Side Hustles are “Dictated Dead.” The side-Gig economy taxation loophole hits IRS Wall.

So many people depend on tips, commissions, and side gigs that are not legally employee status to save on paying taxes. That stops ASAP, the March 11th Biden Bump!


MAR 14, 2024

How does one old man who can not pass a mental capacity test dictate the end of an iconic American second job… entrepreneurial side hustles are being outlawed without passing a law. Dictates are becoming too common and accepted, but I must protest. Who will pay to take this dictate to the test in court?

As retired people who do not have to do these many jobs, some must raise children and get educated. Are you a young parent with many kids or parents that require extra jobs? Uber, for example, is a side hustle being shut down on the level that it exists due to the many doing such jobs for tips, commissions, and soon to be taxed to oblivion.

How will big corporations that depend on subcontractors deal with the crazy list of compliance obligations required for the IRS? The intention is to penalize all parties involved to help justify the tens of thousands of employees assigned to this enforcement task. Implement the new dictates that reduce the number of future small businesses by limiting the skills and forcing some to work overtime, fully taxed rather than to have a side hustle with write-offs to help pay for car or house, to help write off expenses like big corporations.

Why is this being put into play as if it were simply a mask forced upon the face of millions? It is dictated to limit objections, as if Ivermectin is for a society in need of new ideas, businesses, and ways to thrive without Global support, in fact, without the UN, WEF, or other global corporations, not just nations. Following the dollars now means knowing where Digital Money is hidden in a Cyberworld of computers no one can see or touch. Go bang on the doors of a Bitcoin bank that only exists in cyberspace, and the internet goes dark. I will wait to see the videos until after the internet goes on and see what wii can see when the cost to see ain’t free.

For some, the chance to build tiny houses as a business will be now! Not as an employee or a fake subcontractor but a genuinely free artist. The world needs to create house art, as seen in Tiny Texas Houses. Fuel your ambitions with more than a side hustle that mimics being an employee for an enormous corporation. Find the local carpenter, an elder who knows how to put together pieces to create the finest art: a home that holds the hearts of those wii love and shelter so they can grow to be the Truth Wii needs to show there is a way to use our ingenuity instead of in fear: pause.

Gather your momentum and friends who want to grow a place to have united houses, and then sow the seeds of unity so the community can show. Did you know the end is here for side gigs that were not taxed, too?

Read the news cause it is true.