have a hefty savings account in dollars, your skills, experience, and ability to work on your own with tools you have accumulated or have in the family to share. If you are a good person, honest, truthfully want to take your knowledge, skills, and a few tools and create solutions for food, income, and even a way to teach your children a business for their future, there is a path that many can benefit from knowledge and skills you already have to build upon. We can help micro-fund your start-up with materials to use to build with and pay us back as you sell your finished creations, whether doghouses, tiny houses for grandmas, or critter homes that sell to feed your family. I want to help you manifest a future out of the many aspects of salvage mining, building, hunting, or selling for others who are doing the work. There are many ways to make a great living from salvage instead of throwing our treasures from the past in landfills where the owners get rich, and the public loses assets without knowing of their loss.

All the materials to build playhouses, doghouses, Man-Caves, She-Sheds, and detached Master Suites that save you taxes, add living space, and function as Tiny Houses that share a common kitchen and baths. Finally, you can get into business and have a supply line to give you credit lines for parts to create a future for you and your family.

Chicken coops create food for the family, but building them to sell creates income to put into the bank account to pay the bills, too. If you have the skills, some tools in hand, and a place to build, like your garage or home shop, why not create the next job that you might do near home with friends or family rather than go to work for someone else?

You need to have a little bit of money, a lot of motivation, and some talent to take a chance and grow a business with your friends or family to thrive in the times ahead. If you are honest and hard-working but want to create cool things like Tiny Texas Houses has proven possible with salvaged materials, and have some skills and tools, there is a way to start up a great business creating functional Salvage Art in the form of Tiny Organic Import Free houses for critters and friends of all sorts, Grandmas, and parents, kids moving back home, all can be housed and not left all alone trying to survive in a world that is getting cold.

Please consider sharing this idea with family and friends so that you can share the best of what you have to help the trend of doing all Wii can to be an example to the world. Be the answer and teach the kids how to thrive and be alive again by creating the solutions that wii all can as old ways end. Art houses of many forms that function, not just look good and help us create a paradise from the old, not just tear the whole world down and leave the homeless cold. Stop the killing, wars, and worse, the ones who plan them and drive the hearse. Be the solution, the one who cares, and helps by showing the solutions and being fair. People form communities, not corporate entities that feed on profits, not the wellness of their works that you will see, obligated to prioritize profitability rather than what is best for you or mii.

I am like all the “I”s you see, human but unblinded such that I can see a path for those who see like mii, through the fear that lets mii live life free. What does it take to set others free? I wonder as I offer thee the chance to change a path to be the one in your community that helps others to break free from the life of certain poverty, without a house or plan to be self-sufficient, naturally. Join others if you can, and I will help you form the plan. What do you want to do this year? Get together, make your plan, and get in touch to see if you can become the local leader who forms the Outpost for all to share. A co-op based on how you care for those in your community and give back or pay forward with your knowledge, skills, and tools to add your experience and positivity through your acts that will astound you. Create the tiny houses and the solutions with your friends, and give a generation the skills you have spent a life learning to use. Please don’t waste your knowledge in the end, share it, teach it, let it grow with the kids who need you for a friend.

How much do you have to invest, and what do you have a passion to create to pass this test? Contact us and let us know how this can work out best for you to start a business making tiny houses for the best of the chickens, dogs, or cats you know, or perhaps more for the rest of the people that you know who needs a home to call their nest. Perhaps this is your chance to be the answer for the rest who can not figure out what to do and need some help to become their best. for information, packages, and potential futures you could unfold for you. I want to see the elders step up to the plate and teach the kids how to build with kits of materials that I have stored away for these days. Ingenuity needs to be rewarded, and small businesses are the way to create jobs, good ones for people who care about their helpers. Please share the possibilities for a family or friends to form intentional communities to lead the way to reformation once the processes and collapse of the past systems come to an end and the rebuilding of intentional communities begins. What is your potential yet to be tapped.

PSL Co-Ops for wisdom to be shared, tools put to use changing the fabric of our future thru unity.

Sharing the knowledge before the elders leave is getting harder to do when it is more critical than ever if our society is going to grow, thrive, & prosper together as hard times face our world.


FEB 7, 2024

What do the children born this year have to look forward to in the next ten years? What do the elders who came 75 years before the new generation think of the times? Most are extended past their working age. They have no significant savings in store to live in simple luxury. Do they have a tiny home or enough food, not cold but warm? Are there others who love to live together rather than alone but do not know of such a place to go, let alone afford it? Where are the families that once were the nets to fall into if you fell on hard times? Already, more kids live with parents than ever since 1900, and the solutions to more housing are not being found as the pricing forces millions to live on the roads.

