What is micro-funding for house parts to start a business building tiny enclaves and how does one get it?

Do you have the skill sets in the family or w/ friends to build Tiny Texas Style Houses using all of the best things. To create them for longevity & sustainability… nearly for free?


FEB 4, 2024

Imagine getting all the parts but a few, the 2x4s, 2×6, nails & screws, house wrap & insulation, then the labor to make it a home. If you do well, with friends or family and show what you can do, the next batch of the parts you buy could make a future income too as you sell the next one and repay us once you succeed. Yes this is true. Subscribe to the newsletter and learn more if this is you who thinks that maybe its time to start that family business that nearly anyone can do.

It does not take many tools to set up shop and build a few. Teeny Tiny Houses to get started and soon learn how to build them more prominently and together as a community. Why not give the chance to be a well-knit tiny company that builds a house and gets rewarded for its value, not just its hours? Set up teams to take on labor, the parts that everyone might favor, and work together to put it up, paint it, move it, and when you’re done, get paid as an owner in the process that goes on. You could build them faster and get paid more when you do, besides getting the parts to build more for those you want to care for by showing love and building them a tiny home. Mothers, fathers, and children who need homes to be near you and share the lives of grandkids who need their family, need to know you.

Join together to get the houses that will let the kids with spouses grow their families with you near, a tiny master suite where you don’t have to hear four generations sharing one big house to learn that the privacy of a master suite away means you are free. Sleep till late or celebrate by not going in to see the others if you wish to spend a day in prayer or see if you could get some work done on the projects you love, dear, without the noise and hustle that the main house always sees.

This is how it was for many of the depressions in the past when four generations shared a house, but respect was there that passed from the eldest to the kids and stood the test of time. Now, not so well, as the kids will yell, lose respect for the oldest, don’t protect traditions, and fail most past tests. Somehow, Wii must mend how people integrate again and hope to recreate a time when people rebuilt trust and find a way to form a community that shares some paths towards unity, not division all the time. TV, Fake News, Online Scams, and most are losing trust in all things the governments demand as the science for their dictates seems to burn up in flames. Anger feeds the masses as they rebel against the Greens, the parties that seem focused on destroying farms and then determining that all eat bugs and thank suppliers in the end.

Instead, you could start businesses to help those who wish to move from the cities to the countryside to simplify as many end their relationship with the great high-tech city life. The proof is that life is sickening! See it destroying not just families but whole societies. Social platforms can’t be trusted, our world can be hacked, and fake people, like fake news, seem to be under a global attack. How do you get into the mode of freeing yourself from where the world might go, a World War that some predict will soon be one Wii does not pick but gets used by the ones who choose to get rich while the masses lose? Choose the path to independence and the freedom to raise your food and school kids at home instead of school districts that aren’t teaching what you want for your child to shape their life and loves.

If you join others with the same perspective and create a village, then a town, and stop it from becoming a city if you can, limiting the population or whatever that sends the problems of the cities back to where they belong. Soon, the battle will be about what happens over illegal immigration and where all of the millions who have come will work and live. The issues will surely soon ensue from millions coming swiftly through, illegal but still integrating them into a system where the language to communicate has been lost without a clue… like mii and you. So you speak 30 languages from three continents to start and have the excellent immunity to resist all that comes with the people who have come with dreams of being part of your country with the streets of gold and full of promises. Before Wii solve the problems that result, Wii will now need even more housing than before. What is in store if the newcomers can not also help to build new homes? I suspect Wii will have to work together, not fight over how to fix a problem no one wanted that is here.

Learn the ways to thrive by building houses that will last and be portable in case one chooses to move on again and find another village or to leave as your estate, a tiny house to live in for a life that would be great as a grandchild who can honor you and the tiny house you made. Let us make our heirlooms a tiny house to share with the coming generations who will need them even more, but to find them of such quality will be impossible for sure once we use up all the treasured trees that lived so long ago and lasted for a thousand years before they were chopped up. Use the pieces and treat them well. The Cypress trees, the Long Leaf Pine, were the best of all the trees to find so long ago before they all became extinct and nearly gone for good except for salvage around the world, where they all got sent. Locked in houses, barns, and stores, waiting for the chance to go and become houses by the score, to be loved again.

Join the Pure Salvage Living fantasy of creating Outposts where all can make society a more straightforward place to be by creating tiny houses for the new society that wants healthy living and to keep on living free. Help create the new pathways and teach the kids the skills that pay; instead of programming all day, create a house and get to play with the kids and your family. Change the values if Wii can to value love, friends, and see the best in what Wii do to make life better for others. If I can provide what you need to start again… to build a tiny house and then to build more for the others when they need it most: would you do what you can do to change the world that way? I pray not just to get rich but also for the service you may give to those in your community to help promote our unity. Help the elders, poor, and kids rise above, not suffer in these hard times when so many need and Wii the strong can help alleviate the pains. Share your talents, teach your trades in co-ops that are solely made to help take down and salvage all that can create more homes and stall the end of rural towns where all leave for lack of what some call opportunity. Stop and reverse, change the course, for you will see that more of us who left to be in the city when young are ready to return to the country for fun and a way to be kids again, get healthy, and run without the dictates of the people at places like the UN.

