Find Micro-funding without banks to start businesses that serve our community.

Are you skilled & able to create organic tiny houses for intentional communities w/ families that are recreating how to reunite as parents help adult children, grandchildren, & more?


FEB 4, 2024

Why not combine the skills and ability to manage the family into a business that creates tiny houses that are like master suites for everyone sweet in your life? If the micro-funding of the significant parts was there, many people could be building to fulfill a growing demand for master suites across the land. Not just tiny homes but the chance to build tiny houses and make a living by co-ordinating the work that a family could do to thrive as a business that builds for a better life for you. Some may have the tools, others the extra money, and some the skills, but with age and arthritis, wisdom and knowledge can lead a crew.

The elders with the younger kids whose muscles need the work, the purpose and accomplishment, what thrills the youth who strive to move the pieces and the parts to create a place to stay. They create the house for Grandma and the home for themselves, too, and when they move away, they could take their houses, too. We could take them for our life, to launch where we may stay to start a family and a life that may be far away. If so, a tiny house could stay, with skills built that way so that no matter where they go, kids will have a way to grow a house from salvage, and they will know they can build a life from what we know is true. More millionaires are made from salvage than any other way of making a great living instead of a living wage.

Teach the children to respect the gifts our forefathers made and left to last for lifetimes, then use the parts to create anew for youth. Imagination and a plan, action-free to grow demand for what is best for all to share, the skills with parts, new homes all fair. A way to keep the costs down low so that people can grow a family without the debt we know destroys the way we live if we let it get too deep, and stress from work keeps us from sleep. Mental health and living well depend on many things, but the proof shows us love and people. I still love the truth, and the lies that have evolved create fears and sad the fate of many suffering so the few can do all to get rich. Know that if someone wants you to do something that costs you to be part of what they promise, they will make dreams come true without action from you except to give them money, sex, or drugs to be with you. Stop the madness of the chase to be so popular that you sacrifice your integrity or your honor in such ways that all the world will see them if you put them on the internet today.

A time is coming when people choose to step away, to pull back from technology while the children grow and play, developing the mind that will last throughout their lives, not just days. Once past 7 they can be exposed to more that potentially will alter how they think or feel but at least they will be ready to think for themselves and not depend on the stupid people teaching them the wrong things while still a kid. Learn the dangers of the world and protect the kids who do not know the truth and believe the liars and the peds who lie and abuse. Too many who did were kidnapped, trafficked, or worse, are dead. Let us, the parents and elders, help form the safe communities Wii all need so badly now. Drugs, the internet, and predators are rampant such that there is a time coming when the village will be needed to raise our children and care for our elders rather than depend on the federal government that does not reflect our political, religious, or social views. Intentional communities will rise again as they have in past times of mass immigration. Know that history repeats itself.

How fast are the decisions to stop the evil now and not tolerate or celebrate the acts worldwide? I want to help form the places that protect the people, not just races or religions, which some may say are the problems in society. If Wii, the “I”s that choose to leave the city and create enclaves where people can live in ways they believe are best to save. Stop the dictate that forces kids to inject poisons and kill them instead of letting parents keep control of their child’s health until it’s shown that they are doing something wrong. Stop the madness of injections and the toxins in the food. Stop the brain-destroying cell phones and social platforms, too, when they take advantage of the young and old. Stop the madness in the government that allows propaganda to be fed to kids. These issues can only be determined locally, in a village at a time. Apparently, there need not be a reason or a rhyme for dictates to be given by those in power these days, nor are there regulations or means to stop growing criminal activity on the platforms that bring crime into the homes through the internet. It must be the parents and communities to limit, filter, and eliminate the threats that have rotted the moral ethos, the fabric of America.

Last year, I proposed that more people think about what to do if they want to expand the housing on their land. Since then, Austin, TX., and other cities have approved the tiny houses mixed into the yards of families, mothers, children, and grandchildren, all uniting to live better, but not in one house together. Sanity preserved. Master suites are sweeter than sharing a giant home.

How do Wii know better from studying how technology is hurting you or mii and the kids who are growing up? I want to stop the madness in the lives of the last generation to be born without genetic modifications. Are there ways to stop the madness of the people who create sadness from complications that some knew well would turn the lives of millions to hell on Earth for the rest of their lives, or worse, to watch their parents and children die first? Stop the lies and the money-making by the ones who will make billions and pay out the dividends paid to the politicians. Can the Whistleblowers be the path to full transparency, or will the UN and WEF stop the dispersal of the facts? The bad actors are ruling the world and planning to shut down our way to hold their feet to the fire of being then responsible for Crimes Against the World. What will it take to start Tribunals now that the Truth can not be hidden and the criminals can be found? With no place left to hide or run where people will protect the ones who planned to kill off most of the man and not be kind or stop their plans, I do believe God’s will be done.

Plan for what you can do now to start a path that can be formed to thrive and build our world anew when the system cracks due to abuse. If we rebuild, it will be the action and the will of the people it takes to fulfill the dreams most have this day. Wii, the people seek to free the future with great pride that the kids and elders will play a part of the best that comes alive when ingenuity helps bring us unity, as best I can do. Let us join the path to show how Wii can use the past to grow the best world wii can now explore and develop worldwide. Solutions and the ways to make them accessible to all with the hopes that all will prosper as wii share all that wii know. Unity with possibilities to grow a better world locally, lifting all who live there to live good and develop ways to share the wealth as Wii thrive based on Truth.