Who bears the cost of shortsighted societies and people, convinced to “have now, pay later” for the American Dream to turn into nightmares full of debt, losses, depression, and suicides on the troubled journey through consequences? Drugs, easy fixes for the moods, and paying prices that last a lifetime, how many people are never taught as children how to defend against their weaknesses first? Being strong takes testing and challenges, but more; love helps when someone believes you can still succeed; if you do the work and focus, your future will be freed.

You can not be forced to sacrifice your spirit to succeed if you have the necessary faith. Thus, you can believe that the dreams you live and die for are the purpose of your Being. Savor the moments of life you share and hopefully use to make life better everywhere instead of simply working jobs where no one cares.

Who shares the labors and rewards of living naturally and helping raise a generation that will still be smart and free? What do they have, those old folks healthy, thriving, and at work each day to work the earth, care for others, and love in every way they can? Can Wii extend our lives by saying, or must Wii do the work to be the best of our true potential with the life Wii spends each day? Do you live well, love the feelings, dread each day, and wonder why? The secret to a thriving life is the view you take each day.

Some questions are not meant for answers but for the thoughts they will provoke. Many get upset with questions that point out their special place where work is needed to progress. Somehow, if you take the challenge and do your best day after day, even if it leads to failure, you will learn to win one day. This is life, so stop your whining. Whimpering does not change life except to waste your great potential by filling hours with endless strife. Truly, you must see the best and take on the work which is the test. Words are nothing without action, yet so many speak them best, but soon after failing the test where bullshit loses all respect.

So many times in years, I’ve offered up the chance to learn the trade of creating houses for the masses without toxins, all the rage, toxic boxes on wheels selling as if on the TV stage, a simple sign of madness in a financial page of the kids who did not understand to think first, then buy the best. It is so sad to see many taking sugar, vaxes, and a drink, then watching TV, immersed in sports, and honestly not aware of things like what is coming, or if it is “safe and effective,” or that it is just some jive. Tiny Trailer trash homes drop in value by the scores but the loans and rental on the lots are weighing in the heads of the people who will understand there are problems, a big list. Next, there is learning, knowing this, and wondering how to get a fix. I pray that once the lessons learned are taught to others who still yearn for houses that are healthy too, portable, or best when used to create tiny villages where the people share and choose organic living and a different way to serve their truths.

My goal is to help great people with the passion-filled hearts, minds, and faith in doing the incredible things that must be done so as to show there are good people, great places to live, and alternative futures to what the media seems to be selling, and others of ill repute. Politicians and corporations from around the world seem to want to limit what Wii eat, say, or do, but I believe that Wii, all the “I”s like Mii and you that feel there are much better ways to live than a jab or two forced upon the masses by such dictates as some will use. Pureblooded kids will one day be the fertile blessings of the last potential generation that will bear the DNA of our present world before it gets tainted, modified by vaccines, snipping, and clones soon. This is combined with the ingested plastics and injections that end fertility in the youngest generation which thrusts us into a population decline quickly, with big issues to follow. These plastics and EMF factors, the many toxins in foods and the environment are damaging people globally. The proof is coming out that the toxins ruin the fertility of the kids we see injected around the world. Soon, the consequences follow, and the satisfaction is hollow to learn there were those who knew and chose to do this to all of you. I pray for healthy ways to cure the spike they put into our species now that will wipe out the past, what normal was, and replace it with what seems so wrong, a dream by Gates that did go wrong for the masses who joined by the throngs. Sheople-minded people are still at play to riot and burn another day, so sad to see it end this way.

It is what comes once the smoke is gone and the new age dawns, led by those with age and the wisdom from the past to know what not to do again. Perhaps create that world that will have to pass the test of being peaceful after wars that level east and west.

I am south of Luling on IH10. I have some great options for your growth if you consider putting a Pure Salvage Living Outpost and coop out there. The demand is suitable for the materials, and if you assemble, give seminars to show others, and create teams that can build, I will micro-fund packages for houses that will work to grow family and friends into a community. I support your homeschooling and believe in teaching life skills home building tiny sustainable, toxin and import-free houses is my goal to share and teach through PSL Co-ops that let the elders teach the kids, leave their tools to the co-op with their wisdom, legacy, and life embodied in the village Wii, the elder who are the eyes, and the “I”s that will save our society. Kudos to your work.

