A time to ebb & a time to flow… a time to retreat, yes a time to go.

When do you pull back, call the omens out, see the fate of fighting them to thus retreat?

What next in your life of cycles and phases, of unexpected turns, even landslides of uncontrollable elements messing up your plan? What happens when you learn that all things will not be what you want them to be went the fog clears from the last two years of rampant economic terrorism that has struck the small businesses of America?

Many are trying to salvage a future from the disasters, fires, floods, riots, and economic upheaval of all sorts not expected just two years ago. What do you do next? Where do you go? Is there a place to escape to that the trouble will not come?

What are you imagining, creating as you go, to make the world more beautiful any way you know?

It took years to create the following on FB and Youtube, while I have posted on Telegram, used a number of platforms, I am not inspired any longer to go to the race for viewers, the following that needs nurturing to develop is no longer reachable for the most part… too many mediums have diluted the reach of anyone.

Why get old if you do not have to… old in the sense that you can not function like a 30 year old or better. No need but it takes a little effort. It is worth it.

I have never made my internet an income source, so it is no more than an expense of time, which at 66, I value for other things more now and have found myself giving up hope for the masses awakening to the really important things… but that is less likely by the day as they run in fear, depending on the government to save them, and bath in cognitive dissonance to the point that my words infuriate them instead of inspiring them if they contain hope, solutions, or paths that might save them from ugly futures in store. At some point there comes a time to savor the moments and not worry about saving the world. I think I have found that point.

At 64 I decided to create a mark in the Earth that would be incredible one day.

All I can do now is exemplify as best I can the possibilities and hope the wind blows it the right direction so that others one day read the Quantum Story I create and imbue into the place I call Salvage, Texas. Paradise manifested from thought to form, from clay, water, and the organisms that make life possible, miracles happen daily without having to do anything once the environment is created.

The thought turned into a reality in a few months time, and so much life has come from it that one could not count the creatures that now live off the pond, the birds, frogs, fish, and other things. Water and clay, just like you and me, with the frequency of God flowing through and through in the forms of life you will see all about.

Miles of shoreline where no water stood for more than a day ten years ago. Food, flora, fauna in a paradise of thoughts that most would have said would never be possible, never exist upon this baren, abandoned industrial waste dump, this piece of land now sculpted to be a showplace one day, a place where God has been able to do his best works after guiding me to create the place for them to live on, prosper, and tell a story that could not be told any other way.

How big of a kitchen do you need to cook up a meal for kings and queens? Indeed no more than what is here, 19 doors and drawers for things, a kitchen tiny, made for kings.

Few will even know I was here one day to shape or form the future in this way. Not just words of an imaginary tale, but the tale manifested so that others can do more than reading, see it on TV, or the internet… They can bathe in the waters that pour from the Earth, sky, and wells to fill the cavernous imagination that action brought to life. Spending time on those many platforms at this age and time is less desirable by the day when I have so much to do instead that, unlike this post, will stay alive for far longer than these words.

Endless bounty just awaiting purpose and a bill of lading.

It is an honor to be a steward of such treasures and delights, but the time will come to find the ones who will carry on the Light, to create a future with the past great treasure to delight the children of the future who will dream of this at night. What will you do to help make the world a better place this year?

Vintage Lumber that would cover miles of land, as houses created by the hand of man.

I hope to add more life, more dreams fulfilled, more hope and inspiration that we get better with age, wiser if we make the effort, stronger by the day. Please join me in exemplifying what is possible by the elders so the kids will have other choices in view than the ones at the old folk’s home who regret never doing so many things during life.

Please make your dreams real and understand as I fade from view on these censored platforms with little residue. Perhaps we will get some kids to do this job of getting the word of what is possible out there through the paths on the internet that will give this concept time.

Why not build a house or two that is not big but sure could do all that you need for it to be the paradise you create near free?

Ideologies manifested to the point that you can swim, play, hike, eat, taste, feel, and sleep in them… stories that come to life so much that you can share the dream, the hallucination created for a moment in time, so real you can be part of the moment.

When you look into the mirror to see what you might find, is the person you want looking back agreeing with a smile. If not spend just a moment and make friends if yet you can, tell them that you love them and perhaps the smile will bend from a frown to what you want to see… a happy person looking back at mii.
From Trinity and Darby in Salvage, Texas… Savor your days… make your dreams come true, take action and with gratitude, create your life anew.

Savor the moments… they are the memories that action will come from later… the foundation for hope, proof that others could do it, thus giving confidence that you can too. That is what this is for, no more.

Have a great day building what will be a great body and life.

Darby Lettick