Alienation breaks families, even nations leading to war… solutions are canceled, censored, or ignored!

Evidence is division, a conflict that grows as each blames the other though guilty themselves. Communication not cancellation for Truth in Global dialogue: please pause.

What is that up above, looking as if it defies gravity… come see.

From the darkness, be the light, green or white in matters not. Our power lies in the choices that we make to create a better world from the past thoughts and resources left as treasures to be sought. What are the reasons we have been so blind, wasted things now left behind in landfills or shipped off abroad? Trash is treasure once you see that salvaging the things we seek that took so much to build in wonder as others just destroy, cause loss.

Instead, we could build a future above the expectations of most who dwell in normal worlds of limitations and fear of falling or failure. From trash comes treasure is approached from the right perspective. What is your view of the world that is in decay… salvage what we can to build or throw it all away? What do you have to replace it with I ask those who slave to pay the bills for the drinks and thrills like TV, then waste away? Live you live by doing things that you dream of if you dare, but do them with intention, with great love, and with care.

How will you actually make a difference if all you do is bitch about the situations, the unfairness, or the chances of you having great riches without working for them instead of spending time watching TV or drinking at bars, sports events, and on boats as if playing is the goal, yet not doing great things to make the world a better place? Indeed some volunteer, they go to church, living life in fear of all they may have gone in frightful economic wars and blight. How does the world prepare to separate, alienate, and forget Wii are One, do we dare?

What happens to the peaceful setting, simple living, growing food? Is it so wrong to live life your way, freely if the crowd says no? If you can not fit into society as they want you to… where do you go to find space for you and the loved ones you call family too? Create a village or a town, how many come before you drown in all the problems people make by not uniting for the chance to form a union from their Lights that creates solutions to the blights. Most stay where they are not wanted or where they simply should not be to live a life that’s full of laughing, healthy living every day. If sick of jobs, of social casting, things that people value so when truly all that really matters is the moments that we Grow.

Grow into a better being doing more to help the world. In service, we can all do wonders instead of living for Boob-tubes. Please consider for a moment if you hide your face under masks for years in fear of those you only see the eyes of, how will a child know what people look like and made afraid of them without masks… what does that do to alienate us from one another even more. The touch of humans through glass windows, lonely on both sides still sad… how does that help to bond us humans and give us our dose of Love. People need to be united not isolated from their kids. What craziness leads to is worse than all the deaths that did not cue. Look at all the places where they made it through so well, Sweden, Norway, Mennonites, and Quakers prove the way to not destroy society, economy, and more by draconian responses to the forecasts we saw wrong.

You would think after the Global Warming, Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu too, that some would understand the purpose by tracing where the money goes. It’s time to stop the wealth that those atop the heap are making from the sadness and the consequences, most of what they conjured up. The Reset by the global masters leads us to a time and way to know the truth by facts we’re seeing, not the media of the day. Please allow these thoughts to wander to the life you plan next year and see if what you once did dream of may not come to be that way. Ready as you wake from sleeping in a made-up world of thought that comes from Disney, or from records that others made to form your thoughts. TV is a dangerous weapon if used as such by those who know that some will never leave the couch or take up action lest they tear them from the trance.

So stop believing, separating, tearing down our common past. Respect it and the ones who made this what it is and what it was. Take the gifts and grow it better instead of burn and tear it down. Respect the past and you will find a way to build a future right.