PSL Co-Ops are intended to help share wisdom between the ages, skills that will be needed again, and a perspective with memories and stories of our past that will be held dear one day when the evidence of the “Good Times” will not look so great anymore. Like Detroit and other great industrial times past, cities get abandoned swiftly when times change fast and go negative. Today, cities are fragile, filled with systems that could fail, and millions suffer instantly. The country life, with friends near, not so much danger, much potential to recover if impacted, and your family nearby to share. Perhaps this perspective will become more popular in the near future. How about you?

What is micro-funding for house parts to start a business building tiny enclaves and how does one get it?

Do you have the skill sets in the family or w/ friends to build Tiny Texas Style Houses using all of the best things. To create them for longevity & sustainability… nearly for free?


FEB 4, 2024

Imagine getting all the parts but a few, the 2x4s, 2×6, nails & screws, house wrap & insulation, then the labor to make it a home. If you do well, with friends or family and show what you can do, the next batch of the parts you buy could make a future income too as you sell the next one and repay us once you succeed. Yes this is true. Subscribe to the newsletter and learn more if this is you who thinks that maybe its time to start that family business that nearly anyone can do.

It does not take many tools to set up shop and build a few. Teeny Tiny Houses to get started and soon learn how to build them more prominently and together as a community. Why not give the chance to be a well-knit tiny company that builds a house and gets rewarded for its value, not just its hours? Set up teams to take on labor, the parts that everyone might favor, and work together to put it up, paint it, move it, and when you’re done, get paid as an owner in the process that goes on. You could build them faster and get paid more when you do, besides getting the parts to build more for those you want to care for by showing love and building them a tiny home. Mothers, fathers, and children who need homes to be near you and share the lives of grandkids who need their family, need to know you.

Join together to get the houses that will let the kids with spouses grow their families with you near, a tiny master suite where you don’t have to hear four generations sharing one big house to learn that the privacy of a master suite away means you are free. Sleep till late or celebrate by not going in to see the others if you wish to spend a day in prayer or see if you could get some work done on the projects you love, dear, without the noise and hustle that the main house always sees.

This is how it was for many of the depressions in the past when four generations shared a house, but respect was there that passed from the eldest to the kids and stood the test of time. Now, not so well, as the kids will yell, lose respect for the oldest, don’t protect traditions, and fail most past tests. Somehow, Wii must mend how people integrate again and hope to recreate a time when people rebuilt trust and find a way to form a community that shares some paths towards unity, not division all the time. TV, Fake News, Online Scams, and most are losing trust in all things the governments demand as the science for their dictates seems to burn up in flames. Anger feeds the masses as they rebel against the Greens, the parties that seem focused on destroying farms and then determining that all eat bugs and thank suppliers in the end.

Instead, you could start businesses to help those who wish to move from the cities to the countryside to simplify as many end their relationship with the great high-tech city life. The proof is that life is sickening! See it destroying not just families but whole societies. Social platforms can’t be trusted, our world can be hacked, and fake people, like fake news, seem to be under a global attack. How do you get into the mode of freeing yourself from where the world might go, a World War that some predict will soon be one Wii does not pick but gets used by the ones who choose to get rich while the masses lose? Choose the path to independence and the freedom to raise your food and school kids at home instead of school districts that aren’t teaching what you want for your child to shape their life and loves.

If you join others with the same perspective and create a village, then a town, and stop it from becoming a city if you can, limiting the population or whatever that sends the problems of the cities back to where they belong. Soon, the battle will be about what happens over illegal immigration and where all of the millions who have come will work and live. The issues will surely soon ensue from millions coming swiftly through, illegal but still integrating them into a system where the language to communicate has been lost without a clue… like mii and you. So you speak 30 languages from three continents to start and have the excellent immunity to resist all that comes with the people who have come with dreams of being part of your country with the streets of gold and full of promises. Before Wii solve the problems that result, Wii will now need even more housing than before. What is in store if the newcomers can not also help to build new homes? I suspect Wii will have to work together, not fight over how to fix a problem no one wanted that is here.

