Plans, organic sustainable materials, a seminar to learn the basics to assemble a tiny organic cottage… then what?

The “If you could would you?” question looms tall in 2022. Sustainable communities of grand proportions could be created from salvaged treasure.

Things that are old, created by our ancestors, and passed down to us to touch and view with awe at the amazing resourcefulness they exhibited given the primitive tools, lack of electricity, and other tales we have been told of the past. The truth is, upon close scrutiny, there is no way modern humans in this day and age are capable of creating the great art treasures, architectural wonders of the past world. It is not just a single example in one place but many such as the amazing Star Forts and evidence of incredible builders that caved through the Earth and built on mountaintops in ways we have yet to explain.

Sculptures, and furniture, jewelry, and hardware, how did they do it all without electricity? Certainly, the key, if one can be found for such beauty to be created by mankind was that the imagination and passions must be fueled by the highest of energies to accomplish such wonders of the world.

For the most part, average people have few life skills to build their own big house, apartment building, or car they drive each day. They are not likely to learn how in a lifetime but they could learn how to build a tiny house, then if done several times, and with help, a tiny community of people who share building bigger structures for kitchens or common areas than you need to sleep in or have privacy at night… such as a detached bedroom or master suite cottage. That is after all a special place, not needing to be an entire house around each but sharing some common areas, turf, studios, libraries, or other such rooms. Please consider the possibilities of the exquisite bathhouse, the more compact showers, and kitchenettes in tiny master suites compared to other designs in housing groups of people who like each other.

That is the big trick in the end, not the building of the houses but where you put them and who else shares that community with you. People that contribute are great while others that just take away, distract, talk too much while doing too little are not always an asset nor desired if there is a population cap on a community. Otherwise, millions will flood a great place and destroy it, even if being no more than tourists, the masses are destructive just by the volume of excrement, trash, and urine they leave behind after their visits. Others have to pick up the litter, dispose of the waste, and somehow preserve nature with such numbers of people tromping around? How do you keep near do wells, addicts, thieves, and those who suck off the energies and innocence of trusting good people? There are ways and each community will take its own approach, including building walls like Texas on the border to stop drugs, criminals, and trafficking of all sorts since the feds abandoned their posts at the top. I pray for all who seek a peaceful community that they find and can keep it so in the future.

Can an exemplary community avoid the impact of the many that come to learn, share, and then live there? Some to, but the intention, ability to house the guests, and the path to a common goal, communication between all who live there, a unity of purpose to hold them together during hard times. This is what we need to think of as anyone tries to grow a community. There are a few great examples of communities that are well organized, peaceful, offering abundant education and support for others, as in central Texas, Waco Heritage Homestead for example, but overall the great proof of concept, are few and far between. As others begin, there are seminars, books, and even experts of various sorts on permaculture, construction, planning at several levels for government, and more. I applaud your efforts in advance and hope Wii of Tiny Texas Houses and Salvage, Tx. can be of help on your path ahead.

Will this be your year to start building your tiny organic and sustainable lifestyle? Are you looking to downsize, get out of the city and become a nature buff, off-grid if the time came… prepared. Once it was a way to make fun of people by calling them preppers… but now people are told to prepare by the government, weather channels, and news. Does that mean it is okay to be preparing now for the things that are already upon everyone but it was not before the time to already be ready comes? Is that not confusing but add to that, it may just be intended that way so that you will pay much more not than when only crazy people bought up stuff… downsized, got healthier in case of pandemics, and other such imaginary things? Join us in the fantasy world of what if you could live a dream life simply put. Consider the rewards and hopefully, you too will come to share the benefits of our Pure Salvage Living Renaissance too.

For more time in the dream, as if in a hologram perhaps, a paradise for sure, and see how to manifest yours in the place you want, perhaps even building it yourself. Consider joining us by supporting our efforts with your subscription on Substack and thus learn of many benefits others will not get to enjoy. Visit us in Salvage, Tx. where ingenuity and imagination meet with salvage to create dreams come true for you soon, through a visit I know comes with a special view. May your perspicuity be divinely guided in the year ahead.