PSL Co-Ops for wisdom to be shared, tools put to use changing the fabric of our future thru unity.

Sharing the knowledge before the elders leave is getting harder to do when it is more critical than ever if our society is going to grow, thrive, & prosper together as hard times face our world.


FEB 7, 2024

What do the children born this year have to look forward to in the next ten years? What do the elders who came 75 years before the new generation think of the times? Most are extended past their working age. They have no significant savings in store to live in simple luxury. Do they have a tiny home or enough food, not cold but warm? Are there others who love to live together rather than alone but do not know of such a place to go, let alone afford it? Where are the families that once were the nets to fall into if you fell on hard times? Already, more kids live with parents than ever since 1900, and the solutions to more housing are not being found as the pricing forces millions to live on the roads.

Who bears the cost of shortsighted societies and people, convinced to “have now, pay later” for the American Dream to turn into nightmares full of debt, losses, depression, and suicides on the troubled journey through consequences? Drugs, easy fixes for the moods, and paying prices that last a lifetime, how many people are never taught as children how to defend against their weaknesses first? Being strong takes testing and challenges, but more; love helps when someone believes you can still succeed; if you do the work and focus, your future will be freed.

You can not be forced to sacrifice your spirit to succeed if you have the necessary faith. Thus, you can believe that the dreams you live and die for are the purpose of your Being. Savor the moments of life you share and hopefully use to make life better everywhere instead of simply working jobs where no one cares.

Who shares the labors and rewards of living naturally and helping raise a generation that will still be smart and free? What do they have, those old folks healthy, thriving, and at work each day to work the earth, care for others, and love in every way they can? Can Wii extend our lives by saying, or must Wii do the work to be the best of our true potential with the life Wii spends each day? Do you live well, love the feelings, dread each day, and wonder why? The secret to a thriving life is the view you take each day.

Some questions are not meant for answers but for the thoughts they will provoke. Many get upset with questions that point out their special place where work is needed to progress. Somehow, if you take the challenge and do your best day after day, even if it leads to failure, you will learn to win one day. This is life, so stop your whining. Whimpering does not change life except to waste your great potential by filling hours with endless strife. Truly, you must see the best and take on the work which is the test. Words are nothing without action, yet so many speak them best, but soon after failing the test where bullshit loses all respect.

So many times in years, I’ve offered up the chance to learn the trade of creating houses for the masses without toxins, all the rage, toxic boxes on wheels selling as if on the TV stage, a simple sign of madness in a financial page of the kids who did not understand to think first, then buy the best. It is so sad to see many taking sugar, vaxes, and a drink, then watching TV, immersed in sports, and honestly not aware of things like what is coming, or if it is “safe and effective,” or that it is just some jive. Tiny Trailer trash homes drop in value by the scores but the loans and rental on the lots are weighing in the heads of the people who will understand there are problems, a big list. Next, there is learning, knowing this, and wondering how to get a fix. I pray that once the lessons learned are taught to others who still yearn for houses that are healthy too, portable, or best when used to create tiny villages where the people share and choose organic living and a different way to serve their truths.

My goal is to help great people with the passion-filled hearts, minds, and faith in doing the incredible things that must be done so as to show there are good people, great places to live, and alternative futures to what the media seems to be selling, and others of ill repute. Politicians and corporations from around the world seem to want to limit what Wii eat, say, or do, but I believe that Wii, all the “I”s like Mii and you that feel there are much better ways to live than a jab or two forced upon the masses by such dictates as some will use. Pureblooded kids will one day be the fertile blessings of the last potential generation that will bear the DNA of our present world before it gets tainted, modified by vaccines, snipping, and clones soon. This is combined with the ingested plastics and injections that end fertility in the youngest generation which thrusts us into a population decline quickly, with big issues to follow. These plastics and EMF factors, the many toxins in foods and the environment are damaging people globally. The proof is coming out that the toxins ruin the fertility of the kids we see injected around the world. Soon, the consequences follow, and the satisfaction is hollow to learn there were those who knew and chose to do this to all of you. I pray for healthy ways to cure the spike they put into our species now that will wipe out the past, what normal was, and replace it with what seems so wrong, a dream by Gates that did go wrong for the masses who joined by the throngs. Sheople-minded people are still at play to riot and burn another day, so sad to see it end this way.

It is what comes once the smoke is gone and the new age dawns, led by those with age and the wisdom from the past to know what not to do again. Perhaps create that world that will have to pass the test of being peaceful after wars that level east and west.

I am south of Luling on IH10. I have some great options for your growth if you consider putting a Pure Salvage Living Outpost and coop out there. The demand is suitable for the materials, and if you assemble, give seminars to show others, and create teams that can build, I will micro-fund packages for houses that will work to grow family and friends into a community. I support your homeschooling and believe in teaching life skills home building tiny sustainable, toxin and import-free houses is my goal to share and teach through PSL Co-ops that let the elders teach the kids, leave their tools to the co-op with their wisdom, legacy, and life embodied in the village Wii, the elder who are the eyes, and the “I”s that will save our society. Kudos to your work.

PSL Co-Ops are intended to help share wisdom between the ages, skills that will be needed again, and a perspective with memories and stories of our past that will be held dear one day when the evidence of the “Good Times” will not look so great anymore. Like Detroit and other great industrial times past, cities get abandoned swiftly when times change fast and go negative. Today, cities are fragile, filled with systems that could fail, and millions suffer instantly. The country life, with friends near, not so much danger, much potential to recover if impacted, and your family nearby to share. Perhaps this perspective will become more popular in the near future. How about you?