If you want to get started with a package to show your art and talent, you can prove that you deserve the loans approved that will get you the parts to build your credit this way. Yes, Wii give you parts and ways to build a tiny house in ways that no one else will if Wii know that you are honest and can show us how you will if wii let go of what it takes to build a house. Then with credit lines, you pay off to get more. Every time you build a house and make a profit, you pay us off. Then take orders, build some more, and then next thing you know, you support more who share your work ethic and passion to the core, those who form a community and let your dreams thus grow. Join together, if you can, families, friends, and some with land to form a place where you can spend a lifetime forming dreams and pass them on to those you love who will share them once they see them.

I can help you if you’re authentic and this is what you want to do. If you desire to help your family learn how to create and build the homes, it will take to leave your legacy in your wake. Be the example of what to do with the money in the bank that surely won’t serve you if the World Wars get to going and you want to move but do not have a place to go where you can know your friends are true and grow a future well protected by the plans you make and take action now to do. I can help by financing without interest and helping you plan. I can design homes to build fast and last, all healthy still, not full of things that make you sick but do the best things for a healthy life, it’s true. Do you have the group of friends or family that it takes to bend the matrix to become your game to form a fabulous plan? Please consider if you can, then let mii know your plan. If it holds the promise and you have the means to prove you can, then once you do, the plan is to supply you with the parts to do as many houses as you can do with credit for the parts, but you must act, not simply talk quite soon.

I will try this out this spring and see who listens to the bell ring, which means the starting gate is open, and the race is great. Will you join us to see if you can build a plan to be a Salvage Builder of great lore, creating places great in-store as you develop your art and style with salvage building all the while? Are you an artist of the future who creates art you can live in and nurture? If you are, I pray you’ll see this as your opportunity to fill a growing demand for builders with integrity. Tiny houses are built to be examples of sustainability and health, not imported parts, but formed by those with loving hearts who want them to last for your life and part of the generations that will share your light. Be the ones to help finance the people who want to learn this way to build a future all will share conserving the treasures of the past to cure the trashing of the planet by those who do not care.

Why not be more natural and show you care for nature somehow other than words and memes or worse, corporate PR that hides their biggest curse, the pollution that makes profits and supports the wars preferred? It requires that they burn more fuel and profit swell, that is for sure. What would they do if not in power and not living quite so well, unable to rule the world then, and remain so far apart?
Soon there will be consequences for acts and crimes that corps-humans have commited as corporate personas than can never go to jail but will pay the fines t no avail of those who died. They live for free to decapitate all the freedoms of Wii, the “I”s that pay to see the world abused. It is with the Earth’s resources wasted so all will be forced to buy the new stuff, it just gets worse.

Instead, of packages that cost $5,000- $10,000, less if you can salvage so treasure is not lost, the massive inventories hidden all around the world of salvaged treasure to build houses by the millions, even more. Look at what you could do and see what might come one day if you help to start, establish, and promote a co-op where you live. Its the time and wisdom of the elders, the work of those who care, the love of all to make life better and to show they care. Join in starting Pure Salvage Outposts in a town and I will help by sending what it takes to build a house or two and pay us back once they sell and help finance the place where you can gather, build, and share the skills I can offer up to use. If you succeed growing and need more to build your dreams, Wii can send a dozen packages that you can take to pay for as you use them to create a house that will sell for $25-30,000 maybe more and hope that you will still be fair to all who need your skills. If you do not want to make much more, but demand for them still grows, help create the teams of others who can fill the need and show that Wii can help each other create small businesses that show a trust and honor in our work and a pride that I am sure will show. This may mean that you could get rich, but take your time, be fair I ask, don’t get greedy for you know, tis better to share and keep it fair so others will have homes.

Bigger houses make more money, but the truth is that wii know, better tiny houses without a debt that seems to always grow as the taxes, and utilities seem somehow, like insurance rates, now show.

There is much to learn if you think you have the people or the friends to start a Salvage Coop where the locals can then go and create the tiny houses as a team so others know a path to what they dream of: a safe house all of their own. Be the hero. Make it happen. Help frame the house, then go, knowing that the ladies can finish up and show that they can do the rest if you just do the hard part to start the show. Every part could be shared so the elders and the kids could share in forming enclaves where the elders or youth could live and take their houses with them, share a trailer, give a lift, and move the houses with the owners if they must move or wish to give the house to others once they leave, no need once wii don’t live