Envision an economy of trades to salvage what will be left after Black Swans fly. Hacked times?

If AI wipes out industries as quickly as possible, lawyers, real estate sales, architects, designers, and writers will all be underemployed & replaced.


MAR 27, 2024

As the surprises of proportions that few can think were planned, the surreal world of 2024 unfolds, and the full moon eclipse promises much more. What comes with the Solar Eclipse so near and on a path that some will say defies all odds that any could forecast. Yet it is what it is. Savor the dayz Wii are beholding float by like clouds in the sky. What do you see?

What will you learn to allow you to thrive in a world where retail stores no longer need clerks, checkout people, or brick-and-mortar buildings to sell you what they have? So many jobs are swiftly being replaced, and the average person who worked mindless jobs will be left without jobs. No longer will people be going to jobs they hate to work for rent, car payments, taxes, and utilities needed to live in cold climates, insurance, or worse, medical bills for taking jabs or doing drugs, alcohol, or smoking, vaping, escaping the stress in many ways. These are things one thought were okay, but they have unforeseen consequences later, and the medical bills take the family finances down. The longer it takes to expose and flop, the worse the consequences, but the shoe will drop, and the chance to fix it will be past if there is no way to stop.

Who is wondering as they watch the systems that collapse with little hope that this will be a better place as more brands fall? Look into the cities, once a tourist mecca, now a homeless epidemic with drugs and coming plagues. What will Wii, the people do, the “I”s that see but don’t get to choose? Will the leaders come together and abandon their puppeteers, or are Wii the people cursed to watch the fools who will abide with the leaders of the world gone crazy, making wars and starting fires? Where do people run to, as the peace is lost and the hungry masses demand that leaders choose a path that feeds their families, or will governments lose?

Their need for preserving “Continuity of Government,” the controls they have to use, and the weapons they created to put down anyone they choose leads them to attack their own if they are threats to what is known, the enemies that control the drones. Who are they killing now? The question is no longer “Can they or wonder how?” but why they do, and if it’s you, how did you get in their sights? Do you protest too loudly, or are you censored out of sight?

Why are so many questions in the face of so much doom being prepped for all the cleared lands, as if making room for the subsequent division of the assets to a few victors and close friends? That’s not mii, but is it you or a small elite who have us at their feet begging for food or land to live on. Because the treasure to be lost is a future for the youth, I stand for stopping the race to war by the leaders who are bought and sold. I want to pause and reconsider that retired generals and politicians consider the public too stupid even to have a chance to consider what is going on in the Shadows where they lurk.

The people who control the strings, the dollars, and the big weapons are snubbing all the laws by moving where they can’t be found. From there, they tap intelligence, alter votes, and more by controlling the internet and its access. Those who think that General Jones and all the other war machine clones are not working against the populace, I wish you well when at God’s Gates, their leaders, Soros celebrates, as Klaus and friends at the WEF agree to what the UN declare using WHO and other acronyms Wii know are intended for them to win. Who will share the gold it takes to help shackle the ones who stay if they succeed and depopulate the world as their computers say they can? AI leads them to believe what I think is a LIE. They are hallucinating a grand success that wipes out the ones who cry and want the leaders to save them from the things they hide with lies. Will you wake up just in time to see the flash and then be blind? One wonders from the fantasy that watches this reality and wonders if the two will share the future that some of us Dare Believe

The plan in motion has no room for the average radical thinker who suggests that freedoms such as speech are required for them to pretend to be a democracy instead of hate-filled leaders who want no part of a fate that exposes them at any date. Tribunals for the ones who have harmed mankind and the planet will soon come for them, but they still hope to win, to wipe out our chance before tribunals can begin. Nope! Their scorched Earth policy is not one I would defend. I pray that soon the Light Brigade will flare up and Wii win in a war for the minds and the hearts of men around the world for once, a World Union of Beings that want the best for all who are the vested stakeholders in time when Wii can Unite to be Free finally. Is it just a fantasy? It’s a quantum story of what will happen if the world’s people unite like a virus, Wii, and spread it so that all can see that communication is the key to the world being FREE!

Snopes and Soros fact checkers now take to online intent to kill free speech, real proof, the past, and still as if a sport, they are at it still. Eliminating threats they see, like blogging, writing, and videos that actively expose what they are up to for you and Mii to see. Watch their focus on the ones that question nearly any revelations and whistleblower events that they roll out in this extraordinary year, for 2024 is clearly where much of the future will be decided out of fear.

Do not take the bait and think that all is lost when in the dark, for the Light within and the thoughts you hold are what will win the wars that unfold. It is the game since time began, you must win over the minds of men, and the hearts of the women and the sweet children if ever peace is to be found.

Some choose a war where all lose, but the financiers and weapons makers stay out of harm’s way and profit from the madness with the scorecards kept for fun. Who will be the leaders when this round of Hell is past? Will it be the same families that ran the wars in the past? Or will the war of “World Unions of Beings” be the final round that ends these centuries of being controlled by the few who think they are the Gods? Stop the madness in a fantasy World of WUB if you can. It’s a fantasy where Wibblry is unpacked so that all can see.

Wii are the “I”s that will determine what comes from the acts of vermin who need extermination instead of the controls that they are seeking to master soon, their planned and well-timed goals prophesized, soon realized, were it not for the Ones who chose to come into this game of life and change the game and close the cycle of insanity that the evil leaders chose.

Communication beyond just nations, worldwide Wii go, Wibbling the thoughts to bring our Union into One, a force that has our consciousness United for a cause. Tribunals to clean up the world and start a new trust when Wii turn the liars and the evil ones into the lesson books. Wii Won! Webbling, yes, communicating on the nets to grow Unity will quickly be a virus that enthralls the world in truths that inspire the youth with the elders who will call for the end of those who have done this to eliminate us all. Wii are the force that will win out, but there must be a global network of Whistleblowers and ways to bring the ones who must be placed into a tribunal for the punishment phase. Their wealth and power are stripped, and once gone, the benefits of crimes are then used to mend the wounds they caused through the use of corporate personas. They bankrupt at your loss, then run to countries where they can not be extradited. Global participation is needed to wipe out these threats to man, and I think the time is coming when that will become the plan.

See the magic, how wealth disappears from the working masses to the few who are so weird that they would not survive for a day if homeless and afraid. No punishment could do more for the world to see and learn than to take the like of Gates and let him live on the streets to hear. There, he could not play the game of choosing who would live or die from shots intended to control populations. Fauci camped beside him in a tent with open doors could tell of how this would be a safe and truly effective cure from the man made threats on the streets that get into the labs, he heard. I think the filming of each day, every minute of their world, would let the public see that justice could be hurled upon the ones who have truly done so much to hurt the world.