A Present for a Queen

Time becomes fluid if you disregard the effects of stress that comes from believing in it limiting what we can do in our life, and when throughout our life. Moments are cool looking though as memories or dreams, and fun distractions until you decide to use your time instead of watch it drain away.

As Christmas comes I work upon the present for a queen,

a path to walk up to the sky where miracles are seen.

Indeed this bridge is quite unlike near any you will see,

and I do suspect no flood will come to take this bridge from me.

Come see and walk if you might dare,

test your thoughts about the world

of salvage as it is done here,

Salvage, Texas ever near the vortex where

imagination and the Matrix separate

and all things some would think can’t happen,

do because there is no fear,

simply Faith that fills this air.

Join us in our celebrations.

Salvage, Texas demonstrates

what Wii could do with our great country

if we just stopped being fools.

Don’t give away our future money

from the kids who can not vote

by sending off the many billions

to the people so afar.

Wii need to join and save our nation

from the hate and greed that rule.

Stop the fighting and start building

all the things Wii soon will need.

Start by trusting in the nation

to stand up for Truth and Right

the cheating and the greedy taking

by the congress that now rules.

Truly if I can say lightly,

in a poem and full of joy,

stop the theft for this one Christmas,

then ask forgiveness,

take the test.

Is the Truth the most important

thing that we can ask of those

who lead us all into a future

with them so rich and us so cold?

No Pelosi can consume us

like an ice cream so deluxe

that people could live for a fortnight

for the cost of what she eats.

Tell me how $600

was supposed to pay the way

for anyone to have a Christmas,

let alone a lovely day?

“Let them Eat Ice Cream”

she yells with hateful

vengeance when they call her out

to play or be an equal for a day.

Alas, this poet must get going,

knowing they will censor all

that even plays with such great sense

of humor that the AI could

not get it, but the people who will

let it get through for your chance

to see, may not be as brights as you

and me.

Will you think free?

Have a great holiday.

At 65 there comes a time when pretending does not work. Lets be real, act right, Truth out my friends.

Darby Lettick