Learn the ways to thrive by building houses that will last and be portable in case one chooses to move on again and find another village or to leave as your estate, a tiny house to live in for a life that would be great as a grandchild who can honor you and the tiny house you made. Let us make our heirlooms a tiny house to share with the coming generations who will need them even more, but to find them of such quality will be impossible for sure once we use up all the treasured trees that lived so long ago and lasted for a thousand years before they were chopped up. Use the pieces and treat them well. The Cypress trees, the Long Leaf Pine, were the best of all the trees to find so long ago before they all became extinct and nearly gone for good except for salvage around the world, where they all got sent. Locked in houses, barns, and stores, waiting for the chance to go and become houses by the score, to be loved again.

Join the Pure Salvage Living fantasy of creating Outposts where all can make society a more straightforward place to be by creating tiny houses for the new society that wants healthy living and to keep on living free. Help create the new pathways and teach the kids the skills that pay; instead of programming all day, create a house and get to play with the kids and your family. Change the values if Wii can to value love, friends, and see the best in what Wii do to make life better for others. If I can provide what you need to start again… to build a tiny house and then to build more for the others when they need it most: would you do what you can do to change the world that way? I pray not just to get rich but also for the service you may give to those in your community to help promote our unity. Help the elders, poor, and kids rise above, not suffer in these hard times when so many need and Wii the strong can help alleviate the pains. Share your talents, teach your trades in co-ops that are solely made to help take down and salvage all that can create more homes and stall the end of rural towns where all leave for lack of what some call opportunity. Stop and reverse, change the course, for you will see that more of us who left to be in the city when young are ready to return to the country for fun and a way to be kids again, get healthy, and run without the dictates of the people at places like the UN.

If you want to get started with a package to show your art and talent, you can prove that you deserve the loans approved that will get you the parts to build your credit this way. Yes, Wii give you parts and ways to build a tiny house in ways that no one else will if Wii know that you are honest and can show us how you will if wii let go of what it takes to build a house. Then with credit lines, you pay off to get more. Every time you build a house and make a profit, you pay us off. Then take orders, build some more, and then next thing you know, you support more who share your work ethic and passion to the core, those who form a community and let your dreams thus grow. Join together, if you can, families, friends, and some with land to form a place where you can spend a lifetime forming dreams and pass them on to those you love who will share them once they see them.

I can help you if you’re authentic and this is what you want to do. If you desire to help your family learn how to create and build the homes, it will take to leave your legacy in your wake. Be the example of what to do with the money in the bank that surely won’t serve you if the World Wars get to going and you want to move but do not have a place to go where you can know your friends are true and grow a future well protected by the plans you make and take action now to do. I can help by financing without interest and helping you plan. I can design homes to build fast and last, all healthy still, not full of things that make you sick but do the best things for a healthy life, it’s true. Do you have the group of friends or family that it takes to bend the matrix to become your game to form a fabulous plan? Please consider if you can, then let mii know your plan. If it holds the promise and you have the means to prove you can, then once you do, the plan is to supply you with the parts to do as many houses as you can do with credit for the parts, but you must act, not simply talk quite soon.

I will try this out this spring and see who listens to the bell ring, which means the starting gate is open, and the race is great. Will you join us to see if you can build a plan to be a Salvage Builder of great lore, creating places great in-store as you develop your art and style with salvage building all the while? Are you an artist of the future who creates art you can live in and nurture? If you are, I pray you’ll see this as your opportunity to fill a growing demand for builders with integrity. Tiny houses are built to be examples of sustainability and health, not imported parts, but formed by those with loving hearts who want them to last for your life and part of the generations that will share your light. Be the ones to help finance the people who want to learn this way to build a future all will share conserving the treasures of the past to cure the trashing of the planet by those who do not care.

Why not be more natural and show you care for nature somehow other than words and memes or worse, corporate PR that hides their biggest curse, the pollution that makes profits and supports the wars preferred? It requires that they burn more fuel and profit swell, that is for sure. What would they do if not in power and not living quite so well, unable to rule the world then, and remain so far apart?
Soon there will be consequences for acts and crimes that corps-humans have commited as corporate personas than can never go to jail but will pay the fines t no avail of those who died. They live for free to decapitate all the freedoms of Wii, the “I”s that pay to see the world abused. It is with the Earth’s resources wasted so all will be forced to buy the new stuff, it just gets worse.

