Dreams lead to the magic of manifestation… imagination, synchronicity, perspicuity required.

If you want to create an organic tiny house or cottage, here is a magical path to that end with hardly any cash.

For the next 6 weeks, Tiny Texas Houses will be emptying much of the warehouses full of the parts and pieces it takes to create such beautiful stuff. Brad Kittel, the creator and designer of the Tiny Texas House Space Magic Design methods that make for energy-efficient, spacious feeling, full of storage tiny houses will design with the parts you pick if you wish for help. From air flow to how to position the house on the property, much can be had from years of doing just those things you want to do. Why not barter for the parts or just buy them if you wish, many ways to make that happen and be on your way to the dream cottage in the woods. Why not?

When you look into the mirror to see what you might find, is the person you want looking back agreeing with a smile. If not spend just a moment and make friends if yet you can, tell them that you love them and perhaps the smile will bend from a frown to what you want to see… a happy person looking back at mii.

Visit Salvage, Texas to spend a night in a house or three days while you pick and choose, drop off your trade, and load a trailer with the parts you will need to build a dream in the form of House Art you can live in for the rest of your life.

Contact [email protected] for more information about your plans and how to manifest them with the help of Tiny Texas Houses plans, parts, past successes that will enable you to do the things you did not think possible.