Iron nuts, threaded 2″ rod, & Giant turnbuckles. 1870s sexy hardware wonders of the past to repurpose.

Repurposing great things to become even greater for sustainable reasoning that builds a better future from the treasures of the past. These are iron nuggets: entombed energy resources.


Adjustable piers for tiny houses to float above the floods and be stable through all forces of nature; put these in some concrete footings, and you will have adjustable piers. Just raise or lower your nuts to adjust for a wet season of swelling ground or shrinking forever.

Yes, this is how you reuse and repurpose things that you could never afford to create today. The cast iron in each rod is enough to make a giant pipe; practically all the iron needed for a single automobile is in a single solid rod. Imagine all the things China can make with the scrap iron it has bought from the USA for the last two decades at prices as low as $60 per thousand pounds.

That is less than the cost per ton of ore to begin making iron and steel out of. Then, haul it on a truck more than 20 miles without paying $60 a ton to carry it to the ships that send it to China. Next, melt iron ore, at what cost to the carbon contribution from so much heat being created, the impurities cooked out, and the machines required to make raw iron that China could not have created for the price we Americans sold it at?

Now, 20 years later, after sucking up massive recycled metal from America, we need it for our expansion of the war efforts once more. Every time America gets serious about recycling and repurposing, it is for war. Some say it is so sad that it must be this way, but adversity is the mother of invention. Not for all Americans who missed out on the fact that we supplied our new enemy with all the materials to build weapons for less than we can now, for our supply of raw materials to make all of these things again is depleted, much like our other critical reserves like Oil, helium, and gas. Soon, this administration will have broken the back of Americans while getting rich, playing the stock markets with insider trading and no accounting to the public for their greed.

Savor these treasures of the past and, like others, think of ways to use them again instead of wasting the energy, humanity, and heat that it took to create such hardware wonders with a story, not just HIS-Story, but a proper view of what happened to your country, once powerful, but never pleasant. It is time for us to wake up and find a way to save the best resources, become less dependent on other nations to thrive, and stop the wars, a waste of human resources, lives, nature, and all for a few to get rich and more powerful at the expense of the majority of us who share the Earth with the elite class that is running the show for now.

Let us build a better world once they destroy what was once an incredible society. Politicians taking profits is the downfall of nations, for they are supposed to work for the people, not to work for the people over time and again.

Recycle, repurpose, replay the best of our past stories, and use the resources to build the future to create a sustainable organic world for the kids of the future that need these things more than the weaponry of war the steel we sent to China has become, now pointed at America and our allies. The cost of not recycling ourselves as a national security issue is appalling proof that the leaders are after profits and are not securing our future as Americans. When will the public wake up and have the tribunals clear the swamps on a global scale, eliminating the UN, WEF, and other elite-run, unelected organizations that are driving the wars of the world? The solutions lie in the people’s hands, but they use or lose them soon.