Winter’s that transform summers, extremes like 1815 rule the year. For those prepared, our view is clear: Run from the RESET!

Winter transforms to summer, extremes like 1815 rule in the years ahead. For those prepared, our view is clear: Run from the RESET! Not in Fear, winter is clipping us at Salvage, Texas Brrr. Prepare for more North to Southeast… No end is near? No RESET!

So I did a bit more than letting the pipe drip just for the icy sculpture. This is not a regular event in Salvage, Texas… though not immune from freezes, it is not an annual affair historically. I suspect with all the volcanic ash in the stratosphere, that will change over the next few years, but still far better than the year without a summer ahead.

Please, Prepare for a very different year my friends as the sun tell the Earth what to do instead of Man. Got our plans ready. How about you? Fun times for those that came to Earth to have an exciting life filled with great challenges, successes, and the springboard to even greater times ahead, millennium after millennium.

Let’s make Mother Earth worth coming back to once again and leaving it as peaceful as we can for the children who survive the societies we once knew coming to an end.

Amazing resources from our past could not be tapped for a cost comparable to inferior cheap imports that are no longer available, toxic concoctions of vinyl, glued woods, and other outgassing things are more costly. Thus does the public finally consider the value of salvaging the worlds greatest treasure hidden in what appears to be trash.

This is a new world and the Reset is underway, regardless of what you think, feel, or if you even understand what all that entails. You are in the flow of those who know controlling how the distribution of nearly all things will go.

This is how they will know before you what is coming and thus take full advantage of you in the competitive games of the material world… the Matrix. How will you fit in, if at all, in the plan that some have for how the world will run?

The Winter is upon us, people of the world, and the jabbing, stabbing, deadly pains you may be feeling are the “Growing Pains” caused by the wrong ideology expanding into our reality, not imaginary anymore, the Reset is in motion.

Soon the realization of what has been done to set this up, to wipe out millions upon millions of pests, species, societies that interfere with a plan that is quite clear, just more exclusive than inclusive.


Which side of the benefits package being offered to conformity are you on? Giant houses, fancy cars, jewelry, and all the trappings of success? A jet setter fully jabbed and flying high up in the sky, absorbing RADs and none too shy to take the reigns and aim for the sun? Does one upon the Chariot understand the consequences of such flights of fancy without knowing that the Chariot is built of hard Wax but it will melt! Your carriage gone, the greedy fall into the Sun, and thus the new world forms with those who stay well-grounded and prepared. The world seems so surreal these days. As if in a dream where so many things are going on around the world that no one can really know what will come. Volcanos, earthquakes, droughts then flooding, storms, unlike any modern man has experienced and governments in the crosshairs of their unhappy populace that is nearing civil war in many countries or has already moved to that phase of dismantling the systems that have clearly failed.

A World Union of Beings may be possible in this modern age of technology but the forces that do not want the people to all wake-up and question the way the world is run are hard at work to keep the populace asleep. Is such Union even possible with so many different views and moral systems, so many religions that seem to think they are the only ones with a right to rule the world? How do Wii, all the “I”s of the world work our way through the challenges now facing us to clean up the governments, the topsy turvy rich versus poor battle of divisiveness that will cause many to kill each other for all the wrong reasons? This is the big question but all most of us can do is deal with the local issues, the home, food, and security for our family, loved ones, and community. Bravo for the leaders who set the example of what great people can be instead of lying, stealing, and taking advantage of their positions for personal gain and power.

Please join us in delineating between the people who are purely evil in their intent and weed them out of positions of control, influence, and power. Take the bad leaders out, the liars, the killers, the verifiably evil humans who are indeed planning the RESET that they will control, as they say, themselves, regulate the world with global leaders not elected but selected by those with the power, the money, the controls in their hands.

If one person can create this landscape solo, in two months with caves, 30′ deep waters, and naturally filled, would you believe it was possible? Would you believe if you did not see it yourself? How does one know truth except by facts… when they seem so easy to hide these days?

Corporations without people to punish for the bad acts should not exist or be given a Corporate Board Lobotomy and then put to rest with the body left over being fed back into the system so that the smaller fish can feed on the Sharkmeat that should be accumulating soon. Yes, Shark Hunting will become a sport in the public eye once the exposure, yes, the full disclosure of the facts and people who have caused the world such pain as you are seeing from distribution systems on down, in order to implement this RESET they have planned.

Blessings for your ride today into the world you create to stay long after Wii are gone. Tiny organic toxin and import-free building that sets us back on course to self sufficiency, growing life skills while young again, and teaching that health, not materials wealth is what is most important to live a phenomenal life without big Pharma, giant Jabberwocky conspiracies, and others such things from the world of fantasy. Join me as many think that is where I be, and I agree, for Salvage, Texas is indeed such fantasy but turned into reality as proof of what one broken poor kid can do instead of suicide when times are hardest, you are young, beaten down, and wondering why go on. Truly, if you study the success of those before you, know there is a way, please take it and run, run, run to as far away as you can get from the RESET.