Barter harder to succeed instead of finding the cash to seed your dreams so they can grow like weeds.

Yes, golf carts, tools, cars and trucks… trade things for your house parts plus, seminars to learn how to create the perfect house for you.

Tiny Texas Houses
From windows created long ago by people I would love to know, as well as how to create this glass.

Breaking out of the Matrix is not as hard as you have been told by those afraid of breaking out, changing the way they live, where they live, or what they do for an almost living wage. What of those who get paid so much that saying no takes much more guts because you know that if you do the house of cards, your debt is due. Yikes… with a credit score no more… when only cash will do, trade away the other things that no longer work for you. Kayaks, canoes, and 4-wheelers, tractors, tools, and other things that if you could but sell them now you could have cash or move somehow on making what you want to come true.

Why not barter to transmute what you have sitting here and hiding there, perhaps in storage where you pay for its care? Think about the things you have that fit such things as I expressed and if you find you want to trade, don’t let that thought just age and fade, write or call, let us know, then get that hubby up and go. Gather goods, like guns and things that he has too much of, don’t complain, boxes of lead formed semi-round are the sorts of things that can be found to trade for windows, doors, and floors, in fact nearly all you need to score to create your Dream Homes one by one to Loophole round the taxing fun and find a path to then grow more, a village next, Wii offer more.

Perhaps you have some things about, an old car hidden in the garage or out in the barn where the owls have shat to make it ugly where it sat. Let us know and we just might find a way to turn it into two kinds of things that you can then transform into a house or even store. Would you like a Pure Salvage Outpost or more to create tiny cottages where you live for more of the many people who wish they could find someone who wants to build with wood. Please share the thought with those you know, the elders with tools and the knowledge that shows we can join in Co-ops where the fun can grow as the houses are created with the help of those who know how to build something well, the American way, before it was cheapened and the quality destroyed.

Bring back pride in American Made and the best way to do it is to respect those days when the ancestors created with the best of the wood and with the intention of it lasting for a lifetime if they could. Respect, and even more, salvage the best and then restore the lifeskills and the craftsmanship, the pride and work they did, by rebuilding in the kids today the will to be that way.

How do Wii teach around the world to all of those who feel hurled by all the things beyond their control that suddenly have taken hold? Weather that no one can stop, volcanos flowing from the top, icy weather that’s rarely seen in places that are mostly green, or Deserts, rains that flood the towns, and Earthquakes that keep coming round, getting stronger, no mercy mean, as if we’re building to extremes.

Thus the beginning comes if that is so and this for sure I truly know… there are millions ready for the end of this show and a new beginning where the Free can go. Let the ones who love to be controlled remain in the grasp of the rich and old, the despots and the lunatics that run the world of Politics are doomed to fall, transparently, to thus be judged for the world to see.

Punished such that none repeat the dastardly deeds of the heartless greed that brought on all the plagues and fear, with a bad intention now so clear that the world will strike the vipers down, take the heads but keep the crowns of Royals and of Rich who played the world as suckers, may they soon parade. Down the streets into the holes, cast from anywhere they go, homeless, friendless, soon to know the pain and suffering they imposed. Can Wii, Will Wii, all the “I”s, see with more than just the eyes, know from facts and proof at last, and with that judge the very fast.

What a rabbit hole that was, the path to barter through the curtain that blinds the many to what they know, to buy with dollars, that is all. No big box stores to barter at… well not for you if subscribed to this for a paid subscription lets you do the barter that will get you through the hard times when no cash is near but you got things that we hold dear.

Please let us know, so goes the rhyme, and hopefully, while there is time to build your tiny cottage still before the next winter gets colder still. Blessings to your days and nights, to get your tiny house created just right, and to dream with visions that you set out to make and the parts Wii have waiting for you to come take. Savor the day, the opportunity of the moment, and the path along the way to your visions coming true. May Truth be with you. For the paid subscribers who get to read this far, to find out they have just gotten a giant discount for the parts… 30% off of any purchase large or small if you mention that you are a paid subscriber and you saw this offered here, perhaps you’d like some bead board like you see used in my home, Temple Tanrta has a ceiling like few others I have known… a variety of beaded wood more than a century old with colors of the time gone by still warm pastels of many grains and shadows to entertain the mind.

Please let us know, support our work, subscribe if you can, wii will give you a start. Inspirations are hard to find in a world that seems to bump and grind most to a pulp with such distractions that we seldom get to actions it will take to reach the place, to live free in a happy space. What are you dreaming of one day? A giant house with great taxes to pay or a simple little cottage in the woods so far away from the world of things that stress so many, kill them in the end with the fears of loss and anger, of the debt that never ends so that those you like to hang with will consider you still friends. If that is what it takes to be a friend to those you like to see then blessings to your life and thee… I do choose different, with thanks, I’m Free!