Instead, of packages that cost $5,000- $10,000, less if you can salvage so treasure is not lost, the massive inventories hidden all around the world of salvaged treasure to build houses by the millions, even more. Look at what you could do and see what might come one day if you help to start, establish, and promote a co-op where you live. Its the time and wisdom of the elders, the work of those who care, the love of all to make life better and to show they care. Join in starting Pure Salvage Outposts in a town and I will help by sending what it takes to build a house or two and pay us back once they sell and help finance the place where you can gather, build, and share the skills I can offer up to use. If you succeed growing and need more to build your dreams, Wii can send a dozen packages that you can take to pay for as you use them to create a house that will sell for $25-30,000 maybe more and hope that you will still be fair to all who need your skills. If you do not want to make much more, but demand for them still grows, help create the teams of others who can fill the need and show that Wii can help each other create small businesses that show a trust and honor in our work and a pride that I am sure will show. This may mean that you could get rich, but take your time, be fair I ask, don’t get greedy for you know, tis better to share and keep it fair so others will have homes.

Bigger houses make more money, but the truth is that wii know, better tiny houses without a debt that seems to always grow as the taxes, and utilities seem somehow, like insurance rates, now show.

There is much to learn if you think you have the people or the friends to start a Salvage Coop where the locals can then go and create the tiny houses as a team so others know a path to what they dream of: a safe house all of their own. Be the hero. Make it happen. Help frame the house, then go, knowing that the ladies can finish up and show that they can do the rest if you just do the hard part to start the show. Every part could be shared so the elders and the kids could share in forming enclaves where the elders or youth could live and take their houses with them, share a trailer, give a lift, and move the houses with the owners if they must move or wish to give the house to others once they leave, no need once wii don’t live



Find Micro-funding without banks to start businesses that serve our community.

Are you skilled & able to create organic tiny houses for intentional communities w/ families that are recreating how to reunite as parents help adult children, grandchildren, & more?


FEB 4, 2024

Why not combine the skills and ability to manage the family into a business that creates tiny houses that are like master suites for everyone sweet in your life? If the micro-funding of the significant parts was there, many people could be building to fulfill a growing demand for master suites across the land. Not just tiny homes but the chance to build tiny houses and make a living by co-ordinating the work that a family could do to thrive as a business that builds for a better life for you. Some may have the tools, others the extra money, and some the skills, but with age and arthritis, wisdom and knowledge can lead a crew.

The elders with the younger kids whose muscles need the work, the purpose and accomplishment, what thrills the youth who strive to move the pieces and the parts to create a place to stay. They create the house for Grandma and the home for themselves, too, and when they move away, they could take their houses, too. We could take them for our life, to launch where we may stay to start a family and a life that may be far away. If so, a tiny house could stay, with skills built that way so that no matter where they go, kids will have a way to grow a house from salvage, and they will know they can build a life from what we know is true. More millionaires are made from salvage than any other way of making a great living instead of a living wage.

Teach the children to respect the gifts our forefathers made and left to last for lifetimes, then use the parts to create anew for youth. Imagination and a plan, action-free to grow demand for what is best for all to share, the skills with parts, new homes all fair. A way to keep the costs down low so that people can grow a family without the debt we know destroys the way we live if we let it get too deep, and stress from work keeps us from sleep. Mental health and living well depend on many things, but the proof shows us love and people. I still love the truth, and the lies that have evolved create fears and sad the fate of many suffering so the few can do all to get rich. Know that if someone wants you to do something that costs you to be part of what they promise, they will make dreams come true without action from you except to give them money, sex, or drugs to be with you. Stop the madness of the chase to be so popular that you sacrifice your integrity or your honor in such ways that all the world will see them if you put them on the internet today.

A time is coming when people choose to step away, to pull back from technology while the children grow and play, developing the mind that will last throughout their lives, not just days. Once past 7 they can be exposed to more that potentially will alter how they think or feel but at least they will be ready to think for themselves and not depend on the stupid people teaching them the wrong things while still a kid. Learn the dangers of the world and protect the kids who do not know the truth and believe the liars and the peds who lie and abuse. Too many who did were kidnapped, trafficked, or worse, are dead. Let us, the parents and elders, help form the safe communities Wii all need so badly now. Drugs, the internet, and predators are rampant such that there is a time coming when the village will be needed to raise our children and care for our elders rather than depend on the federal government that does not reflect our political, religious, or social views. Intentional communities will rise again as they have in past times of mass immigration. Know that history repeats itself.

