Can positive visions shared seed the minds of others? Shape thru action: form our future from thoughts.

Yes. Be phenomena: creating the future you imagine, dream of, & through actions focused daily, form a future from. Wii, are “I”s that see, compelled to invest lifetimes to manifest: To Be.


FEB 8, 2024

Youtube channel for Tiny Texas Houses has many videos on how to build this sort of house that give you the examples that you may need as well as parts. What will you do with the next year that is truly what you want to see become your future too?

Are you living a phenomenal life full of incredible possibilities and opportunities to change and improve the world and your life through finding paths to make the future a great place to live when it manifests for those who follow the work Wii does together now? This is an essential time in the history of our planet, the passage of time compared to the amount of information and events that are changing what seemed like a stable world for most people just a decade ago. Then, the thoughts of world war, nukes being dropped by Russia or the USA far away, conspiracy stuff from the days of JFK. Guess what, much has changed including the confidence of the people in the media that seems to be cloaking the Elephants in the room stepping on the economy, public health, and the future of civility as our common language goes away, diluted by the people coming across the border every day. Much is changing, but not compared with what comes with the World War. If the people choose to sway, there could be a civil war besides the Wars on stage.

Wii, the people looking on that do not wish to go to war should know the small towns will preserve the ways of those who may be purged in a plan that some have known for sure in case they wish to win their wars. I pray to all the Gods who will be used to fight, conquer, and kill. The bibles of the other people who are fighting all our missiles and the rockets, jets, or worse, the consequences will be America’s curse. Why are they causing all this hate over the shipping lanes, not the people they killed? The Houthis who stopped shipping caused the bombs to kill and maim, but that does not mean that it was right to use that sort of clout to kill so many for the money and the shipping routes without the other choices that were never talked about. How can the leaders think that they can fight so many wars and get the money or support for not obeying our own rules? No one authorized a war with Yemen or the rest in store! What will Wii the public do besides move fast, do what Wii can do to create the places where wii can be safe instead of hope to stop it all?

Wii need to create intentional enclaves for our families, the things that will be special in our lives, and preserve the special needs Wii are still free to think about. I realize that some are strong and can help those weak form the enclaves that will take the best of all. We’ve got to make a place so special when you find that particular spot. Join others to form the houses, the kitchens, and much more. The gardens for the food you need and the skills to share with elders, kids, and babies to thrive and carry on. Be the heroes wii need now, the examples of what can be done so others who would like to take a healthy path won’t fail to gain the gifts the great people could make. While many in the world are sick, many others are ready for the fix. There is no reason to let the failing grow if you realize you can get up and go, do the things that must be done, and not just worry about having fun. Do the work and form a world you would love to share, not sterile but full of life, hope, and means to create solutions that can then be seen. Can Wii share them so others see and thus can break free finally? I believe Wii can and show you how if you want to know.

Once you do, please share for free. This is the chance to learn, to get old like mii and still be free. Free of pain, regrets, and grow my food, fish in ponds I created with my muse. Please grow from the challenges, the work, and the pain instead of let it take you down, or make you feel afraid. You have the power to determine how you see the future and create the changes that Wii need to see so that the meaning of our lives will finally come to be. Savor the moment, the chance to do more, and be the example for others to see without being the target for just being Mii. As Wii grow, age, change the “I” over time to be the Mii with wisdom from the challenges and the failed dreams. From this moment, wii form future days, due to our actions and our ways, Wii share the forming of the days that follow what Wii do. I pray to you to think of this and love both what you do and also those who make it possible to share the truth that together, yes united, Wii can do what Wii must do.

Instead of creating a generation of miniature trailer parks, a new generation is doomed to be known as tiny trailer trash, which is the potential end of most of the RVs that people live in now. They are toxic and require special permits to dispose of them. There are problems with mold and air quality, and the cost to park them in parks goes up forever, without limit. Please consider building the future intentional villages, enclaves, and what will be small towns out of the best things of our past that will outlast the new. No imports, shitrock, and toxic materials to build beautiful houses that are healthy instead and will last for lifetimes, as they have proven they can do in past lives as houses that Wii salvage with respect to create more homes for many who have none, if not, instead. Please plant these seeds in more heads.

Savor the Dayz, surreal as they seem, for some are now reforming what you will tomorrow realize is “Today!”