How fast are the decisions to stop the evil now and not tolerate or celebrate the acts worldwide? I want to help form the places that protect the people, not just races or religions, which some may say are the problems in society. If Wii, the “I”s that choose to leave the city and create enclaves where people can live in ways they believe are best to save. Stop the dictate that forces kids to inject poisons and kill them instead of letting parents keep control of their child’s health until it’s shown that they are doing something wrong. Stop the madness of injections and the toxins in the food. Stop the brain-destroying cell phones and social platforms, too, when they take advantage of the young and old. Stop the madness in the government that allows propaganda to be fed to kids. These issues can only be determined locally, in a village at a time. Apparently, there need not be a reason or a rhyme for dictates to be given by those in power these days, nor are there regulations or means to stop growing criminal activity on the platforms that bring crime into the homes through the internet. It must be the parents and communities to limit, filter, and eliminate the threats that have rotted the moral ethos, the fabric of America.

Last year, I proposed that more people think about what to do if they want to expand the housing on their land. Since then, Austin, TX., and other cities have approved the tiny houses mixed into the yards of families, mothers, children, and grandchildren, all uniting to live better, but not in one house together. Sanity preserved. Master suites are sweeter than sharing a giant home.

How do Wii know better from studying how technology is hurting you or mii and the kids who are growing up? I want to stop the madness in the lives of the last generation to be born without genetic modifications. Are there ways to stop the madness of the people who create sadness from complications that some knew well would turn the lives of millions to hell on Earth for the rest of their lives, or worse, to watch their parents and children die first? Stop the lies and the money-making by the ones who will make billions and pay out the dividends paid to the politicians. Can the Whistleblowers be the path to full transparency, or will the UN and WEF stop the dispersal of the facts? The bad actors are ruling the world and planning to shut down our way to hold their feet to the fire of being then responsible for Crimes Against the World. What will it take to start Tribunals now that the Truth can not be hidden and the criminals can be found? With no place left to hide or run where people will protect the ones who planned to kill off most of the man and not be kind or stop their plans, I do believe God’s will be done.

Plan for what you can do now to start a path that can be formed to thrive and build our world anew when the system cracks due to abuse. If we rebuild, it will be the action and the will of the people it takes to fulfill the dreams most have this day. Wii, the people seek to free the future with great pride that the kids and elders will play a part of the best that comes alive when ingenuity helps bring us unity, as best I can do. Let us join the path to show how Wii can use the past to grow the best world wii can now explore and develop worldwide. Solutions and the ways to make them accessible to all with the hopes that all will prosper as wii share all that wii know. Unity with possibilities to grow a better world locally, lifting all who live there to live good and develop ways to share the wealth as Wii thrive based on Truth.

Why not grow tiny enclaves instead of giant houses?

Gardens, not grass or poisons in the yards that all can share, but wii must change codes that won’t allow most to share or have the tiny houses set up w a great plan.


If my days could all be full of joy, the thoughts of creating great things that employ the families and children, generations all involved in solving the problems of housing that can fall into the local hands of those Wii Love. Wii is all the “I”s that see and do what they can to relieve most problems for a home so they can rest, not homeless roam. So much can be done with the parts of the houses and the barns. Homes for many that are fine, full of artful craftsmanship.

Why not make an intention new villages that let the mother, dad, and kids live together on some land with tiny houses for each one?

I foresee communities of many tiny master suites. Bedrooms with cozy spaces where Wii rest and share private moments. The standard kitchen, chores to share instead of big kitchens everywhere, with all the things most want in life and not the noise and great distractions from four generations living under one roof as times get harder still. Homelessness means having places for the kids and the loved ones’ graces, sharing gardens, chores, and more, and helping raise the grandkids who need them more. Stop the madness of giant houses when most want a space to rest but not the giant debt and repeating losses of caring for more than wii needed. Share the treasures of the past that were so well made they will last another century or two before the houses would be replaced again.

Poverty is what you see the world to be from where you are, not where most others are. It is not seen by most who do not venture there to know that the houses many live in need to be torn down, it shows. Wii the people can create a pattern all can celebrate where Wii join to take apart the worst of houses to restart the path to freedom of the lower classes by showing how to help the masses if you join to learn and do the things that others can do too, learn and teach as you share the benefits with all. Salvage can make many dreams materialize with nothing, it seems. Imagination without limitations will allow us to see what can be instead of the limits placed on you and mii. I, the one you see, and the parts of my past that you can not see, the experiences that make mii now have the eyes to live free finally.

Parts & Pieces, imagination, conservation of resources, Pure Salvage Living is the key.

I want to share and thus inspire those who take action now for the Light that Wii can shine upon the chance not to live blind but to see the path where all can thrive. Stop the battles over skin color or any other things that need not divide us now but give us ways to overcome. Wii can thrive together if Wii join to help each other by teaching how to create homes and villages and then to roam out into the world in need to share by building more homes where they need. If you can join us in the start, and I will fuel with all the parts, then you can help carry on the ethos of the coming dawn. Salvage the best of our past and learn how to better turn our local economies into engines on their own that can grow the veggies and create the homes.

This is just a peek into the dreams I came to share as my life climaxes, and I view the last with care. What can I do that will help you take the message of what I see as a path for most who wonder if a war may soon be seen? Prepare to recreate the society you knew, but in a way, kids will love it when they grow up with you. Do not leave and wander for a job you do not love as much as the great families that are now joining back up. Together, there is power and security for all, but the cities seem to be the places where many seem to fall. Beware of leaving those you love; if you can rebuild the tiny towns where love is found, it seems to be a different world. Take care of nature and your lands; your bodies are your life, and the animals are all beings who share the Earth while in this strife. Once through, I hope to see then you visit other towns that flourished through the downturns of the cities that seem doomed by the drugs and other things destroying millions by the dose.

Share your love and skills, but take back the treasures where you find the doors and windows to create a new home where someone can raise children safely and teach them right from wrong. Life is what Wii make it, the World Union of Beings not WHO, or the UNITED Nations run by patients from the mental ward. Take the world into your hands and treat it well, my friends, by creating places where the seeds of sanity can stay safe from all the crazy people poisoning such things. The sanctity of life should be respected, not with wars over shipping lanes that killed no one, but the response with bombs sure did. Stop the madness of the wars that feed on those who get richer. Pray for those who suffer now and know that if not stopped somehow, the plan is to spread like fire to countries worldwide.

Make a difference locally by building pride and skills to see if this can make a difference that will be a joy for one and all. Help mii start the pilot program in a place where I happen to have readied all it takes to make this plan turn into all I described above, villages full of love, and solutions for those who want them above the alternatives of war.

Here is the interaction that inspired that little article today.


Rosy Rojas

Ey Brad! Good morning. I went with Bruce to your building for 10 pieces of corrugated metal and 14 pieces of 1×6 wood; it has been a great help; how much do I owe you? I’ll leave the money with Bruce

11:07 AM

You sent

Any idea how long they were approx. 8-10′? Does $200 sound fair?

You sent

If not, whatever you have budgeted will be fine.

You sent

Would your family build tiny houses on that site for the possible project with the city, teaching others how to build and creating a tiny community on half that property to get people started in houses that can be moved to properties prepared for them instead of the slum houses scattered about that side of town now? I am thinking in terms of grouping houses so they have a common main kitchen and then master suites for kids, parents, etc, to have privacy. Common laundry instead of a set for each family or most chained to laundry mats for clean clothes. This is the path out of poverty, learned skills, and the ability to build houses from salvage. People in this country do not understand or teach this to families so they can be in business together and pay for their descendants with a legacy, not a Welfare check.


They were 8′., Yes, that’s okay with me. It has helped us a lot. I will leave the money to Bruce, thank you, Brad,


That is an excellent idea; my father knows how to build and is very skilled, as do my brothers. I think they would be interested in helping, in the same way I can help you with the design of the house, it is crucial to take advantage of the space and create comfort for people even if the space is small.

You sent

I call that SpaceMagic Design. You did not get to tour the inside of the houses on the last visit, did you? Please come back out with the family to see and then know what can be done. The potential is endless. Mayor Steve will be able to help push this giant plan I had but put away a decade and a half ago when I left Gonzales. I could transform the town and finally give the people of color and pride in craftsmanship a chance to shine and, in return, prosper. The kids need skills, then the contracts to build and be paid not by the hour, but by the production of houses, chicken coops, and dog houses, and then to go off and build on site where people need help, return, and make money as a team that can be trusted around the family and children of those who buy packages of materials.

Plans, and need the framing done to dry in the roof and outer walls, then perhaps to let families who want to finish the more accessible part they can learn and complete fast after the team leaves. If not, like for elders, the team can premake walls and significant parts, then assemble on-site after flat-packing the loads instead of paying big bucks to haul hollow boxes down the highway. That is my plan, and prototypes are here.